Monday, June 8, 2009

Lets talk about sex

i.e about our kids having sex, (sigh) my people, it is wit a heavy heart i type this post; My friends ll tell u i'm crazy abt children n its d truth' tho i dont have any (yet), i love cute, intelligent, smart, stubborn, infact all kids (including d 'mommy i want aunt Lg's face ones :-) but i m no longer sure who is a child n who isnt; yesterday i went to visit a sick colleague n bumped into her neighbour's 4yr old kids doing it; as if dat wasnt bad enuf, there are brothers infact twins; how manage?? who tot dem?? moreover these were children 4rm a good moslem home, so how come they knew abt it?....cartoons? music? neways i left their mom weeping and thinking of how to tell her husband.

Last term, my ikotun friend (i talked abt her here) almost went mad, d reason....alan got back 4rm school n asked her if her kini was red? dat a boy in his class claims his mum's own was very red; Oginni?!? raked my friend, 'Where d teacher dey wen dem dey discuss dat kind thing 4 class??? wasnt She supposed to be their guardian/shielder??. After confronting the teacher (n d proprietress) she withdrew her kids 4rm d school. wen she narated d incident to me, i asked her wat was her reply to alan :-) But seriously, wat is happening to our children? scratch dat, What are we doing to Our children???

I still recollect my elder broda chasing me n my sister out of room weneva we r watching tv and a man is kissing a woman (infact as soon as d man n woman begin look each oda one kind, my broda go Order us outside, sometimes i run to my neighbour's room to watch it, or i 4get about the film n start to play with my lil' sis; i cant remember how old i was then, but i knew i resented him for it (b4 nko? :-) till date, my dad's favourite programmes on tv are NTA network news and Tales by moonlight n we dare laff even wen they went on commercial (i still miss dat presenter) But today nko, which pikin get News time?? they prefer yori-yori:-)

Babijide salu, Mrs Salu, Mummy TK, Naijalines, Doja, Simispeak, Black james bond, Bimbylads, Lolu-Kush, Fluffycutething, Mojisola, Standtall, Mommy, Dee, Chioma-mom, Oyin, Isi, GOODnaijagirl, Kemmie, For the love of me, Yarmama, 30+, Lady A, Teachers, Parents, Pastors/Imam, FBA, NBC, BON, DBANJ (they adore u) Is there hope for Our Children??? How? Where? When?

ps: (for tots) How wld a 7/8/9/10yr old rate my blog? (ie apart 4rm gushing over my profile pix and my grammar :-) What about yours? How would a child Rate your blog?????

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Hi there, remember me??? Ofcourse u do :-) how una dey?? i'm still enjoying my leave but felt like publishing (some of) my drafts b4 someone hack into it; u tink its not possible??? okay o' lol; neways dis post was supposed to be published after my blog anniversary but chelsea's no 1 striker *Bayo disappearance from the team made me reschedule it; no be small thing o, even abramovich was involved in d search :-) *the yeye boy has returned home jare (he resurfaced d day man-u managed to beat arsenal :-) Thanks guys for your concern, d problem now is how 2 remove my number 4rm mummy's phone (the world cup is around d corner, i cant shout!!

500 amazing/ funny / weird things i ve learnt 4rm blogville

1) language is not a barrier

2) some stalk to be 1st, while odas bad-belle u for being 1stttttt :-)
3) age is nothing; one smallie go read ur post and leave comment like; babe u be mumu o, u no kno say bla bla blah :-)
4) age is nothing; we are never too old to learn new/old stuff;
5) cliques/bigzboys & gals networks also exist in 9jablogville;
6) humour is very effective but not everyone will lol/lmao/rotfol
7) a simple thought can be around the world in seconds
8) blogging under ur real name can sometimes have dire consequences
9) comment moderation is the bestest thing after guguru n epa;
10) the impact a blog can have in the world is more than most bloggers realize.
11) some bloggers take things 2 personal e.g nobemenuna
12) one blogger go get like 7 blogs, 3 of dem get branches = 13 blogs:-)
13) a problem shared is not always solved (True orFalse

Erm....i kno i said 500 things (na beans???) but blame it on ma keyboarddddd:-) now ur turn' wat have blogville tot u???