Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sparing the rod....

Mama Bomboy inspired this post, see here
I ve always thought of how best to bring up my child cos i ve seen cases where a child is jst 2yrs n does watever he feels like doing while his parents look d oda way, and i imagine' how the child will eventually turn up if the parents fail to admonish him at dis stage, cos even the Bible tells us in proverb 29:15, 29:17 not to pamper our kids.

In homes where making money and not upbringing takes priority, kids are likely respond to their parents instructions with a nonchalant 'what?, No, yeah and whatever', instead of a venerating 'Yes ma or No sir, yes mommy or okay daddy'; Nowadays some of these kids now use the F and B word without their parents or teachers cautioning them, i know a 10 yrs old dat uses the"F" word in front of his parents and i 'm like , 'nawawa!! who dey teach dis children bad things' :)

But there also cases where the child or children obey every other person older than them (including the house help), I know a working mother with 3 kids here in Lagos (Alan; age 6 /Sonia; age 4 and Nelly; age 3), i ve stayed with them time and again, yet i ve never heard any of them use abusive language even when they are arguing and this is a family that stays in ikotun( a suburb in Lagos), the only thing i observed the last time i went to visit them was Sonia telling Allan to stop misbehaving, d funny thing was' she heard me saying it to alan d previous night when i caught him singing and dancing in the bathroom instead of taking his bath, and since then anything he does that sonia doesn't like 'Misbehaving' for instance if Alan doesn't finish his noodles he is misbehaving, if he doesn't shut the door properly, he is misbehaving, and when he doesn't want to share his lunch with her..........'he also misbehaving, even the mom has noticed n have been accusing me (LG you see wetin u cause) lol, Tho i ve always wondered if its because the parents are Jehovah's witnesses (my tots o) that the kids are well behaved cos i ve never seen the mom with koboko, anywayz i always tease her of using jazz on her kids :)

So my question this week is.....when do you start training your child?, is it from infancy or do you wait till the child is 6yrs before u start using koboko?, is it right to spank your child? also whose responsibility is it to make sure that the child is well behaved, though a school of thought claims there's no formula for bringing up a child since all children are unique in their own way, wats your take????

Monday, April 21, 2008

BBA3 is here !!!

Yeah, it's that time again, beginning from sunday august 24, Africa and the rest of the world will stand still for the most celebrated (and disputed) tv reality show in Africa, BBA 3.
With over 900 000 SMS messages received, over 14 million page impressions registered on the show website and over 4 million video clips viewed online, the incredible demand for Big Brother Africa 2 has motivated M-Net to create a third season. As with previous editions of the series, housemates from 12 countries (Angola, Botswana, Ghana, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe) will live together until, after several rounds of public voting, ONLY one will walk away USD 100 000 richer, Hence if you are over the age of 21, a citizen of one of the 12 participating countries and have a valid passport, you can enter for BIG BROTHER 3. The 12 individuals finally chosen as BIG BROTHER AFRICA housemates will as usual have no contact with the outside world and will be watched 24/7 by audiences tuned in to DStv channel 198. All housemates must be tolerant of views and lifestyle choices other than their own and must have the social flexibility to live in close proximity with others for 91 days.
In seasons 2, Ofunneka Moloku, a 29 yrs old graduate of chemistry represented Nigeria. she joined 11 other housemates in the famous Big Brother house in Jozi, South Africa.
For a period of 3 months, Ofu rocked the house. She was never intimidated; she did her “do’s” her way, She loved the discussions, and she
loved to dance. Although she was quiet and withdrawn at first, she quickly established her position in the house and everyone took notice of her but after 90 days in he house, Ofunneka walked out of the house the first runner-up of one of the best Big Brother shows ever screened on international television. Hopefully this time around, with the right strategy, a nigerian might be the winner and the first nigerian to take home the USD 100 000.
So My Naija people, if you are fluent in English, creative, original, articulate and funloving, rush to any MultiChoice office and pick up your entry form or
download it here. Remember, the deadline for entries is on Wednesday April 30, 2008.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Hello people, Hope y'all Good?
I 'm not trying to do a Merix of timaya's song o :) it's about an funny drama i witnessed 2 days ago, it started like this.........

The time was 6pm and I boarded a bus at CMS , mentally praying that the road will be free of traffic, but as we were about leaving the garage, a man entered the bus and immediately started greeting people in the bus, some of the passengers replied saying, "bomboy how na? how market?" to which he replied, "na una i dey wait for o," what first strucked me odd was his name (dats if it's his real name, how can a man be called bomboy, him papa no c oda fine names give am, names like obama, dangote, fashola, yar'adua or even obasanjo, why bomboy? or how the name sound for una ear sef? lol) before i digress it was as if they knew him, i took a second look at him n saw he was carrying a small travellers bag, and thought maybe he was travelling or coming back from work like the rest of us, (wetin be my own sef?) anyway, the next thing i heard from bomboy was, "who fit tell me him worst enemy for dis bus?", the whole bus became quiet, but bomboy asked again,"i say who fit tell me him worst enemy 4 here?", ..... again no one answered him (who get liver?), he then challenged the men, still none of dem could answer him , after like 3mins of cajoling and no one could tell him his/her worst enemy (me nko?, remember, i'm the one watching the drama,lol!), Bomboy, then went on to tell us who our worst enemy is; He started with the men, he said their worst enemy is their BOSS (still asking why?) and we the women , our's is .......... our MOTHER IN-LAW (u can breathe out now), as soon as he said that, some of the men started insulting him , while some of the women defended him saying he was saying the truth, (as if they just found their tongue), anywayz at the end, Bomboy ended up selling the product he brought with him( yes, he's a sales man) and left everyone of us with our different thoughts.

Since then, i ve been asking myself, if the salesman is right???" but i haven't been able to come up with an answer,which gives me no other choice but to turn to you bloggers, so now i'm asking you ladies and (few gentlemen), Are our mother in-laws our worst enemies?, If they are, how can we handle them for the sake of peace? Also what part do our husband, brother/sister in-laws play in situations like the mother in-law makes life difficult for the wife? pls share your experience and opinions

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sometimes it's hard

  • To apologize
  • To save money
  • To be unselfish
  • To be contented
  • To avoid mistakes
  • To keep out of a rut
  • To begin all over again
  • To make the best of all things
  • To keep your temper at all times
  • To think first and act afterwards
  • To maintain a high standard
  • To keep on keeping on
  • To shoulder the blame
  • To admit error
  • To take advice
  • To be generous
  • To be modest
  • To be selfless
  • To forgive
  • But it pays!

Have a blessed day.

Friday, April 11, 2008


For your Laughing pleasure..,

Have wonderful weekend

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Every Couple needs

  • A trusting heart.
  • An ear that is deaf to gossip.
  • A mind that forgets.
  • Tears to cry during fights.
  • The ability to make up after fights.
  • Emotional movies to watch together.
  • An exercise routine.
  • A patient friend to tell the wonderful things ur spouse has done.
  • A phone to make long calls on.
  • A photo album.
  • A Religious heart.
  • Knowledge of current affairs.
  • Sexy clothes/ lingerie.
  • Hobbies that spouse both enjoy.
  • An interesting sex life.
  • The courage to tell him to hang out with his friends.
  • A spouse who loves you too.
  • A working/retirement plan.
  • Good rapport with your kids/In-laws.
  • A God to ask for forgiveness.

ps: wat else did i leave out

Friday, April 4, 2008


Just got this in my mail n could'nt wait to share,
Through a Child's eye


Have a blessed day.