Thursday, March 3, 2011

i'm back....

well, kind of :)

Hello good people of a great nation, how una dey?? sorry for my disappearing act jare, like my pple ll say, its a longgggggggggg story but to
cut it short, i 'm no longer in Abj; yep your's truly is now based in ...urm .. i dont feel like sharing yet :)
newayz i've moved, no longer close to the National treasury; i suspect a conspiracy :) but closer to home *winks*

oops!! I gat ta go, got less than 5mins to post this, all dis internet runs makes me so uncomfortable, *adjusts chair*.

i ll be back....
Btw: is it cool living in d same 'compound' with ur colleague (n a junior staff too) please i nid ur opinion(s) asap.

Thank you in advance :)

@*pets project's my yoyo bitters, jo ma binu