Friday, October 29, 2010

No' i am not Ibo, i'm Delta-Ibo

i heard a lady say on radio dis morning, n i said to dangote, 'Na so e dey take start', abi which one is delta ibo and original ibo again?  Look at wat is happening in cross river n some parts of Our country; when are we going to start seeing ourselves as one. Dis week, 13 containers of sophisticated arms and ammunitions was intercepted in Apapa port and pple are asking, who would want to carry out such dastardly act in nigeria. eyin temi, they r not ninjas o, they are humans (wat else can i call dem) like you and i, and yes na woman born dem, yet they wld see no qualms in taking another man's life *smh*  We've bn called terrorists in the past, WHAT will they call us now???  :(

talking of crossriver, i hv dis colleague in the office who bears a 'calabar' name,  d oda day i called her to come n see her Governor on tv; as soon as she saw it was godswill akpabio, she said in an icy tone, "Mbouk, i am not akwaibom o, i'm from cross river",   'Really, wats d difference?' i asked n she replied, "They have winch" (i kid not), 'Una nko, wetin una get?? i fired back, she just said "Mbuok" and walked away. LOL 

btw: Mbuok is not my real name o, it means PLEASE in calabar,  :)  
Moving along.....

so i visited ozaveshe's blog yesterday n saw condolence messages left there by some of us; i was touched but wondered what wld hv happened if ALL our comments needed the blog owner’s approval *sigh* dat means there would have been LOTS of messages awaiting His approval.

Some blogs have not been updated for more than 2yrs, it may be as a result of illness or worse, BUT they are still there unless someone else 'figures' the password and informs us; its much worse if the blogger went private' then How wld ANYONE know?????

When a blogger dies, in rare cases the family may know his/her blog's url and password, and decide to delete it or even leave it as a kind of remembrance But if they don’t know the url/password, the blog remains as it is; to be read by anyone until BLOGGER deletes it (which i dont tink is possible)

A 'Bloggers Register' wld have lots of advantages cos it wld help us keep tabs on ourselves, some might find it 'intrusive' and 'unnecessary' but who knows *sigh* Naijalines commented in my previous post dat If she expires, Ore (her son) is most likely to inform us; in as much as i wld dread reading dat or any post of that kind, its a FACT dat we can't blog forever..

*clears throat* Now to the main koko, below is a poll about the register; pls shine ya eyes n click on the appropriate button n lets take it 4rm there. Thanks  but remember 'One man -'One vote 

Wat do u tink of d 'Bloggers Register'
Great idea, lets give it a shot.

Not sure, some of 'us' still prefer being anonymous.

wetin consign me :)

 free polls

BEFORE I 4GET:  this is just a suggestion o, no book says i have to 'Organise and maintain the 'register', i think we'll hv to do another poll to nominate some 'tested /trusted' bloggers dat will pull it off, i on the oda hand will provide free entertainment; those in support say Aye!!:)

Njoy ur weekend!

Monday, October 25, 2010

...........A BLOGGER'S REGISTER?????

I went on my blog rounds dis morn n read abt d death of one of our own its sad indeed. in my previous post i talked about the absence of some bloggers from blogville; i recall mentioning 50 of them but till date only four (4)  i.e ibiluv, afrobabe, temytayo and naughtyeyez hv responded, wat happened to the rest??? I also never knew ozaveshe until today tho i might hv stumbled on his blog in the past but i dont remember commenting on any of his posts (wish i had, cos  he sounded like a nice and FUNNY person) *sigh* May God grant his family the fortitude to bear the loss (ami

So i'm repeating the question, How can one kno all is well with a fellow blogger??. i know some of us have left 'blogger' for TWITTER (#youknoyasefs) while others might not hv anything to blog about (Afrobabe now refers to hersef as a Retired Blogger) na who do u sendoff??? *msheww* :)

Now theres d issue of anonymity, like i said some many of us cherish our cloak of mystery; i personally hv only spoken to one blogger since i started blogging n her name is #Standtall, so she can vouch dat  i'm real (as in i exist) n dat i'm a woman (from my voice) i tink she also knos my real name (standy no talk o :) tho we hvnt spoken in a longgggg time (when she start her waka-waka no pay travel) even dangote asks about her and fba from the stories i used to tell him abt our blogville.  i've never seen her but insha allah we go jam face to face on her or my child's iko-omo (naming ceremony) if she n hubby no se'kia (hurry up)

There are still lots of bloggers out there  i wld lv to talk to (or 'flash' and be 'flashed' in return) so wat do guys tink abt a Register????? sounds very primary school'ish abi? LOL i kno but how else can one kno. What do u think??????.

ps1: FBA' where r u??? :(((
ps2: wat happened to 9ja bloggers- reunion?  tot it was supposed to be like annually... not dat i wld show up tho  *wide grin*
ps3: somehow' somehow i dont feel like losing my anonymity too; o well :) 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

For Ms. O

there are some slight changes from the one aired here in 9ja...
1. the boy, his mum and mama r not the same
2. mama didnt say 'thank you my baby'  *mscheew*
3. BUT the 'fowl's definitely the same :)

ps: 'Unilever' ought to pay me for free advert o :)
pss: i still doubt 'omo' can remove All dat portor-portor stains sha'

Friday, October 15, 2010

maa no`e da`da

Translated: i will beat u  very well......... :)

dats always the tot in my head weneva i watch dat 'omo' detergent advert, u kno' the one dat 'little jonny' goes round d neighbourhood chasing one old-mama's fowl; remember how he runs after the agric, summersaults, n rolls in the mud all in d name of helping mama catch her runaway chicken;  u also remember how he returns home, grinning 4rm ear to ear, showing off his portor-portor stained school uniform to his mum, n she smiles, giving him d go ahead 2 chase d fowl, saying afterall 'omo' dey! *
INSERT LONG HISS HERE*   if na me?? i say if na me be ur mama, u go hear nwii; who send u???? alakoba, so mama go come dey borrow 'soap' everytime to wash her pot, plates, clothes abi??? LOL  i tell u guys, dat advert rily cracks me up and no be say mama even dash am sumthing sef  *mischievious grin*

so how una dey jare? thank goodness its friday, make person rest small. how ur area? my neighbour said he's packing out; Q: will i miss him  A: NO' bcos he is a bully, he bullies his kids, car, gate, infact he bullies everybody n everything. d day wen him try am with me, na so i OPEN eyes for am, him no dey look face *hiss* some neigbours sef; pay Nepa bill, na waec!, throway dirty nko? na quarrel!  d odd thing is dat his wife and kids are calm and easy going. yesterday i asked his youngest child, 'Omoh, who do u look ur house?', and d yeye boy replied........ his DaD; i jst vex carry my bucket waka comot. how i for do?? convince him' he looks like his Mum???? LOL.

But wetin dey shele for here sef, went on my blog-rounds n everywhere jst dry,
many bloggers done disappear, my dia FBA, Afrolicious, Prisco, Ejura,    
Duchess, Mz dee, Thots of a naija woman, Naughty-eyez, Woomie,
Archiwiz, Smaragd, Allied, Sabira, Doja, Sasuke, Lisa, Shubby, Naija idol,
Oluwadee, Wellsbaba, Copido, Yewande-atanda, Ibo dude, Nikki sab,
Jinta, Chioma-mom, Aphrodite, Shalewa,  Ababoy 2, Yar mama, FFF, Standy
Writefreak, MDM,Tobenna, Enkay, Posh buki, For the love of me, Joicee, 
Blazing daola, Bwari-boy, Ice queen, Olufunke, Uzezi, Naija-chikito, Temite,
In my head n around, Emeka amakeze, Anonymous gal, Temmy tayo, Aloofa,
Fresh &fab, Tresor, Barbecuerepubliik, Sprezatura, Ibiluv, Porter-deharcourt, 
Chi-grace, Bunmy,  Naija babe, Enigma, lady A, Badderchic, Onome, Geisha
Padosh, Invinsible man, Down-the-aisle, Rethots, Darkelcee, Aloted, Loila, 
Simple gal, Sherri, Mommy,  Spicy tee, Lil angel for christ, Latifa, Ynot,
Kemi penelope, Lighty nerferet', kemmie, Simi-speaks, Bimby,  Kayshawn,
Favored gal,Tin-tin (guy&babe), Aijay, shona, Minky, A black james-bond,
 XSN,Toluwa, in-my-own-words, Ms.emmotion, Sha, Parakeet,Today's rant, 
Mojisola, Caelestis angelus, Kamkambaby and others.
HABA! una names sef don reach to compose 3 lonnngg posts :)
Abeg hola back so i ll kno you are Alive n kicking o, thanx.

ps: did u see dat guy on tv confronting our super eagles at the airport???  No? ok make i gist una. So our team after being beaten 1-0 by guinea, thought they can sneak into the country without us knowing but dis young man (deaf) had been waiting for dem at d airport (i heard he even slept there :( so as  not to miss their arrival; as soon as they arrived na so the guy begin haala  (in dis case, wildly gesticulating) say wetin dey do dem,  wetin dem dey play, wetin do dia leg, LOL it wasnt funny sha, ofcourse they couldnt say anything, na so crowd gather But how can kinkili Guinea beat Nigeria??? i even saw one guy jubilating  dat they beat Almighty Nigeria (his own words)  *shamed face* now i feel like calling dem super-chickens but i wont, heard they said it was 'heat' dat caused 'our' loss sha *smh*

njoy ur weekend o jare!

ps2:  siriusly, how can one kno all is well with a fellow blogger, i kno some of us cherish our 'anonymity'  (u kno, stroll in and out of mama-put without anyone knowing) but we are fam; i often tink about some of us dat haven't updated in yrs n i wonder. wish i had ur 'numbers' so i can 'flash' you evey month end :)  

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

so its true......

about the Director General of General Ibrahim Babangida Campaign Organisation (Raymond  Dokpesi's arrest by the State Security Services, SSS and the abuja bomb blast tales; i just read the papers and dem-say dem-say they found a complicated 'sms' in one of the apprehended suspect's 4one;  according to dem, He was fingered over an sms sent to the smart phone of one of the suspects already in police net, asking if Dokpesi has paid the balance, and another sms inviting another suspect to a meeting at Babaginda campaign office; i dont kno wat to say at dis point but wat do u guys think abt it.

neways i heard He has being released; there's sumn strange about d sms  tho,  its sounds very incriminating but mumuish, i dont kno sha o;  a lot has bn said, is being said n ll be said But dis time i hope/ pray the culprits or Demons according to GEJ will be xposed n brought to book  (ami).

still praying for nigeria, dont kno wat 2011 holds for all of us; currently watching 'focus nigeria' with gbenga n he is interviewing some ex militants (they refer to dem selves as Generals)  n they r saying dat its not Mend, dat Mend have dia-armed' claiming the whole thing has a political undertone but God knows n sees All. it is well

Ehen' so bags of rice and wrapper  was shared in abuja last wk and yours truly was not given, I DEY VEX!!  but i hear say e no easy  na understatement, sum pple carry 2, some 5, some  very strong boiz even caryy reach 10 bags ' come dey re-sell am at cheapay amount *hiss*  i kukuma no go, but our cleaner dat went came back with lots of bruises and no rice *sigh* omotee how far, were u there???? *dodges blow* :)

ps: My condolence to the families and other victims of the  bomb blast
ps2: How come we still dont kno d names of the casualties?????????
ps3: police emergency phone lines 0705733765307029311660, 08032003913 and 08061581938
ps4: AJIKE welcome back dearie but how come i cant comment on any of ur post? *vexing* lol