Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Hello? gudmornin' hELLO?? gudmornin, how r u all doing? fine?? gud:) now for dAt gist i promised but first i want to thank you for ALL ur prayers on my previous post; i rily appreciate it' insha allah i'll share my next bday cake/pix with u:D

So i left lagos like many months ago, got promotd n transfered to ..... (lets just say i'm now close to the national treasury:) i was sad tho' leaving where i ve spent most of my life (eko 4 sure)' i miss my family, friends, colleagues, the hustles and ofcourse gra-gra of lagos:)  It wasnt eazy sha, still trying to adjust but i thank God.

Finally got an a-part-ment after months of calling agent okon, ifeanyi and mallam musa' (dat one na story for anoda post) but i miss lag sha; i miss my peeps, neighbours, BRT, urm.... customers;  PS wat do u call pple u buy stuffz from? cos they always refer to u as 'my customer:) its going to be hardwork getting 'new' customers dat wont smile n rip u at d same time, lol. i miss d agberos in dia uniforms n colored canvass (WHERE IS FBA??? :(

Wat else???.... i'm gud tho, loving it' the city's calm, lil traffic to and from the office, nid a gud hairdresser, hooking up wit a blogger next. 
Jst saw d pix of the 9gerian couple dat gave birth to a white 'blonde' baby girl, do u believe its a Miracle???? cos i smell a oke :D

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


lol, abego!
Hi guyz, i kno! i kno, its been ages but i guess its too late to apologise :p Howz everyone??? una miss me??? *grins* I'm doing well' jst had so much happening (gud stuff tho), will share u with u (aprokos) later, newayz today happens to be my birthday and i decided to spoil mysef by updating my blog (i no try??) but i ll um try to urmm update regularly:) meanwhile i am still thanking God for His grace, mercies and blessings, pls join me in prayers.

No cake yet' so i will upload standtall's, its looks delicious, lol
thanx hon, i wish u n hubby all d bera things in life;
2 all my 'july mates, norrin do una,
i ll be back!