Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Hello? gudmornin' hELLO?? gudmornin, how r u all doing? fine?? gud:) now for dAt gist i promised but first i want to thank you for ALL ur prayers on my previous post; i rily appreciate it' insha allah i'll share my next bday cake/pix with u:D

So i left lagos like many months ago, got promotd n transfered to ..... (lets just say i'm now close to the national treasury:) i was sad tho' leaving where i ve spent most of my life (eko 4 sure)' i miss my family, friends, colleagues, the hustles and ofcourse gra-gra of lagos:)  It wasnt eazy sha, still trying to adjust but i thank God.

Finally got an a-part-ment after months of calling agent okon, ifeanyi and mallam musa' (dat one na story for anoda post) but i miss lag sha; i miss my peeps, neighbours, BRT, urm.... customers;  PS wat do u call pple u buy stuffz from? cos they always refer to u as 'my customer:) its going to be hardwork getting 'new' customers dat wont smile n rip u at d same time, lol. i miss d agberos in dia uniforms n colored canvass (WHERE IS FBA??? :(

Wat else???.... i'm gud tho, loving it' the city's calm, lil traffic to and from the office, nid a gud hairdresser, hooking up wit a blogger next. 
Jst saw d pix of the 9gerian couple dat gave birth to a white 'blonde' baby girl, do u believe its a Miracle???? cos i smell a oke :D


isha said...

Congrats on your promotion!!! Big things popping. Abeg keep my share of the National cake o. That's nice sha. All the best with settling down.

Read about that Naija couple with the white kid too... very interesting.

Beautiful said...

Congrats babe and enjoy abj well o.

about that naija couple,the woman should come and confess jare! miracle ko, testimony ni! that's foul play jare. and shey the husband can't put 2 and 2 togeda ni?????

Rita said...

No with promotion comes no time for blogging? Congrats dear, and glad u have settled in. Hope you are having fun.

That oyibo baby (that is not albino), there is only 1 explanation. We accept the "miracle" and hope it happens to another couple soon so that science can investigate.

Parakeet said...

Trust you to be so cynical LG :-)

Congratulations on the promotion.

musco said...

Thank God we will all be getting paid on blogsville very soon since you are closer to the national treasury!

When are we going to 'wash' the new promotion?

SHE said...

You moved closer to the national treasury and farther from the internet eh?
Ok o. If you say so.

That oyibo baby? We have not heard the last of it. I assure you.

Dee! said...

Congrats on your promotion! That means little or no time for blogging...I understand!

As for that oyinbo pikin, make dem go find out wellu wellu! The family people go soon summon them come home. LOL!

Once again Congrats on your promotion.

downtheaisle said...

congrats on ur promotion...dat's another big girlz levelzzz...

lol@ missing brt...
and for the be only miracle...testimony join sef!!!! they will soon tell d truth...

LG said...

ISHA: thnx hon'so u want part of the n.cake, e get plenty icing sugar o :)

BEAUTIFUL: bia, na only 'abj' national cake dey? plan to njoy mysef n thanx for d advise:)
*hope u r well

RITA: mba its not like dat, after d promotion, i went on blog-leave :)
*howz wrk, se o wa pa

PARAKEET: 10q dearie, hope u well, havnt visited ur blog 4 a while now

LG said...

MUSCO: abeg abeg, no rush me o, i 'm observing
*bawo skool

SHE: asked and answered :)
*babe how ya side, as for the oyibo pikin, make dem check demselves well well jare

DEE: mama 3 oyoyo :)
*nne, u kno i cant stop blogging na'odikwa risky :)
*how dat coconut/trinity/mile 2 rd sef

DOWNTHEAISLE: iyawo no be like dat o, i'm a lil bigz girlz sha :)
*howz oga

Dee! said...

My sister! That Mile 2/Coconut/Trinity road no bi am again! If you see that road now eh, you go pity the cars (not motors) wey the drive through the road! Infact, I don choose to de use the longer route. I no wan make my car turn to motor! LOL!

rayo said...

congrats dear.
if u bryb me i will give u FBA's house address :D

Myne Whitman said...

Congrats on your congratulations! And you now live in my old city. Don't worry, you'll forget Lagos before you know it.

As for the couple, I want to see DNA test first o, call me a cynic, lol...

Anonymous said...

Congratulobia! & tnx for your the news & many positive comments on the miracle baby in a British sun newspaper, just few cynics like me were there to give our 2 kobo i said b4...DNA is needed...especially to prevent any litigation in future from any oyibo that might claim the child is theirs due to an error & for the sake of the child when she grows up,because she would ask questions!.

KabiOsi Edumare said...

Double Congrats dear.
Dont worry u wud adjust in no time
All the best

doll said...

congrats on your promotion, may it be the beginning of better things to come IJN

AlooFar said...

so you still dey here. na wa o!

Omotee! said...

aunty LG!!!
Praiiiiiiiiiiiiiiseeeeee da Lord! where u go all these while?!
congrats on ur new job, who knows, we just might be in the same town, lol

LG said...

DEE:lol@car not motor, eyaa pele; but i miss dat area sha' u kno say we be 'former' neighbours :)

RAYO: loll yeyedeysmell, berra come bac here sharp sharp cme submit dat address or.....or......or...:)

MYNE WHITMAN: 4get lagos??? lai'lai
lasgidi for life o :)

NITTY GRITTY: lol@.that might claim the child is theirs due to an error; as in ERROR...which kind error??? its a miracle jare :)

LG said...

KABIOSI EDUMARE:thanx dearie, i hope so, u kno theres so many things abt lagos u cant find elsewhere.

DOLL:AMENooooooooooooo, thanx hon
*kedu maka o'ru?

ALOOFAR:lol sidon there, aloobaba e don tey o

OMOTEE: nearly typed 'omosexy' :) babe how far? hope owapa' ise nko??
abeg give me gist :)
ps: who be aunty??? i be unda 16 o, abi u wan spoil market

aloted said...

welcome back ooo u were missed!

am guessing u r based in abuja now. congrats on ur promotion

omo that blonde baby...interesting. was just thinking if it was me it happened to i will ask for a DNA test just so Baale knows there has not been any hankypanky with a white lets face it blonde baby with two black parents??

Anonymous said...

LG congratulations on your promotion...I'm sure you'll enjoy ABJ, I lived there for several years...very calm city.

As per the Naija couple/white does look suspect, however, there's nothing God can't do...

Ms.O said...

Congrats sweets!!! I take it you are doing well!!!

The baby thing is just amazing... shows you how God is just amazing!

QMoney said...

Yeye gal,u never even reach aso rock yet and ur yanga don plenty like this?long time no hear......welcome back,happy birthday,happy valentine,happy new year,happy easter,happy everything.
why do i have a feeling u are hooking up with writefreak?i want snickers as my gift if am right...hehehe

LG said...

ALOTED: tnx hon but why r u guys so sure i'm in abuja?? na only there 'national cake dey'??? :)
*howz d fam

JUST DOYIN: yea d city's calm but i'm not in abj o ,i'm in ..... :)

MS.O: asam pete, kedu?
*i take it u believe d baby is a miracle... ok o, i hear u:)

see jealousy o, abi aso rock dey hungry u?? :)
*happy everything jare, how ur oga? n wen u go invite us for ur 'iko'omo, hurry up o :)

Enkay said...

Madam LG!
Thanks for checking up on me o! it's been a while.
Congrats on your promotion!

As for the 'white'baby I have concluded that she is a type of rare albino. Shikena!

Anonymous said...

welcome love. which part of abuja do u live? i so wish to be u now. since i loved to lagos, i think of abuja with so much longing

StandTall-The Activist said...

So was this why you stopped blogging for 7 Months?

The white baby issue isn't due to any foul play, they tested the DNA of both parents... just like the white couple in SA that gave birth to a black baby. You know, we are all interconnected... We are all born yellow. lol

Geebee said...

Congrats. I wish you more exciting feats. The white baby story was ridiculous but when it was medically affirmed that the parents were actually the parents, i sighed and remembered the wonders of God. No be small thing o.

ZeL said...

Congrats on your promotion gal!

~Sirius~ said...

Na wa o!
My friend from before before...

U just disappeared!

I guess you've settled properly now.

Keep the gists flowing o!.

Pls: my own share of the cake nko??? Not birthday cake o! National cake........hehehehe

rethots said...


Nice Anon said...

Longest time LG. Stepping up is always a wonderful thing. Keep at it