Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WHAT DO YOU SEE???? (warning: graphic pix )

i see his teeth *SMH*

pix thanks to santiago

Friday, January 7, 2011


*ssmh* Is this what DEMOCRACY is all about?? running pple down bcos of ..... i mean, is it  a do or die sumn?  someone has to call these ppl to order, OGINNI???

Thursday, January 6, 2011


If you are reading this, it means u made it; PRAISEEEE DA LORD, SUMBORI!!! :)
altho *sigh* it urm started on a shaky note for some (a minute of silence for friends/family members we lost as a result of the jos and abuja bomb blast)

So its a new year, new expectations, goals, dreams n ofcourse its Election year in our beloved country; i pray God's covenant for Nigeria is fulfilled. i also pray for a violence free election (its possible; atleast i kno i wont be fighting anyone :) 
*Lord, we ask for fairness and justice in the balloting procedures as we come out to vote this year, May it be just and equitable, revealing the truth with clarity in Jesus name (Amen

Hw was ur hols? enuf chopchop i trust, ehn wats dat??? u dey deny??? oya look at ur tummy, LOL we thank God. Yours truly was in benue state during d xmas break (blog post up next) n it was choptilludrop, eyin temi no be small sumn o,  na eat, sleep; eat, sleep n eat again, inshort let me stop here cos its better experienced than imagined.  Ehen p.e.t project u told me i ll give birth to twins if i eat benue yam shebi?; babe i eat yam soteeeeeeeeeeeyyyyy (u get??:)  so in 9 months that is*looks at calender*  lets say in september or october or thereabout we go throw parry n Psquare go perform *fingers tightly crossed* LOL

Happy newyr once again
BTW may your troubles last as long as ur resolutions,  yeaaaaa(dodges blows) i kid i kiddddddddddddd :)