Monday, September 7, 2009

and seyi tested positive'

Yes its the same seyi' from my hairdresser (1) and (2) but i dey vex for una, shebi una say make i no counsel her, sum bloggers even labelled me aproko, sake of say i wan yarn dis babe say kurukere doesnt pay, now see!
yesterday afternoon i decided to make my hair @seyi's, hoping i wld be able to finish it b4 the nigeria/tunisia qualifier's match but wen i got to there... no seyi (so dis girl neva change) i met 2 of her girls (apprentice) who told me she had gone out but wldnt be long (storyyy) i decided to wait for her, knowing she was the only one dat can fix d style i wanted, after some mins the girls continued their gbeboru-ing (sorry isha) until i heard 'sade, dis madam know say anty-seyi don test positive???'

'i no sure o, u kno say e don tey wey she come here'
eYIN TEMi i forget weda oSAze go play 1st half o, seyi test positive ke? since wen?? d last time i saw her, she was hersef na? i asked d girls wat they meant but they kept quiet, na so i pack my kaya waka comot.

comot for where?? if na u nko?????
seyi have been fixing my hair for a longgg time o,
yea! dat day i was scratchin my head' was it d needle or dandruff? or ....
na so i begin think left and down, my head was £"^%*^%$£,
if na u nko???? if only dis girl had listened, if only not positive???
if onlyyyy,  'ehen madam, see her' she don return', sade's voice jolted me
i turned and my jaw fell in my lap

ps: her EDD is early next yr
pss: should amodu be replaced????
d pix is courtesy 'seyi beauty salon', i can't shout!
psssss: i feel its goin to be a lov'ly week!!
dont cha?