Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Hair dresser

Hey guys, hope u r all good??? but dis lagos rain is sumn else o, weda these bus drivers and okada riders dey plan with rain, so dem go increase their fare, i nor sabi o, lol
now' I dont joke with my hair in d sense dat i can travel or even trek to ijebu ode to make my hair. it doesn't really matter who, when n how i made it as far as it comes out extra extrafine (n for d rest of d week, na so so compliment upon compliments wit a lil’ bit of toasting i go dey hear, :)

newayz in my quest for 'beauty'(no be say i no fine o) i discovered seyi (not real name). She is light complexioned, not too tall, in her early 20's (i tink) and very skilled in her job (weaving, braiding,tonging, fixing) but seyi likes to do; even when she's on duty. Her strategy... she receives a call on her 4one, tells d client to grant her 5mins to run an errand, but returns 30 mins later, full of explantions wey no get head, most of her customers dont complain b cos they kno she gives dem d best.

But seyi pulled a stunt in front of my korokoro eyes last week sunday, dat has left me numb(till now sef); I had gone to her salon in the afternoon to retouch my hair, i met one of her girls, asked afta seyi n was told she had gone to deliver an urgent message; in my head (indeed), newayz , since i wanted seyi to do it, i sat down to wait, luckily for me, i was d only client. after waiting for long time listening to salon gossip, Seyi dashed into ther salon, sat on one of d chairs, picked up one old magazine lying around, hitched up her skirt n began to fan her kini; It was after she had finished fanning it dat she was saw me,

“ah fine aunty”, she gushed “welcome o, hope say e neva tey wen u come???” me wey still open mouth, na soo i use style close am,

“ehn, i replied, “i neva tey, shey u well so???? i asked “ah norrin do me, mo'wapa”, with dat she stood up, came close to me and asked me wat i wanted to do to my hair, as she reached for my scarf, na so i jump up, carry my kit (nor be me n her, who kno werrin dos hands jus do finish) and walked to where weavons displayed, in my head, i begin plan how to leave the salon, still clutching my kit, i asked for an imaginary weavon,

“seyi”, i said, “i want to fix one weavon like dat, e no too long, no too short, e get small curls, n dem dey tong am,

“wats the name????,' she asked,

“i cant remember, but if i see am , i go kno am”, i replied

“shey na chinese? noble? amigos? diva? nina or bebe curl??”,

“No” i told her, “inshort make i go bring d mag wey i see am, e dey house”.

“Ehen, dat one go good, i dey wait for u'”, she told me.

My pipo na so i carry my two right leg, run comot for there, (una dey laff, if na una nko?? lol) but i'm not happy o, cos i ended up wit one mgbeke-ish looking style like dat :)

Now, i 'm in a dilemma, i want seyi to continue making my hair, but i dont need to see her 'stunts'(there's no telling wat she ll do next). i'm thinking of going there (maybe next week) to confront her about her 'habits' but wat if she takes offence n sees it as poke-nosing; b4 una begin call me 'aproko', i see her as a younger sister, who just needs guidance, Wat do u think??????


Dee! said...

O gal u too like aproko true true! Anyway back to the question - I do not see anything wrong if you "counsel" Seyi and lead her in the right part, particularly if she is doing the do with different people!
If I were in your shoes, I'll find a good time to talk with her. Remember nothing ventured nothing gained!

aloted said...

lol..oh my gosh..you are just too funny...hehehe
hmm depends on how u already relate with seyi..before she uses style to pour insult on u and tells u to mind ur own business...
but ideally if u can, please find a way to tell her...
lol..but u sef! hehehe

LG said...

DEE: oya 'high five for coming first.
how u go dey call me aproko, nor be d same aproko spirit we get, lol
u really mean i shld COUNSEL her abi,(u be ogbonge lawyer o,) lollll

ALOTED:lolllll werrin person go do na, i hope say i nor go chop slap sef sha!!! thanks

chi-grace said...

Ah!! dont tell her oo...true true, its not your business. Me, i no dey like embarrassement oo.
If I were you, I will still do my hair with her seeing that she is so good. I suggest that you advise her to wash her hands before she starts. Just give a silly reason...could be that you are a bit conscious of other peoples hairs that she might have touched or something..cook up a silly story...

Nwanne, abeg, dem don tagg me b4 na. No worry, I go do am again, just for you. Werin dey happen for ya side?

Afrobabe said...

lmao...you for tell seyi to go wash hand jokingly oh..

tell her you know wettin dey cause fanning down there and abeg make she go wash hand..

i used to be embarrased when my dad would ask the mechanic to sit on a piece of cloth in his car but I guess paying gives you that right...

A good salonist like a good tailor is not easy to find oh...

LG said...

CHI-GRACE:ahhh babes, u don dey make me dey fear o, she fit embarass me abi?? *scratches head* oooooh i m so confused

AFROBABE: o girl, na only hand, dem dey wash?????? lolllll her 'kini' nko?????

Jarrai said...

Heheheheh....LG!! Only you will have a wayward hairdresser....LOL LOL

Tell the chick to wash her hands pls...mehn god knows what member its been touching!!! As for her kini....ha!!! don't know what story you're going to come up with to wash down there....heheheheheh. I would like to see you try tho!!!!!!!!!!LOL.

Am fine missy...just at work, slaving away...

AJIKE said...

at least am 7th...u be real aproko
shebi na..first o, u no go kill me!
anyways, the tory be say talk to am
i think u shud speak with her though
but with love i guess
so u no make ure hair again?
how u de?
thank God is raining self,i don't want to be tanned..... am coming to gidi next week..
cant wait mehn

LG said...

JARRAI: babes, dis one pass wayward o, lollll i ll try sha, thanks, n dont stree ursef too much o

AJIKE: yaaaay my babes came 8th(wetin una dey look,una nor go clap)lolllll
so u r happy its raining,no wahala we dey wait.

Naija Idol said...

Lagos and rain sef. haba. anyways, as for ur hair dresser, it depends on ur realtionship. if shes more of a casual acquaintance, then u shudnt tell her, or as afrobabe said, u can tell her jokingly. it also depends on the kinda person she is too.

princesa said...

You crazy girl!

Shey na becos u see am dey fan im kini na im you run? How u take know say that other one wey do u mgbeke style no just 'do' like seyi??

My dear, like others have said, just ask that she wash her hands before she starts working on ur hair. You fit lie say ur hair dey allergic to unwashed hands,lol!

LG said...

NAIJA IDOL: She's friendly to all her clients o, i ll try dat next time, thanks

PRISCO: babes,i bow for u,
so u want, make i dey look all my hairdressers one kain eye abi?? lolll and YES my hair is allergic to DAT kind UNWASHED hands o, lollll

OluwaDee said...

It was good u dint let her touch ur hair with "those hands".

Just tell her 2 try n keep her privates outside d salon n 2 wash her hands.

AJIKE said...

So i was 8th..not good enuff...arrrggggggggggh
i must make this first one day seriously
yes na fight o!!!..lol

Debbie said...

ah ah! girl you did right, who knows if that's her secret weapon? The act is disgusting?
I'll see that place and never visit regardless of how good she is.

Thanks for stopping by "straightfromtheheart"

mizchif said...

Na original aproko u be. lol!
But that must have been real funny, sitting down to fan , hmmmm, notin wey person no go see.
Sry bout ur mgbeke hair do, but next time, you cld nicely tell her to wash her hands and even follow her to show her how to wash them properly, if not, na u an mgbeke hair 4rm now on, i'm sure u kuku know how difficult it is to find ppl who can do beta hair!

yankeenaijachick said...

I love ya blog..was funny. I can recall early this month of July going to the salon. The hair dressr na so so gossip. It's always like that. They pick up their phones and talk crap, some funny though. I hope the hair came out nice in the end.

Jaycee said...


If u tell her she may be offended like u said...but this story is hilarious tho...

You can find many other good hair stylists jo...lol.

Writefreak said...

Ah you be real aproko! lol...very very funny!
Truth be told though, if you have a small rapport with her, you could call her aside and give her the advice you want to..worst case she will not agree and you would have satisfied your conscience and maybe helped another young lady find her way!
Hope your next hairstlye will be fine o! lol

simplegal said...

LMAO.....lg u no go kill me oh! This is too funny! What others call aproko, I call "concern"...lol. Like afrobabe suggested, tell her jokingly, or you can call her aside and talk to her....at least you'd have satisfied your conscience. If it doesn't work though, I agree with Jaycee, you can find other better hair stylists jare! Abi no be 9ja again?

I miss the rain oh! Alabama summer don roast me finish...now I'm just darkness personified! I wish I could come visit :(

Babes I've updated oh...

LG said...

OLUWADEE: correct chic, u soji jare, nor mind prisco, nor me me n 'dos'hands, lolllll

AJIKE: hehehehehehehe,bloggers beware,ajike mi must be first on d next post o,hehehehehe
swerry mo worry, i go give u expo *grins*

DEBBIE: oturugbekeoooooooooo!!! debbie which ones be secret weapon again, abeg come xplain ursef o, lolllllll

LG said...

MIZCHIF:hehehehehe it takes an aproko to kno an aproko o, hehehehe
i hear u

YANKEENAIJACHICK:Thanks hun,n wellycome to my blog, hope u ll be back.

JAYCEE: babes,na true u talk o, but getting a good stylist like 'seyi', i go gats to put advert for 'city people' o, lollll

LG said...

WRITEFREAK: anoda 'aproko' in the house....,lollllll i go try am sha
BTW my next hairstyle go b 'ogbonge' cos na 'seyi' go do am,lolllll

SIMPLEGAL:yeye gal, so if i nor remind u, u nor go update, or u want me to take over ur blog,lollll
i don hear u too, i go use style tell am. now, make i run go hear ur latest gist.

QMoney said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah,i no fit laugh reach!
Like Afro said,good tailor and good hairdresser na WAEC.infact i bin wan ask u d address of d salon make i go do my hair!
Now dis is wat i think,try and talk to her about it(having in mind she fit curse u oh) but jus try and henceforth,make her wash her hands very well b4 startin to do ur hair!!my hairdresser once went to do hair for one woman and d woman gave her a folded napkin to wipe her hands,d woman went to get money and guess wat she found inside d napkin,folded under pant.it is rumoured on my street dat dat woman does jazz anyway but we tot it was crap.her mama warn am sternly never to return to her house again.so my dear na God and d lady will come and touch my head wit her hand,and wen my head is itchin i go tink say na dandruff......*phew*

Duchess said...

lol...are u serz she started fanning her kini.....mehn i can imagine ow hot that place go be.abeg talk to her...maybe she will change.

me sef don suffer for hairdressers hand o..wen i was little,i usually spend a few days of my hols wif grandma...there is this old woman tht makes hair for kids infront of grandmas house....while she makes ur hair, you have to seat down on the mat....facing her kini directly...n the place get one kain odour...not nice i tell you...n each time grandma says...i shud come n make my hair i will start crying...she stopped takin me there the day i told her the main reason i dnt want to do my hair at the oldwomans place.

LG said...

QMONEY: ah all dis chick una don dey fear me o, first it was debbie n 'secret weapon', now its u n 'pata', how person go now, but talking of dandruff, chei see how my hair dey itch me now, lolll

DUCHESS: o gal,u talk true o, i chop plenty 'konks' for head bcos i sabi move my head left to right just to avoid dat 'smell'. i even have'ogor' to show for it, *grins*

BTW how u take kno say her'kini' dey hot????????lollllll

Duchess said...

babes, i thot u were the one that said she came in, then she raised up her skirt, n began to fan her 'kini', wat else could she be cooling the place for now???..... c'mon, ofcos the 'kini' was damn HoTtttttttt... lol.

naijalines said...

Hehehe, na wa o. You sabi yarn no be small. I'm with Afrobabe on this one. If you still want to go back, you can have a word with her...jokingly. Humour is good in helping us get awkward stuff across to others.

I get my own tory about fanning kini. Nor be me o, na one senior for Secondary school. I've been thinking about doing a post on it but thought it might be too raw. Now you don do am furrsstt, me sef come get liver to post am... Thanks, sista!

LG said...

DUCHESS:hehehehehe but u still neva answer my question, i say how u take manage kno say her 'kni' was 'hot', duchess i don begin to suspect u o, oya confess lollll

NAIJALINES:k, i'll try dat nxt week
BTW so u sef get dat kind gist, naim u dey hoard am, abegi fire on.... lollll
norrin do u

Duchess said...

hey...this babe!...u wan make i open my mouth talk everything.... ahnahn.........lets leave am coded now...bur me i hear say too much somthing way that ur hairdresser dey do all the time dey make 'kini' hot well well like oven, so i understand the fanning aspect.....so leave me alone o...cos i gat no confession to do...lol

Free-flowing Florida said...

hmm. this is very interesting. i think i'd go with afro on this one. cos indeed, it's either u go 2 her or u don't, her personal business no concern u (n a way). u can learn 2 insist she washes her hand though, & if she repeats fanning her kini, tease her abt it & remind her dat 'AIDS is real'. am pretty sure she already knows sha

Aphrodite said...

Me sef dey guilty of fanning my kini recently(oops)

Lg oya choose one, either let Seyi give u a nice hairstyle with hands wey she use do or mange mgbeke hairstlye,lol..

LG said...

DUCHESS: iwor', i see say u dey 'gbadu' dis post, hmmm u sure u r not as guilty as seyi sef? loll

FFF: Nwanem a'nu'gom, kedu maka di'gi??

APHRODITE: i trust O,(oops)lollllll
babes, abeg lef me hand o, d two alternatives no 'jell' at all

Natures Gentle Touch said...

Hi Ladyguide,

Wow your story could only be generated from a Salon lol and honestly you desrve an award for that story.

This is a sensitive issue so you need to take the right approach or get to know her better not just as a client. I will send you a free Natures Gentle Touch Kit to try out and let me know what you think or better still you can come into our salon at your convenience.


Mz. Dee said...

i'm probably not the first to say this but I ABSOULTELY LOVE, ADMIRE AND HEART ur blog!!!!

I'm still laffin!!.. fannin it??? Na so d guy do am reach??? Lolz

Well ur name na LadyGuide....so i trust u to do so with carefulness!

Anonymous said...

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isha said...

Lol, just tell her that you developed a questionable itch on your scalp and your doctor to be careful who touches it, so she needs to wash her hands. When necessary sef, ask "don't you need gloves?"

a good hairdresser is not an easy sumtin to find o. I think you should bring it up somehow. not necessarily confronting her, but maybe swapping gist or something, and then lead into it. Hopefully she's not fanning cos of 'the crabs'.

isha said...

by the way, maybe she was fanning down there cos she was sweating btw her thighs, I know i've done that before. Naija is hot now... lol.

BlogVille Idol said...

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LG said...

NATURES GENTLE TOUCH: yaaaaaay free gentle touch kit for me!!! is dat not d product OLUCHI endorsed! yaaaaay (b4 una call me oso-free, who no like berra thing)lolllll
thanks hun, i ll get back to u.

MZ.DEE: awww sweery, u r making me blush *smiles sheepishly* but dis one pass ladyguide o (lol) i ll think of sumn sha, thanks , hope say u don update?????

KIN'SHAR: haba! babes u nor tell me say u don become Dammy's manager o, lollll
newayz till 2mrw abi????

ISHA:aah babes, u too! so u sabi werrin hot seyi, lolllllll

archiwiz said...

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Smaragd said...

LG, u are a laugh a minute!

u should just have told her to wash her hands and it'd have been alryt instead of carrying mgbeke hairstyle!lol

Charizard said...

LG go chop slap, LG go chop slap, LG go chop slap...*singing with Gongo Aso tune*

I sorry for u mehn...jus go n do ur hair there joo...hilz...

Ma granma used to say that

"Ikoko to ma je ata idi re a gbona"

fantasy queen said...

lmao' u shd have jokingly told her to wash her hands.

good hair dressers like boyfriends are hard to find. and we dont want people asking you if you're ill for the rest of your life er.(plus there might be vitamins in the residues of you know what on her hands that'd make your hair grow.)

Free-flowing Florida said...

woz with d fanning kini, sef? as in, e don overwork & don heat up? or e dey pain am?

ejura said...

Lol! LG, Na wa oh! You want to advise her? Make sure to pick the right words and the right time. But maybe she was sweating real hard down there and needed some fresh air is all. How do you know for sure that she went to do?
Very funny post and thanks for the pidgin sentences in it. I know most of them already. Give me sumtin new.
Takia babes! Lol at your hair do!

Standtall said...

My LG, I dont see this as being funny as some of the bloggers said but it's serious.

I think u can talk to Seyi depending on how ur level on talking goes. If she isnt marry, she may need to control her libido cos a lot of diseases are out there. If she no fit stop, advice her to always use condom o. Female condom dey to abi?

Standtall said...

And u can use style to tell her to go wash her hand like Afrobabe said

LG said...

ARCHIWIZ: ore mo'ti gbo

SMARAGD:hehehe babes, at dat point in time wey my mouth stil open,i nor remember 'water to wash hand o'

CHARIZIARD:yeye boi, if i catch u ehn, BTW my yoruba no 'done' reach ur mumc proverb o, oya come interpret am for pidgin , lolll

LG said...

FANTASY QUEEN:haba!!babes which ones be 'vitamins in d residules' lollllll
una nor go kill me for blogville o
newayz i get indian hemp/coconut oil wey i dey use for my hair growth thank you, lolllllll

FFF: na only seyi fit answer dat question o,but nor be me go ask am, lolllllll

EJURA:oh girl take time o, which kaind sweat be dat OR na so u dey sweat n fan ur kini??? lollllll
u r also a suspect o lolllll

STANDTALL:dearie i hear u, i ll try n talk to her on sunday cos na she go do my baffday hair o, lolllll

how preparations??????,
*ehen, dem scofield/molly/garfield go wear fine clothes abi??
(b4 u pursue me, abeg na harmless question i ask o)lolllll

Charizard said...

e mean say...pot we go taste sweet soup go get im yansh burned with fayaa...in short no pain no gain...

NaijaBabe said...

Lol, this is funny o!

Me I wont advice u to tell her anything o?
Is she your regular customer? as in if she is, then i guess u have some sort of relationship that has past hairdresser n customer. Cos if u havent, u know naija babes naw, the dont look at face to talk o...she may just dish u insults o!
So tread softly

rayo said...

lg mi, if u dont get to read my comment, i go vex oh, haba wetin all these people dey do, u dey pay them make them drop comment, or y else are my comments always buried under like 1,000,000,000,001 comments, o.k o.k not even u can pull that off sha. anyway how do u know what the present person makin ur hair has done with her hands, abeg lyk has been oversaid b4 i got here, hmmn, just ask her to wash her hands, capisce!

LG said...

CHARIZARD: thank u, but in dis case, norrin like no pain no gain o,i just dont want any yama yama on my head, lolllll

NAIJA IDOL: Babes, she be my regular customer o, but like u talk 'lagos gals nor dey look face'
i ll trad softly softly, thanks

RAYO:*dancing* yahozeee yahoo o o, yahozee yahoo o o,
my sweery is back!!!!!!
o bebe i miss u nor be small,
soooo how was ur trip? d competition nko? hope u buy me plenty tops? lolllll welcome jare.
BTW only me 1 million comments, haba!!!! i sure say blogville go put my name for odeku sorry guiness book of records, lolllll
i dey go crash 4 ur end NOW!!

Standtall said...

Hmmm, yes o my cats go dance for me on the d-day!!! U wan amke new hair for u b'day? I think say e go sele that day o. Ah, na Monday sef

Anonymous said...

LOL!! This made me laugh.
Hmm me I dont no know o. The babe might vex if you tell her to wash her hands, she might even transfer the anger to your hair and do it one kin!

kay-shawn said...

Okay, LG, apart from Charizard, I seem to be the only other guy making a comment. If you ask me and I think you are think your decision not to return to the salon is a bit of an overreaction. Like one person said, good hairdressers are hard to find and I think you should keep yours.
There's a discussion going on at my blog and your contribution will be appreciated. Thanks

Mz. Dee said...


HOPE U HV A BLAST!!!!!!!!!

oya.. i get the first piece of cake for landin here first o!!!!


Dee! said...

LG dearie! Happy birthday! May the good Lord continue to bless and protect you all the days of your life. Amen.
Oya when are we coming to eat our cake, rice chin chin. . .?

Tairebabs said...

ROTFLMAO!! Lg you want to kill me with laughter? What a way to start my morning. Kia, I must confess that I have seen and heard all kinds of stuff from salons but fanning her kini. heaven help us. I love the part about formulating your weavon. Hilarious!

Happy birthday to you***singing***Happy birthday to you***Happy birthday dear LG....Happy birthday to you.

Duchess said...

am here to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you...wish you all the best in life.....so when the rice..chicken n cakes start rolling in...remember i wuz ere to pay tribute o

Anonymous said...

lol...I dont even know what to say but u gotta go back since she's good

NikkiSab said...

buuhahahahahah!!! i don die for ur hand wit laff. Nothin de ojare, just beg her to wash her hands b4 she continue. Imagine all d oda tins hairstylists de do - pick dia ose, pee n clean wit dia hands etc etc.

TinTin said...

lmaoooo...fanning her kini??? heheheheheee