Monday, March 31, 2008

How do you pray?

hi people,
hope y'all had a nice weekend? As for me I rested and took time to Thank GOD for all the wonderful things he's done and will continue to do for us.

I’ve always wondered how other people pray to God, do they only pray for blessings, victory against their (enemies), promotion in their jobs, more money ..., the list is endless, but my people God is Good o cos i wonder how long His to-do-list is and yet He attends to all of our needs (but at his own time), after all He knows whats best for us.

but guys just imagine; What if God is a man (lets call him Mr. A), and everyday we all queue up with one request or the other, y'know from the important ones to the outrageous ones (yes o, some people ask God for funny stuffs), and after your request has been granted, you don't remember to queue up again to say Thank you Sir; how do you think Mr. A will feel. I’m sure if it continues for some weeks (assuming Mr.A is very patient), He will stop giving us things free of charge.:)

So i'm cultivating the habit of saying Thank you to God for all the things he's done for me starting 4rm 2day to sunday without asking for anything in return after all He is our father and He knows we want.
You too can join me in saying a big THANK YOU to HIM.

Friday, March 28, 2008


Hi people,
Welcome to my blog n my world
Here, i ll keep u guys engrossed, occupied , entertained
with gist, gist n more gists :-)

I love putting smiles on people faces,
dat means u guys are in for a good laff'
Now!! if una don ready, make we jolly'