Thursday, August 26, 2010

its a joke' right?

NEPA  on strike??????????

Thursday, August 12, 2010


HaBa!! d wahala don 2 much jare, everywhere na so so poster, 'support jonathan gudluck', 'gudluck 2011', 'jonathan support group',  'jonathan support rally'  and so on and so on, OGINNI??? if jona finally declare, contest n no win nko?? wetin go happen?  i say wetin go happen?? ECLIPSE???? d oda day it was 'Nig artistes for gudluck jonathan' asking him to contest say dem dey him back  (i still remember sum of dem saying same to soludo), now its the Nig chapter of the africa women in diaspora (OAWDN) threatening to go on sex strike if He doesn't declare his ambition to run for d 2011 presidential election by august 27, 2010'  see me see gbege o, wetin consign jona and una kini?? eniway i no believe dem sha, na STUNT! lol

BUT seriously,  kini big deal about jonathan contesting; 2mrw marks his 100 days in office n according to my scorecard  *shake head*  e get as e be, although 100 days is not enuf to perform the miracle(s) our country obviously needs, but the pressure for him to contest is sumn else (me sef don begin dey fear small) from the political killings to death threats, N87.7 billion for voters register to constitution amendment/re amendment, zoning to fake obituary death announcements abt OBJ to IBB recontesting, abi how una see am?

My message to Gudluck Ebere Azikiwe Jonathan is  'SHINE YA EYEZZZZZZZZZ!!'
it is well with Nigeria. 

Me i love my country, 
i love am pass egusi
everything e dey for nigeria,
make we join hands to make nigeria better.