Thursday, August 12, 2010


HaBa!! d wahala don 2 much jare, everywhere na so so poster, 'support jonathan gudluck', 'gudluck 2011', 'jonathan support group',  'jonathan support rally'  and so on and so on, OGINNI??? if jona finally declare, contest n no win nko?? wetin go happen?  i say wetin go happen?? ECLIPSE???? d oda day it was 'Nig artistes for gudluck jonathan' asking him to contest say dem dey him back  (i still remember sum of dem saying same to soludo), now its the Nig chapter of the africa women in diaspora (OAWDN) threatening to go on sex strike if He doesn't declare his ambition to run for d 2011 presidential election by august 27, 2010'  see me see gbege o, wetin consign jona and una kini?? eniway i no believe dem sha, na STUNT! lol

BUT seriously,  kini big deal about jonathan contesting; 2mrw marks his 100 days in office n according to my scorecard  *shake head*  e get as e be, although 100 days is not enuf to perform the miracle(s) our country obviously needs, but the pressure for him to contest is sumn else (me sef don begin dey fear small) from the political killings to death threats, N87.7 billion for voters register to constitution amendment/re amendment, zoning to fake obituary death announcements abt OBJ to IBB recontesting, abi how una see am?

My message to Gudluck Ebere Azikiwe Jonathan is  'SHINE YA EYEZZZZZZZZZ!!'
it is well with Nigeria. 

Me i love my country, 
i love am pass egusi
everything e dey for nigeria,
make we join hands to make nigeria better.


Dee! said...

My sister helep me ask them! Na heavy and in fact RISKY STUNT dem wan pull so! What is in it for them?!

Na their bodi! Na dem sabi!

joicee said...

na wa o lol..Ehen which way be sex strike again abeg...nothing we no go hear for this our naija

Anonymous said...

When he assumed power, thot he actually had something to offer. However, while he may not be 'bad', the President Nigeria needs now is someone who is daring to make the (bold) choice (& declare it) to be our leader without fear or favour.

GJ simply does not qualify.

Anonymous said...

Which kind over-sabi be these?...i beg make dem stop all this political paparazzi jooor!'s annoying & irritating!...copy cat syndrome no go wound us for this country!!!!

LG said...

DEE: abi o nne, wats in it 4 dem sef?? i smell a political undertone, but i dare dem to go sex strike *loud hiss*
*howz d fam

JOICEE:ah dearie, longgggest time :) hope u r doing well sha, howz skool, wat happened tour blog????

RETHOTS: egbon i disagree with u small, i tink theres no harm in giving him a chance but weda he ll deliver is wat i do not kno, time ll tell sha

NITTY-GRITTY:lollll@political paparazzi, dearie laf don bend me 4 here, no mind doem jare, i kno say dem kukuma no fit try am, wanna bet??? :) howz d fam
BTW: ur name blog name's too short *coughs*

blackrubies said...

Chai politics in Nigeria is like olvier twist. "I want more , I want more" ahn ahn satisfaction isn't enough...goodluck abeg go and siddon for una village before ur goodluck finishes becuase if he stays 4 years ehn his handiwork will show well well..which I am expecting won't be ggood
The women on sex strike...well done..rubbish upon rubbishes!

KabiOsi Edumare said...

chai i cry for naija....**smh**

Myne Whitman said...

But why is Goodluck being coy like this?

Anonymous said...

lol....just say NG...tnx

LG said...

BLACK RUBIES: hmmm so u tink he wont deliver, ok o make we dey watch d film show sha'
*dearie its been ages,hope u r doing fine

KABIOSI EDUMARE: i kno one day, one day, oneday e go better
*njoy ur wknd

MYNE WHITMAN: babe me sef tire 4 d man, he should let us kno his intention os 2011 is around d corner*sigh*
*howz d fam

NG:lol noted

isha said...

Na that 88 billion naira dey vex me pass. No be to write name of voters? Later we go talk say na because Naija no get money we no fit give our children free education to primary level. Ta!

SHE said...

If he like, make e contest, if e no like, make e no contest.

*Whistling correct version*

Me I like EWEDU,
I like am pass egusi,
Everything e dey for Naijiria
make we join hands,
to make Nigeria better...

blackrubies said...

LG , I am afraid he won't deliver because of the cockroaches surrounding him. Plus even his wife had the big stealing scandal and all.

I am good oh..yes its been long, Hope life is going great

Jaycee said...

Yay! She's back.

LG said...

ISHA:babe dat money no be small sumn o; in d right hand wld change lots things *sigh* e go better jare, lets give 'jega' a chance sha, so many gud stuff bn said abt him

SHE: Unpatriotic nigerian, how nigeria go better wen YOU no wan join hand with Jonathan???? *sigh*
*no be only ewedu na 'efo riro :)

BLACK RUBIES:lolll @cockroaches surrounding him, babes cockroaches na understatement, kia! Wat was 'patience scandal all abt?? the germany trip to watch our girls play or..... which one??

JAYCEE: yessssssssssso :)
*dearie otojo'meta (its bn a while

Anonymous said...

I think many of these campaign groups simply want Jonathan to contest in the hopes that he'd win, because he is considered a safe option...

What I expected however, was for these groups to prevail on him to use his good office to make things happen in the areas of health, education, roads, electricity, least to the best of his ability, in the limited time that he's got...especially, as he got to power by a divine stroke of fortune.

As for the women threatening to go on a sex-strike if Jonathan doesn't week? is that the most they can go? one week? why not 6 months, if they really mean it?

blackrubies said...

My mummy was yanning me that when he was governor that is wife embezzled so much money it was ridiculous... I didn't ask her the full story sha but she was saying the woman is an ole on a kentro level

Lara said...

if the man like make him contest, na him sabi and for those women, am sure they did not know what else so say.

Afronuts said...

Na that sex strike vex me!
Like u said, wetin concern oga president with 'abuna'?

I just can't get the maths figured out in my head! Haba! poepl stupid oh!

ZeL said...

Please oh! Help me ask. 100 days and nothing credible to show.

Every nook and cranny had one support group rooting for jonathan. Wetin? Because Jonathan is in office they just want to show their face boldly for him because if he becomes President (since he has the power to rig) they can be highly favoured.

Onyeka Onwenu recently Released a 6 Track Album . All tracks for him and encouraging him to run. Run for what? She just lost my respect. They are all attention seekers and eye-service peeps.

I dont believe Jonathan can Run and at the same time conduct a flawless election at the same time. If Nigerians are really serious about change then they wont be jumping about Jonathan but instead looking for our own "obama"..

Just saying...

Anyaposh said...

haha....omo jonny, shine ya eye, shine ya eye well well.

QuTe said...

what next? A million man march to Abuja to convince Baba Jonny to contest? Smh!

The blatantly ostentatious displays planned for the independence day celebrations indicate to me that its all much more of the same.. Maybe only less 'bad' but definitely not good!

StandTall-The Activist said...

Me think, this might be like OBJ stunt of 3rd term bid. Let my people make the noise and I will pretend I have no hand in this. lol