Thursday, June 16, 2011

Marriage is not for everyone....


* u have less than 30 mins :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

knock! knock!!!!

Anybody home?????

Phew! its bn a while; How are my favourite peeps??

A lot has happened since the last time i was here; GEJ have bn sworn in, we hv a new speaker (IMO....old wine in new bottle), Etteh declared innocent, my assistant has cooled-down small, Dangote fumbled, someone bashed my car (my fault tho) and ofcourse the 10billion naira scam *sigh* which way Nigeria?!?!?! neways i eagerly await EFCC's report sha, huh??? wat is dat????? is it not part of my money?????? LOL

So i hrd/read dat nominations for d the naija blog awards for 2011 has started, u can go here to nominate moi, u kno u want/have to (ok' please, abeg, biko, ejo', mbuok :)

Ehen B4 i forget dis gist, its abt our children o; d oda day i was reading a newspaper n got to the kiddies corner page; the topic was, 'why did your mommy marry your daddy'; Eyin temi the answers were hilarious, Hear them.......

*My mummy married my daddy so dat she can give birth to baby; Mum's job: cooking food. Which food: pineapple

*My mummy married my daddy married so he ll not cook. Mum's job: cook rice. Dad's job: barb his hair.

*My mummy married my daddy so she ll be shouting;

*My mummy did not tell me why she married my daddy, she did not tell me anything

*I dont kno why my mummy married my daddy. Dad's job: sweep house. Mum's job: cook rice

LOL these children can put someone in trouble o BUT we (parents) on d oda hand hv to be very careful and urm... did i mention dat these kids are under the ages of 5 *sigh* my pipo dont be fooled by their looks and size o, they observe and they dont forget; and for you shouty-shouty women, why do u like shouting ehn????:)

Ewo!! It looks like its going to rain

i ll be back, i pwomise :)