Thursday, December 9, 2010

Congrats madam, its a .........

so my colleague's wife 'put to be bed ' on monday n we ve been popping mineral and fish roll like no 2mrw. the guy's so happy, he just dey call announce to everybody,  "iyawo mi ti bi mo"  (my wife has given birth), and naturally they ask him "ki lo bi??" (wetin she born??:) his reply... BIG BOY!!!  

eyin temi, which one be small boy again??? neways congrats to *juwon n his wife, hopefully i ll attend d iko-omo (naming ceremony)  Now to d koko and its a question, Why is it dat, as soon as u tell someone dat you or ur wife/ sister/mother have delivered a child, d next thing they ask is, BOY or GIRL???.  I highlighted the word 'naturally' (above) cos i 've  noticed we are all guilty of dis;   *coughs* abeg stop looking behind u jare, its you i'm talking to, or u wan talk say u neva ask b4?? :) 

i dont kno how it started or if its a general thing but i dont feel its proper, we hardly ask how d mother is faring, all we want 2 kno is obi'rin or oku'rin??. my colleague was so sure his wife was going to give birth to a boy, i asked him why he was so sure n if she had gone for scanning to check d sex of the child n he replied confidently, 'leave dat matter, i kno bcos na me put am dia' (aku'ko:)  so somehow i was hopeing/praying it wld be a girl *mischevious grin* weda him for deny am LOL  but the question remains, why do we......' i 've heard couples argue about who they want first, d woman go say na girl n d man go say na boy or vice versa *sigh*  i dont undastand it but i kno dat mine ll be 2 big boys psquare IJN :)

Congrats to blogville's latest mummy #youknoyasef and other mothers, may our children continue to put smiles on our faces (amen)

     Hv a blessed day'