Thursday, December 9, 2010

Congrats madam, its a .........

so my colleague's wife 'put to be bed ' on monday n we ve been popping mineral and fish roll like no 2mrw. the guy's so happy, he just dey call announce to everybody,  "iyawo mi ti bi mo"  (my wife has given birth), and naturally they ask him "ki lo bi??" (wetin she born??:) his reply... BIG BOY!!!  

eyin temi, which one be small boy again??? neways congrats to *juwon n his wife, hopefully i ll attend d iko-omo (naming ceremony)  Now to d koko and its a question, Why is it dat, as soon as u tell someone dat you or ur wife/ sister/mother have delivered a child, d next thing they ask is, BOY or GIRL???.  I highlighted the word 'naturally' (above) cos i 've  noticed we are all guilty of dis;   *coughs* abeg stop looking behind u jare, its you i'm talking to, or u wan talk say u neva ask b4?? :) 

i dont kno how it started or if its a general thing but i dont feel its proper, we hardly ask how d mother is faring, all we want 2 kno is obi'rin or oku'rin??. my colleague was so sure his wife was going to give birth to a boy, i asked him why he was so sure n if she had gone for scanning to check d sex of the child n he replied confidently, 'leave dat matter, i kno bcos na me put am dia' (aku'ko:)  so somehow i was hopeing/praying it wld be a girl *mischevious grin* weda him for deny am LOL  but the question remains, why do we......' i 've heard couples argue about who they want first, d woman go say na girl n d man go say na boy or vice versa *sigh*  i dont undastand it but i kno dat mine ll be 2 big boys psquare IJN :)

Congrats to blogville's latest mummy #youknoyasef and other mothers, may our children continue to put smiles on our faces (amen)

     Hv a blessed day'


Dee! said...

I have also always wondered why people always ask that question! A child is a blessing from above to any union. Boy or Girl it doesn't matter!

Congrats to *juwon and his wife!

Amen to your prayers o!

LG said...

dearie i disagree o, d sex matters o, me na twins i wan, 2 big boys o, i go begin buy dia clothes dis december *i ve asked n i shall be given :)

*thanx, juwon has gotten ur message, him just dey smile 4 office :)

P.E.T. Projects said...

Im wit u on the twins oh... i dont care wot the sexes are, just twins and im good to go!

I've started thinkin bout names sef:
Alfred = Alfreda
Philip = Phoebe
Alexander = Alexandra
Oluwatobi = Oluwatoni
Aderinsoye = Aderinsola
(abeg e don do, make i find bobo first)

Has Qmoney put to bed?
And when are we expecting ur own double delight this one that u're buying clothes already?

P.E.T. Projects said...
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LG said...

babes u don talk ur own, na twin boys i want o(n so shall it be :)

LOL@abeg e don do, make i find bobo first. ilv d names u've chosen but only u... five (5) pikins??? gudluck sha! :)

so Qmoney get belle??? i nor kno o *mischevious grin* but its sumn like dat sha,

LG said...

yessoooooooo d shoping no go get part 2, socks, caps, bibs etc :) i go jst buy am, put inside my portmanteau* n wait for d result :)

*how r u doing?

joicee said...

'leave dat matter, i kno bcos na me put am dia'...Priceless!!
Naija people una no go kill me , una hear.
Congratulations to the new mamas out there.
Im a twin myself so I am saying amen to your prayers

LG said...

wow u are???!! i claim it oooooooo 2 big boys,(but wont mind 1 boy 1 girl sha :)

btw wetin 9ja pple do, u nko???? u nor dey ask, BOY or GIRL???????? :)

Uzezi said...

boy or girl?
i go ask na. for no reason at all o. but girl babies make my smiles bigger.
na so i dream say sister in-law born girl. happily i told her. when i heard on the phone it was a boy, i was disappointed. its all good. whichever sex.

no mind the husband saying na him know wetin he put. infact the woman has more chances of knowing the sex of the child more than the man if there is no scan

LG said...

LOL@ i go ask na. for no reason at all o, Iyawo talk true jor :)

btw which kind logic be dis?? say na woman get chance to kno wetin she carry, has it bn scientifically proven?? abeg educate me o

HoneyDame said...

Where we fit follow,biko? I search and search, i no find!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the new parents & as they celebrate the joy of the new arrival, GOD would open a new door of blessings for them, in JESUS name amin.

Yes,i do ask that first before i ask about the mother o. why?...i dunno....maybe we learnt it from our elders?

Men are usually full of pride & when they have male as their first child, that is when you hear such comment as if dem be GOD :)

Yes. pikin na pikin, but our AFRICAN culture still prefers male to female. IS THE FEW ENLIGHTENED ONES IN OUR GENERATION, THAT ARE OVERLOOKING THAT.

Remember the MTN advert?...MAMA NA BOY! & the mother who was frying garri, jumped up & began dancing & joyfully told the men who were sitting down playing a game. They all joined in the dancing also. When MTN was lamblasted for that, they quickly removed that part & simply said she don born! Gradually, the advert was phased out. I read that it was a a lady in the advertisement team that brought up the idea. I NO BLAME AM I SAID TO MYSELF, IF SHE DON VISIT LABOR ROOM, THEN SHE 4 NO YARN SUCH OPATA!...heheeheeee.

It's the joy of every mother to have both sexes but when GOD blesses one with ONLY boys or gals, they should be thankful becox many women are just looking for one! SOME have died when trying.

Take it easy on the fishroll & mineral o...becox AWUFF dey run belle....loolllll.....yes! na u i de tok to!

LG said...

follow? how do u mean????? *puzzled*

LOL dearie na me u dey tok to shey?? if u no dey fear, talk am again :)
n yes i remember dat MTN ad, didnt kno it was a big deal sha, o well

btw: awaiting ur mail

Anonymous said...

MAIL?.....what mail ehn, LG?............................okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk......i don remember!....*laughing*...LG!...u no dey forget?....haba! i don begin you n-a-h! no vex u hear? :]

LG said...

madam i sent u a mail on ur gmail account, reply sharpish abi u no want december hamper???? :)

LusciousRon said...

Amen o! I just dey laff people. I used to wonder about this and I have taken a couple of people to task about this. Why not ask about the mother and baby thereafter ask about the sex. Its so annoying but Naija people are just in a class of their own!

LG said...

babe u mean its only in 9jaa??? u sure???? o well' i ve done it a lots of times too 'unconciously' tho :) but there are still a couple of friends dat till date i dont kno d sex of dia child cos i neva asked *shrugs*
*how r u doing?

Anonymous said...

Sorry ooo, for the misunderstanding, but still no vex, i no see any mail! u berra re-send kia! kia! with immediate alacrity o! b4 nko?...i want xmas hamper..ahahahaa

P.E.T. Projects said...

LG... 5 ke? wanna killi me? Abeg oh, those ones are just choices na, one set of twins don do, if oga gree, we go hang gloves after that. na to face career and child care remain,

LG said...

lol will do but remember somebodi i kno said 'AWUFF DEY RUN BELLE O:)

LG said...

lolllllllllllllll omoge u dey fear?? abi no be ur mate dey born 9 even 12 sef, remember 5 is just a number o'
norrin do u :)

isha said...

When I ask most times though, it's because I'd like to know what kinda gift I can but for the child. But that's just me.

Nigerian culture, on the other hand...

One of the drivers at my office just had a baby, and when he announced that it was a boy, all the men 'bumped chests' with him, congratulating him for being a strong man... not a weakling like the other guy at my office whose wife gave birth to a girl.

Like, seriously?

Meanwhile, thanks so much for your encouragement yesterday. My morale is still low, but I guess I'm just being human. The guy deflated my 'ego' yesterday mehn, and practically nullified all I'd done as a good employee over the last two years. Anyways, let's see what the weekend brings.

Omotee! said...

i ask that question all the time too and i have no idea why. omo lómo n je jare. congrats to mr, juwon and his big boy. tell him to send my fish roll and malt too.

LG i pronounce upon u triplets, all boys IJN!!!

ehen, LG, hamper temi nko?! if u no give me i will haunt u and NG down for this town o!

LG said...

hmmm u sure say na bcos of gift??? :)
as per ur Oga... lef dat matter, u man don deflate my ego, i was already jubilating about d recharge cards u wld be receiving every week ' o well

LOL@triplets, same to u! if it comes to pass, ll proly name dem, mattew, mark and luke, how u see am?
*as for the hampers, drop ur addy with my s.a jare :)

HoneyDame said...

yeah.. to put you on my blog roll.. i have a feeling you dish 'em stories nicely, so i do not wanna miss them anymore...:)

Anonymous said...

lol @ "psquare"...

LG said...

wow! fans mysef* thanx dear, i um tink d 'follow' button is up there somewhere, i'm sure its on the 'navigation' bar.
*thanx again.

LOL na only dat one u c????? :) me sef wan go super star na, abi na crime???? peeps like osaze u kno :)

Gbemisoke said...

First time here and I'm following sharp sharp!!
'na me put am dia' tew funny! would he have denied the baby if it turned out to be a girl??!!

For some reason, my hubby wanted a girl first and when it turned out to be a boy, the thing pained him so much that when the pastor asked him to pray during the naming, he went "Lord we thank you for this baby, even though we wanted a girl, we are grateful for this son".. people just looked at him like huh? really... so I guess it's a function of preference....
I'll be back to check your other stuff out cos I'm sure it'll be good. xxx

LG said...

LOL ur hubby actually said dat??? if to say i dey there, i for just begin laff o.

* thanx for stopping by , hope u ll be bac *fingers crossed* :)

princesa said...

LG, so what happened to having 2 big girls eh? Stop am o...
E be like say I don return sha o...i no no say u bin dey update sef...

LG said...

itsalie!!!! my monitor must be deceiving me? prisco after 10yrs? :)

*um 2 bigz girlz ll come after 2 bigz boiz, how u see am????

doll said...

i dont mind twins as well...

I have updated so i wont be on your twitter absentee list next week

Naijalines said...

It's such a natural curiousity to ask about the gender, isn't it? Some people consider it to be rude to ask. But it's all part of the fun and excitement jor.

neefemi said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, i really appreciate it.

LG said...

u rily tink its all part of d xcitement and fun shebi??? ok if u say sha but sm pple take it too far; kilo bi?? kilobi?? HABA!! :)

no problemo (according to NG)
i kno u ll be fine

QMoney said...

@pet projects,yes she has born "big boy"(and dats for asking

@LG,how person no go ask?i didn't know my baby's sex and it was almost 2mins after delivery b4 they rememeber to come tell me..yeye docs way we dey find am together oh

meanwhile,my hubby wanted a girl cos he thinks 1st born girls are more responsible and they cater for their younger ones and parents,i wanted a boy cos as dat belle worry me,i no wan born pikin again abeg and its easier not to born again wen person don born boy

PS-my colleagues wife had a 2nd girl and wen i ask wetin be her name?his response was "i dunno,wen she born my own pikin 4 me,i go name am"..he said it was a joke later but i tot that EXPENSIVE!!!

HoneyDame said...

@ QMoney.....haaaa ah ah!!! No be say one thing one thing, that na helluva of a an expensive joke!!!! I am pretty sure he meant it.

Chei! Men and their indiscriminate utterances...who says such?..So girl child, either first o or second or 50th o, no be child!

In fact where them be when them they teach us for Biology say na the man something dey determine the sex...Most of them need brain overhauls!

Oro buruku ni igboro enu...mmcccheewww

LG said...

PET PROJECT: now u ve hrd it from the horse's...oops!! Mummy's mouth :)

QMONEY:congrats dearie n howz ma big boy doing?? hope him dey allow u n hubby slip 4 nite sha.
*as for ya colleague, i neva kno wetin to tell am *ear splitting hiss*nansense n ingreditimo, which kind joke be dat???

*sigh* men...wats life with/out dem

Myne Whitman said...

See gist o, so QMoney don born big boy eh? Congrats dearie. As for you LG, na sixtuplets you go get, lol...

Original Mgbeke said...

I think that the whole hustling for a boy thing is so yeyeristic. Be thankful that you at least have a healthy baby, whether na boy or girl. Me, I have my quota for pikins that I want and if na all girls wey comot them my husband go dey very accurate.

Lara said...

hehehe @twins don ready for the wahala ba.

m1ke said...

even MTN promote the 'Mama, na BOY!'syndrome. Of which, a child is a child. Then again, some women want boys as their first child, so the story goes on

Parakeet said...

You're right's like the mother becomes invisible. God dey.

aloted said...

LG i have come to mark register o.

i also ask if na boy or girl..just because I am curious... Now that I have my experienced child birth and how traumatic labour ward can be, it only makes sense to ask how mummy is. i hardly ask how daddy is though, lol

Fans4Goodluck said...

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el~correcta said...

me?i'm concerned about the sex of a new baby with regards to what other sex was present.if its the first issue, then it does't matter to me. If they're twin's,boy and girl go nice o.

Tamunoibifiri Mobolaji-Kamson said...

lol i guess its our culture thats the issue. anyways thanks for checking my blog out. me personally i like boys....loll..