Thursday, November 25, 2010

in other news:


1Issuance of Notice of election 23rd November, 2010Section 30 (1) of the Electoral Act, 2010 provides not later than 90 days before the election.
2Conduct of Party primariesCommence 26th November 2010 End 15th January, 2011To enable Political Parties democratically nominate candidates for the elections as required by Section 87 of the Electoral Act, 2010
3Campaign by Political Parties in public Commences on 1st December, 2010Section 99(1) of the Electoral Act, 2010 provides 90 days before polling day.
4Collection of Form CF001 (Affidavit/Personal Particulars of candidates) and Form CF002 (Party’s list of candidates) for all elections.15th – 22nd December 2010
5 Registration of Voters 15th – 29th January, 2011Pursuant to Section 9(5) of the Electoral Act, 2010
6Display of Register of Voters for claims and objections. 3rd February, 2011 –8th February, 2011Pursuant to Section 19(1) of the Electoral Act, 2010
7Last day for submission of Forms CF001 and CF002 at the National Headquarters of the Commission for all Elections.31st January, 2011 Section 31(1) of the Electoral Act, 2010 provides for not later than 60 days before the election.
8 Publication of Personal Particulars of candidates. (CF001) for all Elections.6th February, 2011 Section 31(3) of the Electoral Act, 2010 provides for publication within 7 days of the receipt of the form CF001
9Collection of Nomination forms 7th – 10th February, 2011
10 Last day for withdrawal by candidate(s)/replacement of withdrawn candidate(s) by Political Parties for all Elections.14th February, 2011 Section 35(1) of Electoral Act, 2010 provides not later than 45 days to the election.
11 Publication of Personal Particulars (CF001) of substitute candidate(s) for all Elections.21st February, 2011 Section 32(3) of the Electoral Act, 2010 provides for publication within 7 days of the receipt of the form CF001
12 Last day for the submission of Nomination forms by Political Parties for all Elections. 21st February, 2011
13Publication of official Register of voters for the elections.2nd March, 2011 Section 20 of the Electoral Act, 2010 provides not later than 30 days before the election.
14 Publication of list of nominated candidates.for all Elections 2nd March, 2011 to16th March, 2011 Section 34 of the Electoral Act, 2010 provides at least 30 days before the day of election.
15 Publication of Notice of Poll for:for all Elections18th March, 2011 Section 46 of the Electoral Act, 2010 provides not later than 14 days before the election.
16 Submission of names of Party Agents for all Elections to the Resident Electoral Commissioners (RECS.) 25th March, 2011 Section 45 of the Electoral Act, 2010. Provides not later than 7 days before the election.
17(a)(b)(c)Last day/time for campaigns
National Assembly Elections
Presidential Election
Governorship/State Assembly Elections
1st April, 201
8th April, 2011
15th April, 2011
Section 99(1) of the Electoral Act, 2010 prohibits Advertisements or broadcasts of campaigns 24 hours prior to the day of election.
Date of election
National Assembly Elections
Presidential Election
Governorship/State Assembly Elections
2nd April, 2011
9th April, 2011
16th April, 2011
Section 25 of the Electoral Act, 2010, dates of elections to be appointed by the Commission.

Teacher: John, whats the full meaning of JEGA?
Student: Ebere Goodluck Azikiwe...?????

LOL i wonder how they think of these things,
Happy thanksgiving o jare.

PS: NITTY GRITTY shebi u asked for an update?? u've bn served :)


Rita said...

Thanks for the update...need the info to plan business for next year...
Happy thanksgiving to you if you have turkey :-)

LG said...

riri i don dey suspect u o, which kind biz plan u dey talk about??? na posters???? me na d public holidays i dey after o :)

doll said...

@ Rita i suspect you too o!

Omotee! said...

Na wa o LG, u flash all these people wey comment before me ni?!

good job on the timetable but i gotta ask: what inspired u?!

rita: yeah, what biz?!?!

LG said...

my sistah helep me ask her oo,
but me ma no mind some contract sha like house to house campaign, JEGA how farz??? :)

LOL yes i flashed dem via twitter, how u c am? :)
*hope u don upload ya pics

Afronuts said...

lol...LG, dem ask for update u go copy paste election timetable. Very unlike ur style...

Abi u don rebrand ur blogging style?

LG said...

LOL c me see alakoba o, which one consign u, u kno d hours of research i do b4 i 'tap' d timetable ni????? abeg lef matter for mattias jare :)

btw: theres a JOKE attached to d timetable, i'm sure u ll gbadun it :)
* my d fam

Anonymous said...

lol...LG!....if i catch you ehn! be this type of update i want o! I HATE POLITICS!...but i like the joke you go repeat this 'home-work'...*in teacher's voice* are so funny..happy thanksgiving day also..have a blessed weekend.

LG said...

haba!!u asked n i delivered, not so?

btw: where are MY chocolates???? i no wan hear story-story o; anyway,i kno say by now dem dey cool inside una 'soakaway':)

*howz d fam?

Uzezi said...

where u dey get these joks from?

LG said...

*hums* nothing goes for nothing...scratch my face i ll scrub urs :)

*iyawo HoniMoon don finish??

2cute4u said...

Wouldn't have pegged you for the political type o..
Wetin move you?
You no say your brain dey touch small small lol..
I'm sure you have plans and I'm waiting for you..
If na to campaign for you or your bf/husband, then let me know.. I go join both hand and leg inside..
Btw.. By the time you use those Dove products, I hope your skin is compatible with it o..
I've said enough..
Don't see you on twitter no more..

LG said...

CHA-CHA (lol na Omotee teach me o)
bia i don pass level of BF o :)
as for 'dove products', i dont hv a particular brand in mind jare, i just nid a sumn dat ll make my skin silky/soft/shinny/n babyish looking; cos dis harmattan e be like say dem send am :)

*kekwanu? we go see u dis decemba???

oluSimeon said...

ok.. at least we can plan our travels with these dates you have supplied..
e go better..

LG said...

egbon i hear u, but i didnt notice any 'public holiday(s) in the timetable sha *fingers crossed*

Naijalines said...

I don forget wetin your post talk sef.

I'm laughing at your comment to Uzezi "scratch my face, I'll scrub yours"...hmmm.

I'll scratch someone's eyes out and I'll tell them you told me to, o.

LG said...

LOL dearie its supposed to be 'scratch my bac o, wats wrong wit my keyboard, cld it be harmattan??? :)
n u r on ur own, if sum1 calls olopa 4 u :)
*how tomtom?

P.E.T. Projects said...

As usual, im after the holidays to i hope we'll get at least 2 days in January, when they ask us to register.

LG said...

abi my sistah, but 2 days no go reach o, u don 4get say we pass 120 million, 1 week is not bad sha, cos sm pple go do african time to register LOL

Anonymous said...

Good, towards a new dawn in Nigeria.

Hmmm, that guy isn't the Senate President oh, he is a commissioner in INEC, Soyebi....i think.

QMoney said...

sorry to burst ur buble but election no dey come with saturday dem dey

LG said...

Haba!! egbon r u sure?? cld hv sworn dat is DM o, ok make i go re-check :)
btw: hope u r voting sha (pdp or acn)?

LOL abaya!!!u don offload??? me i no miss d iko-omo o, enuf rice n stew n takeaway(s) :)

~Sirius~ said...

I can't see the time table, I take it that there's no public holiday? Why now? Aren't we over populated and under equipped to all vote in 1 day?

LG said...

oginibu'nka???? wats wrong with blogger? c how he/she/it 'chop' the time table wey i suffer cut/copy n paste; wetin i go do now???? :(
*nne na dia own be dat, i must give mysef holidays :)
*how ur oga?

Myne Whitman said...

Just to say hi and I'm connected. See you in Abuja, I know say you be dodger sha...

Sugabelly said...

Wow. The elections are getting serious. Hey does anybody know if those of us in America can vote online or something? Or is this a strictly in-Naij affair?


Sugabelly 2.0

LG said...

LOL u 4got to add 'artful' :)
get intouch with my s.a to book an appointment jare. 'kilishi' dey wit for u :)

hmmmm i dont kno if its possible to vote online, ll ask my colleague sha'
*hope u r doing well