Thursday, December 25, 2008


Have a blessed Christmas'

Friday, December 5, 2008


Baba' Baba' Baba' Baba'

Ese' o baba'

Ese' o baba'

Awadupe Baba'

Yesso ndi nkem' like play like joke, we are in the month of kerimesi' the last lap for the year twenty o eight' Glory be to God for He has been loving, patient, faithful, benevolent, n above all FORGIVING despite our short comings;

The oda day a colleague was complaining abt how fast dis year was n how he was yet to achieve most of d things on his 'to-do-list-08', i then asked him 'if his plans were also God's plan' d bobo jus look me , shake him head say i too dey speak grammar' say how him go face him babe dis december without moto, omo' na so ur truly take 3steps backwards abi werrin i for do?? As for me moro or no moro i ll continue to thank God for d gift of Life o' after all one proverb say, 'when there is life, there is hope' cos na only pesin wey dey alive dey tink of buying keke or huma? so once again' THANK YOU FATHER for everything.

ehen' i just dey land from prisco blog n she dey complain abt fake products, d mata tire me o' cos nothin wey no get fake as far as we (u) dey concerned sotey we get fake bloggers ' dat one na according to 9jalines :)

NEWS-FLASH: mummy scoffield n oda bloggers wey wan send mi hampers' make una shine una eyes o' cos there are hampers n der are hampers' na so i 4all mugu last year wey i go buy one kind hamper like dat ' afta i see all d orisiri wey dem carry full on top i nor kno say na carton wey dem done soak 4 water for 2wks dem arrange 4 unda d nearly expired goodies, omo' i slap mysef dat day; So abeg even if na bags of rice una wan give mii' make una make sure dem no mix am wit kpokpo garri o :)

Talking of rice' i remember dos xmas /newyear day celebrations as children wey we dey chop all kind of orosiri rice 4rm arosun to abilikaki' all in d name of celebrating xmas' Na 4rm one room to anoda, we dey visit pple' na so we go wear our xmas clothes, carry red handbag, wear green wrist-watch (wey no dey work) nack pink eyeglass dey denge pose 4rm street to street dey tel pple wey we know, 'Aunty come do xmas for us' or ' Broda we dey come ur house o', after we don waka n chop rice n drink mineral tire, na strictly money we go dey collect, u go hear, 'aunty we no go chop rice o' dash us money ' mehn i miss dos days , maybe i shld upload one pix i took wit my white koi koi shoes lookin fly :) I wonder how kids of nowadays spend xmas? it cant be d same jare, all des shildren wey their eyes don dey chook 4rm belle ' Omotee na lie i talk??? :)

Yesso norrin dey happen but e be like say one thing wan happen o, i say make i use dis medium beg una' make una helep me beg Agbero say weda na by force? if no be say na one thing, na for television una 4 hear d mata, Bumight no rush me jare, i kno say u go defend am' shior! My pipo make una c me see wahala o' no be so i dey my own jeje yesterday dey listen to musiq naim my 4one beep say i get message, wen i check d message, c wetin my eye see...........


Happiness n joy forever with an

Incomparable lov dat ll never

Vanish till death do us part

Eyin temi' which kind luv ruff play be dis?????????? :)

anybodi wey kno him garage, i need d address sharply'

OR who else una suspect wey send dat kind sms???

Abi na .........?? or na ..........?? :)



Monday, December 1, 2008

11 months don waka'