Friday, December 5, 2008


Baba' Baba' Baba' Baba'

Ese' o baba'

Ese' o baba'

Awadupe Baba'

Yesso ndi nkem' like play like joke, we are in the month of kerimesi' the last lap for the year twenty o eight' Glory be to God for He has been loving, patient, faithful, benevolent, n above all FORGIVING despite our short comings;

The oda day a colleague was complaining abt how fast dis year was n how he was yet to achieve most of d things on his 'to-do-list-08', i then asked him 'if his plans were also God's plan' d bobo jus look me , shake him head say i too dey speak grammar' say how him go face him babe dis december without moto, omo' na so ur truly take 3steps backwards abi werrin i for do?? As for me moro or no moro i ll continue to thank God for d gift of Life o' after all one proverb say, 'when there is life, there is hope' cos na only pesin wey dey alive dey tink of buying keke or huma? so once again' THANK YOU FATHER for everything.

ehen' i just dey land from prisco blog n she dey complain abt fake products, d mata tire me o' cos nothin wey no get fake as far as we (u) dey concerned sotey we get fake bloggers ' dat one na according to 9jalines :)

NEWS-FLASH: mummy scoffield n oda bloggers wey wan send mi hampers' make una shine una eyes o' cos there are hampers n der are hampers' na so i 4all mugu last year wey i go buy one kind hamper like dat ' afta i see all d orisiri wey dem carry full on top i nor kno say na carton wey dem done soak 4 water for 2wks dem arrange 4 unda d nearly expired goodies, omo' i slap mysef dat day; So abeg even if na bags of rice una wan give mii' make una make sure dem no mix am wit kpokpo garri o :)

Talking of rice' i remember dos xmas /newyear day celebrations as children wey we dey chop all kind of orosiri rice 4rm arosun to abilikaki' all in d name of celebrating xmas' Na 4rm one room to anoda, we dey visit pple' na so we go wear our xmas clothes, carry red handbag, wear green wrist-watch (wey no dey work) nack pink eyeglass dey denge pose 4rm street to street dey tel pple wey we know, 'Aunty come do xmas for us' or ' Broda we dey come ur house o', after we don waka n chop rice n drink mineral tire, na strictly money we go dey collect, u go hear, 'aunty we no go chop rice o' dash us money ' mehn i miss dos days , maybe i shld upload one pix i took wit my white koi koi shoes lookin fly :) I wonder how kids of nowadays spend xmas? it cant be d same jare, all des shildren wey their eyes don dey chook 4rm belle ' Omotee na lie i talk??? :)

Yesso norrin dey happen but e be like say one thing wan happen o, i say make i use dis medium beg una' make una helep me beg Agbero say weda na by force? if no be say na one thing, na for television una 4 hear d mata, Bumight no rush me jare, i kno say u go defend am' shior! My pipo make una c me see wahala o' no be so i dey my own jeje yesterday dey listen to musiq naim my 4one beep say i get message, wen i check d message, c wetin my eye see...........


Happiness n joy forever with an

Incomparable lov dat ll never

Vanish till death do us part

Eyin temi' which kind luv ruff play be dis?????????? :)

anybodi wey kno him garage, i need d address sharply'

OR who else una suspect wey send dat kind sms???

Abi na .........?? or na ..........?? :)




QMoney said...

me 1sttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

QMoney said...

whoa,am havin the time of my life,
LG,where my present??
yipee yipee

LG said...

yesssso one hamper 4 u :p

QMoney said...

and it gets better,no wonder this thing dey shaq i take do i am??
lemme go and read now as my position has been well establishd

QMoney said...

real rough play,abeg keep ur HIV,give me IHV in dat order instead.i not fit shout

LG said...

buhahahahahahahahaha babes na so u be????? :p
njoy ur w'end

Nefertiti said...

LMAO @ 'uncle wee dey come ur house o'

Babes u r hella funny. HIV ke? mei gho (Ondo for God forbid)at least it means something good.

Afrobabe said... no want fake hamper huh...reminds me of when my mum sent me to mile 12 to get her a basket of tomatoes..Na so the tomatoes fat come red on top..omo when they open inside na slap greet me oh....straw na im full under...

How have u been love???

LG said...

NERFITI: lolll @ mei gho '
dearie not in dis case o'
*hope u r doing well'
n how far wit d tori :P

AFRO: CHAI i can imagine d slap :p
sori dear' but the thing be say na oursef we dey do' eg like d pple wey dey do dat killer -teething mixture (MY PIKIN) how dem dey sure say, sum of their family members no go buy d drug (sic) give their pikin' na only God dey save peein'
*i full ground brekete' thanx

exschoolnerd said...

lol @ koi koi shoes...

christmas as a kid was aslways the best..when u get older christmas starts 2 become a bore...

gosh i am always angry about those stupid hampers they stuff...someone will deliver one hamper to ur crib..ur eyes go begin dey pop because of all the things wey u dey imagine dey for the hamper..only to open it up na only newspaper go dey so annoying!!!

i love hampers sha!!!

Rita said...

I remember those days of "na so we go wear our xmas clothes, carry red handbag, wear green wrist-watch (wey no dey work) nack pink eyeglass" the years of innocence...

Ms.O said...

Ahh sister LG...the kin pidgin wey u nack for this post con take me time to finish read the tin, coz my pidgin don they suffer. lol at HIV..abeg ooo tht kind ruff play suppose stop abi him miss road. enjoy ur weekened well well oo..I wan chop christmas rice self. chai I miss naija jare!!!

Lolia said...

But I loved this post...+ I had forgotten all about that song...and about hampers ^_^

lol @ 'Uncle we dey come your house'

I can't wait to go back to Lagos abeg.

But really we continue to thank God for everything...everyday ^_^

FineBoy Agbero said...

LG Babyyy,

I go give you HIV o!!! Plus AIDS join:

All d love wey dey inside my heart
Includin d one wey Bumight suppose get
Despite say i dey eye Rayo and Smaragd's lips...
Still babyyy LG, all na for u!!!

Anonymous said...

Ehn! HIV ke? Chei! Me I know no about dat kain luv o. Broda Agbero wetin na?
LOL Koi Koi shoes and grenn watch wey no dey work. Me sef use to rock dem green watches men. Have a MEWWY MEWWY christmas. Filled with happiness! Kisses.

simeone said...

doz economic hampers..i have recieved one too naija cause am../and as long as there is life there is hope o..morro ar no morro...true talk...i for talk say u dey always take sumtin b4 posting b4 u post ..before i remember som1 like madam verastic..she'z on a different level...

simplegal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
simplegal said...

Nwanne mmadu, how na?
lol @ wearing koi koi shoe! Christmas was just the best when I was a kid; Not only did I insist on wearing my favorite outfit, I also insisted that I wanted to look Indian, so my mum would place a dot of nail polish on my forehead (Don't ask, I was a weird child). I love christmas!

HIV?! Haba, that ruv is serious! Broda Agbero, abeg make una take am easy for dis kain 'diseased' affection oh!

P.S I don update oh sister!

LG said...

XSN: yesso i luvd my koi koi shoes ' na so we go gada go fotografer shop to snap pishure,(nothing beats it):p
*as per d hamper, na dos apongbon women specialty (hiss)
*hope u r doing well' bawao ise?

RITA: aww' dos days of koi koi shoes' knock out n bolom-bolo, dearie u sure say, we no 'jam' for pessin house during dos 'runs'? :p
*howz d fam?

MS.O:lollll babes i nor undastand u' how ur peegin take become rusty?
naim be say u need lessons fast n i sure say 'mummy garfield' go agree to teach u :P
@HIV no mind FBA jare' :)

LG said...

LOILA: yesso as far as i kno xmas in lagos was d besttest, u remember 'amusement park' n all dos 'egunu' dat chases u 4 no reason at all :)
*thanx for dropping by hon' hope u ll be bac

FBA: i wanted to bring u out of hiding n i succeeded YAAAAAAAAY!!!
*buhahahahahahahahahah AIDS ke?? emi ati'e ko'
*as per'Bumight, Rayo n Smaragd....
dem no get mouth :P

BTW u beta update sharply or u go c me 4 ur garage 12pm :P

LG said...

TEMITE: abeg 'temi baby' helep me ask am o' bcos i no want sikirat problem' u no say dat babe dey fight wit 'igo' n i dey fear my face :)
sooooooo u sef get 'green watch' abeg go look 4 d pix'upload am make i c weda na my type :P

SIMEON:lolll @economic hamper' omobaba u sabi speak big grammar o'
but no be 9ja economy supose make dem put 'zobo' for pink lady bottle na :)
BTW yesss i dey take sumn b4 i post .....if u wan kno d thing' come my HAUS :)

SIMPLEGAL: yessooo nothin do koi koi shoes jor'
@ puttin cortex on forehead' Nne u be 'sunita'??? :)
* i dey go ur bunk now

joicee said...

Yeah... I remember those good days in Nigeria... Christmas was so much fun

lmao...I go give you hiv
there was an article at the bbc website about those scary text messages sometime ago lol

Buttercup said...

i wan see ur fly pic oooo..haha i remember all them fake watches lol!

ahn ahn whick kain text be dat?? how do people come up with such!

mizchif said...

LG u no go take laff kill me u hia! How dem wan take soak cartoon 4 2weeks na, haba!

As for that HIV msg, i hope say u jus reply "same to you" or "back to sender" or "omanlekwa"

Afrobabe said...

Killer- teething mixture???

Anyway I heard that sunday sunday medicine we had been taking all our life had stopped being manufactured since 1970's.....imagine..meaning I probably never met the real one!!!

~Sirius~ said...

LOL @ your text.
Really how does one react to that, talk more of replying it.

As for those hampers.....half the time I wonder if the people who put those things together are ok.

LG said...

JOICEE: yesso nowadays xmas na to chop rice, go church n come haus :P
@HIV: dearie dis one pass scary 'e fit make pessin no slip o :P
*hope u r doing well

BUTTERCUP: lolllllll abaya' i bin wan upload am 2day but d thin no gree scan....u kno say na 'black n white' :P
*as per d only FBA fit answer dat question o :P

MIZCHIF: seeeeeeeee dis babe!!! no try dos apongbon guys o, abi u nor kno say na dat time d carton go heavy pass '

buhahahahahahahahahahaha@"same to you" or "back to sender" or "omanlekwa"
Nne e be like say i go forward d sms to u sef :P

Naughty Eyes said...

Mama Life Goat! Na wa o! Wetin you do for your blog wey my pop-up blocker no dey gree anything open for am? I don spend 2000 Naira just to comment for your blog sef. In short, you owe me hamper, wether e expire or not.
I no dey remember Christmas because na only that time we dey travel go burial for village. Them go come force us wear white cloth dey do prcession for our mud road. We city-pipu dey fall tire.I come dey wonder that time why people dey only die that time.
I gbadu the HIV text jo! If na Yankee, dem go say na "creativity". Make I go compose my own on AIDS send am to all those chicks I dey die for.
PS: Abura, e don tey since you visit my blog o!

LG said...

AFRO: babe d 'MY PIKIN' teething mixture kini no be small thing o' die, n dos wey no die they likely to get kidney problem *sigh* na only God go save us
lolllllll@sunday sunday tonic' cheii e do teyyyyyyyy' u remember
" multii' multii' MULTIVITE" :p
*happy eleya

SIRUS:loll Nne d thin pass be care ul o' if na u' werrin u 4 do???
*as per d hamper....OFCOF the sellers are okay' they just want more money at oda pples expense' shior!!!
*njoy ur 2day hols :P

NAUGHTY EYES: lolllll egbon abeg no vex' if na hamper u want......
HAMPER u shall receive :P

@HIV SMS' as u gbadu am' naim be say i go dey compose pleti 4 u' shebi dat one gud ?

@as per visitin ur blog'
YES i stop to come bcos u nor dey 'kola me' not even wit 'sugar cane' or 'zobo' abi u don change ? :P

Standtall said...

Lol, it's id-el-kabir sweeri. Id-el-ftir is after ramadan

I left a challenging comment for yo uon my recent post (lol)

Olufunke said...

Interesting........and the HIV text, not a funny one.

I remember christams ...those was always fun, coloured shoes and those plastic eye glasses, and wristwatches, but now christams is a lot of responsiblities!
Well I wish you a blissful and an unforgetable christmas this year

Writefreak said...

Lol at the sms..
Yes o thank God it's the last month of the year! We thank God for His mercies...

How you dey?

LG said...

MUMMY SCOFIELD: @el dil kabir' thanx dear' soooooooooo wen am i picking up my 'hamper' or u go send 'molly' to bring am ?:P

OLUFUNKE: awww thanx dear' n yep i kno it ll be unforgetable ' with all the HAMPERS i'm xpecting 4rm u guys :P
*thanx 4 stopping by

WRITEFREAK: yesso swerri' God has been truly merciful'
BTW i hope say na lag u n oga go spend xmas o' cos i go like come sample ya xmas rice :P

AJIKE said...

My Darling!
In feel the need to pray for i will
May My God who reigns over all things
reign in your life
may he provide for you that there would not be room enough to take all the blessings
may lines fall unto you in pleasant places!
Seriously this is prophetic oh
i await your testimonies

May God remember you like he remembered Hannah..just because you remembered

Ok Lg how na
Compliments to you too oh ore mi!

Thanks for checking up on me
Ire ni tie lai lai!

Take care sweets!


Original Mgbeke said...

Bwahahahahahaha LG don kill me with laff for hia. I dey read di hamper tori just dey die with laughter. Omo na so e be o, man pikin gosts to shine eye o jare.
There are truly hampers, and there are hampers.

Happy holidays darli'm. I hope say I go fit update before kerisimesi and nu yia but if not, I wish you the very best. no chop too much goat and turkey o!

blazingdaola said...


Olamild said...

"Na 4rm one room to anoda, we dey visit pple' na so we go wear our xmas clothes, carry red handbag, wear green wrist-watch (wey no dey work) nack pink eyeglass dey denge pose 4rm street to street dey tel pple wey we know, 'Aunty come do xmas for us' or ' Broda we dey come ur house o', "

lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooo hahahahahah I remember those days o. If them no buy those rainbow look alike/plastic glasses for us, se go squeeze face for xmas.

I have not heard that in almost 8 years.

Buttercup said...

ahhhh lg, r u 70 years old or somn???

*runs for cover*

aloted said...

lol....u crack me up.. abeg post pics of u in white kokoka!

Naija Idol said...

halleluyah!!!!!!!!!! pastor LG in d house. Theres nutin like life nd gud health. moto or no moto...
as for HIV, na fire by force!!!!!!!!

Naija Idol said...

ehen as for the hamper, make i send u d address when u go send my own to? unless i go send u anoda version of agbero txto.

LG said...

thanx swerri'see as i dey shine my teeth 4 here like xmas gee :P
*howz mumsy n ur bro? hope they r doing well'

ORIGINAL: yesso hampers buku 4 market' sotey mallam sef dey sell hamper, if na lie' come ask audu :P
*thanx dear' i wish d the veri best of dis season too

BLAZING: yipeeeee welcome dear'n
thanx for d prayers'
@HIV: no mind agbero luv :P
*sooooooooooo wen r u updating????

shalewa said...

HIV text? na wah for ur friend wey dey complain of no motor,if to say him get car and kon get accident,wetin him wan do?who him go blame? God?.God knows wats best for us.when u don't have what you want,its because its not the right time.
christmas then used to be fun.we looked forward to new clothes,new shoes and all.Now its boring.for me,we go to our home town,cook like crazy and meet several members of the family tree.till now,i no understand how some take be my relatives.its a yearly puzzle.i'm hoping i fit use my job exempt myself.

LG said...

OLAMILD: aaaaaah babe' so u witness am, d kind bonning no dey get mate :)
@HAMPERS: xpect one 4rm urs truly...
full of 'okin biscuit' (4corner) :P

BUTTERCUP: lolll' wen r runnnnnnnn finish' u go come back come jam me for hia' mean while make i go check dat hot wota) :P

ALOTED: buhahahahahahahaha babes i don dey try am sinceeeeee' my scanner dey reject ' black n white pishure' :P
*compliments of d season

LG said...

9JAIDOL: lolll@ pastor LG....yesso norrin do me at alll :p
@ HAMPER: u nor get problem at all' just send the address to:
you-are-on-a-long-thing :p
*compliments of the season'

SHALLY BABY: dearie' abeg no mind dat guy jare'e neva chop belle ful' e dey complain abt 'moro' :P
*how dis xmas go be 4 ur side? make i show?? :P

Buttercup said...

lmao!!! abeg no vex na, this one that u r sayin the scanner dey reject ur black and white

Buki said...

Kai! You brought back those childhood memories of wearing christmas dresses, dead wristwatches and coloured sunglasses and on top of that feeling cool up and down the neighbourhood, eating chicken, turkey and rice, drinking cokes and having constipation the next day...we were so...?

AlooFar said...

Hey FBA. *applause*

LG, me getting hampers 4rm ya? ;)

doll said...


LG said...

BUTTERCUP: lollll na so u dey fear 'hawt wota' reach??? :P

BUKI: lolll@having constipation' or enuf 'talazo or red/yellow capsule :P

ALOOFAA: lollll soo u dey support ya friend shebi??? worry, just send ur addy to d email i gave '9jaidol' above *wide grin*

DOLL: compliments of d season dear'
bawo ishe?

OluwaDee said...

I go give you HIV.

Reminds me of a song we use to sing in camp. (In your body; HIV).

have a lovely xmas.

Smaragd said...

lmao! HIV ke? merry xmas in advance LG, thanx for being one of the many reasons i laughed this year!

Itsme! said...

My first time here, lady.
Like the pidgin

Naughty Eyes said...

Abura, no vex abeg! I go "kola" you once I blog this night. Thanks for the visit jare. Check the blog later for details...

Emeka Amakeze said...

I agree with you LG, once there is life, there is hope. Besides, pesin wey buy slippers don promise im God say im go buy shoe. If this xmas is taking you by suprise, start now to plan for next year's. Na when person drink tea, im go get hope drink overtea, sorry Ovaltine

Anonymous said...

sorry LG...didnt understand the dialect here....LOL, but Im still gonna show your page some love..


Adedayo Adeniyi Nigeria said...

If that's the kind of HIV that is being transmitted in the world, then the world would be a sweet place to live in where people will always desire to have HIV. Don't u think so? Nice one.

Jinta said...

this year seems to have gone by really quickly

wellsbaba said...

LMAO!which kynd ruff play b dat...omo ur pidgin 4 dis post nwa um paw paw mehn YUH!

Anonymous said...


LG, na only you fit cook this kin tori.
Na ur Nwanne "Chigrace"

NigerianDramaQueen said...

babes your funny. That song is hilarious. I like hampers too! The beta beta ones sha!!

ShonaVixen said...

LMAO....HIV????...I'd tell the sender to keep that kind of love to themselves...HIV...MCCCCCCCCCCCCCCHEEEEEWWWWWWWWW!!

princesa said...

I left a comment here last week but surprisingly i cant find my comment.

LG, you big pass fake hampers now(wink wink)

Have a fun filled Xmas and new year dear.

DB said...

hey babe thanks for checking up on me.
girrl na long story o.
maybe i'll get around to telling it. so what's your xmas gonna be like?
take care sweetums
and about the HIV thingy, that's craaaazzzzyy!!!

Sherri said...

this brings back some beautiful memories!
how nicely deserted Lagos used to be and going to midnight service with my grandma....

Merry Christmas Babe!
and a Happy and prosperous New Year.

Doja said...

Please send me all the fake hampers!

Emeka Amakeze said...

Merry Christmas LG

Dee! said...

I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!

StandTall-The Activist said...

I don tag you o. I scheduled that post saw for today and I intend to finish it up. it's safer to "save a draft" lesson learnt

~Sirius~ said...

Odinma O! Oru na ndi ulo, Ha choro i gbu mmadu.
Ele hamper m? ehn??

Merry Christmas Sweetie.

Smaragd said...

same to u babe. how do i get the hamper pls?lol

u have fun this xmas ok? and bring plenty gist

AlooFar said...

Hi LG,

I've got something for you on my blog.

Buttercup said...

happy holidays..mwah!

Original Mgbeke said...

Update o! You don chop too much goat meat abi?

anonymous gal said...

i dey o. very much around

Uzezi said...

merry merry merry merry christmas. Im back for real. where my hamper?

Remi, United Kingdom said...

Merry Christmas Love,
I wish you a Happy New Year in God's peace and love for 2009.

Much love

Jarrai said...

Seasons greetings and happy new year in advance xx

Writefreak said...

Came to comment here since i can't do it on your latest post...

Happy new year in advance.. hope you're fine

deola said...

Complement of the season.

James Tubman said...

well if you ever need the cure i got it for you lol

Omo calabar. said...

Omo fear catch me when i see the name of the post o. ahh no do o. Lol. happy new year o.

Doja said...

Happy New Year.

Rita said...

LG Dearest, Happy New Year!!! How are you doing? Any Christmas gist?

Hope you had a great time this christmas period. Wishing you a great and fulfilling 2009.

Rolling Thoughts said... u?...this is ajike refined!
My new blog!!!!
feel free to visit anytime!
happy new year!

Kafo said...

happy new year

Parakeet said...

Hahaha...I too gbadun u LG. Happy new year me dear. May plenty of uncommon miracles come ur way this year and always.