Friday, October 17, 2008


for alotedbabe(who doesnt know who 'samuel peters' is) Dearie' now u kno' :-)

This shot was taken during the world boxing championship heavyweight title that took place last saturday in berlin. The 28yrs old 'african's first heavyweight champion lost to ukarian 'Vitali Klitschko', but rumour now has it that, He (sammy) wants to call for a re-match; Wise move or......... werrin una tink??
BTW: WHO LOVES BOXING???????? n WHY????????????

Friday, October 10, 2008

TGIF: just gisting

Yesoooo my people(s)' how una dey?? hope everything sege'menge :-)
everything's cool around here except for traffffffffffic, mehn' i dey parannoyed with Bros. Fash ' cos i nor understand why dem reopen 3rd mainland bridge' haba!!! under 1wk,
lagos traffic don triplicate *sigh* me wey dey reach house b4 by 7.30pm now na 9pm (yestaday nko' na 10.30pm i.e 4hrs for 60mins journey) the whole mata just tire me; i don ready to pack my kaya to Abj' but dem announce am for CNN say d traffic feva don reach there :)-

I for say make i sharply relocate to jand abi na yankee but they too get their own 'scoin-scoin' Just dis week (tuesday) one oyibo nearly delete my 9ja broda simply because say the bobo wear 'Obama' teeshirt' **claps hand amebo style** Eyin temi' no be small thing o' the 36yrs old civil servant (Dube Egwuata) go buy top-up card for him phone' when the bolo just waka go meet am begin threaten am say him go delete am, Dube being think say na joke until him realise say bolo meant business' naim him quick quick zip up him jacket to cover the 'believe' teeshirt but 'whosai' dat one just enta 'voicemail' cos as soon as Dube enta him car naim bolo go shoot am ** sigh of relief ** But Thank God say 'our' broda no 'kpeme' although him sustain injury for him face, hand and shoulder and Dangote' say, i must relocate to jand' make him come jack my shirt :-) but omo the kind yawa wey dis 'Obama' don cause for we mouth no fit talk am o' **scratches chin** i wonda werrin go happen IF 'Obama' becomes Presido ' (the lobbying no go get mate, i sure say sum pple go wan be him special adviser 4rm 9ja) lol neways dis is wishings the 'data analyst' a quick recovery'

Ehen' talking of politics, my fellow Legosian (according to Bola tinubu) una don hear say 2morrow (oct 11 2008) na local govt/ council elections, so make all of una go remove una 'voters card' 4rm inside dat portmanteau ' prepare to carry go vote 2morrow (its ur civic right and duty) as for me, i go vote after i don sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep belle full (and i go vote for SDP) :-) talking of SDP who remembers Bashiru Tofa?? dat NRC presidential candidate wey contest with MKO'.....yesss na him, i wonder wat happened to him after the june 12 buhaha' (he jst disappeared n talking of tofa wat abt dat Toronto senator Salisu Buhari? (him don graduate?) Bottomline: Prisco, Afronuts, Standtall, Nikisab, Uzezi n oda Legosians Make una vote wisely' 9ja o ni baje' o

Moving on..... Your's truly has decided to stop eating FISH, yessso i had to take dat decision before i begin sick wetin no get name' **sigh** Yestaday evening i was stuck in traffic at bonny camp, 'those conversant with the bridge kno dat in the early evenings u ll see a group of boys selling fresh fish (apperantly caught from the river/ocean/water) on the road side, I dont patronise dem tho' cos dem no dey sell my kind of fish (octopus) omo dat fish is a killer mehn as in e sweet baje :-)' ....... so i was stuck on the bridge' naim i say make i use my eyes browse thru d fishes wey dem display' as i look ground na only small kinkili crayfish i see, i begin wonder weda the boys nor kno say now na the peak period to sell their market, as i look up 'i see one fisher boy tanda one kind, as i strech my neck to see weda him don catch 'fish' , naim i see say the bolo use him left hand hold the reel while him right hand hold him 'kini' (no ask me the color) dey 'pissssss' for inside the water wey him dey catch fish wey 'we' dey 'chop' omo na so i faint '

Have a fabulous weekend