Monday, September 20, 2010


Dats wat my customer traveled to ‘eagle square’ to get on Saturday sept 18 2010.  He locked his shop, gave his boys (apprentice) d day off, packed his fam in his golf n off they went to support jonathan/sambo. Met him by 7.30 pm (I rily needed to get dat wheel spanner) and jokingly asked him, how much Wat they gave him,  he replied…….. Presidential handshake; yesso he shook hands with Mr President; I don’t kno if its true sha' cos I didn’t see him anywhere near Gudluck b4 NEPA took light,  Did u see him??????  *grins*

I saw dbanj tho (was he paid?? e'lo?????? :p) heard Ali baba’s voice, saw many razz governors (xcept gov. saraki) jumping on stage, pledging/swearing dia support for jonathan; also saw  the Bruce brothers, Onyeka and somebody call my name…… showkey, didn’t see any nollywood actor sha. Was oshiomole there????? (don’t tink so too, but I bet he was watching on tv, lol)

Wondered wat IBB was doing dat day, Atiku nko??? Has he been cleared to contest??? Someone told me dat, Saraki, Dele-momodu n even our Ribadu had announced dia intentions to contest the presidential election. Read dat former aspirants like chris okotie and pat utomi are re-contesting n also ‘Sarah jubril’,  She is the 1st and only woman to aim for the presidency, Dis will be her 2 0r 3rd attempt sha; WOMEN she nids our support o, lol

Newayz the die is cast in PDP, cos its obviously Jonathan or IBB, so who ll it be??????? Oct 23rd will tell but b4 then**coughs**  ***coughs****

So, i was watching IBB's declaration on AIT, n saw one chick like dat with him, She was even standing on his right during his speech (who she be????)  lady or daughter???? (i just dey ask o :)

My joy is dat, there wasnt any casualty in the 2 rallies, and i pray/hope there wont be any in all the 67 presidential declaration rallies IJN (yesso 67 registered political parties be small sumthing)

ps: voters registration  Nov 1st - 14th...... e go work???

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

mber months, sim-card registration n oda stories

like play'  like joke, 2010 is gradually coming to an end, 3 more months before 2011;  eyin temi, how una dey? its bn raining since last wk, cant wait for the sallah break o jare, enuf sleep and MEAT (ibiluv, mizcynic, n odas make una no dissappoint o, my e-mail hasnt changed, lol)  

The mber-months are finally here n na so eyes just dey chook;  pls be xtra careful and  security conscious; scammers, gbomo-gbomo(s) and one-chance are seriously on d prowl with new tactics, a colleague almost fell for dem, abeg make una shine una eyes o. May God protect us.

Talking of scammers, how una see dis  sim card -registration thing, is it Wise?? i mean' giving out all dos information about ursef to sumone you dont kno, i hv like  5 different lines (2 phones tho) n i'm xpected to register all of dem?? with all my contact information (n even pose for a snap shot) i still dont kno where it ll end up and who it ll end up with,  even the guys doing the reg, who sabi where n how dem pick dem  as in who r they working for  and how genuine r they *sigh*  i'm yet to register any of my lines sha, they say its for my own gud o but? (dont kno if it has a deadline sha, Have you registered urs??)

just heard about the black berry ban in saudi, dont kno if it true, abi na dem say- dem say?? wats d gist?? i kno d internet is d best thing after ewa agoyin n agege bread but d disadvantages ti poju, blue everywhere n now wey some parent dey buy phone for dia children anyhow, my friend's nephew is 7yrs old, he is in primary 4 or 5, n he has a phone, he is intelligent tho (4 english o ;p) but i wonder if his folks r not xposing him;  mgbo Mummy tk, Nitty gritty,  Dee ova to una ..

Ehen, how far with dos women n dia sex strike sef??? pesin no hear anything from dem again;  dia deadline don pass na, n jona neva still declare, shebi i tell una say na stunt, lol.