Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Standtall is 13 and LG is ......?????

If u were born in July, Stand Up, Stand Up!!
All bloggers born in July, Stand Up, Stand Up!!!!!
If u were born on July 14th, Jump Up, Jump Up!!!!!!!!!!!!
#@$!^&# May God bless us

its my birthday today, meaning anoda year has being added to my age, (no be small sumn :) I
know its been a while (or months) since my last post, abeg make una no vex' na $$$$$$ (i mean work), and to compensate una, i made a birthday cake; if u shine ya eyes well, u will find it at the top bottom corner left right centre of your screen (jst Look for it) – and Help yourself to a large slice, norrin do u!

I want to Thank God for making me witness anoda year, for His blessings, guidance, kindness n protection, for my family n friends (bloggers included). Thank You Father for everything (tho i'm not yet a 1st lady but i kno You have not forgotten :)

PS: To all ma July peeps in da house: Uzezi, Jidesalu, Standtall, Dta,
Undercover 07, Woomie, Trezor Le Kado, Chari, Fantasy queen


PSS: ..... erm no be red wine o, na zobo