Friday, October 10, 2008

TGIF: just gisting

Yesoooo my people(s)' how una dey?? hope everything sege'menge :-)
everything's cool around here except for traffffffffffic, mehn' i dey parannoyed with Bros. Fash ' cos i nor understand why dem reopen 3rd mainland bridge' haba!!! under 1wk,
lagos traffic don triplicate *sigh* me wey dey reach house b4 by 7.30pm now na 9pm (yestaday nko' na 10.30pm i.e 4hrs for 60mins journey) the whole mata just tire me; i don ready to pack my kaya to Abj' but dem announce am for CNN say d traffic feva don reach there :)-

I for say make i sharply relocate to jand abi na yankee but they too get their own 'scoin-scoin' Just dis week (tuesday) one oyibo nearly delete my 9ja broda simply because say the bobo wear 'Obama' teeshirt' **claps hand amebo style** Eyin temi' no be small thing o' the 36yrs old civil servant (Dube Egwuata) go buy top-up card for him phone' when the bolo just waka go meet am begin threaten am say him go delete am, Dube being think say na joke until him realise say bolo meant business' naim him quick quick zip up him jacket to cover the 'believe' teeshirt but 'whosai' dat one just enta 'voicemail' cos as soon as Dube enta him car naim bolo go shoot am ** sigh of relief ** But Thank God say 'our' broda no 'kpeme' although him sustain injury for him face, hand and shoulder and Dangote' say, i must relocate to jand' make him come jack my shirt :-) but omo the kind yawa wey dis 'Obama' don cause for we mouth no fit talk am o' **scratches chin** i wonda werrin go happen IF 'Obama' becomes Presido ' (the lobbying no go get mate, i sure say sum pple go wan be him special adviser 4rm 9ja) lol neways dis is wishings the 'data analyst' a quick recovery'

Ehen' talking of politics, my fellow Legosian (according to Bola tinubu) una don hear say 2morrow (oct 11 2008) na local govt/ council elections, so make all of una go remove una 'voters card' 4rm inside dat portmanteau ' prepare to carry go vote 2morrow (its ur civic right and duty) as for me, i go vote after i don sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep belle full (and i go vote for SDP) :-) talking of SDP who remembers Bashiru Tofa?? dat NRC presidential candidate wey contest with MKO'.....yesss na him, i wonder wat happened to him after the june 12 buhaha' (he jst disappeared n talking of tofa wat abt dat Toronto senator Salisu Buhari? (him don graduate?) Bottomline: Prisco, Afronuts, Standtall, Nikisab, Uzezi n oda Legosians Make una vote wisely' 9ja o ni baje' o

Moving on..... Your's truly has decided to stop eating FISH, yessso i had to take dat decision before i begin sick wetin no get name' **sigh** Yestaday evening i was stuck in traffic at bonny camp, 'those conversant with the bridge kno dat in the early evenings u ll see a group of boys selling fresh fish (apperantly caught from the river/ocean/water) on the road side, I dont patronise dem tho' cos dem no dey sell my kind of fish (octopus) omo dat fish is a killer mehn as in e sweet baje :-)' ....... so i was stuck on the bridge' naim i say make i use my eyes browse thru d fishes wey dem display' as i look ground na only small kinkili crayfish i see, i begin wonder weda the boys nor kno say now na the peak period to sell their market, as i look up 'i see one fisher boy tanda one kind, as i strech my neck to see weda him don catch 'fish' , naim i see say the bolo use him left hand hold the reel while him right hand hold him 'kini' (no ask me the color) dey 'pissssss' for inside the water wey him dey catch fish wey 'we' dey 'chop' omo na so i faint '

Have a fabulous weekend


naijalines said...


naijalines said...

But this ya epistle sha, e long o!

miz-cynic said...

EEEWH ABOUT THE GUY PISSING AND FISHING,.makes me remembr my mom advising my younger bro wen he was going to jand for his uni educ. momsie come say neat o...always wash ur thns o...or else all this oyinbo pple can just come and meet u one day and say men...wht the shit men...ur always looking un kempt men! infact ur sight is disgusting to ma face men and before u know it they can bring out gun...and shoot u ...and se u know its their country....i couldnt help laughing.but she was right...pple have been shot in yankee for more trivial reasons

Walking said...

Yuck about the fish man.
Miz-cynic - ur mum's hilarious!

Writefreak said...

You faint??? No dey lie! Na who come wake you u but that's a real yucky situation...well as i no see am sa, i go still dey chop fish, na my best animal be that!
I remember SDP o and NRC, and yes Tofa don vanish from the surface of the earth!
Only when i started thinking of relocating to Abuja, no o, the traffic should not reach there abegi! My sister, na naija life dey, make we stay dey enjoy am!lol

LG said...

9JALINES: lollll dearie,me too no undastand my sef' my hands just dey go pim pim pm pim :-)
*hope u r doing gr8, howz my 'tomtom'

MIZCYNIC: Babes d mata tire me o, but my question be say..wats in a 'shirt'????
BTW norrrin do ya mumsie at all :)

WALKING: u can say dat again hon'

WRITEFREAK: lollllllllll i sabi say na d 'faint part' u go remember' for ur information.... na for my mind i faint *wide grin*
*swerri' how ya side

Sting said...

I can't imagine being in all that traffic. It's horrible. You no know say fish wey grow inside piss water naim sweet pass? Dey there make express dey leave u.

simeone said...

so na for coma wey u dey u dey type dis post...? i wish u quick waking up..becos u hav to vote for sdp

LG said...

STING: hohohohohohohohohohohoho Dr.Sting(d name fit u sef) eku se'
e don teyyy wey i deyy suspect u' now u don confirm am 'eku enjoyment'
wen ya belle begin big' no cal me o
* njoy ur w'end' my rgards to lennie :-)

OMOBABA: coma ke? no be Lg n dem'loll n yesssso i gats to vote for eessssdeeepeeee :-)
*Hope u r gud' howz Abj n traffic

rayo said...

annoyin, nt even one hr nd i'm no 9. ki lo de

rayo said...

nd i'm no 10. lg ki leleyi?

fluffycutething said...

U mean u also are not aware that people shit into the said lagoon as well?

so now as u no go dey chop fish again, na meat u wan dey chop? because if u don near that agege abbatoir or even seen meat being transported in this Lagos,e be like say na dog chopping u go begin wan explore oh LOL

rayo said...

lg, y did u do this, do u think i dont kno all this, but u have to put it in print abi, nd fluffy babe, u no try oh, i know, i know, just don't remind me, i like fresh fish, please

simeone said...

@ rayo..ur anger is so cute..if you dont mind my saying..

@ alrite ..abj is gud ..someone pls tell dem sdp that the need to do something cos in 3years the traffic will be unstandable..yeah unstandable..

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

OMD, i no blame you my sista, that wan reach for fish to comot ure belle. na wa for some peepu sef, how u go piss from where u dey catch fish, digusting mehn...the thought alone is making me want to give up fish too(not really, but yh) lol.

nah wah, i hear about that obama teeshirt business, wetin be their own sef, nah crime to wear ordinary shirt again, i bow oh.

Babes, you kno say i go lang naija for xmas? nah so the traffic bad reach, ha!!! anyway my sweeri, u too have a blessed weekend.

holla at u later

p.s::this your blog sweet me read today oh..loves it

LG said...

RAYO: Haba babes!! i nor undastand dis ur para-annoyance o' i being wan inform u say i don update but dat ya 'etisalat' nos no gree connect :-)
*as per ur eating dos piss-fish opps!! fresh fish, u have been warned o
* make sure say u vote o

FLUFFY: Swerri abegggggggggggggg
HANG AM DIA' or u nor kno say i dey eat???? by the wayyy wetin consign 'shit' with 'piss'???? :-)
*njoy ur weeekend

OMOBABA: tank yousss jare' no mind 'rayo' n i tot i was doing d rite thing by informing her :-)
*as per ur message to shaking, i m sure they are reading :-)

FRESH N FAB: Swerri God bless u plenty' u need to see how i 'ffaaiinntedd' :-)
*as per 9ja: no worry wen u land, traffic to go vacation for jand (but no quote me o)
have a fantabulous w'end

Femi B said...

I don't even know where to start...ahah First don't loose hope in the Fish..nothing can make me not eat fish. I mean just wash the thing thats all..(ewww)and youa re welcomed in me go first come greet and welcome you.
PLease vote so you can have mouth to talk about Naijas issues

Ms.O said...

loooooooooool!!!! grl ur too funny!!! how u been?

bumight said...

you dont even want to hear about the worse things that happen to chickens and goat and co. shey na only piss dem piss for inside fish mouth!

LG said...

PHEEMMIE BEE: make i no lose hope shebi??? make i jus wash d inside shebi?? Chaii my 9ja pple una too get stroooooon mind sha':-)
(advise taken)
*as per jand; bcos of u i go reconsider :-)

MS.0: Welcome back hon'
howz popsie??? hope school, wrk n everything 'segememge' :-)

BUMIGHT: oooooooooooooh anoda one'
haba!!!! i still dey chop o or una want make i puk.... :-)
BTW werrin dem dey do fowl/ goat???
(b4 i make d wrong choice)

Dee! said...

Very typical LG post! As for the fish gist. . . I feel you. Thank God say na piss the guy piss. What if na the big job? lol.

Lovely weekend!

Vera Ezimora said...

Question: How come most of your feedjit abi wetin dem dey call am arrived from Babe, na serious money you owe me oh. Obviously, they're not all me; I could not have arrived from Texas, Canada, Baltimore & whereever else when I no be superman.

Ehen, back 2 ur post.

LOL @ ur post. He pissed in the water???? Tufai kwa!! Alu!! The kin thing pesin dey chop 4 dis life ehn? So some1 got shot because he was wearing an Obama shirt? Madness!! E go better. Obama musto win.

Doja said...

I eat a lot of fish everyday but I have recently gone off I wish i did not read this.

aloted said...

hehehehe...LG u will not kill me oooooooo

ok so u come faint abi..who wake u meeeen that was digusting!!!!

@lol at obama becoming special advisor..

happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

ewwww! piss fo inside fish. chei I don die o. Me I no like obama, e fo dey yarn nonsense about him motherland sef. hiss. Have a great weekend.

Black Berry said...


fantasy queen said...

the traffick is somethig else oh, like the opening of the bridge just unleashed all the humans in lagos with cars. its so frustrating.

i remember NRC/SDP...
tomorrows election is just going cramping my day.

about the fish...all i can say is thankGod i dont eat like the other things dont have their own issues)

James Tubman said...

calamari is good

i wonder if you all are having the same problems as we are having in the states

where are you

in london or nigeria

30+ said...

Eew... for the piss.

So who poured water on you to revive you from the fainting - lmao.

Maybe you should go and pally Solomonsydelle so she can take you to Dominica republic.

mizchif said...

OMG, LG i missed u my sister!

If na like dat, u nor go chop again, make u dey look who dey hold im kini, i sorry for u!
If u like, no go buy u fish, wash am, cook am & chop as usual!

Sry about d traffic.

Den dis Obama guy, i dey pray make im jus win, cuz e suppose pay Nigerians plenty, plenty compensation for all d wahala wey we don give ourselves on top dis im matter!

Lady A said...

Wash your fish with lemon juice or vinegar and you will be straight. Thanks for the love. I've been crzy busy.

FineBoy Agbero said...

Yes o!!! I rememba TOFA na!
TOFA is the answer, TOFA!!!

M.K.Ooooo is our man ooo!!!

Kai those were d days of elections o!!!

Sorry abt u bro o! Dem shoot am??!! Kai! Those bastards! later dem go dey insult Africa say our cities dangerous! Who danger pass now: me, agbero, wey dey just harrass ppl 4 a livin, or one gun-toting bastard wey dey shoot bcos of T-shirt??

NOw, i know why u like dat fish too much!! LG, enuff piss don enter ya mouth!!!

Omotee! said...

FINEBOY AGBERO n LG go remember this song (as na una razz pass):

(On the match again 2ce)
On the sallah day
(Looking for Mr. President)
Looking for a ram to kill
(TOFA o! is our man o!)
TOFA o! is our RAM o!

NB: real song in bracket.

Omotee! said...

fis pepper soup! no wonder d ting dey sweet like dat! LG pele ehn, but just imagine d ting wey u don chop?! ah, bad bad o!

abuja traffic don dey bad but its not dat bad yet, but as una lag pipo wan begin dey migrate now, una go carry ur traffic spirit come here!
simeone, make we gree LG?

@rayo: fis victim too?!

rethots said...

How you been?

Lost at The End said...

Like this blog. Different. Def brings back memories.

LG said...

DEE: lolll but i tank God o, my sistah' bcos if na d big job dey guy dey do ehn...... na for AIT una 4 get d report :-)
*howz d fam? hope u voted
BTW hope u neva 4get say u owe me one post o

VERASTIC: Asanwa 'dat' i cant xplain' who knos maybe 'feedjit' is in lurveee wit u :-)
*as per the 'ego' meet me for dat corner, yesss na one near upper iweka rd :-)

DOJA: lolllllllllllllllllllllll oops! sowwwy dear' but na wetin my eyes seee o'
*do have a lov'ly w'end

ALOTED-BABE: iyawo dis one no be laffing mata o' even wen the 'bolo' see as i open mouth, he just dey do him 'thing' dey goo (shakes head)
*thanx, take kia now

LG said...

TEMITE:yeeeeeso my sistah' na piss as in 'uriiiiiine' ayaaama :-)
*Welcome' hope u ll be bacccck
BTW u say u no like 'obama'???? babes abeg' no be 4 my blog o *looks around*

BLACK-BERRY:Dearie dis one pass 'heeeeeey' :-)
*hope u r gud

FANTASY-QUEEN: *sigh* Babes d traffic mata don reach to make pessin run 4rm lagos o OR how u see am????
*as per the fish mata........WHY???

JAMES TUBMAN: i'm in 9geria '
Nottttin like it :-)
*hope u r gud

LG said...

30+ : lollll dearie, you toooo? instead of u to say e'yaa pele o '
*as per relocating to domnican rep' u kno weda dem get 'ewa agoyin' for diaa??? :-)
*have a lov'ly w'end*

MIZCHIF: *snorts* yeye gal' afta u say u miss me' u come dey yab me ontop, take ya time o' :-)
yessso 'obama' owe us 'big time' i pray he wins tho'
*how ya side*

LADY A: welcome hon' but seriously, are u sure 'vinegar' can remove d smell of the .....
*my rgards to d fam?

LG said...

FINE BOY AGBERO: papaaa lolooooo i sabi say u go rmemba 'tofa' afta all once an agberoo...always an agbero n no come here me o' i carry 'hot pepper water' :-)
*hope u vote for 'esssdeeepeee' :-)

OMOTEE: o gal' who u dey cal razzz?
if no be say i like ya face ehn' na u i for baf dis 'pepper wata wey i prepare specially for 'fine boi agbero' :-)
funny enuf.. i nor rememba d song o'
*howz abj? Abeg make u n omobaba reconsider me o' *bats lashes* :-)
norrin do una at all

RETHOTS: i dey jare' thanks na only hungaa' :-)
*hope u r gud too

LOST AT THE END: thanxxx n welcome to my blog' i xpect more visits tho'

Free-flowing Florida said...

Tomorrow free-flowing florida becomes FFF & Shotmusinz becomes Ruffin' It. Don't miss this ...

rethots said...

....the fascinations of life.

Standtall said...

AH ma na dey for here sef. I no vote oooooooo. Wasnt sure who deserved ma vote for ma area

I am scare now to go back to work cos of this traffic thing u talk again. Which kain wahala be this sef?

Ade Adeyemi said...

LOL! that was hilarious... the fish bit! ... ehyah poor data analyst! and hope the traffic situ eases up soon!

LG said...

FFF: Welcome bac hon'
no shaking' we r behind u

RETHOTS: *sigh* u can say dat again dear'

STANDTALL:aaaah' swerri why naa??? inshort i go report u to 'bros fash' :-)
*as per traffic: no miss wrk o' i nor dey o'
BTW how r my 'cuties'

ADEYEMI: *frowns* Dearie, so na laff u go laff ehn' instead of u to 'pele' me :-)norrin do u sha'
*Welcome to my blog' i expect more visits tho'

Lady A said...

You never know til you try, lol! But truthfully, I wouldn't want to mess with it...don't blame you.'s everyone on your end?

Original Mgbeke said...

This babe, you too funny sha. LMAO @ the fish tori. odikwa risky..!

isha said...

pele my dear. have a great week o.

FFF said...

dat Obama story hook me o. hmmm. i don dey talk am, say America is too racist 4 a black president. dem go try kill am within 1 week.

nna mehn 4 dat fish gist sef. imagine! hmm. i don follow u oh. na so pple dey get food poisoning, dem go talk say na somebody dey pursue dem 4rm village

"Ruffin' It" is launched!!! If u haven't been there, follow my link ...

LG said...

LADY A:we r all foine dear' thanx' Soooooooo i ll try n eat 'fish' 2day bcos of u o' :-)

ORIGINAL MGBE'S: aaah nwanne ' dis one odikwa risky n dangerous, cos many of their customers nor kno say na 'fresh piss fish' dem dey buuyy :-)
*looooong time, how ya side

ISHA: Thanx hon' no be small thing o'
*njoy ur week

FFF: iyawo ' no be lie u talk o' me sef don dey put 'obama' for my prayas' *sigh* neways if God say na him ... na him (chimple) :-)
*as per d fish mata: nwanne u need to be diaa to undastand d thing wey i dey yarn' d piss even black like d water sef :-)
BTW: i was d 2nd pessin to disvirgin ur blog...... where my pressie??? *bats lashes*

Just...Toluwa said...

just coming back from naija..i can attest to the traffic issue..i wan craze...

everywhere na traffic...LG, how do u do it?

DB said...

hey guuurrrrl,
sorry ve bin MIA, tis a long story.
how you dey.
Am on the run.
catch ya soonest.

bumight said...

I definitely remember that song!

who remembers:

I tire for this life o
na so so wahala
Abiola na the man o
for better tomorrow

MKO! SDP! Kingibe! Action!!
Abiola! Abiola!! Abiola!!! progress
na im be the man o for better tomorrow

Anonymous said...

lmao...LG U DON ~&*!^&@*(

Twix! said...

LMAO! You cant be serious babe, kai, i knew buying fish from there can never be a good idea, thank God i never tried o. Mo feran fish baje, dont think i can ever stop sha. Il go all out to look for hygenic fish farm to buy from as in worst case senerio.

LG said...

JUST TOLUWA: *sigh* my sista, how man go do naaa(sufferin n smiling)
BTW apart 4rm (traffic) i trust u had a nice time

DB: welcome back hon'
hope is well? howz mama n 'emmy'?

BUMIGHT: lol abayaa :-)
funny thing is' *scratches head*
i stil cant remember dat song either.... na only 'me i like egusi' i like am pass ewedu' naim just dey enta my head *wide grin*
bum-bum norrin do u sha'

CHARI: lolllllll i hope no be 'cos' be dis
charis u nor well o' oya come back come 'interpret' werrin u type

TWIX: @..Mo feran fish baje,
dearie i used to be like dat o' until' my rude awakening.... no tanx to 'bonny camp pissers' :-)
*njoy ur day

ababoypart2 said...

lol....dis Obama t-shirt thing tire me.Where person fit buy the t-shirt abeg?

LG said...

ABABOY2: buhahahahahahaha' but
Nna b4 i give u the addy' no tell anybodi say na me o'(i too luv my...)
oya, Bia make i whisper am 4 ya ear

*O'lu kwanu??*

Rita said...

pele...about the traffic...hope u get to rest well during weekends...

pissing and fish.... u dont say!!!!!

LOL...but that should not make u stop eating fish :-) the decision harsh oh!

Sherri said...

abeg no mind that skinhead bolo jare!
serious fear dey catch them, they can't envision a black man in the whitehouse! ( shebi that makes it a blackhouse?

as for the fish mata, that be seasoned and marinated fish! they charge extra for that over here o

she u gbadun ur weekend?

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

am i back to early or what, anytime i come back for a well deserved update and i could be potentially be the 1st reader...You are not here, still enjoying your weekend abi wetin


LG said...

RITA: tanx hon' but wetin man go do... man must work to wack :-)
*howz d fam

SHERRI: lollllll @ 'blackhouse'
babes no be 4 my mouth o' ;-)
*how u??

FRESH N FAB: ahh babes no be so o' i jst say make i chill small
but bcos of u (my beyounce) i go update sooonest

Anonymous said...

cant stop eating fish man...unless someone , well, ummm, neva mind.

how are you sweets

exschoolnerd said...

iyama!now i dont feel like eating fish anymore..

oh but i will!

ibiluv said...

i'm with fluffy

if u see as dem dey do meat for abbatoir- you will stick to veggies

and transporting that sef na wa.....

babes no worry
just cook am well and say grace before u chop

ps:fish whey don chop shit and piss na im dey fat pass with enuff protein!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Parakeet said...

Lol LG...I totally forgot how funny u can be. Thanks for checking up on me sister. I'm ok...just laying low for now. Hope you cool.

Lady A said...

You have been tagged with the "I LOVE YOUR BLOG AWARD." Cheers!!


how now?

darkelcee said...

na only pee you dey see. u know dey see all those boys around national theartre dey do their "thing" early morning? kai we need proper re-orientation in this naija. as u said naija o ni baje.

traffic issue is another gist for another day its really crazy

Dammy said...

Babe, you no try! So na octopus be your favourite? My level now ehn, na so so white shark I dey prefer now!
...But the question is, who is eating who? Lol

How come my post scare you? Lol!

How u dey?

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

lol, dont mind me my sista, rest oh. I no know why i too like to trouble u

see i don come again

Nice guy said...

chai! the traffic situation in Lag. just hurts me soo was terrible b4 they shut down that bridge and now i cant even imagine how bad it is

Tairebabs said...

OMG!! won't kill me with laughter. I don't even know where to start commenting from. Na wa o this Dube gist no be small thing. Anyway it was bound to happen becos people are fanatical about the elections.

Can't believe u remembered Tofa. This girl..the way ur mind works amazes me o. But true true the guy just disappeared o.

Kia that fish gist was priceless. Thank God I never bought fish there o and i used to pass there everyday for three years to work. I kept wondering why people buy those tiny fishes self. But who knows what happens when we chop our Mr. Biggs/Chicken Republic etc. UAC no sue me o

AlooFar said...

LG, e don tey o!

How u dey?

LG said...

KINSHAR: i dey o'
hope u r gud

XSN: yeye gal, u call am NYAMA!!! yet u wan chop am, is sumn wrong wit mii :-)

IBILUV: lollllll abeg dr.ib, na 4 which skul dem teach u dat formula???
* i stil dey xpect my cake o

PARAKEET: yaaaaaay :-)
at least i kno u r o.k' as 4 me...
'mo wa pa :-)

LADY A: awwww thanx dearie'
i rilyy appreciate it, but.....where do i hang it???? :-)

MUMMY TK: dearie' i dey o thanx
how r my cuties????

LG said...

DARKELCEE: mehnnnnn thank God say i or dey pass national tata o :-)
but babe na true u talk o, we rilly need proper re-orientaion for 9ja
* e don tey o' bawo ishe??

DAMMY: lolll@ white shark , bros dem dey get 'black shark'??? cos i nor mind to try am o :-)
*as per dat ur post...... no be 2day'

FRESH N FAB: ba wahala, trouble me all u can :-)
*hope u r doing gr8

9ICEGUY: bros abeg' abeg no try am o' i say no try imagine am cos 'd level now no get name 4 dictionary *sigh* if care is not taken..pessin go begin baff for hold up

lollll @ ...UAC no sue me o' dearie norrin do u jare, dem no get mouth :-)
but seriously ' na only God dey save pessin o'
* howz skulll??

ALOOFAA: Egbon' i dey o'
na only hunga :-)
*how ya side??

aloted said...

hehehe..i don see am o...thats NASTY...yuck! lol

did u change the title of ur post or wat??

have a nice weekend!

OluwaDee said...

LG, shame on you.
You dont even know the govenor of Lagos state.

isha said...

chei, that has to be the longest post in a while. lol. heard about the man in jand. Good to know he's fine o.
how you?

Uzezi said...

only dat one naim go make u stop to dey eat fish? what about the water wey dem they shit put now? abi u never see that one?

Naija Idol said...

nothing do me mehnnn. ill keep eating fish. u know if na the piss dey make am sweet??? dats y they always wash fish carefully b4 cooking/eating.

Hope u r okay.

Anonymous said...

I wont eat fish again....


Anonymous said...

had to come back and tell you that I have rethought it

Buttercup said...

i've been tryin for ages to comment on this post..i cant even remember what i wanted to say..hissssssssssssss

littleangel4christ said...

u "faint" 4 traffic?
hw u take reach!

Anonymous said...

lol @ the faintin durin traffic... na so so the wahala reach. pele!

InCogNaija said...

mundo funny!!!
you do realize that remove the boy wey dey piss, fish eat feaces and stuff that flow down stream from the sewers and stuff...sorry, but i just had to make it worse.
lmao@ na so i faint. no faint o. you go dey alright.

Yewande Atanda said...

babe, have u tasted shark b4?

shalewa said...

lol@ ibiluv.when saying the grace,say it with all seriousness oh and slowly.
As for me,i can never hate fish.I dey with God the day wen him create fish asper i assist God with the design.With all the piss piss and shit shit,as long as i no see am,i go still chop fish.if the worst comes to the worst,i go build my fish company for my compund.