Thursday, January 6, 2011


If you are reading this, it means u made it; PRAISEEEE DA LORD, SUMBORI!!! :)
altho *sigh* it urm started on a shaky note for some (a minute of silence for friends/family members we lost as a result of the jos and abuja bomb blast)

So its a new year, new expectations, goals, dreams n ofcourse its Election year in our beloved country; i pray God's covenant for Nigeria is fulfilled. i also pray for a violence free election (its possible; atleast i kno i wont be fighting anyone :) 
*Lord, we ask for fairness and justice in the balloting procedures as we come out to vote this year, May it be just and equitable, revealing the truth with clarity in Jesus name (Amen

Hw was ur hols? enuf chopchop i trust, ehn wats dat??? u dey deny??? oya look at ur tummy, LOL we thank God. Yours truly was in benue state during d xmas break (blog post up next) n it was choptilludrop, eyin temi no be small sumn o,  na eat, sleep; eat, sleep n eat again, inshort let me stop here cos its better experienced than imagined.  Ehen p.e.t project u told me i ll give birth to twins if i eat benue yam shebi?; babe i eat yam soteeeeeeeeeeeyyyyy (u get??:)  so in 9 months that is*looks at calender*  lets say in september or october or thereabout we go throw parry n Psquare go perform *fingers tightly crossed* LOL

Happy newyr once again
BTW may your troubles last as long as ur resolutions,  yeaaaaa(dodges blows) i kid i kiddddddddddddd :)


NoLimit said...

Ayam furst!
I want my cash in pounds sterling!shikena!

LG said...

yayyyyyyyyyyyy!! congrats dearie, my 1st commenter for d yr 2011, e go better for u, oya bend ya head make i bless u :)

BTW which one u dey use?? mtn or glo??? :)

Emeka Amakeze said...

I can see that

@No Limit

has got here before me! It's alright. You win some and you lose some.

P.E.T. Projects said...

Why now... LG *now frowning*

So im not first No limit and Emeka why werent you two busy at work or in a meeting like me?

Yes I stand by the research findings that yams have a nuitrent that increases the chance of multiple birth.

LG... im waiting oh, can I apply to be godmother? and it will be nice that they arrive in October.

PET Projects

LG said...

eyaa no worry, i ll give u her 'present' if she rejects it
*Howz d fam?

LOL wait now, y r u running??? b4 u come chop rice, u ll 'donate' 2 baffs (i.e big basin, no gorodom o :)

Naijalines said...

You eat yam, ehn?
Oya, how much you chop wey you dey expect ibeji? You must have chopped a lot o. Na so benue yam get power?

Naijalines said...

Happy New Year o!

lani said...

hols was great !!!
we'll be watching you in the next 9 months
happy 2011!!!

LG said...

LOL dearie i chop yams soteeeeeeey inshort i didnt pupu for 4 days:)
na psquare i want n na psquare i go get (ami

*happy new yr, n howz tom-tom? :)

*grins* dat ll be gr8; pls get me dat stool, yes d one ova there..i want to rest my legs :)

Fluffycutething said...

Happy new year babes..

Y not come and take my 2 boys and not bother with the hassles of belle and all that meme? :D.

LG said...

r ur boys PSQUARE???? i say i want twins jare :)

*n hapi nwyr dearie, hope u ll update more dis yr

Anonymous said...

HAPPY NEW YEAY!!![but seriously, na now u come dey wish us after you don chop ALL the yam finish?:)]....

Amen to ALL your prayers [ but d prayers get as dem be sha :)].

Anonymous said...

A pleasant new year to you.

Blessing said...

Happy New Year and AMEN to all your prayers!

LMBO at you chopping-till-you-dropped!!! *THUMBS UP*

Uzezi said...

happy new year babe

LG said...

haba! wats wrng wit my greeting?? abi nwyr don finish??? n theres notin wrong wit ma prayers o, it depends on how u look as it :)

aah my man wit little words :)
happy newyr, hope u kno say na me n u go monitor d upcomming elections :)

LOL@chooping till you dropped, my sistah how i for do, na me want twins naa :)
*hapi newyr

same to u hon, howz Oga??

SHE said...

If you chop that yam too much, na 8 you go born. I don warn you.

how now?

LG said...

buhahahahahahahaha sweeri 8 is just a number jare, *stammers* norrin dey hapin :)

*happy newyr