Monday, July 14, 2008

Come n join me...

Baba God don do am again o,
Today is my Baff-day/Bed-day/Buy-day/Birthday
somebody PRAISE THE LORD!!!
dis year i'm xpecting 300 bloggers, 100 VIP and 500 gatecrashers **grins**
d parry kicks off in a few hrs;

Mean wili, Prisco, Aphrodite, n Qmoney, pls ensure dat all d guests are already seated by then.
Ehen!! B4 i forget, i want Mz.dee, Standtall, Duchess, Tairebabs, n Dee to be seated close to Yar'adua (y una dey laf??)

Smaragd pls make sure dat d caterers are already at d venue, (i no wan hear say some pple nor chop o) Aloted, Mommy, Writefreak can assist u wit dat. (ehen, if soft/hard drinks finish, i stil get zobo/peeto for fridge)

Chariziard will take care of entertainment, i hope Dbanj, Psquare, Tubaba, 9ice n others fulfil their promise to come, ehen abeg, if Omo ibadan must perform, he shld not sing 'Gbamileti', i dont want dat kind song on my birthday, Olamild can assist u, but i no want obesere o.

Fantasy queen, Ibiluv ll take care of bloggers 4rm Abj/PH so, FFF, Ejura, Nikisab, Onome, Adoolicious, Ice queen, Naija idol and others look out for them.

I'm counting on Fresh n fab and 134Elitz magazine for the media coverage.

All bloggers outside 9ja, should be seated at d pink hall, u guys are special! Naijalines(i want c tom-tom o), Mummy TK, I hope u r coming wit TK,TE, and Bomboy ???

Sasuke, ll be manning d entrance gate. Bros, anybody wey no bring present, no allow am enter o, (no be charity organisation be dis)
wat else …… *scratches head*
Yess, Ajike shld be seated in d VIP section wit Obama, he has to convince her not to quit blogville. i also want to be notified as soon as Shalewa n Sabira comes in, they have lots of questions to answer.

I fink dats all for now, i dey come, make i go baff. Norrin dey happen



Free-flowing Florida said...


Free-flowing Florida said...

congratulations, love! i likey ur guest list! but if u expect me 2 b there, forward me plane ticket. & na business class i dey fly o!!!!!!

I shall b coming with Mr. & Mrs Clinton, so make adequate lodging & security preparation. Pls, we required the Penth-House (dem get am?) @ Sheraton Lagos! & oh, red-carpet reception. What else am i missing? Dunno, but will think of it

& yes, free up d parking space. am getting u d latest Mercedes as gift!!! It's flaming red n colour, with a red bow. In case u see it driving by, pls stop d driver! i asked him 2 get it deliever @ 12am today, but i think his english is a bit flawed.

happy birthday, dear & many happy returns!!!

meanwhile, how old r u?

Dee! said...

Even though I have wished you a happy bafday before, I'll do it again! Happy Birthday Girl!

I was at the venue but the party never start... Why na? LOL. Meanwhile the cake looks sweet! Who bake am for you!

Natures Gentle Touch said...

Happy Birth Day LadyGuide.

Send your address to and I will send you our herbalblend relaxer as your birthday gift. We only have regular now so let me know if that will work for you and if not I will send you our herbalblend cholesterol conditioner. Brings your hair back to life in an instant. Have a great day!

aloted said...

Happy birthday lady..wishing u many more of God's blessings and favor from above.

And don't worry we go organise the caterers well well. Everyone go chop belefu! we go even organise for people to take away left overs....

ablackjamesbond said...

Happy birthday dear. Many happy returns!

Writefreak said...

Happy birthday sweet lady, wishing
you a year of God's blessings and
fulfillment of dreams.

Meanwhile, se na to organise caterers? I full ground...ask

Afrobabe said...

Happy birthday darling....

lmao @ all our duties..please let me sit where the able men are sitted...

LG said...

FFF: hehehehehe, so u dey come wit bill n hilary, no wahala i don tell dos in charge to go clear road n thanx for u gift,i ll retaliate. lollll

DEE:thanx swerry, i tot river trinity ll delay ur coming. haba u say parry neva start?????? chei where all dis pple *picks up phone*

NATURES GENTLE TOUCH: awww i'm touched, thanks so muchhhhhhh
i ll get back to u, afta d parry parry, lolll

ALOTED: ese dearie, i kno i can count on u, lolllll

ejura said...

No! I don't want to look out for anybody! I can look out for the cake tho...wink.
Happy buffday babes. Mwah!

Duchess said...

ehnehn...make i siddon beside siddon i siddon since tht cake no reach my end ooo...they said they are busy serving Obama...n The clintons wey FFF bring.....and they say if they never eat satisfy them no fit see Yaradua....WTF!!!...why u no put me beside Obama

YIPPEEE BUFFDAY!.....once again.

LG said...

007: AMI O, egbon ese gan,
howz d family?

WRITE FREAK:Thanx swerry, ehen i don dey look for person wey go pound yam for some guests, how e go be *winks*
norrin do u jare

AFRONAUGHTY: o gal, take ur time, nor be for my bedday, u go come dey 'do' dat kind thing o, common go assist PRISCO sharp sharp, if i catch u with dbanj/9ice eh!!? lolll

EJURA: thanx luv, u nor get problem, cake boku brekete, lolll

DUCHESS: babe u dont mean it, u neva shop since u dey there, even peeto nor reach ur end???*scratches head* abeg nor vex, make i liase with Aloted n Smaragd. oya smile na!!?

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

girl u are just amazing

hope u are having a blast

i go cover the whole thing abeg, no problem there

lots of love my dear



Standtall said...

Hmmmmmmmm Omo olojo Ibi!!! My Star mate (lol). Happy birthday to you. I called the no used to call me yesterday to no avail. Then I sent a text msg. Hope u got it.

I rejoice with you and thank God for ur wonderful life.

This guest list na ebano!!! If I sit next to Yar'adua, he go answer questions o. The perfect buddy for Ajike to sit with is Obama cos Yar'adua might not know anything abt blogging (lol).

Now b4 I go prepare for the parry lemme sing for u...."Happy baiday to you... happy baiday milady, happy baiday to u.... we wish u many ahppy returns, long life and prosperity. Hip hip hip HURRAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY"

My throat don dey pain me but it worth it. Muah Muah.

Hubby and our 3 feline kids are wishing u the very best!!! ***wink***

LG said...

FRESH N FAB: thanks luv, hope say dem go show am for MTV base, as per SWEET16 runs, lollll.

STANDTALL: Swerry oya hold my waist lets dance...*every every bodi, vamoose to d dance floor, come shake ur body,no b wetin u ask for, Fuji fuji musiq...* lolll
norrin do u but abeg, i nor fit answer SSagent questions, make i change ur seat, oya come...siddon near KSA, hope say u gbadu am!

BTW my rgards to hubby, as per mol/sco/gar...... askor to dem lolllll

Jarrai said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear lg, Happy birthday to you...

I pray your blessings multiply by the power infinity. Have a wonderful day. Lots of kisses MUAHHH XXXX

mizchif said...

E be like say dis ur parry go rock!
Abeg helep me tell D'banj say i dey greet o!

Buttercup said...

*sings in a fab voice, (beyonce aint got nada on me)*
happy birthday to u,
happy birthday to u,
happy birthday dear lgeeeeeeeeeeeee,
happy birthday to u!!!!!!!!!!

wishin u all God's blessings, may u get errthin ur crazy heart desires, amen!

have a wonderful day sweerie! mwah!

Olamild said...

cheiiiiiiiii see
all these FFO's
them don finish the pounded yam
and them no fit reserve jollof rice for me... yeye pple.


Happy baiday to u o
Happy happy birthday
that is all I want to say
I wish u many many happy returns
today na your day do shakara
If devil fumble,e go fall yakata.

Olamild said...

U this free flowing florida
abeg come move the vokswagen wey u park 4 here
Lemme park my hummer o.

Olamild said...

Na obesere u want abi ...

Omoge yodi e ara fe san
yodi e ojo fero

**singing fuji**

Ladyguide peperempe ye o

Anonymous said...

lol..Happy birthday sweerie!

Debbie said...

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to to you, happy birthday to ladyguide. Happy birthday to you. Enjoy your day

LG said...

JARRAI: AMENooooooooo lolllll
thanx luv, hope u ve been served??

MIZCHIF: b4 nko d parry gats to rock, n dbanj dey hail u too,
he say make i give am ur 4one no.
(but nor let afro hear o)lolllll

BUTTERCUP:lollll@ my crazy heart desires, BabaGod don hear u.
but wait o, sooooo u sabi sing like dis, naim u nor contest for blogville idol??

OLAMID:hehehe pupupupu moomooomoo
babes which laff pattern u want again, lolllll
so na vokswagen FFF carry come??? who allow her to park am???
BTW i dey gbadu dis obesere jamz o, oya komole', lollllll

MINKY: thanx dearie, but
why r u leaving so soon?? *frowns* hope they gave u souvenirs sha????

LG said...

DEBBIE: awww dear but i really wanted u to nack one 'ogbonge' prayer for me, lollll
thanks all d same

Jinta said...

happy birthday. i did come with a pressie however sasuke would not let me in as you did not put my name on the list.

hope you had fun anyway

Smaragd said...

awwwwwwww, Gluckliches Geburtstag Liebling (happy birthday darling in german)

dont worry, the caterers are already here wiv loads of dishes from all over the world.

May this be the beginning of many wonderful things in ur life LG,including a fantastic new hairdresser who doesnt leave semen traces in ur scalp!lol


lol! happy bday babe! may God bless you with many more years so that we can continue to chop bellefull at your parties, oh!!!!

TE, TK and Bomboy send their love but are asking for the jollof rice?


Charizard said...


u were supposed to come to Standtall's crib yday!!!!!!!

u blo'y cat hater!!!!!!!!!!!!

aaaanyways hapi baiday!!!

OluwaDee said...

3 hearty cheers 2 LG!

Hip Hip Hip - Hurray (3x)

Happy birthday deariee.This will be your year of added increase.

Love d way u wrote this post.

rayo said...

hapi bday dear LG. where da party @ oh, i'm already gatn dresd

Naija Idol said...

Chai! *singingin*. This one na party ooo oya, this one na gbedu oh oya, cme make u soji ooo.shere oooo ooo ijoya shere oooo, party e don start

Happy Birthday!

Afrobabe said...

Lol...Let me go and help them in the kitchen...ahhh is that Aloofa? I dey come.....wink*

BlogVille Idol said...

Hello ,its me once again remindng you that the blogville idol contestants 08 have sung their OLDIES jams!!!this session in on FIRE!!..Pls go over to the page listen to the contestants and then VOTE!!!dont forget to drop us a kind comment!tanx

archiwiz said...

ahhh, dem don sing my song... Sha sha happy birthday girl, and plenty congratulobia to you. Abeg make dem create seat next to me for my date, David Beckham joo. As stars we need space.

isha said...

Happy birthday LG! God bless you and give you many more years. Amen!

AJIKE said...

Happy Birthday i said am not quiting on ure guys,i know am late..been so busy et are u very old...buhahahaha!

Hope u enjoy and know that God has not finished with you yet...

have fun my darling!


Nogo said...

It seems I'm a little late :( Happy Birthday anyway - Hope you had a great day xoxo

simplegal said...

Happy Birthday LG! Hope you had a wonderful day...I pray the years to come will be filled with blessings, and overwhelming success!

Lotsa luv and BIG birthday hugs,

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Babes you didnt invite me ke?!
Infact i am seriosly pained!
Have a fabulous birthday babes:-)

LG said...

LG streches and yawns.....after a fun filled owambe nite.

JINTA:aww jinta, abeg nor vex, infact i don dey drill Sasuke sinve yestaday, he said he didnt recognise u, say u wear shade, abeg nor vex, so wen am i xpecting the pressie, abeg na, shey na plasma?? lol

SMARAGD: O gal , sure nor be curse , u dey curse me so, i neva c any interpreta o,lolll
AMEN to ur prayers o, i reject semen in my hair, lollllll

MUMMY TK: thanxs dearie, my rgards to d kids too, 1 bag of jollof rice coming up,lollllll

CHARRY: o boi, how e dey do u??
na my fault say i dey FEAR cat.
n who tell u say i nor come, i came i just missed u by d WHISKERS lollllll

OLUWADEE: AMEN dearie, n thanx. happy dat u liked d post

LG said...

RAYO: lollll fine gal,e be like say u miss d venue o, nor be dat place wey i tell u b4, i went 4 a bigger place dat can accomodate all bloggers. not to worry tho, i ll send sumn over. oya smile na!

NAIJA IDOL: lollll o baby, u sabi dance o, c ya waist as e dey shake, lolllllll norrin do u jooor

AFRONAUGHTY: lollllll 4 where u c aloofa, make him babe catch u, i hear say she get black belt for karate o, lollllll

ARCHIWIZ:lolll correct babe, u and beckham fit each oda sef, tell him to divorce victoria.

ISHA: AMENooooooooo thanx swerry.

LG said...

AJIKE MI: go obama! go obama! lollll
glad u arent quiting, but babe, i actually wanted u to be 1st on dis post o, but no wahala sha, N ofcos i had fun wit u guys na, lol

NOGO:awww babe, u missed big time, u missed yar adua, obama, clinton, beckham, n erm... erm... lolllll

SIMPLE GAL: AMEN n thanx swerry, but why did u come late too, e be like say cake don finish o.

NDQ:haba babes!!!, u were supposed to be seated in d pink hall wit oda bloggers, but i tot i saw u o, werent u d chic dat wore dat sexky gown????? sure say nor be u dey wriggle dat waist to makossa, lolll
norrin do u.

naijalines said...

"If Omo ibadan must perform, he shld not sing 'Gbamileti'..."

LMAO, you are hilarious! How I miss dis now? Happy birthday hun. Tom-tom says happy birthday auntie, the cake looks yummy... hmmm.

ibiluv said...

HAPPY BUFFDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
wny u no talk before now???

how u dey???

hope u had a fab day?
wish u all the joy your heart can hold......

how you know say i like food????whey u put me for arrangee place...i likey jare....

nurring do u....MWAH!!!!!

LG said...

9JALINES: babes u missed big time, u need to c all d movers n shakers dat graced d occasion, make sure u get a copy of 'city people' for d pics,
BTW so u want omo-ibadan to sing dat song, na u 4 interprete for clinton n obama, lolllll
mwahhhh to my sweet tom-tom, norrin do her.

hehehehehehehe bad gal, i kno say if i lef u n afro wit all dos fine GQ guys wey boku for d parry, sumn go happen, lollllll

QMoney said...

happy birthday dear,all those guests too dey rowdy!they dint allow me hug u daat day,
oya,open ur arms..............ehen!
happy birthday,i wish u all d very best now and for all times.catcchya.....

yankeenaijachick said...

Happy Birthday ooo. I feel ashamed that I missed out. On the real, did you have a fun birthday. When was this? I really have to be coming here more o.

Buttercup said...

amen o....ah, i been in the spotlight too long, gats to give others a chance, abi na??

hope u enjoyed ur day, luv?

Standtall said...

Hmmmmmmmm I am still dancing o

Parakeet said...

Sorry I missed ur bday...Happy belated bday. I can see ur day went well anyways. I shall be coming to ur party!

LG said...

QMONEY: hehehehehe no blame dem jare,
wen dem c plenty celebrities, lollll
Thanx for the Prayers and d Hug o.

YANKEE9JACHICK: loll u really miss o, i ll send ur souvenirs sooooooooon.

BUTTERCUP: i did luv, thanxs to u guys.

STANDTALL: hehehehe swerry shey na fuji or makossa???? lol
norrin do u joor, carry go

PARAKEET: O gal, nor go lost o(lol)
parry don finish but i stil get rice n shicken for house, soooooo wen r u coming????

ejura said...

Now look waht you've done! I think I ate too much imaginary cake and now my tummy hurts because it didn't get to really eat any cake!Forward my add to Nature's gentle touch!

ynot! said...

Hapi Baidae, LG.
L 4 Long Life
G 4 God's blessns/protection...and Good thangz (ofcourse!)
Can I get an Amen, ppl?
Now, abt dat cake right! deLICKshors.

LG said...

EJURA:hehehehehhehe babes abeg nor put me 4 wahala o.
so u want relaxer too, i neva even send for my own, but i ll send dem ur addy, on d condition dat 'seyi' ll be d one to retouch ur hair, how e go be????lolllll

YNOT: AMEN.........
correct bobo,u soji nor be small,
thank you.

darkelcee said...


how come i missed this parri?

happy buffday dearie

Uzezi said...

sweetheart, so so sorry i am coming so late to wish u a happy birthday. Hope u had fun. so we are both july babies? me love that. mine was on the 5th.
many more years to you chick

LG said...

DARKELCEEEE: Thanks babes, u missed d parry but cake stil remain o, make i go email some to u now *grins*

UZEZI: yaaaaaay *does swor dance*
thanks swerry, so u r also a JULY BABE, happy belated biirthday to u too, hope u re doing great.
But babes, nor be like dis we plan am o, we miss u, u don update..?????

Allied said...

ahh, you di dnot invite me.. mo ti binu gann.. i have to return this gift i bought for you..

Happy birthday oh. Ase yi samodun o

Wa pe 50, 100, ati 120

NikkiSab said...

Happy Birthday Luv!!!!! I nefa late for d parry. play me gonga aso and wen i enta start play Party rider. Wish u d best and God's blessin now and ALWAYS!!!!! but lg, i de lag wit u, i know b yar adua pikin..hehehe

LG said...

ALLIED:yeaaaa mogbe, alliedscosco, alliedcorect babe, jo' na, pls bring back d gift,i luv free gifts o; ok,! ok! i ll do anoda baiday parry bcos of u, lolllll
*Ase to ur prayers, Thanks luv.
how ur side???

NIKKISAB: hehehehehehe naim be say we be Fashola Shid'ren na, Eko o ni baje o. (lol)
ehen u say u wan hear musiz abi, norrin do u, gonga aso n party rider coming up now back2back,
If u r ready , lets go now....
tin-tin-ri tin-ri tin-tin, ti-ri-ri, tin tin ri,ti-rin tin tin gongo aso kutupu ahu anywhere i go....
abeg Nikky lef me hand o, lolllllll

Tairebabs said...

mehn...close to Yar'adua..I be VIP o! lol. Hope you had a good one.

Buttercup said...

lg baybay how u dey? just sayin hiiiiiiiiiiii!

Aphrodite said...

ha ha ha hah a
You never fail to make me laff this babe.

Shame dey catch me as i don late well well my darling no vex for me, na work o...

Anyway i still gat you a designers perfume-LOVE by aphrodite,lol....

You for spray am after that ur bath but no wahala, norrin do you,lol...

kay-shawn said...

It's not too late to wish you a happy birthday is it? Anyway, happy birthday.
You share the same birthday with a friend of mine, who's also based in Nigeria, witty and loves to write. Hmmm..... I'm beginning to suspect. Anyway, happy birthday!

Care to swing by my blog and drop me some of the stupidiest, funniest chat up lines you've heard in recent times? It seems the most used chat-up line in Nigeria is 'Oh baby, you must be very tired. You have been running around my mind all day.' Yaaaawn!

-xXx- L'amour -xXx- said...

stumbled upon you're blog..
have an awsome one..
happy birthday xx

Remi, United Kingdom said...

A bit late, but Happy birthday all the same. I wish you all of God's best and more in this your new year and in this new season.. increase all the way. Much love

LG said...

TAIREBABS: b4 nko, lolllll

BUTTERCUP: swerry i dey jare, thanx
how ur side??

APHRODITE: how shame nor go catch u? O let u see road, lolll
BTW i still dey wait for d perf o

LG said...

KAYSHAWN: thanx jare, but where my gift?? lolll
OK, i dey come ur end now, werrin u cook, *winks*

L'AMOUR: thanx luv, i did.want some cake??
BTW ur profile name reminds me of a perf i used to have in school dos days, i m sure its l'amour.
thanx 4 stoping by.

REMI UNITED: Amio!!thanxluv.
really appreciate it.
hope u r doing gr8

Lady A said...

Oh gosh, I'm arriving late to your birthday....but I'm here with all the others just to celebrate it with YOU!!!!!! Ok, ok, wait, where is the lighter, the ecake is huge....ok yall....let's sing!!!