Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Hairdresser 2 (THE REVELATION)

Hehehehehehe see dem, see how dem dey rush to come know how seyi take break bottle my head, i even sure say some people neva baff sef, pple like ...... erm make i mention names?? una kno una sef jare, *grins* neways back to d 'koko', I went to seyi's salon n we talked, deep talk but sorry to dissapoint u guys, seyi no slap me! neither dis she insult me! so make una swallow una laff; Afro and Mz dee i said stop laffing...

*clears throat* So dat sunday afternoon, i went to seyi's salon to make my hair, fortunately for me i was the only client so i had her to mysef i.e if her 4one doesnt ring; We had chosen a style and seyi was halfway done, when a guy walked in, 'in my head' Oh no! after all my fasting n prayas (i kid) luckily the guy just came to buy airtime, but to go kwanu! 4 where??, he just dey there dey play wit d 4one, (dis guy runs don enta voicemail, lia lia seyi is not going anywhere) as i dey plan how i go 'spoil him runs, bobo begin make calls (still inside), at a point, i noticed seyi stopped weaving, i ask her wats was wrong, she said nothing then continued but as soon as d bobo finished his call, thanked seyi n left, she just leave my hair, begin to clap hand (dat kind 'dis life nawa' kind of clap) and she told me dat .....

the bobo dat just left was on the 4one with his married lover in bayelsa, i asked her how how she knew and she said she understood the guy's dialect n dat the bobo was asking the babe about his son. from his conversation (according to seyi ), it seems the babe (newly wedded) put to bed last month or so and her bouncing baby boy is a dead ringer of bobo, now bobo wants to know if its 'safe' for him to come and visit.

at dis point i just dey look seyi like dopemu, which kind deception be dis??? Bobo knew Babe was married yet he went ahead to do it with her (who know how many times sef) resulting in Bobo junior, now he's afraid to go n visit (as a well-wisher) for the fear dat Hubby might notice d resemblance; But 4 how long?? While seyi was blaming the bobo, i was blaming the babe (why she open 4 am??) even sef which kind woman go do sumthing like dis ???? *sigh* my pipo if care is not taken, i go traful to bayelsa o

BTW: Guys, guess the no.1 song in my neighbourhood ....

When the going is smooth and good, many many people.....

Who remembers it??? Rocked it??? n still has it???


NaijaBabe said...

People sha...mehn I tire o!
The guy wants to get beheaded is he steps one foot in bayelsa

doll said...

2nd..let me go and read

doll said...

iv gotten to the point were nothing surprises me anymore

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I blame the woman jare. but na wa for pple o. That guy better not step into Bayelsa

LG said...

9JABABE: nor mind am, but we 'babes' sef, wat was she thinking?

DOLL: my sistah, afraid dey catch me sef o *sigh*
BTW how r u coping with 3rdmainland closure???

IWA: u say u blame her?? i say she deserve 20 strokes of hausa bulala.

Duchess said...

ahnahn..ogaoooo...gist n aproko plenty for this your salon o....shey you sure say na salon sha...cos the place too souund like entertainment center...cos every time you go do ya hair, na so so iriri-aye you dey bring come back...

that woman no get shame o... well am not surprised....worse things happen this days.

Lg, i dey vex for you...y you no tell me sey you don update, if to say my spirit no tell me sey you don update now i for no be number 3rd, abi na number 4th...warn ya sef o

LG said...

DUCHESS: swerri nor vex, but dis ya 'spirit' strong o *grins*
how ur side? mumsynko?

Sherri said...

some women sha!
that's very shamefull!
poor child caught in the mess.

LG said...

SHERRI: such an innocent child, i wonder wat ll happen to him, if hubby 'eventually' finds out

Aphrodite said...

babes, i rushed down as fast as my two legs could carry me still yet na only 10th i carry(altho na u carry ur comment scatter evrywhere,lol..),lol...

Wonders shall never end o...

See guts! Im wan travel go see im pikin for another man house. Nonsekible!!!

OluwaDee said...

lol! Abeg travel to Bayelsa n bring gist come jor.

Howz things?

LG said...

ARPHRODITE:nwanne na real Nonsekible!
shior!! but e be like say u no blame d babe o , WHY???

OLUWADEE: iyawo, i for go but.... but.....
mo wa pa, thanx

QMoney said...

blogs and fb has cashed my internet at work oh.it is so hectic in a cafe.Gosh!
dis no be d gist i dey expect joooooo.
u don yan d babe abt her own yawah????i stormed thru 3rd mainland traffic 4 dis gist ooh!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey how are you ...I decided to come back to blog. Thanks for all your comments.

archiwiz said...

Das ryt
Das very ryt
And when the going's good
you will have many frens,
dey will say dey lov you, they will say dey need you
and so on and so forth
but wen de going's bad, mos of dem will disapia, and will never come back
wen dey come back dey have come back in helping to bring you down down down down down down down down down

*Archiwiz is singing away


LG said...

QMONEY: awww dearie pele o,
but so, u sef wan kno weda seyi break my head or not, lolll
newayz wait for MY HAIRDRESSER 3
hope d traffic wasnt too stressful sha

KINSHAR: yay yay yay lollll
welcome back luv.

ARCHIWIZ: appplause!! applause!!
o girl i owe u better lunch
(ewa agoinyin/dodo) *winks*
my fav part of d song is d down down down part, lolllllll
how u?

Mz. Dee said...

lmao....this thing no dey surprise me o! but come o... u no still give us the HAIRDRESSER koko. wetin u yarn her??

mizchif said...

Na wa o, e be like say as soon as i sign out everybody go just rush go update. Now i'm here after 18 comments, i jus taya.

lg, if u like carry ur aproko leg go bayelsa, na u plus d bobo dem go carry cutlass for.

Sting said...

That is crazy. I bet they were together b4 she got married. This world is a small place, someone is bound to tell the husband.

James Tubman said...

yo win some you lose some

Chari said...


aHNAhn!!! No, no, no that is just major world class fuckery....

simeoneomobaba said...

e dey happpen...i'm not old o, but it will take something of nuclear proportions to get me surprised/...

Naija Idol said...

*hiss* some pple just too dey stupid.it'll definitely haunt them l8r.Hope ur hair looks gud??

Free-flowing Florida said...

abeg o, make una no over-blame d babe wey do lagos-assisted birth program. who knows maybe she's her husband's 8th wife & d man don old sotey he no fit lift him thing again. we dey call am 'enyeremaka-ngwa'. but dat bobo should just sidon him yansh 4 lagos. wetin e dey go bayelsa go find? trouble? e don do him part, make e leave d gal make she enjoy 'marital bliss' with her husband & baby boy.

LG, u go try give us elaborated gist abt how u tell Seyi say make she close leg small. wetin u tell am? wetin him ma talk? i bi amebo, i know.

LG said...

MZ.DEE: Babes i don talk am b4, watch out for MY HAIRDRESSER 3
how ur side?

MIZCHIF:lolll @ my aproko leg
thanx 4 ur concern but i go...must..
*wide grin*

STING: its a small world indeed!
i just pity d 'innocent child'

JAMES TUBMAN: i disagree, in this case, no bodi wins

LG said...

CHARI: ezigbote oni gbese, lollllll

OMOBABA: *mouth agape* nuclear ke??
abegi dis one pass nuclear for me o
How u??

9JAIDOL: i.e if guilty conscience doesnt kill d mother first.
BTW my hair look fabu-fine , thanx luv

FFF: chai!!!! if nor be say u be my sista i for change am 4 u o, werrin u mean , maka why shldnt we blame d gal, even if her husband be 'february' doesnt justifies wat she did! simple.(think of d child)

Dee! said...

The two both of them (ie bobo and married lover) are foolishly useless! Haba na so the thing dey worry them? The innocent child na hin I just dey pity! Imagine. . . how long will the deceipt last. Oga will train up a child believing he is the biological father and one day one useless thing will come and say "your son is my son". Oshi o da ni le pako!

LG said...

DEE: dearie, i say over-foolish worry dem two jare, and na all thing kind nonsense dey make some men dey 'lace' their wife with 'magun'

howz d fam?

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

ok make i go start from yonder

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

what a mess, some people just like to fool themselves,poor child got caught in the middle of the whole gbese

the guy is a complete moogu

ibiluv said...

i try.......

i go follow u go bayelsa

God save u say na call only....u for carry half hair go home.......lol

darkelcee said...

u hear all sorts in the salon

u catch the the latest gossip there. authentic sometimes ...lolll

howdy do gurl?

LG said...

F&B: nor mind d 'bolo', if him head 'correct' make him traful go bayelsa,
na him headless bodi go b cover for 'the sun newspaper' hiss
*Bavbes, how far na? shey o wa pa

IBILUV: yeye gurl lolll no wahala, as far as na u go dey 'front' *grins*
how ya side???

DARKELCEE: baffday gurl, how far? has d parri started yet? *grins*
yesso salon/tailoring shop r where u get undiluted n sometime unauthentic gist, i luv d gist sha!
BTW make sure u 'snap' beta pics o

aloted said...

lol...this na home video

abeg was this the deep talk u and Seyi had...if not pls spill! hehehe

Standtall said...

I thought u were going to tell us abt your discussion with Seyi gan-gan or u no tell her about her act again?.......hiss........

Both of u just do "aproko". How d guy go they talk that kain talk in public places?

It's not surprising any more that things like this continues to happen. We need to revisit our value system.

FYI: there are so many cats bloggers that I have discovered o. U want their links? (lmao)

LG said...

ALOTED: Iyawo o like gist baje' lol
for the 'deep talk' gist, watch out for MY HAIRDRESSER 3 , thank u

STANDTALL: dearie, na so d thing baffle me o, n why in a salon of all places???? neways OYO to am.
BTW i need dos cat web links quickly, i just struck a deal with some ilaje -men and they r going to pay me in 'hard currency' if i can find dem cats like m/s/g
i 'm thinking of bringing dem to ur house lata 2day, r u game???
*bats lashes*

Standtall said...

You ehn. If I catch u. U can bring them to my house only if they will adopt some of my kittens.


LG said...

STANDTALL:loll i neva hear say ilaje men dey adopt cat b4 o, i only know say na 4 their POT every cat wey dem see dey end. still game??
*wide grin*

Standtall said...

KAI. I didnt see this coming........ I will catch you one day

Afrobabe said...

Hmmmmmm, me I no sabi the song oh..
As for that bobo..same thing happened in my estate oh…the woman’s husband lived in yankee and she had a married lover that came to see her, we all thought he was her uncle until uncle’s wife came with jeep yelling for husband and ashaewo to come out….dramma…hehehhee, I hang for upstairs window as my parents had chased us from the living room….then the babies came and all look like uncle…the day my dad, mum and I went to see baby uncle was around…my mum kept looking at baby and uncle till my dad said we had to leave urgently….hahahahahha…I swear I was also embarrassed at mumcy…

LG said...

STANDTALL: *wriggles bumbum*
catch me if u can... lollllllllllllll

AFRO: Haba afro! how u kno go kno dat song...

(LG singing)
'When the going is smooth and good
Many mamy people ll be ur friend..
But wen the going becomes tough
Many many of dem will runa way'
(Inserts Archiwiz verse) lolllll

no blame her o, wen she see werrin pass her eye, *grins*

yankeenaijababe said...

Big palava be that o. Na wa o.

@IG...sent ya the link to change ya background. Very easy to change.


Go to the website listed above
You see Free Backgrounds
All you need to do is choose the one you like out of 238 different kinds
Go to layout on you blog
Edit html
Copy and paste
Very easy

Jaycee said...

LOLLLLLLLLLLL.....I just started cracking up when u said "Junior Bobo".

Yeah, I've heard stories like this one....na wa!

LG said...

YANKEE9JABABE: no mind dem, shior!!
babes thanx for the link jare

JAYCEE: *grins* but na 'junior bobo'
na!! lolllll
how ur side baffday gurl?

naijalines said...

Where is my comment o. This your blog dey play wayo true true o. I left two comments this morning and nothing!

Anyway sha, I hope the woman gets the courage to come clean before events spiral out of control cos the truth has a habit of coming out in the end.

I also pray the child does not suffer in any way now or in the future as a result of the events that took place before he was born.

Ms.O said...

AHH THERE IS NOTHING LIKE GIST YOU HEAR AT THE SALOON!!!...lmao..poor woman and baby!!!

isha said...

I was waiting for gist about how 'the talk' went with Seyi. Abi isn't that what you were supposed to do? lol. Na wa o, I thought those things were only in movies sha.

FineBoy Agbero said...

meeeen! na true o. dis bloggers no dey sleep o! whn i go carry 1st, ehn?

but wait o, u 4 hear d bobo's side of d story too o. who knows d kain levels him and d chic dey b4 she marry? who knows wetin she marry 4? love or money?

Doja said...

Sh%&*#t happens.

DB said...

*arms folded across chest*
Mmm-m, things dey happen sha.

LG said...

9JALINES: babes sorri, blogger don 'chop' ur comment hehehehehe. but
seriously na 'junior' i dey concerned abt o, i nor pity 4 d babe at all, wen she dey 'do' nko?

MRS O: babes no make make change am 4 u sef o, wat do u mean by poor woman ehn? which woman?????

ISHA: all these 'aproko' pple nor go let me rest?? *sighs*
seyi this!! seyi that!! e be like say i go give una seyi address o
*wide grin*

LG said...

FINEBOYAGBERO: i promise to give u 'expo' on my next post , so u can be 1stt only if u promise to leave 'sikira baby'. How e go be?
*bats lashes*

DOJA: dearie dis one pass 'igbe' o
howz d fam?

DB: o gal, u can say dat again.
how ur side?? any...???

rayo said...

na today? lg which kain iya basira food u cook wey people don post 51 since tuesday, ki lo de

badderchic said...


bad bad people plenty for this world o!

E be like sey this na why Timaya sing dia mama? lol

first time here...methinks.

princesa said...

lol@looking seyi like dopemu.
This babe, you just know how to do serious amebo sha, not that I don’t like o,lol! I like all dem ur gist wellu wellu.
But hmmm, dis matter strong o. Wetin go push woman reach that level ke? God save man pikin!

LG said...

RAYO: iya basira ke? babes abeg na only 'ajinomoto' i dey use cook n na 'kekere' i dey use sef, lolllllll
hope u r berra now.

BADDERCHIC: lol @dem mama.
but i sure say dis one go pass timaya sef, lollll
welcome, now wat do i offer u???
*wide grin*

PRISCO: lollll naim be say we both be 'aproko' na.
na only God go save us o, my sistah
BTW na dat 'thing' push d babe to do am, yes na! dat 'thing' *grins*

how u???

Debbie said...

What more can I hard, the 57 comments says it all

FineBoy Agbero said...

abeg give me dat expo jo!
I swear Sikira will be fine!

LG said...

DEBBIE: hehehe but wat abt dat song??
oya, come n sing it for me o, lol
hope u r doing well dear.

FINEBOIAGBERO: aaaah bros, i dey fear my 'head' o, sure say sikira no go vex?????
.ok xpo coming up rite abt ....

Afronuts said...


How could they? Eeyyaa..the poor husband go dey tink say im marry beta wife.

But make i shut up sha. We no know wetin the husban do or how e be sef

anonymous gal said...

saloons. if u want to know wats happenin just ask ur saloonist. the love gist...

LG said...

AFRONUTS: e nor marrer weda d husband be february or not, wat God has put 2geda......
*How ur side??

ANONYMOUSGAL: yesso dat one of the reasons i luv my 'seyi' *wide grin*
*swerri hope u r doing ok

Writefreak said...

You should go to Bayelsa and i will go with you!

LG said...

WRITEFREAK: switheart i trust u jare
so wen r u go like us to go? by land or air? day or nite? up or down?
norrin do u jare

Writefreak said...

o ya when you go ready make we go? you know say me i dey work fro myself, na my oga for house go give me permission, lol...na you go tell me o...and na by night bus we go go..

Buttercup said...

it takes 2 to tango joo...they were both very much at fault..lol @ ur narration sha!

i dont think i know that song..

Tairebabs said...

I know am late to comment but this gist was sweet o. babe/baby..lol. Things dey happen for this life.

I remember that song o. Had an ant that used to sing it anytime she begged money from her siblings and they said no. It always made me laugh.

Sabira said...

Oh my freaking goodness! See Life sha..poor hubby go dey think say hin don born pikin *smh*