Friday, August 8, 2008

TGIF : Love o' Love

Hi guys, hope u r all doing fabulously well. Like we all know today is an unusual day because 08-08-08 comes once in a ...... (abeg help a sistah out o) *grins*

Also the Beijing Olympic starts today in China, n we are hoping dat our own U23 *The Dream Team* ll do us proud (like in 1996) and bring home the Cup, i also hope the god of Samson Siasia is reading this, if not i ll personally sack him b4 NFA sorry NFF does *winks*

Dat aside, on dis unusual (wet) day, i woke up to the blast of 'wat wont u do 4 love by tupac' from my bro's room, 'in my head', LOVE ke? dis kind early mor-mor, see how tupac just dey rake , lollll

But dis love matter done show me pepper o, i remember doing lots of nansense all in the name of love, one time like dat, i sent my one of my friend to PH to beg my bobo, (nor be say him catch me o, tufiakwa!!) i just felt he wasnt paying me much attention unlike b4 (sucks right? i kno) na so i gather all my money, send my namesake to PH (thank God sef say na ifesinachi she enter) she see the bobo n d bolo begin to yarn nansense abt me, he said i too love LOVE, now guys when did that become a crime???? to cut the long story short (cos some pple eye wan bulge comot) *grins* I fash'ied him.

Another time like dat, i was going out (not dating) with a guy in school, dis guy invites one babe like dat to his house, d babe spends d nite n in the morning wears his jalabia gallivanting the neighbourhood (na pple tell me o) when i asked confronted him? He told me she didnt come with extra clothes n dat she couldnt go back to the hostel because she was lonely; Mumu3 like me believed him, not knowing dat they were seriously dating n doing it at nite, this went on 4 a while but since i never caught dem at it, i believed i was the only sugar in his tea (b4 una begin to curse me, e don tey o) till he later confessed to me dat the babe was his girlfriend. How i reacted?? Story for another post :):)

Now guys its ur turn, looking back Whats the most mumu-ish thing you ve ever, ever done 4 love? The mumu-est stunt even gets to win a prize, so if u all are ready ....

While u r at it enjoy dis one, also from our sponsors;

A man was complaining to a friend: 'I had it all - money!!, a beautiful house, a big car, the love of a beautiful woman; then Pow!! it was all gone!' 'What happened?' asked the friend 'My wife found out.....'


naijalines said...


LG said...

awww 9JALINES why na???
i so wanted Fineboyagbero to be first, *sighs*
neways dearie, u r 1stttttt,congrats

naijalines said...

That woman in your joke at the end...Yorubas dey call am agbana! (Literally...'take money spend', lol)

Now to the mumuest thing person do for love, e don tey wey I mumu last. So I have to think about this one.

Have a lovely weekend sista.

naijalines said...

Why u want fineboy agbero to be Ist?
I vex o, which kain yawa be that?
That congrats no sound well o. Make u say am again. Lol.

I don vex seriously o.

LG said...

Emi o gba o!! babes u MUST at least tell us one mumu-ish thing wey u don do 4 love;
oya come back o *goes after 9jalines*

Anonymous said...

thats funny..
but wait , if u were jus seeing the guy, it shouldn't hav been a big deal to find he already had a girlfriend ..... :P

LG said...

9JALINES:hehehehehe swerri abeg nor vex *prostrates*, i happy say u come 1stt na (e be like say afro traful)
lollll congratulations once again.
make i stand up??? *grins*

GEISHASONG: babes na 3 for u o, wen 9jababe tell u say, i m just going out with /seeing him, u nor kno d koko?? lollll
neways dat happened THEN...

njoy ur w'end

Ms.O said...


Ms.O said...

Ehem the most MUMU-est thing..chai I shame to talk am...Lets just say at the end of the relationship the Negro owed me like some 3000$...chai...yes I was burned but I call it a lesson learned!!!!

Afronuts said...


Ur entries can be so funny.

Mumu-est thing I ever done? Hmm...that would be singing love songs, writing poem for my crush and staying by her bedside when she was ill when she didnt give a rat's ass about

girl, watch out. You've been picked for a blog review!

LG said...

MRS O: lollll babes u r actually 3rd.
u can dance makossa now *grins*
*pele o babes, but how mannage??? u borrow am or u dash am?? *sigh*
thankGod for God dat has(n ll) neva happened to me.
cheiiiii *bits finger* 3000$

AFRONUTS: bros take ya time o, watz wrong wit.....singing love songs, writing poem for my crush n ...ooopps!! she didnt care??
sowwy she-it happens!!
but dats in d past shebi??? u stil write love letas/poem dont u??
*bats lashes*

doll said...

No 11…yea I dint even notice that today is 080808 kinda reminds me of 060606 and the panic that followed that day because of the whole 666 thingy.
The most mumuish thing iv done???? Well am stil with my first boyfriend…things don’t feel mumuish when you are still with the person rite?

LG said...

DOLL: says who????? dats even when u do the mumu-est-est-est things ever like (1) ........
lolllllll nor be 4 my mouth *grins*
babes njoy jare, norrin do una

BTW how r u coping wit d 3rd mainland thingy??

Writefreak said...

Can you imagine? I was fooling myself, thinking i would be one of the first to chance! Ok i'm
You sef try, you sent someone to PH to beg a guy! Well i would say the most foolish thing i can remember doing in the name of love is to ask a friend who i turned his proposal down to give his campus bedspace to a prospective boyf (who was doing shakara and forming not to need the bedspace), who happens to be my hubby now...well the guy gave him...
Can't think of anything else now..

Dee! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dee! said...

Hmmmm! I agree. The mumuest thing I think most females do when they are in love is to 'fall' yakata like better MUMU for the guys only to discover that they are not worth the trouble!

Have a very lovely weekend!

Mz. Dee said...

Mehn.. there is sumthin lyk lovin too much o!! LG me sef i don complain bout the thing... i lyk a guy to be sweet but make d guy no sweet dey over do am abeg!

Hmm worst experience so far wey i mumu...wen 3 of my girlfriends went to confess undyin love for 3 hotties back in SS2.. i follow dey do commentary work. "Fineboy, Big nyash want u to know she loves u"....meanwhile... me sef i de trip 4 d guy. Sent him a note lata on tellin him i love him and he's my one and only.. d dude passed the note to every1 in his class o!

Made me an effin laughin stock. Needless to say... i don learn my lesson!

LG said...

WRITEFREAK: Mbanu! babes, i want d full gist o, didnt hubby kno abt ur relationship with d guy?? n why was he shakara-ing , lollll
come back o, mo'n du ro de'e

DEE:haba dearie, its normal to fall 'yakata' for guys wen u love dem n BUT only wen they love u too, me i don fall yakata n even yokoto sef lol
BTW u nor tell us ya own o *grins*

MZ DEE: Buahahahahaha o girl u bold o, but d guy no try at all imagine d nansense, lolll
pele dear.

njoy ur w'end

Free-flowing Florida said...

my dear, i don mumu sotey 4 man (minus physically fighting another girl & getting pregnant just 2 tie him down) i no fit remember all of dem. i tell myslf dat am someone who 'never says die', so i keep falling, getting up & dusting myself up & moving on.

it's well sha. shit happens all d time

FineBoy Agbero said...

LG!!! U mess me up o!!!
Why na? Na when i dey road u dey post? Why not 4 nite na?!!!
Now i no go carry 1st, even with my expo!!!

Mumu-est thing wey i don do 4 love?
Men, i no rememba o. Will come back when i do sha...

LG said...

FFF: ahh babes na dos two...
fighting another girl & getting pregnant just 2 tie him down, naim i no go.. no go (n by God's grace) ever do, these ones pass she-it sef.
*grins* nnwanne norrin do u jor.

FINEBOYAGBERO: haba!! bros how i 4 take kno say, u dey 'road dey collect shandy' sorry i mean; work?? no worry i go give u anoda expo as per the next post.
Now, tell us d mumu-est thing wey u don do 4 sikirat n odas,
*wide grin*

Writefreak said...'re a gist monger! of course he knew, that's why he was shakaraing and didn't want the space, how could he accept such a huge favour from his 'rival'...we weren't dating but i knew he was eyeing
you have to bribe me for the rest of the gist!!! (INSERT EVIL LAUGH)

OluwaDee said...

D mumuest thing I've ever done for love:

Shared my password and didn't change it after breaking up. 2 years later, I found out d yeye boy had been reading my emails.
I be mumu b4b4; 4 real.

LG said...

WRITEFREAK: yaay she's back !!!
(rushes to carry joko') *grins*
norrin do 'hubby' jare, him soji' nor be small, now the rest of the gist, so werrin ...... lol

OLUWADEE: e-gbele-o!! dat boi needs serious 'brushing', him no dey fear?Wat did he xpect to read? nansense!! hope u dealt wit him *loud hiss*

cheers dear,
njoy ur w'end

Nice guy said...

hmmm....tough one....maybe after embarking on a 9hr trip, turning around and heading back cause i missed her soo much...come to think about it that was really mumuish...damn

rayo said...

wat is it, lg, ki lo fi rofo? haba, today nd its 25 already, ki lo de now... i'm bak from my interlude of sadness, boyfi nd i r cool but that workshop sha... pele oh, u don be mugu 4 past, ok, small sha. this chic aint ever been noone's fool.

archiwiz said...

Afronuts dat one wey you talk no be mumu oh, na romance...:p

LG...I don do mumu things sotey I just decide not to mumu again...I rushed into a bus and travelled for 8 hours only to find out that the "change" I heard in his voice was true...Anoda one...Travelled home to see him and find out what was going on, only for him to tell me that it was in pastor's hands...and then pesin come see me, come yarn mumsy...and bcos say a no reach house, mumsy bin raise dust taya... A lot of my mumu involve as a done see say I like travel reasch lyk dat, a go dey travel for myself from now on...Who dey cry dey see road!

Naija Idol said...

Infact, i dey vex pass fine boi agbero sef!!! which day i go be first.

ehen as for the mumu-est thing ive done for love.

once I... ehen one question. person nor go don fall in love b4 e go do mumu thing???

isha said...

my mumuest moment:

Actually, it's not only moment, it's a character/lifestyle. I am too trusting, and it has bitten me in the yansh more often than not - One got a new gf; One told other girls I was just a girl who liked him (imagine that, me, Isha - a groupie), lol. I'm sure there are more, but I'd like not to remember. lol.

Buttercup said...

chai lg....oh well, that was in the

um...*scratches head*..i cant remember doin any mumu-ish thing o..

shalewa said...

alloh LG dearie!Come gimme a bear hug.*arms open*.i've missed u so much and blogsville.Well,i haven't really been away like that.Just popping in and out.Can u believe i actually 4got my blog url.Had to link thru a comment i made on some1blog.
Nwayz,the mu-muest thing i've done 4 love.Spending all my savings and jara money on recharge card just to speak with dis guy i had a crush on.Then,MTN just came out and recharge card was N1500.At a point,he adviced me to be wise,invest my money and stop wasting it to call him.To say i was pissed is an understatement.

LG said...

NICE GUY: O boy, dats one of the most romantic stunts i ve ever heard
*loud love sighs* lollll
BTW 'Ajubobo' hope u r reading dis n taking notes o *winks*
nice guy norrin do u , keep it up!!

RAYO:hehehehe but babes begin to thank ur God o say u neva 'fall mugu'4 love, its so ... erm ..erm .. wat am i saying sef, u r still ....
newayz just watch out, there must be stories lata *wide grin*
*njoy ur w'end dear

ARCHIWIZ: chei!! babes so ur mumu-est stunt na to traful up n down, lollll but wait o werrin consign 'pastor' inside, or na pastor help am toast u, all des men sef! *hiss*
lol@pesin wey dey cry dey see road o, b4 nko!!!

9JAIDOL: hehehehe no wahala dear, u don dey my expo list; BUT u wan tell me say 4rm nursert to primary to secondary n to ... u neva fall yakata 4 any bobo????? talk true now OR ELSE *wide grins*

ISHA: I feel u babes, i m also guity of trusting too much, if not how i go believe say bobo n baby (they r not related o) go dey sleep 4 one room everyday n nothin go dey happen? Boo says i m too gullible, but dats jst 'our' nature

BUTTERCUP: yeye!! c'mon scratch dat ya head well-well n tell us jor
*grins* we dey wait o

SHALLY: O gal, dis ur bear hug wan break my bone o, lolllll
so ur mumu-est stunt na to buy 1500
airtime, *u dey nod ya head* c'mon bring ya yansh come, make i flog am *grins*
u fit win prize sef. lolllll

Uzezi said...

33 aint so bad. what occured to me yesterday? i said, y didnt i plan to have a baby today 08-08-08?

mumuish thing for love, i no fit talk.

LG said...

UZEZI: babes, i dey 'frown'.Why didnt u ehn???? at least by now, we for done get the 1st 9ja female blogger for Guiness book of records *grins*
no wahala sha, next year's 09-09-09 still dey, so u and ... erm...(u kno who) beta start planning o, i can volunteer to be godmother sef,

njoy ur w'end

bumight said...

funny enough, someone asked me this question on my blog. I couldn't think of anything but: crying because of a guy. I'll be back when i think of something worse.

mizchif said...

Na wa o lg, if i just say make i sleep, u go run come post abi, well done!

My own mumunesity, i no fot remember all, but one time sha i had dis boyfriend i was dying for bad, bad,so i saved my money o, from my small allowance and bought like 2 t-shirts and sum oda stuff for d guy.

One day i was sitting in a bus and i noticed a guy wearing the same type of shirt i gave dis boy o, and dat day i was on my way to d boys hse. Na im, me and d guy wey wear d shirt stop for d same bstop.
As d guy dey waka for my front, we stop for d same gate. Hmmmmmmm,
lo and behold, na d houseboy be dat.

Talk no even gree me, e be like say i jus go back hse.

Afrobabe said...

my own mumuness still dey pain me oh...funny thing was i was wise in school but met a guy who had asked me out all through uni and afterwards but i refused, met him in london and foolishly dated him....or so i tot...apparaently he was stranded in uk and I foolishly bought his ticket...long story...

If I meet am for road tomorrow he better pray awon boys no dey near because I will empty my account for them to beat shage commot from him nyash oh...

Afrobabe said...

lmao @ Mz dee and mizchif...

mz dee, I can imagine the look on ur face when you realised the letter had gone round...hahahhahaha

Mizchif...houseboy??? classic!!!

na wa like say thrity something na my permanent position for ur blog now...

Reverence said...

thanks for the bday wish.. Lol @ your entire post.
I have done a lot of mumu things sha..the one i can remember right now was when i burnt a CD of love songs for the guy i was was our 1st anniv so i made 12 songs, one for every month. wks later homeboy told me he hadnt listened to the CD cos he did not have time. chei! and its not like i had all these songs on my PC o! i had to search for it and everything..

Standtall said...

You just believe the guy story like that until he told u d babe na him girl. I tired for you LG!!!

Abeg complete the story of "until my wife found out...."

Buttercup said...

LOL..i dey come o..

QMoney said...

wats d difference between dating and going out??cos dat na my own mistake.
na me go foolish pass am sure,a guy was askin me out and i never said "yes" but we went ahead and were close and was doin evrthin people dating do,one day he intro me to someone as his galfriend,he's lucky he never "debe" odawise blood for flow!!

LG said...

BUMIGHT: abegi bumight , think n come back o, i nor believe say na only cry u don cry *winks*

MIZCHIF: OKPABIO!!! so him dash the teeshirt wey u buy 4 am to him houseboi??? chei!!!! but dis ur mumuness reach to win prize o, lolll

AFRO: babes u fall my hand BIGTIME,
haba!!!! i just only hope say na Economy u buy for am o!! *grins*
BTW dis ur 30th-40th position sef dey confuse me, abi u don get counterfeit???? *wide grin*

REVERENCE: awww lovey nwantiti, lol
but thank God say na burn , u burn d CD, if to say u buy am nko???

LG said...

STANDTALL: dearie nor blame me na, abi u no kno how love dey confuse/convince person even u sef, abi shey o fe paro' lollll
*as per d joke;......"until my wife found out...."says it all *winks*
*so how r my Foes, sorry i meantttt my Friends?????
*dodges blow*

BUTTERCUP: OK na!! i don siddon 4 'joko' dey wait u o' so HURRY UP

QMONEY: hehehehehehehe babes abeg , leave me hand, i neva 'chop' dis morning food o, which ones be 'debe', i be small girl o
*wide grin*

Afrobabe said...

be like say my blogger thingy no dey work well oh....

will check it again...haba..

Aphrodite said...

lmao@dat joke. Silly man!
You sned ur friend to go baeg man, pay transport on top too?!!

babes, just give urself that

Okay make i go think come back,lol...

LG said...

AFROBABE: buckle up afro, i say buckle up!! OR ......

APHRODITE:hehehehe yeye gurl, so u mean say my'mumuness' over too much ehn?? make i catch u first *hiss*
u berra come confess ya own now o

Jarrai said...

Ha!!! my own is too shamefull. one guy i was dating "borrowed" money from me because his mother was sick. Meanwhile i'd been to his house a million times and had never seen the "mother"....see my level of mumuness...chai

Well i got suspicious after the second "demand".....and did some unger g investigation

The boys mama was not even in the country!!! Ha!!!! I blocked his number and just disappeared before he cleaned me out!!!

Femi B said...

I think everyone is a mumu for love..then they get married and wake up to reality.
Too much mumu sturvs errrday

LG said...

JARRAI: hehehehehehe babes oya bring ya bombom come here 'koboko' dey wait
but thank God u disappeared wen u did
if not ehn!!! lollllll

FEMI B: lolllll u can say dat again babes, but 'mumu' sef get levels, i for instance can neva, i say neva , ever .....
*wide grin*

Thanks for stopping by, i xpect more visits tho'

Ms.O said...

This girl ur just a clown!!!...See as u just they make everybody yarn pidgin!!!..lmao!!..the posts here r too funny!!

Parakeet said...

Cant remember much now but i guess one will be catching my man cheating and i took time to break all his windscreen only for me to apologise and take him back...real mumu.

blazingdaola said...

hmm the mumuishh thing now lets see.....hmm will get back to you when i am able to pix it together.hey what about the falcons they are at the olympics too-ooohps!sorry were at the olympics too

LG said...

MS.O: hehehehe b4 nko, 'pidgin' na 4 pple wey soji na!! so how many times u don fall 'yakata' for luv??
how ur side?????

PARAKEET: okpabio!!! Afro catch parakeet 4 me, i say hold her, make she no run o, wat nansense!!!!
u break him windscreen finish, lata come accept am, SO WHO REPLACE AM????
*goes out to buy koboko*

BLAZING DAOLA: lolll , we dey wait.
but afraid dey catch me for dis 9ja falcons n brazil match 2day o, dis is d falcon's last chance to redeem demselves if not NFF go 4get dem 4 beijin o *grins*
my only hope now is in d U23,
God dey sha.

simeoneomobaba said...

u know what lg..i think u should give awards for this mumuest thingy..let me nominate parakeet for 1st own mumuest thing...back in uni..told ma dad i needed money for a textbook and used the money to buy one expensive cologne for the girl o...i dont need to tell you shez history now and the break-up was not nice courtsey:my ex

LG said...

SIMEONOMOBABA: b4 nko, i go give her awrad after i flog her nyash finsh
e 'wo!! so u dey collect money for 'imaginative' textbook shebi?????
u sure say u sef nor need koboko???
mbah, mbah!! no beg me o!

simeoneomobaba said...


tobenna said...

I like the way you said you fash-ied him. Like it was that easy.
After sending someone to PHC to beg the guy, you just "fashied" him.
FAT laugh.
Oya, tell us how it really ended....

LG said...

TOBE: Nna ha'pum aka biko!! *grins*
dat was in the past, i say e don tey!
but wat abt u???? nor make me vex o or else i ll go n ask 'iyawo' abt urs
*wide wide grin*

o'lu kwanu??

Anonymous said...

Do you know this is the 4th story that I have read in bloggers ...that sounded like my story. HAHAHAHA... it must be fuck up month

Lets just keep it moving!

fantasy queen said...

080808 was spent in an emergency swell.

Mumuest thing I've done for love would be saying I love you? Or maybe actually crying myself to sleep over a bobo. Does that qualify?

Jaycee said...

I loved the Beijing Opening ceremony...

"...thank God sef say na ifesinachi she enter..."

Ha ha ha.....HI-larious! Thank God o.

The mumu-est thing I've ever done...I'll brb (he he)...

Tairebabs said...

Love too much..well usually people say that when they really don't feel the same about the other least that what I say sha.

Mumish stuff my dear well let me tell you the latest one. Na so one Lagos big boy when dey say he wan marry me since january (not my bobo o)tell me say he go raise me as i dey go school. I wait eh! few days to the time now the guy start to dey tell me how he they wait for transfer from one african country where he get business. everyday he dey wait, he dey bank. I believe am day 1, by day 4 my eye crystal clear. All my friends don laugh die.

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

ok the mumuest thing ive ever done for love

well me im still quite young..only ever been in two serious relationship, i think they are the ones that would have done the mumuish thing for me...

the hting ill say is, let one stupid babes liek this talk to me anyhow for club, i knew her and i liked her, i wouldnt have taken it from anyone else, but i just over looked her

lol, i need my price oh!!! ehen, me i don talk my tori

LG said...

KINSHAR: the 4th story? kai!!!
(bits finger) lol not to worry babes, things can only get better.
wish d best.

FANTASY QUEEN: awww pele dearie, hope u r better now.
BTW take ya time o, wats wrong with telling 'him' u look him OR u been no love am????? *grins*

JAYCEE: yeeesooooo!!! 9ja4life!!!
'dem' gats to bring like 20 gold medals o or else.... *grins*
BTW omoge u cant escape dis one o, come n tell us d mumest thing u ve done for love

TAIREBABS: hehehe lagos big boi ko' lagos smart boi ni, lol
u sure say no be yahoo-yahoo him dey do? *winks*
Hope u r ok, its been awhile...

FRESH&FAB: *loud hiss*
prize ko? koboko ni! u allow one babe like dat yarn u anyhow n u dey here dey ask of prize..!!
c'mon vamooze, lol
no let me catch u o

AlooFar said...

I'm I the only one complaining? Blogger has been messing up lately.

I can't think of one mumu thing... I have loads of craps that I've done (and i still continue to do dem)

Afrobabe said...

I dey stalk now no update oh...if I blink I go turn to no 35!!!

Esmeralda said...

i remember that song in the previous post!
"when u have no money,
then u have no friend,
then u go down, down, down, down down...
many, many people will be ur friend"

Esmeralda said...

i'll think about the mumu thing, cuz i really cant remember it now.

na wa for Mrs.-i-born-bobo-baby-in-bayelsa o!

Kafo said...

i love the closing lines

his wife found out


Aphrodite said...

Babes i just want holla o. I updated.

archiwiz said... gist with wetin consyn pastor go baffle you...Na why I dey talk about gossip in the christian community...Wetin people don talk because of wetin dem wan tink but no see enhh...hmmm...And no be only me ohh...Even my friends sef bin get this pastor in pastor go talk date na sin, you cannot date this person...and so on and so forth...and den d one wey tink say im b man go come say...well pastor talk say dis one dat one...Mumuness too plenty for road joo...I reject am...and call that my FH arrives at God's appointed time for me.

Lady A said...


Jarrai said...

woman update!!!

ibiluv said...

once again..............did i travel?????????

u too love lo??????

sum guys just dont know how to appreciate a good woman..........

Sienne said...


na wetin pesin no go see

rebecca said...

I Remember, I Remember

I remember, I remember

The house where I was born,

the little window where the sun

Came peeping in at morn:

He never came a wink too soon,

Nor brought too long a day,

But now, I often wish the night

Had borne my breath away!


I remember, I remember

The roses, red and white,

The vi'lets, and the lily-cups,

Those flowers made of light!

The lilacs where the robin built,

And where my brother set

The laburnum on his birthday,

The tree is living yet!


I remember, I remember

Where I was used to swing

and thought the air must rush as fresh

To swallows on the wing;

My spirit flew in feathers then,

That is so heavy now,

And summer pools could hardly cool

The fever on my brow!


I remember, I remember

The fir trees dark and high;

I used to think their slender tops

Were close against the sky;

It was a childish ignorance,

But now 'tis little joy

To know I'm farther off from heav'n

Than when I was a boy!

~~~by runescape money