Wednesday, July 30, 2008

9ja babes and 'forming'

Eyinn people, werrin dey?? hope no 'wahala'. but wait o!! una see yesterday's 'hold-up'? Mehn....dat one don pass traffic o, i actually wished i could fly home.*grins* but what'a gwan with lagos n traffic sef or e get where dem dey 'dash' people motor??? cos everyday na so cars dey 'boku' for road; if so make i go collect two 'tear-nylon' o, one 4 my sef and one 4 my Granny; at least i wld be happier knowing she now goes to the farm with her RAV4 or CRV, lol hard to imagine shey?? Gran-momsy behind the steering with hoe/cutlass/basket on the passenger's seat LMAO. But seriously, i wonder how pple'll cope when the FG closes 3rd mainland bridge (for repairs) on saturday, i sure say pple go dey enter canoe go work (nor be laffing marrer o) but come to think of it,its another way of making money o, i only need to buy plenty 'canoe' from 'oworonshoki', hire some drivers/divers with one or two life jackets (i cant shout) and charge passengers like 200 bucks per trip ( e nor cost o, remember say i go settle 'agbero' plus no go-slow), LG canoe transport services ltd don 'set' be dat :) or how una see the idea?? all the investment /financial experts in the house, holla!! :-)
(i digress) Yesterday's traffic was terribly o, d annoying thing is dat u can neva tell wats causing it n today doesnt look any different, dis lagos sef!! *hiss
newayz' as i alighted at my bus-stop, alarm begin tear me' i then remembered there was no food in the house, so i strolled to the ms. small (no free advert) close by to get 'beans n dodo' (one my favourite) after getting my food i decided to eat it there (free A/C plus Dstv) i had taken like 5 spoonful then heard clank! clank! clank! i looked up and saw a babe seated adjacent me, eating meatpie wit cutlery; Now i have a problem' n dat problem is dat 'i sabi laff', i nor mind where i dey o, as far as i see sumthing wey funny, hehehehehe go jus come out; so when i see dis mgbeke feeling funky dey battle meatpie n fork, my hehehehe change to hohohoho :-) i cldnt control it o, ofcourse the babe knew why i was laffing, cos she gave me one wicked bad eye, then resumed the WWF, una need to c her face as the fork nor gree co-operate with the knife :-) for my mind 'make dis girl nor chook/cut hersef o, abi na by force?? even the (fine sistah, anything for d boyz) security guards noticed it and were giggling but d babe no send us, IF nor be say i too love 'my face' i for 'snap' her when she dey chop and upload am 4 una :-) but WHY babes like to 'form'?????? (me i no go lie' i used to form till i disgrace mysef n even got a nickname Bouncing Okpa, lollll i ll tell u guys abt it ONLY if u promise not to laff. *grins* but una neva my question o, i say why 'some' babes too dey 'form'???????



Jinta said...

the cause of lagos traffic are the commercial drivers who stop just about anywhere to drop and pick up passengers and, of course, the police who do not enforce the law but collect 'roger' (bribes) from them

Anonymous said...

the way u described the scene with the "forming babe" was just too funny.

Jaycee said...

Yesssss...# 3...before all those stalkers come pouring! Loll. I stamp my footprint!

Jaycee said...

Some babes too dey form...HA HA HA....eating MEATPIE with cutlery? Now that's CLASSIC!!!

Abeg, nothing do u o...LG canoe transportation, I hail u!!! (lol, luv reading ur tales)

LG said...

JINTA: bros abeg, nor be 4 my blog o, abi u neva hear say POLICE too don dey blog-surf. i no want 'okiro' wahala o. *grins*
we pray things gets better
*how ur side??

MAC DANIELS: babes dis ur name 'get as e dey do me' loll
pls can i shorten it to Mac.dee

JAYCEE: hehehehehehe, we aim to please ni'
ba wo ??

Anonymous said...

lol, how did u come up with Mac.dee?
mac.dee sounds like a ghetto rapper's name and reminds me of McDonald's. Iwalewa or Iwa will be just fine.

naijalines said...

#7. I like.

fantasy queen said...

when 3rd mainland bridge is closed na real wa, cos if i lived on the mainland n had to come to work here in v/i? i would resign temporarily, cos i cant imagine.
as for the canoe biz, abeg lets sign a deal and start rolling in the big
but while you're canoeing about, i'll be flying caverton, shuttling to and fro in their helicopter when i have bizness on the mainland(in my head that is)

even my cousin never form reach that one. cutlery and meatpie? wonder how she eats when she goes for cocktails.

LG said...


FANTASY QUEEN: correct babe, i dey come, i stil dey write 'proposals' to submit to sum company's like dat, i wanna give 'tarzan boat club' a run 4 their money *grins*

@forming babe: now i wish i had 'risked' taking a pix, lolll

aloted said...

men i am so happy i am so not in Lagos right now...but then again i was living on the island...kai i pity mainland people o...omo this closure of 3rd mainland i wonder wat will happen..

lol @forming babe.. abeg free the girl why now..fork and knife with meatpie? serious wahala...serious forming... me i dunno why some girls like to form o..just makes them look RAZZ!

OluwaDee said...

lol! using fork n knife 4 meat pie; y babes dey form????
I guess its to prove/show levels/"poshness".

Y u wan use canoe 4 your business??? wetin do, boats & ferries.

LG said...

ALOTED: dearie lucky u o, d traffic ehn!! plus these yeye reckless okadas riders make it worse-ter(LG don spoke) loll
no mind forming babe jare, i only hope fork no chook her 4 mouth *grins*

OLUWADEE: poshness ke??? o.k! o.k!i agree, posh-razz ni, lolll
@canoe: u don forget say diesel/petrol too expensive?? i gats to cut cost na. *winks*

Mz. Dee said...

i'm in stitches!! god damn!!
i agree with oluwadee...they wan show "poshness"

(i changed my blogaddy love, so u may want to head over to mine and re link the new one or sumn. xx)

doll said...

LMAO@ The girl….they will beat you up in this lagos one day….meanwhile am so not laughing at the whole traffic/3rd mainland situation….i live in Ikeja and work in VI and my traffic life is already a nightmare……I cant imagine what is worst than worst but that’s what will be my story from next week when the bridge repairs actually start

LG said...

MZ.DEE: K, heading to ur bunk NOW, hope all is well tho'

LG said...

DOLL: sweetheart, ur traffic situatn have just been resolved.... watch out for LG canoe transport services, lollll
BTW i pray 'fashola' comes up wit an alternative btw now n friday tho'
cos at dis point 'eko cant baje o'

AlooFar said...

Gush... I just can't stand any babe that forms. Eating meat-pie with fork. Oga O!

Smaragd said...

eating meatpie with fork and knife ke? that one pass me

LG canoe transportation ehn! lemme think of a byline for u jare, can i be a partner?lol

simeoneomobaba said...

being a guy , i feel i shouldn't say anything derogatory at all, got respect for my female folks,..but if i was there i would have laughed like lg too, probably not so loud sha....

musco said...

won't mind if u employ me at ur new canoe company.i think the closure of 3rd mainland bridge will be a good business oppourtunity.wot do u think?

u shld ve corrected her.maybe she just didn't know.

thanks 4 stopping by at my blog!

LG said...

ALOOFA: bros na so i see am o, but nor be only babes o, Una nko????

SMARAGD:Babes u r 'IN' hehehehehe.
now we need a marketer, who do u suggest??? *wide grin*
how wrk??

SIMEONOMOBABA: haba!!!! is hohohohohoho loud????? lol
no blame me jare, d thing pass me.
welcome, hope ll be back

LG said...

MUSCO: now i believe in miracles!! i was just telling 'smaragd'(b4 i saw comment,dat we need a good marketer) What do u say??? *bats eyelashes* lolllll
BTW u xpect me to correct d babe after i don laff finish, Mbanu!! i dey fear my head.
NOW how about dat 'post'??? *winks*

naijalines said...

Lol. U r tew much, LG.
Na razz babe trying to act posh but obviously razz. Only razz babe go eat meatpie with fork and knife.

As for 3rd mainland bridge, I no envy una o. Pele.

archiwiz said...

LOL.....Yeeeee......Original mgbeke dey description was hilarious..."my hehehehe change to hohohoho"...Classic!

webround said...

lol@the meatpie girl..

2 weeks ago, i got into traffic somewhere on the west coast and i remembered EKO.

everyday now, I dey thank Baba God - i leave home and 10 mins i'm in the office.

Lady A said...

Missed you!!!!
The only way I could eat a meatpie with a fork is that it must be PIPPING HOTT. But I guess she was trying to be extra cute that day....I would have giggled too and told/asked her what was up wit that?

Ms.O said...

Ahhh mom thinks I have a laughing problem. I am always laughing oo..if na me see that babe, laugh for done scatter ground(damn am a razzie ooo)..anyways that was a good laugh.

isha said...

LMAO. You had me cracking up mehn! I wish i saw that. lol.
nawa o, that third mainland bridge palava. how else are people supposed to go between the mainland and the island? I guess there are other options, but bear with me, it's been a while...
i need to find something to eat, your beans and dodo got me hungry.

Dee! said...

Traffic in Lagos is an entirely odd gist! Most of the time, the traffic is caused by the "impatience and indiscipline" of ALL drivers. Every body dey hurry. . . hurry go where . . . I no know!

That babe eating meatpie with fork is a real bushimo! lol. Haba na for where she see person dey do that kin thing?! Maybe she should try drinking water with fork and knife too. Abeg I no fit laugh O!

How u dey?

Naija Idol said...

i nor know y babes dey form oo. fork nd knife for meatpie. naija chicks don start again oo..i get dat problem too oo.

i get one friend like dat, wee r both urhobo. this girl dey tear "starch and owoh" steady for house, we come commot one day with some male friends, na im d girl come dey form say she nor sabi cut starch. i laff bele scatter, dey chop my starch dey go. nutin do me mehnn.

LG said...

9JALINES: babes, i call it over-razz jare, u need to c d 'racket' d cutleries were making *hiss*
na by force? lolll

ARCHIWIZ: sweeri dont blame me o, it just came out like dat hohohoho.

WEBROUND: i ll say...LUCKY YOU!!!
hope u r doing g8

LADY A: aww i missed u too dear, how far wit d 'shower thingy'???

LG said...

MRS O: yaay my sista 4rm anoda mother, but i hope say u sabi laff 4 latin o, *grins*
norrin do u jare

ISHA: BIG UP's to ewa/dodo jor!!lol
@3rd mainland'palava', we r stil waiting 4 a communique 4rm d stste govt.

DEE: dearie u r so correct, everything in lagos is always done in a hurry, u rush sleep,u rush bath, u rush wear clothe, u rush eat etc everything na 'rush' 'rush'
*i dey o, thanx
hope u r better 2day.

9JAIDOL: hehehehe i raise'nyansh' for dat ur friend o, na babes like her dey give us 'bad name', after now she go claim say she nor dey she-it, lollll
norrin do u jare, carry go!!!

Afrobabe said...

Lmao imagining granny in rav4 going to the dream motor ..kai..

Hahahhahaha i don die oh...eating meatpie with fork and knife...bouncing okpa...hmmm where r u from babes...

I had a bad fork and knife incident once..since then i dey respect myself...

LG said...

AFRO: hehehehehe my gran momsy sabi beta thing o,i kno say if i buy car 4 her, she go Bless me sotey...... *grins*
so u too had a run-in with F/K hope nor wit meatpie o, lollllll

Afrobabe said...

my own na with chicken oh...on a date with a very correct bobo...the chicken flew off and landed on his plate...

LG said...

AFRO: eh-gbe-le o!!!
see disgrace!! lol babes, i nor dey try am o, even if na 'chinese buka' i dey, na my hand i dey use, i nor send anybodi o,
so... werrin u come do??? hope say d 'bobo' nor laff?

princesa said...

Lg u sure say u no be nna babe cos this ur okoro bizness sense don pass my own o!

As per that babe wey dey form, me i no blame u for laughing o. I for ask am question sef: Sista, why you dey punish urself like dis now?,lol!!!

LG said...

PRISCO: hehehehehehe o girl abeg, i use my gramama rav4 beg u, no try am at all, abi u wan hear Gbosai!!! 4
ya face????? *grins*

@nna babe,
Nne ke kwa nu????
ke maka oyigi nwoke??? *winks*

Duchess said...

LG Canoes & na una abi...smaragd, musco....and all of una wey dey hunt for oppurtunity in our unfortunate situation in lagos..okay o. Hear this; Eko oni baje o(lagos go better o)...if lagos beta finish we go send all of una go ur village.(lol).

lagos babes sef...dem shakara too much...he get one girl wey dey proof levels too nah....she con enter the bus don almost reach her bus/stop....the babe jus dey shout 'its there', 'its there'(instead of the usual 'owa' 'owa'in yoruba that lagos drivers are use to) naija drivers now ...the man jus zoom pass her bus/stop. msphew!

LG said...

DUCHESS: @LG canoes & co
jealousy lealousy, naim dey worry u

@forming babe,
nor be only 'it there' *hiss*
d one wey i enter dis morning shout, 'Oniru is here.' b4 nko? u need to c the kind eye wey i look am, lolllllll
everything na 'forming'

fashola pikin werrin dey???

Standtall said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm traffic issue. I no go say anything. I no go get angry today.

Yes, o buy d jeep for grandma o.

Eat meat pie wiv sibi? Is something worng wiv her hand?

Reverence said...

LOLLLL!!! wow! I can just picture the meat pie scene.

Chari said...


OOnly in naija I swear...only in naija...cutlery with meatpie? that is jus the height...ahnahn!

LG said...

STANDTALL: @ I no go say anything. I no go get angry today.
Swerri, dis ur 'pidgin' dey do me one kind, lollllllllll

yesso i go buy 2 JEEPS, one 4 GRANMOMSY n the other one 4 YOU!!
i no hear ur thankyou o, *grins*
how r d cats???

LG said...

REVERENCE: dearie, u need to see d cutleries 'fighting wit each oda' boi.... lollllllll
thanx for stopping by jare,
njoy ur w'end.

CHARI:hehehe but chari take time o,
yankeee/jand pple nor dey 'form' with their 'iwanna-iganna' lolllll
Hope u r ok,
Where e dey shele dis w'end??????

rayo said...

lg, u dey joke, jeez, how person go take fork eat meatpie, na wa oh. i'm lafn my head off hir, u jst let ur grndmomc catch u

Writefreak said...

Lg canoe transpot, yay! I won't patronise you i shall be staying home throughout the time the 3rd Mainland bridge is being repaired, so help me God...thank God for working from home! Hehehe
As for that babe, real wa...i want to hear your story and i promise not to laugh if you agree to sponsor my trip to the Uk this summer! Capish...

LG said...

RAYO: swerri nor be 'yoke' o, lollll
as per Granmomsy, u nor kno say if i buy her 'yeep' she go pray 4 me to become 9ja 1st female presido.. *grins*.
werrin dey??

WRITEFREAK: hehehehe but why now? i go carry u 4 free as per 'fine babe'o.
BTW so u wan to hear abt 'bouncing okpa' no 'froblem'.as 4 ur UK trip , na 1st class ticket 4rm ekenedili chukwu i fit afford o, e go be?????
lolllllllll *takes off*

yankeenaijababe said...


Standtall said...

My pidgin is terribly bad I tell u

Standtall said...

My pidgin is terribly bad I tell u

LG said...

babes over-funny worry am, lollllll
how ur side?

so i tot *grins*
.... wen r u coming 4 lessons?????
theres even space for gar/mol/sco
njoy ur w'end dear.

Afrobabe said...

lmao @ standtall's pidgin...hahahhaaha..babe stick to english...

FineBoy Agbero said...

Ah, dem tell u say Eve no form 4 Adam?
Girls, in general, will continue to form. It's simply in their DNA...

Buttercup said...

hahahahaha lg u be crazy child o! the pic u painted of ur granny drivin a rav4 wit hoe n cutlass was hilarious!

eeya sowee bout the traffic o, God dey! haha that canoe biz isnt such a bad idea!

ok, i love usin a fork n knife to eat but for a MEATPIE??? HABA!

LMAO @ ur laugh changin from hahaha to hohoho!

how u dey jere?

mizchif said...

I wasn't going to comment o, after 55 comments already, but when i saw the bouncing okpa part, i just had to.

Babe, better come and jist that jist, i can't wait to hear what you did to deserve such a name!

Olamild said...


She dey chop meat pie with fork and knife. Nonsense & Ingredients! hahahahah this post was funny

`Just want to let u know I'm back

pink gloves said...

as per the forming babes, i just laugh, because pple are trying to copy Westerners, and the truth of the matter is that when a lot of pple copy, they over copy.
Hence the eating of meat pie with fork and knife and other such uncivilized blunders. Meatpie is finger food. lol.

Standtall said...

Yes o the lesson will be good and the ga/sco/mo are now 11!!! Go to my blog for more details

rethots said...

ladies corner, yet still i'll whisper. "i say why 'some' babes too dey 'form'???????" It helps to boost their self image ...only i guess many of 'em know not that self image is boosted by ones depth.

fluffycutething said...

ROFL LMAO --- orisirisi

meatpie with fork and knife ke???????

ibiluv said...

na wa o
where have i been?

that babe craze!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sabira said...


LG said...

AFRO: abi o, pidgin na by force????
but as my 'padi' she gats to flow no ni'

FINEBOI AGEBERO: hehehe boya lomo'
BTW:abeg which chapter 4 genesis mummy eve form 4 daddy adam???????

SWEERI: i dey o, i miss u too, i don dey use eye dey find u tele'
lollll how ur side???

LG said...

MIZCHIF: *grins* o girl, na 'long story' o!! still intrested????
oya go bring MAT,
shey o wa pa?

OLAMID: yaaaaaaay!!*does swor* loll
welcome back swerri, hope it went well, ll be at ur 'bunk' shortly.

PINKGLOVES:u can say dat again dear, but why 'we' too dey cofy!! cofy!! *grins*
hope u r doing gr8

LG said...

STANDTALL: 4 real???
now i am suspectind dos cats of urs
or r they on any fertili ...coughs.
..nor be 4 my mouth o, lolll
on my way to ur 'bunk' now.
How Oga?

RETHOTS: Now!! wat r u doin here???
u r supposed to be on leave or sumn
well said jare, dont mind dos babes

FLUFFY: dearie, na so i see am o, i laf
hope u r doing ok.

LG said...

IBILU: O girl me too nor undastand ur 'paro' dis time around o,
abi u tra-ful go....?????
BTW over-crase worry d babe o, lol

SABIRA: Yaaay she's here!!!
welcome jare my 'august visitor'
i can see u r lost 4 words,*grins*
how ur side????

Sherri said...

how u dey lady?

Aphrodite said...

He he heh e he
So how far with ur canoe biz babes?
Third mainland don close o, i need alternative means of trans,lol...

LG said...

SHERRI: U can say dat again, but d sound the cutleries were maknig wasnt funny o, they were crying 4 HELP *grins*
eku enjoyment

ARPHRODITE: latecomer don come, lol
newayz if u need my 'services' see me behind camera *grins*

kedu maka olu'?

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

ask me oh, no be only babes sef, even some guys...they too do.

lol this reminds me of my sister, when we first came to London from naija, back in 99. the girl wan learn oyibo by force

so one day, she sat on the pavement with her white jeans,. nayim him halla

"mommy, is my narsh dirrty" lol, very funny

shalewa said...

@F&F,"is my narsh dirrty" yansh don turn 2 narsh.

@LG,fork n knive 4 meatpie? na which kin razzo be dt?some babse sef.