Saturday, July 26, 2008

My pickin must play footu-ball

BABA BEJI: *shouting* Taiye!! Taiye!
TAIYE: yess daddy
BABA BEJI: What r u doing there?
TAIYE: i am reading my books
BABA BEJI: Ni'bo!?!? come here dis minute *holds taiye's ears* how many times have i told dat i dont want to see u reading
ur books after school ,ehn how many times
(taiye looks at his father fearfully)
BABA BEJI: cant u talk?? ehn??? where's kehinde??
TAIYE: he has gone to play foot..ball
BABA BEJI: *shout* so WHAT r u doing here, have i not told u dat as soon as u come back from school, u and kenny shld go to dat field close to d market to practise? have i not???
TAIYE:*stammers* but daddey, i dont like football, i m always falling down n injuring mysef
BABA BEJI: c'mon sha'tap!, dont u see papilo...i mean Kanu, was dat not how he started, wat abt Okocha and Mikel???? do u kno how much they are making weekly, and u are here saying .....(mimicks taiye) Rabbish!!!! oya b4 i open my eyes, run to marakana now
TAIYE: but daddey, i ...i...
BABA BEJI: WHAT!?!? *slaps taiye* i say runnnnnnnnn NOW!!!
(enters mama beji)
MAMA BEJI: aah daddy, pls dont slap him again o, u ll injure him , after'all football is not byforce
BABA BEJI: so..... u r d one ehn; u are the one spoiling him with too much books, see let me tell u, i am his father so he must do wat i tell him to do (notices taiye is still there) so' u r still here..(removes slippers)
Taiye runs outside crying
MAMABEJI: Daddy leave my son o, leave my son 4 me o i dont kno dis football thing u r always talking o, is it byforce or how many football did u play wen u were his age.
BABA BEJI: omo-re-gie o!!!! *removes belt* you r cursing me abi, oya come here (reaches for mama beji, who ducks and run into the bedroom)
'why r u running?? come here, let me show u football, nonsense!! dont you see small martins of yesterday asking wenger for £15 million before he can transfer to arsenal, but...cheiii

(looks up and talks to himself)
'but dat kind money go do wonders for my life, if only taiye go serious with football like him brother kenny, i nor get wahala be dat na!! bcos like in 2010 when both of dem go be 20 yrs , dem go dey play for chelsea or man u and even sef, i fit be their manager; dat time na, Mama beji go dey sing yahoozeee, hehehehehe na so women be na!!! anyway, make i go convince her'. (calls wife by pet name)
"Paseromi, ma' binu si mi jor, Paseromi!!" (enters room and shuts door)

Awon temi, dont be too harsh on baba-ibeji o, i just saw the list of the 10 Highest-Paid Soccer Players by Forbes, they are:
1. Ronaldinho, Barcelona FC; Total Earning: $29.5 million / £16 million
2. David Beckham, Real Madrid; Total Earning: $29.1 million / £15.8 million
3. Ronaldo, AC Milan; Total Earning: $23.4 million / £12.7 million
4. Wayne Rooney, Man United FC; Total Earning: $17.2 million / £9.3 million (small boi, i nor sure say him don pass 20yrs)
5. Michael Ballack, Chelsea FC, Total Earning: $16.8 million / £9.1 million
6. Thierry Henry (Igwe), Arsenal FC; Total Earning: $15.8 million / £8.6 million (twas b4, i have no idea wat
barcelona pays him)
7. Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid; Total Earning: $15.6 million /£8.5 million (i tot he had retired?)
8. Fabio Cannavaro, Real Madrid; Total Earning: $14.6 million / £7.9 million
9. John Terry, Chelsea FC; Total Earning: $14.3 million / £7.7 million
10. Steven Gerrard, Liverpool FC; Total Earning: $14.2 million / £7.7 million
See M-O-N-E-Y!!!! Abeg, dont try converting it to Naira o, i nor wan hear say person don faint *grins* But make una tell me, no be money laundering be dis??? EFCC where art thou??? lol


Standtall said...

Am I first? I will have to get Kunle Fuji to come and play for me for break the unbreakable record. How come? O peeeeeeeeeeeee ooooooooooo.
Ah that’s plenty money but true true no be by force to play football o. The poor by no get interest. He can still make it reading his books o. So Baba Ibeji for attack his wife? Useless man!!!

Afrobabe said...

You know the funniest part of football money??

How our parents chased our brothers from playing football to go and do their homework so as not to be useless people in

OluwaDee said...


OluwaDee said...

lol!Baba'beji wants money; greedy man.

I don't know if they deserve the pay they get oh, but lets look at it, they retire early.

Mz. Dee said...

Una...this foottball thing na true o.
*dusts right shoulder*
well.. its nuthin new to me. I'll be marryin a footballer u see!

James Tubman said...

keep aiming for the stars babe

you'll at least get a minor league futbol player lol

LG said...

STANDALL: yep u r 1st, but hope say dekunle nor go charge too mush, lollll.
BTW i like ur teeth o.
how's oga?

AFROBABE: O gal, dat used to be then o, now, its soccer b4 school.
how u see am?

OLUWADEE: dear, d pay is too much joor, u need to see their crib, u go open mouth, just for passing ball 4rm A to B.
but i dont mind having a footballer as a son sha' lollll
hope u r going gr8.

MZ.DEE: ehen, i don dey suspect u rite 4rm time,
oya comw whisper for my ear, na mikel or osaze???????

LG said...

BOOK-TUBMAN: local as in, Eyinma FC or Gabros united ehn??? lollll
i ve started keepin tabs on dem, cos my 'son' MUST play soccer oeither professional or otherwise.

hope u r gud

Afrobabe said...

Na true, things have changed...too many graduates without jobs...

spend donkey years in school only for someone playing football to buy your school!!!

Jaycee said...

Abeg Baba Ibeji should go and play the football himself...he can scape all his white hair and do some body building...lolll...he shd not be suffering Taiye like that abeg!

Wait a second!!!! YEPA. But these players dem dey make MONEY o!!! A ya ya!!!! I tap unto this anointing of MONEEEEEYYYYYY!!!!

mizchif said...

Me i swear i don't understand y they get paid soooooooooo much for playing o, P-L-A-Y-I-N-G! in my mind football will always be play.
But omo mehn dat money no be beans o, my younger brother sometimes recites all these figures and renews his resolve to be a footbal player, but dat one na jege, no be for my hse.
My papa dey find doctor, engineer, lawyer, which one again sef...
But me i no for mind marry one footballer o, so just incase u know any......

anonymous gal said...

This ur post is hilarious. me 2 o i wont mind me a footballer

isha said...

Oh wow! Soccer will be one of my kids extra-curricular activies, and I'll ship them to Europe. Because these Americans don't understand that it's called FOOTball for a reason.

Naija Idol said...

lol. Chai! see money.Instead of my son to be footballer, i go like marry footballer cos at least the money go dey come house (i hope), unlike my son when go marry another

Sting said...

Na by force to play football oh. See all that money. Chei.

archiwiz said...

LOL...Mizchif...But na so life be now. You suppose find work wey go do you like say u dey play becos you like am very plenti abi not?

Sha, good for them. I've imagined it, but its too much to keep up appearances, and then be a homemaker. wa oh...Is it not usually the other way around?

archiwiz said...

Come to think of it, they always used to tell me to come inside the house... Now my field requires me to be outside a lot... And I love it. Yay for playing outside!

LG said...

AFRO: babes how u take sabi??? nowadays boys nor wan go sch again o, even corporate organisations r now springing up with football reality shows e.g 'football challenge with fash' they even have a 42yrs old man in the camp, abeg tell me which kind goal, he go fit score????

JAYCEE: receive it sistah jaycee receive it!! lollllll
norrin do u joor

MIZCHIF: hehehehe so popsy dey find dockinta, tell him abt Dr kanu nwankwo na!! *grins*
BTW how far 4 my komole lessons???

ANONYMOUS GAL: yaaaaay she's back, o gal welcome , i miss u o, u don chop , wetin afro offer u?? lol welcome jare
BTW: u too dey find footballer, no wahala i go tell martins, mikel, osaze, babayaro even taiye taiwo, lolll

LG said...

ISHA: lollll me too, i ve already told boo dat our 'unborn child' must play football o.
hope u r doing gr8.

9JAIDOL: hehehehehehe babe u r BAD!! AMEN to ur praya sha,.

STING: o gal, na by force o, imagine wetin dat money fit do 4 bababeji life; dem go even crown am Otunba-bababeji. lol
howz wrk??

LG said...

ARCHIWIZ: hehehe nor mind mizchif jare, theres a HUGE difference btw playing and PLAYING FOOTBALL.
BTW so ur field require u outside ehn, but which kind PLAYING u dey do??? i dey suspect u o *grins*
njoy r w'end dear

Afrobabe said...

lmao @ 42 year olds in football camp...

LG said...

AFRO: babes na so i see am o, dont worry , i ll soon upload his pix.
me sef wan see him leg again,lolllll

[-V-] said...

it's more about the money now..then the spirit of game...hope things could change.

LG said...

V: yep, it shldnt be just abt d 'benjamins'. i pray it change tho'
thanx or stopping by.

webround said...

why didn't my father push me this way during my own time? then it was more of go and do some more exercises in "Lacombs" - do they still use that textbook today?

football was only for weekends..

LG said...

WEBROUND: hehehehehe if only he kne then shey? but its not too late o, i can stil drop ur name with 'john fashanu' in d ongoing 'football challenge wit fash' being sponsored by oceanic bank, wat do u say?????

lol@lacombs, not too sure abt dat, maybe in d missionary schools sha


ejura said...

Why can't one of those footballers have a crush on me now? Ehn? I should have been at the stadium yesterday. Maybe I'd have been lucky to be seen by one ManU player abi?
But how I go even do if say this kain David Beckham come the toast me? I no go survive am oh!
Did you see how PM gave our Kano Pillars 5-0 neat?!

LG said...

EJURA: ehen!!! so u sef dey 'eye' beckham, i go tell victoria o, lollll

@ PM vs KANO PILLARS: o gal, d thing sef shock me, 5 kondo for dem own land,
naim be say if na ARSENAL, na 100 kondos be dat o. hehehehehehe
we dey try sha'

how wrk?

Sha said...

lol.. baba ibeji oh.. LMAO

Duchess said...

hehehehe........LG ogaoooo see don know teytey the kain money this guys dey chop na, me kon hang somewhere chillin for one of dem to hook up with...mizchief ow u tey know...i wan marry FOOTBALLER o(but no be the kain enyimba, elkanemi n kanopillars guys dem o...i dey talk of arsenal, man u, barca....u know that kin level footballers na *winks*)

LG said...

SHA: Babes dont laff too mush o, baba-beji has plans, BIG plans lolll
neways he has to convince mama-beji first.

how ur side? she o wa pa?

DUCHESS: sweery how far na?? e don tey o, u tra-full??

hehehehe see babes with BIG plans like baba -ibeji, so u too wan marry int. player like dem ronaldo, no wahala won ma gbo'
How mumc? Any update yet???

AlooFar said...

Me sef wan dey play football O!

LG said...

ALOOFA: no wahala, oya take John fashanu 4one number, 080...........
lolllll abaya!!

welcome back

Natures Gentle Touch said...

Some parents hire coaches like lesson teachers to coach them after school.

Many a mother has her daughter playing soccer as well. I hear a number of them from Nigeria play in youth clubs in England during the summer and get paid.

The same way mothers take their daughters to modelling agencies to get jobs.

The money athletes,models, musicians and actors make from endorsements is unbelievable.

When they make it they really make a difference to their families. At least the third world ones.

Duchess said...

sweerrypie i trafull o...gist plenti no be small...will talk abt it watchout, its coming out soon(lol)....mumsy is still on it o...bur i see changes everyday. thnks for ur concern gal.

no updates yet o...but will sure do that lerra

aloted said...

nawa o..i no blame baba ibeji jare...kai getting paid SERIOUSILY for passing a stupid ball around...(or maybe it is more than that o..cuz me i no understand that game) lol..serious matter

LG said...

@Some parents hire coaches like lesson teachers to coach them after school.. ,
dis one na serious 'gbege'
lollll but its all good wen its wat the 'child' really wants to do , and he/she's got talent.

BTW i neva 4get o
howz wrk????

'Yar Mama said...

Reality of the times...

LG said...

DUCHESS: o.k no wahala , d stalking starts NOW, lolll
aspa mumc: God don already do am AMEN

ALOTED:aaah iyawo you call am "passing a stupid ball around..."
i nor dey house o, infact nor be 4 my blog o, lollll
but come to think of it, it sure look STU--- to me sometime with d way 'guys' go on abt it,lolll

hope o wa pa. howz Oga??

Dee! said...

Baba ibeji is just a typical local man who thinks with such huge money he can rule the world! Too bad for him! Yes the players are "linked" with so much money... how much of it do they really take home? After all deductions...

That is my point! When we chase after money we loose focus! Life is not ALL about money! I know that one need money to get things moving etc. But do you know that the more money you have the more responsibilities you'll have? And of course when you turn down requests from family and friends you are tagged a selfish fellow!

Don't get me wrong o! I'll encourage any child to do after school activities but I will not force that child into something he/she dislikes. Baba ibeji should be educated of the likes of Dora, Prof Soyinka and other non-footballers who have made money from their various professions.

On a lighter note - if na only me my son no go play football sha. lol

LG said...

YAR MAMA: u can say dat again dear,
have u seen d 42yrs old man/contestant (i.e if he's not older)in the on-going football reality show with 'fash'??
wat happened to 'farming' n all dat. (grins)

**hope u r doing gr8
howz d fam?

DEE: babes , na ur own u talk o, baba beji stil insists dat taiye/kehinde MUST play footu-ball,
inshort make i give u him nos. make u yarn with am, lolll
BTW: hope u r doing beta now, tell Oga to massage u o *winks*


Aphrodite said...

Lg babe, u be really clown,lol…
Abeg I no blame Baba ibeji sha, the man get to secure im old age.

Am I too old to play footu ball sef?

LG said...

APHRODITE: Agadi ekwenka!! so u too wan play footu-ball, l
but first, show me ya legs??? or u nor dey see 'falcons' babes legs as e 'gidigba' for ground.
wen dem call u 4 c'mon jugging now, u go faint, nor be me n you o. lollll

Uzezi said...

i am seriously laughing. should my younger brother read this, he will never sit at home again. football madness.

LG said...

UZEZI: babes abeg free d boy jare, if he's got talent, let him play, inshort hook us up i fit be him manager,(me sef wan drive hummer) lollllllll

*how far, u don update??

Jinta said...

baba ibeja probably read that wayne rooney spent £5m on his wedding


me I no go lie, TE and TK already have the golf clubs and their father has started teaching them the game. Have you seen how much Tiger makes in a year? lol!!!!

Na, I hope that they will find something to do that will be rewarding and satisfying. If they make a lot of money in the process, I hope God will give them the wisdom to live right.

doll said...

my own child self must play football

tankojjetty said...

Money Money Money
He doesnt even care if the child is talented in other fields...
Like me i like Toasting babes but i got no encouragement from popsie...
he wanted me to be a doctor...
i could only see my sef pressing

LG said...

JINTA: yeeeeepa!!!! jinta abeg no give me coronary o, you say 5 gini?????only 4 wedding, aaah dis intimidation gats to stop,
'baby' werrin u dey do, abeg 4get am, we dey go market now, i wan go buy jersy 4 u, n wats ur boot size?
(LG just lost it 4 5secs, lolll)

MUMMYTK: Amen to ur prayers, but babes, u got me really got there, i was already imagining TK in a golf course lollllllllllll
newayz i dont kno how much Tiger makes tho, i ve neva been a fan of golf, no be only to bend 'nyansh' take stick 'push' table tennis ball dem dey do, lollllllll

DOLL: welcome to d club my sistah, lollllll
*hope u r good.

TANKOJETTY: Abeya!! c'mon commot 4 here lolll so na only 'breast' u sabi p-yess? no go p-yess d one wey go pass u o, i don talk my own finish, lolllllll

how bodi? its been a while o

ibiluv said...

did i travel??????51 ke???this na failure o.......

Wetin do baba Ibeji whey he no fit develop hin football skills....

he's a rouge and a bad father...allow taiye to read-he fit become this paid by the hr surgeon/consultant whatever and concentrate on kehinde the baller........

NikkiSab said...

football= I care less.
Dia salary = I envy dem
But is it really justified?? I tink its outrageous.

LG said...

IBILUV: God bless u my sistah, make i give u him number, make u yarn wit am ,....... lol
bawo ishe?

NIKKY: sweery , outrageous is an understatment o, its more like ....erm....erm.. pls guys i need adjectives... plz.... lol
*hope u r doing well.

Lighty 'neferet' Kopearl said...

u know??? i really want to be a WAG. i mean all this is too much now.

lol @ baba beji i seriously no blame the guy sha, anything to make money this dayz. lol

and wayne rooney is 23.

fantasy queen said...

makes me wanna be a football player sometimes...then i think of my soft pedicured toenails and reconsider....
even money cant get that perfection for me once its ruined. lol

LG said...

LIGHTLY: chai!! so rooney don reach 23, na wa o!! jinta even talk say him don marry, na who gree marry am sef? with him jagajaga/stone face (nor blame me but dat guy 'wowo') lollll
as per bein g a WAG , u r in my prayers now , oya say thank you, lol

FANTASY QUEEN: Babes i nor understand u o, we r talking of atleast 5m(five million)4 a start u are talking of mani/pedi; with dat kind of 'moni' u can get all d mani/pedi in d world, more ll even be added if u re a 'goalkeeper'. so...have i convinced u??? *grins*
*how ur side???

naijalines said...

Lol @ Afrobabe's comments...true talk o.

There was a time when parents would beat kids playing football. Now every parent wants their kid to learn by force. Money speaks, abi.

LG said...

9JALINES: b4 nko! money speaks no' ni'

sweeri,how u doin?

Standtall said...

Ahhh u saw mi-teeth and u like them. Okay o. I am going to see if they are worth liking now. Oya let me take mi-mirror

Writefreak said...

I wonder if Baba ibeji will ever get his heart desire with how many people are playing football these days! Have you watched that John Fasanu Dream team show, i laughed the last time i watched it en. because someone's name was put up for eviction, grown man o, he was sobbing uncontrollably! Na by force to play football but i'm sure he had calculated all the millions he could make!

James Tubman said...

im good babygurl

thanx for the luv

Buttercup said...

LOL @ baba beji! chai...

but yea, footballers hav to be the luckiest ppl on earth..being paid bastardly for doin somn they love..y cnt i be paid for readin novels?? lol...

Kemmie said...

I want my son to play for either Arsenal or Chelsea, depending on the highest bidder. LOL. He's already showing promising traits...

*How are you?

LG said...

WRITEFREAK: Oh no!!! i didnt kno 'baba' has been evicted. i ve been trying to upload his pics for ages *grins*
iyawo bawo??

BUTTERCUP: aww poor girl, come make i pay u , how mush u want????
*smirks* yeye we r talking FOOTBALL u r saying novelss, see d difference??????????????
hope u r doing well.

*LG whispers*
plz kemy, can i be his manager

Buttercup said...

hehehehe..silly, i know!

i dey o!

off to read ur updates!