Monday, October 25, 2010

...........A BLOGGER'S REGISTER?????

I went on my blog rounds dis morn n read abt d death of one of our own its sad indeed. in my previous post i talked about the absence of some bloggers from blogville; i recall mentioning 50 of them but till date only four (4)  i.e ibiluv, afrobabe, temytayo and naughtyeyez hv responded, wat happened to the rest??? I also never knew ozaveshe until today tho i might hv stumbled on his blog in the past but i dont remember commenting on any of his posts (wish i had, cos  he sounded like a nice and FUNNY person) *sigh* May God grant his family the fortitude to bear the loss (ami

So i'm repeating the question, How can one kno all is well with a fellow blogger??. i know some of us have left 'blogger' for TWITTER (#youknoyasefs) while others might not hv anything to blog about (Afrobabe now refers to hersef as a Retired Blogger) na who do u sendoff??? *msheww* :)

Now theres d issue of anonymity, like i said some many of us cherish our cloak of mystery; i personally hv only spoken to one blogger since i started blogging n her name is #Standtall, so she can vouch dat  i'm real (as in i exist) n dat i'm a woman (from my voice) i tink she also knos my real name (standy no talk o :) tho we hvnt spoken in a longgggg time (when she start her waka-waka no pay travel) even dangote asks about her and fba from the stories i used to tell him abt our blogville.  i've never seen her but insha allah we go jam face to face on her or my child's iko-omo (naming ceremony) if she n hubby no se'kia (hurry up)

There are still lots of bloggers out there  i wld lv to talk to (or 'flash' and be 'flashed' in return) so wat do guys tink abt a Register????? sounds very primary school'ish abi? LOL i kno but how else can one kno. What do u think??????.

ps1: FBA' where r u??? :(((
ps2: wat happened to 9ja bloggers- reunion?  tot it was supposed to be like annually... not dat i wld show up tho  *wide grin*
ps3: somehow' somehow i dont feel like losing my anonymity too; o well :) 


LG said...

i will FLASH the 1sttttttt (sorry i meant) 2ndddd person to comment on dis post, i promise :)

Omotee! said...

First!!! officially!

sad thing about the late blogger, didnt know him too but God rest his soul.

I think a register (for want of a better name will be a nice idea).
i got really worried that time u and afrobabe went on serious AWOL. if there was a means, would have contacted u guys. think we can still maintain our anonimity.

Omotee! said...

AM 2nd TOO!

on sugarking's birthday, he dropped his number and i called him. did the same on my birthday and got lots of calls and texts from birthdays and we still kept our anonimity.

so i would loooove to get a flash from u!!!

PS: if u "flash" how i go know say na u?!?!

PPS: really, the register thing is a nice idea

LG said...

ohhhhhhh i was tinking someone else will be 2ndddddddd
wa OMOTEE, stop jumping up n down say i go call u :)
newayz i ll kip 2 my promise n 'flash' u wen i recharge, deal or no deal??? *bats lashes*

2cute4u said...

See your nose!
I'd also say what you've opined sha makes whole lot of sense..
Although most would value their anonymity, we should do something,to help keep tabs..
Scary.. things that can happen..
No just flash me o..
I go vex..

LG said...

LOL naim be say u go vex tire , no try me with 'flashing' o :)
hmmm glad u buy d idea sha

Myne Whitman said...

Great idea LG, it would be really nice. I met up with some bloggers on FB and we keep in touch that way too, some even have their blogger ID on FB, like moi :)

A reunion would be fantastic!

LG said...

dis one everibodi is saying, 9ice one!! does it mean i'm d one dat ll form d Register???? *looks behind*

nkem (yes i kno ur name) Thanx

unshined congo said...

OMG!!!!! i knew dat guy.. been off blogger for ant a yr.. dunno if u remember me sef! This is really sad!

justdoyin said...

It's so sad to hear about the late blogger...I didn't know him but it's still sad...may his soul rest in peace.

Yeah, looks like the register is going to be your baby...hopefully it works out well.

I'm a very unanonymous (is there a word like that?) blogger so I'm free from some of the wahala associated with being anonymous (and vice versa did I hear u say? lol)...

LG said...

yup, i dont tink i do but i jst checked ur 'blog' to be sure, n i cant find any post, Wat happened???

its sad indeed, may his soul rest in peace (ami

so na me go 'bell d cat' shebi??? God give me wisdom n strength (ami but i dont mind some 'assistance' o

LOL@ u been un-anonymous, i dnt tink dats a word tho

Lara said...

It is so sad, never heard or his blog while he was alive.

Who will form the register?

fantasy queen said...

ozaveshes death cut through me real bad, hes one of the first comment dropper i ever had. *sigh* life

i'm friends with a couple of bloggers on the outside, some found me one way or the other,others i figured out james bond style:) just recently i was thinking of revealing my identity, just throwing myself out there. i should do it.

doll said...

can i sign the register

LG said...

Dearie dats d 'big' question, i dont mind oda suggestions or assistance tho
*how u doing?

pele dearie, u r one of bloggers who 'knew' him. may His soul find rest in the bossom of our Lord (ami
@revealing ur identity, wat can i say xcept Feel Free :)

sweerie u mean 'form' n start the register :)
*i'm workin on sumn, dont kno how i ll be able to pull it off tho

oluSimeon said...

really good idea..
and i just have to say again.. you too funny..

Myne Whitman said... name is not a secret now, it's on my blog.

So where is the register?

BTW, I must to see you in Abuja o when I come, no hiding.

LG said...

*blushing* yea thanx'
*hope u r doing well

LOL my p.a ll hv to arrange a visit cos i can terribly busy u kno :)
*as for the register, we (all of us) never decide

~Sirius~ said...

...and I'm blogger number???? on the register.

What is with you and anonymity?

It's almost like you have hidden agenda *looks the other way*

lol.....pls don't kill me o!

isha said...

LG, you fit handle am now, small mata.

Just do some online thing where people get reminders to their blogger address say, once a month, then they have to go to a page and say Present Ma.


Afrobabe said...

If only you know the Amount of energy I have put into unveiling your id and making you....unannon!!

One day!!!

AlooFar said...

Don't be too sure. I KNOW YOU. Scratch that!

SHE said...

Its all about the anonymity jare. Sometimes I find it therapeutic. I hope that's not weird.

Ok now, make we see as the register go be....

Nutty J. said...

The register Idea makes sense...something everyone could sign at least once a month

Just answer 'present' like primary school so we know all is well...

LG: maybe those you havent seen on blogsville for a while are in jail? I'm not sure there is internet access there...

The nitty-gritty tales of a housewife said...

May his soul rest at peace..didn't know him.

It sounds nice b-u-t [there is always a but sha...] won't it be misused? bad-belle people?..i would had loved to drop my number as omotee did, but...tsk..tsk..let me think about it hmm.

LG said...

LOL continue looking behind u o cos but i bet u wont see d 'konk' coming on dat ya head *hiss*
#How ya husby?

chei who send me wrk?!?!?
dearie ur ideas sounds 9ice, ll google n c wat comes up BUT its not a promise o :)

LOL eya pele dear; yesso ONE DAY breeze go blow n fowl nyansh go ........ :)
btw glad u r (kind of) back

hmmm u sure? ok tell me i black or yellow or milo??:)

gi'wan! i dey suspect u o, LOL c who dey talk.
*how bodi

jail ke? i reject it on dia behalf o. so u gbadun d register sumn, oya make all of us join hand do am na, Deal?????:)

swerri nothing dey happen, drop am n see weda i no go call u :)
*hw r d kids

Parakeet said...

Madam how will d register work?

Ms.O said...

Good idea..needs more logistics tho...:)

LG said...

dearie i'm still working it o, so many ideas 'swirling' in ma head

MS. O:
*keeping fingers crossed* hope it wrks out

LusciousRon said...

Let us fine tune this thing.

doll said...

but i think it can just be emails number just seems a tad private

Uzezi said...

didnt know the blogger either. May God rest his soul.

Oya start the register na.

LG said...

ideas! ideas!!

babe r u sure 'emails ll be enuf? me sef don confuse.


TinTin said...

i've considering being unanon on so many occasions...but the stress is just too much!

P.E.T. Projects said...

Blog register, that sounds nice, pls create space for JJCs oh, ehen.

LG said...

LOL u can say dat again dearie, i so lv bn ms.anonymous :)
*its bn a while o,

ok o, Tell all JJC'S see me behind camera :)
*hope u r havin fun in our 'blogville

Naijalines said...

A blog register is a great idea, sista. It will help us to look out for each other.
Not sure how it would help with knowing when someone dies, though.

Some 'anonymous' bloggers like myself are quite isolated from other bloggers in real life, so if I expire, the only person who could possibly let you guys know is Ore, my son. I would have to tell him to do it, of course. Hopefully b4 the expiry date. Lol.

But seriously, it is a great idea. Let us know what sort of assistance you need.

Dee! said...

LG! No mind me o!

This idea about a register wouldn't be a bad thing o! But I wonder... how would it be managed? Oops! LG would be in charge! :)

Being anonymous makes blogging fun for sha...

tobenna said...

You can still arrange a bloggers meetup with people introducing themselves with a pseudonym or real name. Doesnt matter. Just a name that does not relate you to your blog if you so choose. To suit your paranoia :P

Otherwise, your register is a good idea. Except that each blogger on the register should include links to another blogger that has their contact or knows them. That way, if no one updates this register in a while, we know who to ask.
On the other hand...Naija bloggers don dey plenty oh...

QMoney said...

NO worry,i no die oh,i still dey...i changed location to go and born so i am still trying to settle down,d journey OVERLONG...
if register dey now,i for don just sign in.....
i harassed DTA for u and she said she got and email from u as worry,i can always give u her status and she
thanks a lot for checking on me dear
where dat ur email addrress again?

Naijalines said...

I think Tobenna's suggestion is a great one. For the register to work, each blogger on it would have to nominate another blogger who is close to them in real life. ( far as I know, there's still a problem there for me). I know... I shall make friends quickly!

*Speaking to a group of bloggers*
Why are you running away o? I don't bite.

musco said...

See all these people claiming they are interested in the register thing. LG start the register thing and you will see this same people running away. They keep their anonymity on blogsville close to their hearts than anything else o.Should I start pointing them out? LOL! The register thing is a good idea. So if you need a 'partner in crime' to let this work, let me know.

I was at bloggers reunion in Lagos sometime in 2008 and it was so much fun at the beach with the bloggers present. Come down to 2010, try organise one in the UK and you will see bloggers that have made comments here removing 'leg' . If na lie, I challenge you all to one in the UK. NJ, take note!

Ozaveshe, RIP!We will surely miss you!

Seshe James said...

Please follow my blog for latest stories....

Sugabelly said...

i think it's a pretty good idea. woah!! i haven't been here in a minute. how are you?

Naijalines said...

@ Musco
Ah...Aburo, I just saw your comment o. I know all that 'bloggers remove leg' comment was meant for me. Lol.
Dare I show my sweet self at a blogger's convention? That's an interesting question. Hehehe.

@ LG
You are yet to answer my question, missy. Would anonymous bloggers be allowed to be a part of this register?

The nitty-gritty tales of a housewife said...

knock! knock!...update nah....