Friday, October 15, 2010

maa no`e da`da

Translated: i will beat u  very well......... :)

dats always the tot in my head weneva i watch dat 'omo' detergent advert, u kno' the one dat 'little jonny' goes round d neighbourhood chasing one old-mama's fowl; remember how he runs after the agric, summersaults, n rolls in the mud all in d name of helping mama catch her runaway chicken;  u also remember how he returns home, grinning 4rm ear to ear, showing off his portor-portor stained school uniform to his mum, n she smiles, giving him d go ahead 2 chase d fowl, saying afterall 'omo' dey! *
INSERT LONG HISS HERE*   if na me?? i say if na me be ur mama, u go hear nwii; who send u???? alakoba, so mama go come dey borrow 'soap' everytime to wash her pot, plates, clothes abi??? LOL  i tell u guys, dat advert rily cracks me up and no be say mama even dash am sumthing sef  *mischievious grin*

so how una dey jare? thank goodness its friday, make person rest small. how ur area? my neighbour said he's packing out; Q: will i miss him  A: NO' bcos he is a bully, he bullies his kids, car, gate, infact he bullies everybody n everything. d day wen him try am with me, na so i OPEN eyes for am, him no dey look face *hiss* some neigbours sef; pay Nepa bill, na waec!, throway dirty nko? na quarrel!  d odd thing is dat his wife and kids are calm and easy going. yesterday i asked his youngest child, 'Omoh, who do u look ur house?', and d yeye boy replied........ his DaD; i jst vex carry my bucket waka comot. how i for do?? convince him' he looks like his Mum???? LOL.

But wetin dey shele for here sef, went on my blog-rounds n everywhere jst dry,
many bloggers done disappear, my dia FBA, Afrolicious, Prisco, Ejura,    
Duchess, Mz dee, Thots of a naija woman, Naughty-eyez, Woomie,
Archiwiz, Smaragd, Allied, Sabira, Doja, Sasuke, Lisa, Shubby, Naija idol,
Oluwadee, Wellsbaba, Copido, Yewande-atanda, Ibo dude, Nikki sab,
Jinta, Chioma-mom, Aphrodite, Shalewa,  Ababoy 2, Yar mama, FFF, Standy
Writefreak, MDM,Tobenna, Enkay, Posh buki, For the love of me, Joicee, 
Blazing daola, Bwari-boy, Ice queen, Olufunke, Uzezi, Naija-chikito, Temite,
In my head n around, Emeka amakeze, Anonymous gal, Temmy tayo, Aloofa,
Fresh &fab, Tresor, Barbecuerepubliik, Sprezatura, Ibiluv, Porter-deharcourt, 
Chi-grace, Bunmy,  Naija babe, Enigma, lady A, Badderchic, Onome, Geisha
Padosh, Invinsible man, Down-the-aisle, Rethots, Darkelcee, Aloted, Loila, 
Simple gal, Sherri, Mommy,  Spicy tee, Lil angel for christ, Latifa, Ynot,
Kemi penelope, Lighty nerferet', kemmie, Simi-speaks, Bimby,  Kayshawn,
Favored gal,Tin-tin (guy&babe), Aijay, shona, Minky, A black james-bond,
 XSN,Toluwa, in-my-own-words, Ms.emmotion, Sha, Parakeet,Today's rant, 
Mojisola, Caelestis angelus, Kamkambaby and others.
HABA! una names sef don reach to compose 3 lonnngg posts :)
Abeg hola back so i ll kno you are Alive n kicking o, thanx.

ps: did u see dat guy on tv confronting our super eagles at the airport???  No? ok make i gist una. So our team after being beaten 1-0 by guinea, thought they can sneak into the country without us knowing but dis young man (deaf) had been waiting for dem at d airport (i heard he even slept there :( so as  not to miss their arrival; as soon as they arrived na so the guy begin haala  (in dis case, wildly gesticulating) say wetin dey do dem,  wetin dem dey play, wetin do dia leg, LOL it wasnt funny sha, ofcourse they couldnt say anything, na so crowd gather But how can kinkili Guinea beat Nigeria??? i even saw one guy jubilating  dat they beat Almighty Nigeria (his own words)  *shamed face* now i feel like calling dem super-chickens but i wont, heard they said it was 'heat' dat caused 'our' loss sha *smh*

njoy ur weekend o jare!

ps2:  siriusly, how can one kno all is well with a fellow blogger, i kno some of us cherish our 'anonymity'  (u kno, stroll in and out of mama-put without anyone knowing) but we are fam; i often tink about some of us dat haven't updated in yrs n i wonder. wish i had ur 'numbers' so i can 'flash' you evey month end :)  


Dee! said...

LG baby! Yes O TGIF!

I get personal biff with all the omo adverts! If I was the Mum, I'll make that boy wash the dirt off all by himself!

You dey talk about runnaway bloggers? You been de that group last year...abi you don forget? lol!

Have a blessed weekend!

P.E.T. Projects said...

Yes oh that advert does that to me too but the one i find most irritating is the one in which the guy is a waiter and he comes home with juice stained shirt everyday.

If na me, u wan begin dey wash ur cloth urself be that oh.

*** I found ur blog through Qmoney now im hooked, ur humour is unrivaled.

Luscious LU said...

Hilarious! Nice blog u got. I shall be a follower.

Yea that Omo advert... Hmmm.

I happen to be a regular run away blogger, i'll do better.

Njoy ur wknd

LG said...

LOL naim be say make u ready to buy 'one carton of big OMO'
yelz i was once a runaway blogger but now i'm back! i'm back! u kno it! u know it! *norrin do me

rily, i've not seen dat one o, i jst remember d one about 1 satchet of OMO washing up to a thousand 'dirty' socks! (dont quote me o) LOL give it to dem sha, dia adverts konk!
*n thanx 4 d compliment, u are very welcome here. *bats lashes*

LUSCIOUS LU: hmm ur name sounds like 'eknor's ....LUSCIOUS RON.
so u ma be runaway, beta change o :)

Anonymous said... konk for im head go pass de message quick quick say pesin hand dey pain am to wash....laughs at P.E.T comment, e tire me you nevaa see that advert LG?...ha! so there are many bloggers like this? think the stress of making ends meet might be taking it's toil on SOME OR SOME might have relocated & have no access to internet OR SOME are going through one problem or the other...if we exchange numbers, the 'excitement' in blogsville might disappear because it's the 'mystery' that is the 'catalyst'.

Myne Whitman said...

I remember that advert and it is hilarious, esp the old papa waiter looking with puppy dog eyes at his wife. LOL...

As for the runaway bloggers, old soldiers no dey die. FFF has a new URL tho...

Anonymous said...

awwww @ your ps2...I find it reall sweet that you care like that.

lol @ the deaf guy raking for the super eagles...I can imagine the scene in my mind...hilarious!

as for the omo ad...If I were the lil boy's mum, I wouldn't find it funny @ all...omo or no omo...especially if there's no washing machine.

and lol @ d neighbour who bullies his car? and gate? na wah oh...

LG said...

yes o, i neva c d advert, if na me' anybodi wey carry dirty clothes come house go wash am by him sef,shikena!
* @Runaway bloggers:you hv a point there abt 'mystery being d catalyst' but then if sumn happen, how pesin wan take kno. i 'm still worried sha.
*Hw r d kids

LOL' bcos no be him hands dey wash am abi??? yeye :)
@Runaway bloggers: old soldiers indeed!which barracks? :)
hmm didnt tho abt FFF sha, ll check sha.

@ super chicks vs deaf guy, dearie u nid to c it, d guy jst dey 'rake', its to show dem Everyone is watching
@OMO advert; washing machine ke? and na so 'she jst dey smile as if hand no dey pain her *shio* if na me :)
@neighbour:; dis one pass 'wah'; d house quiet now, e be like say him travel :)
*Howz d fam?

Naijalines said...

Yeah, so many bloggers have left o jare. I miss them too. It takes a will of stone to remain on these shores, I tell ya. Three cheers to them and to us who remain.

Have a lovely weekend, dear.

LG said...

kai! dos days of FBA n his wives:)
thanx hon' i'm chillin @home jare. no 'gra-gra' neighbour LOL

Anonymous said...

I love that Omo advert. That kid is so cute Lol

LG said...

so u tink he's cute, wat about his dirty 'uniform'??????? :)

*dearie how r u doing? its bn a while o

ibiluv said...

hey babes
i respond to emailsssssssssss

LG said...

*hands on hips* and wat is dat supposed to mean ehn? dat u wont update or u ve stopped 'blogging????
berra go n update now or

*atleast u don answer 'present :)

doll said...

some of these bloggers still dey now...FFF for instance just moved house

isha said...

That's my reaction to that advert too. Lol. As if...


LG said...

dats wat 'myne' said, i'm yet to find 'her' tho
*How u?

abi o my sistah, original work-no- pay :)
*bawo ise? n granmomsy?

Anonymous said...

so u know how it felt when u decided to go awol that time, we were worried silly. u r one person i will like to flash sha, lol.

that OMO advert ehn, same thots o, d way i go take flog am b4 he begin wash d uniform himself ehn, im papa no go sabi am sef.

doll said...

Archiwiz, temmitayo& yetunde atanda, Ms. emmotions - that is true...its been a while

as per Naija idol- ask Sting na- she used to anchor it,

Oluwadee & copido- extinct,
m, writefreak, Enkay,, temite,ibluv,rethots, Uzezi,down the aisle,parakeet, mojisola, justtoluwa, aloofar still update, i am sure i have read something from them this month

Naija-chikito- came, did a post to say she was married and had a stressful job & took off again,

Shona moved too to or .net

Fresh &fab went MIA for a long time but came back last month or so and has been updating

Phew! i have tried

~Sirius~ said...


Saw that ad recently....If that boy were my son, I will BEAT! beat fire!..imagine....

As for AWOL bloggers, look who is complaining, you nko?

You disappeared for how long????? Need I remind you.

-----Your "ex" neighbour sounds, good riddance!

Have a fantastic week.....and some of us are not really anonymous anymore.

StandTall-The Activist said...

See same blogger who disppeared for alomst a yr saying me done disappear o -lol.

I can't remember the version of the Omo ad that I saw but my reaction was similar to yours, I told hubby that many parents will beat the shits out of their kids if this should happen. Shortly after, a friend came in and watched the same ad, she said ' hmmm if my child should try this nonsense, I will beat the hell out of him". See?

Most of the bloggers u listed still blog na, they are not just regular anymore just like yourself- looking for your trouble-wink

SHE said...

True true, even if Omo dey commot dirt, money to buy the Omo nko?
all dia own advert no pass make pikin dey play rough play. LOL.

Abi o! help us find our bloggers o! I Suspect blackberry messenger with all its attendant group chats!

LG said...

LOL u r free to flash me o, oya take my numbe 080@@##$$#@@&&^^ :)

*babes how d 'igbe-iyawo' prepations?
remember my aso-ebi o

yea i was able to locate 'fff' yestaday thanx
as for the others, one/two post in 3 months no be update!

LOL no mind d boy jare, roll for ground, fly fence jsut to catch fowl n who r u calling runaway blogger, i was on LEAVE jare :)
btw: u r still anonymous o (to me sha

not true, many of dem havent updates in months (yrs), me i don repent o :)
btw: if u look for my trouble, i ll 'kidnap ur cats' simple!

lol@make pikin dey play rough play,
@runaway bloggers, no worry, i'm working on sumn sha'
*how r u doin? *imitating 'wendy'*

StandTall-The Activist said...

Touch my cats and you will see!!! lol.

And talking about blogger anonymity, don't you think is time you revealed yourself to me? We have talked on phone, I know your real name, you are my friend on FB. You know my face but I don't have a clue about yours. Hope we will not jam one day and fight b4 I will know it is you. well, that won't happen, you know me na.
October 18, 2010 5:46 PM

LG said...

ahh swerri' no worry, i ll reveal myself to u on ur 'iko-oko'(naming ceremony) i'll come with 2 big baff (for bathing lil standtall) Shebi i don promise u b4, i go come BUT *coughs* make u n ur Oga hurry up before d promise expire o.

*LOL i kukuma kno say u get 'money' to bail 'scofield' but d ransome ll run into billions sha'

StandTall-The Activist said...

Ah na to hurry up and make the pikin b4 the offer expire -lol

LusciousRon said...

I am glad I am not the only one that feels like smacking that boy on the 'Omo' advert! How una dey? We still dye here

2cute4u said...

You're case!
Glad you finally updated o..
You follow join the withdrawals' lol..
Hope you good?
I enjoyed reading..
You sure made me smile today..

LG said...

yes o, make una hurry up, then u ll officially introduce me to ur 'tigers-cats :)

*u sef 'flash' me, so i ll kno ur 'current' number, d odas no dey wrk.

LUSCIOUS RON: babe do u kno 'LUSCIOUS LU' she commented above? n a ur sis or na 'co-incidence??
LOL@smacking dat OMo boy, i wonder how much ' Unilever' pay am for all dat running around :)
*hope u r doin fine, ur lil sis nko?

*hand on chest* me case?? How?? :)
i'm gud o xcept for....for.... lol
i'm doing well dearie thanx;
*ole'otu'idi??? *reply in kind o :)

2cute4u said...

Nne, Adim otu i aburum o..
Adim nma!
Kedu kwa maka how far?

Ms.O said...

LG!!!! I want to see the ad!!! I miss a lot of the bloggers on that list..:(

LG said...

LOL ah dis 'ibo' don hard for me o ( n i was only guessing u are my 'ibo sista :)

see anoda runaway blogger, hope u saw ur 'own' name on d list :)
*scratches head* hmmm sweeri i dont kno how i can upload d OMO advert o but they show it on tv everytime (esp at night), ll see wat i can do sha ( for u o :)
*otelu aka o, how u?

Lara said...

glad to know i am not the only one who would beat any child that kind move...he/she would wash the dress after chopping cane.

Lara said...

glad to know i am not the only one who would beat any child that kind move...he/she would wash the dress after chopping cane.

temmy tayo said...

Me, I shall beat the boy...I send am to dey chase chicken? What is that one:omo to the rescue>lol

LoL at flashing at the end of the month for an update. I am good babes,alive and kcking and i hope to get my groove back asap.

LG said...

abi o, my sistah did u see how he 'threw' away his school bag? LOL
*how r u doin

lol@ omo to d rescue, n d boy was only being neighbour-ly LOL

*dearie otojo meta o, howz d fam/.

Rita said...

Men, I have missed your posts that leave me rolling on the floor laughing...seems like you have settled in fine in Abuja. Hope you are back to blogsville to stay.

Me I don't want anybody flashing me :-)

isha said...

My dear, Grandma dey o. Thank God. Ise wa, a dupe l'odo Olorun. (you asked for it, lol)

Naughty Eyes said...

So I made it on the list of runaway bloggers ehn? Wow! It's been a long while since I was here...
I've missed blogging but like someone said, it does take a will of stone to return.
I've seen all the OMO adverts and I get bored with the fact that they're all hinged on the same theme. Sometimes they even copy foreign Persil adverts.
Nice to see that you're really concerned about "missing" bloggers. As for me, you know where to reach me...
Still expecting your "flashing"...

Nice Anon said...

Yes I wonder the same about some bloggers even those that left. I wish I got Idemmili's contact.. Dat na one babe I wish I knew offline

LG: Ha naaa?

Afrobabe said...

still alive!!!!

princesa said...

You know say na busy i dey na...

Uzezi said...

where i disappear go? Ve been here for a while o

simplegal said...

*Shamefacedly* I have come to report myself...sorry I haven't been on in a LONG time, have had a lot going on.

Nwanyi oma, thanks for checking in on me =)