Tuesday, October 5, 2010

so its true......

about the Director General of General Ibrahim Babangida Campaign Organisation (Raymond  Dokpesi's arrest by the State Security Services, SSS and the abuja bomb blast tales; i just read the papers and dem-say dem-say they found a complicated 'sms' in one of the apprehended suspect's 4one;  according to dem, He was fingered over an sms sent to the smart phone of one of the suspects already in police net, asking if Dokpesi has paid the balance, and another sms inviting another suspect to a meeting at Babaginda campaign office; i dont kno wat to say at dis point but wat do u guys think abt it.

neways i heard He has being released; there's sumn strange about d sms  tho,  its sounds very incriminating but mumuish, i dont kno sha o;  a lot has bn said, is being said n ll be said But dis time i hope/ pray the culprits or Demons according to GEJ will be xposed n brought to book  (ami).

still praying for nigeria, dont kno wat 2011 holds for all of us; currently watching 'focus nigeria' with gbenga n he is interviewing some ex militants (they refer to dem selves as Generals)  n they r saying dat its not Mend, dat Mend have dia-armed' claiming the whole thing has a political undertone but God knows n sees All. it is well

Ehen' so bags of rice and wrapper  was shared in abuja last wk and yours truly was not given, I DEY VEX!!  but i hear say e no easy  na understatement, sum pple carry 2, some 5, some  very strong boiz even caryy reach 10 bags ' come dey re-sell am at cheapay amount *hiss*  i kukuma no go, but our cleaner dat went came back with lots of bruises and no rice *sigh* omotee how far, were u there???? *dodges blow* :)

ps: My condolence to the families and other victims of the  bomb blast
ps2: How come we still dont kno d names of the casualties?????????
ps3: police emergency phone lines 0705733765307029311660, 08032003913 and 08061581938
ps4: AJIKE welcome back dearie but how come i cant comment on any of ur post? *vexing* lol


Anonymous said...

GEJ fall my hand yakata sha! How can an educated man fall for such flimsy evidence...WHAT JOB?...no wonder he was released for lack of STRONG evidence....infact i de provoke for here my sistaaaa.....kai! how we continue to show our stupidity to the whole world.....political undertone?....thats a cheap shot!...change the defence minister would not bring the dead back JEG!...it is medicine after death! As for the rice & ankara Patience share.....it's just political agenda to 'buy' the poor masses over to her hubby's side...why now?...it's not out of kindness...i hear say some fainted...HA! May the departed souls rest in peace & our corrupt leaders would never find peace on earth & in the great beyond....A-M-E-N!

Anonymous said...

eh yah...I feel so sorry for your cleaner...how can what was supposed to be a charitable event turn into a wrestling scene? Naija!

2cute4u said...

My own na to sidon look!
I did have fun here o.. I really did.. Wonder where I've been all this time.. But not b4 I report you to Omotee.
Sha.. God dey!

LG said...

hmm my sistah i don suspect say sum go happen b4 pdp primary But i no suspect say na sumn like dis; may d souls of d departed rest in peace (ami) as per d rice matter, i hear say one trailer come d next day come carry d rest comot, ankara sef me no see.
*hows d fam?

ahh iyawo how we for do, we just tell give her 'alabukun' and tell her sorry
*bawo ishe?

LOL aproko, no go tell OMOTEE anything o; why i dey fear sef, she nor fit do nothing, Go tell her, i dey kampe! :)
*glad u had fun dearie, Hope u ll be back!

SHE said...

You sef, welcome back.

This political news, na im you call ecstasy for me? Thank you o!

I thought they said MEND claimed responsibility for the blast, why are they denying that again?

doll said...

HA @ Nitty Gritty are you anti- GEJ?
all i would say is that may the real culprits be exposed.

And may the soul of the departed RIP

Myne Whitman said...

The thing has changed to day time soap opera, lol.

Anonymous said...

@DOLL..no my dear, am not anti GEJ....infact i don't like politics at all. Just that MEND had admitted to the offense, & Okah arrested yet our presido is pointing fingers to his political opponent.... IBB is known as an evil genius & maradonna & you think he would let anything link to him IF he really did it?...he is smarter than that.

LG said...

lollll at least i got ur attention, oya smile jare :)

dearie, amen o. i'm seriously following dis one. Howz wrk?

nne a sad one at dat, lives, properties lost bcos of wat? Power! i kno say 9rgeria go beta one day wen God waya of dem bad pple. How ya doing

yesso d whole ibb/dokpesi/henry okah thing be one kind, now i'm hearing dokpesi was in southafrica last wk, ehen i asked my neighbour, wetin consign dat one n bomb blast, he just sigh say i no go undastand. My own be say no peace for d wicked o, God ll xpose all of dem *shio

lani said...

i hope they realise that these are lives they are messing with and don't solve anything ...

LG said...

my broda dat is if their conscience is still alive *sigh*

*dont tink i ve seen u b4; welcome to my blog

LusciousRon said...

With the confusion that equals Naija, I doubt we would ever see the truth of the matter

LG said...

dearie THIS TIME we will o, d world is watching; no way for mago-mago

Dee! said...

Nigeria I hail thee . . .

May God reveal all hidden secrets.

Whether people like it or not, NIGERIA GO SURVIVE!

Omotee! said...

LG make i just no catch u o, na me u come dey ask? i fit fight karate well well o!

the bomb thing is just sad and very very unnecessary if u ask me. the bomb killed and injured people who have no say in whatever, just jeje pple wey dey go jeje, its so sad.

the dokpesi thing is very mumuish but thats not what is annoying me:

we too like dey use medicine after death for naija, na so dem dey block everywhere say we get "Ground Zero" dey find forensic evidence all over the place, shio!

police go see person like me dey go jeje stop me to dey ask wetin dey my boot, for my mind i go answer "na bomb to fire ya yansh, stupid idiot"
but i no dey talk am loud.

its just sad.........

LG said...

ami o, dearie 9JA go survive.

i talk am, i talk am say u go follow go fight karate to collect ankara and rice :)
*Y were u afraid to tell d olopa wat was on ur mind LOL, my sistah no mind dos pple jare God go judge dem instead of dem to sympathise with the victims n put things rite, they r blaimimg demselves *hiss* no peace for d wicked o

BTW how preparations?? my aso ebi o

tobenna said...

LG, your consistency is admirable.
You seem to have gotten more political. Good to know that.
Question is, how can we become more involved?

Lily Johnson said...

Nigerian politics is all about 'who share things pass'. It is crazy how they believe they can buy our votes.

Seshe James said...

I don commot my hand for Naija matter.

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