Thursday, March 3, 2011

i'm back....

well, kind of :)

Hello good people of a great nation, how una dey?? sorry for my disappearing act jare, like my pple ll say, its a longgggggggggg story but to
cut it short, i 'm no longer in Abj; yep your's truly is now based in ...urm .. i dont feel like sharing yet :)
newayz i've moved, no longer close to the National treasury; i suspect a conspiracy :) but closer to home *winks*

oops!! I gat ta go, got less than 5mins to post this, all dis internet runs makes me so uncomfortable, *adjusts chair*.

i ll be back....
Btw: is it cool living in d same 'compound' with ur colleague (n a junior staff too) please i nid ur opinion(s) asap.

Thank you in advance :)

@*pets project's my yoyo bitters, jo ma binu


Fluffycutething said...

Hey you..... funny i was just talking about u on my blog yest :D

LG said...

wow sweerie, otojo meta :)
how is ayobami n his lil broda (dont kno his name yet :)

Just...Toluwa said...


Am not cool with living even with my a colleague is not even on my list! but thats me.

LG said...

thanx hon, u ma also went awol for a loooooong time sef :)
*living wit my colleague in d same 'yard' is a no-no for me too b4 dem carry my house matter to office n vice versa, i prefer soaking my garri in private o :)

Rita said...

you know that since you started d abuja job, u didnt have "our time"...anyways, what happened? hope the move is for good...

when u say compound, wat do u really mean...i dont think living in the same compound as a colleague will be a challenge unless both of u are not friends...

LG said...

Babes, 'compound' in dis case refers to a block of 4'flats' inside a d same compound (not an estate o) newayz i cant shout i don tel dem say e no go work, cos anyday wey she annoy me for office erm.... i go make sure say she no go sleep for d 'compound' LOL (i kid) but seriously e get as e be

Chizy K said...

lol @LG
well, i respect friendship and family so much that i'd rather live on my own

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BSNC said...

lol whick one is kind of. Hope you come back and give us the full details. This one na diluted gist.

It depends on the relationship you have with the person. Is it condusive for both of you?

Anonymous said...

Like BSNC said, this gist is very watered down...we need the FULL gist pls, come back asap...good to hear from u though, and I believe the move/transfer is good news...all the best in your new location.

P.E.T. Projects said...

Ahhh my swedish bitters, mi o binu at all. Thank God for His mercies jare, norrin do us.

Biko, that compound sharing will not work, let office ish end in the office before them say, she say, we say, enter the matter.

Do quick make u meet me for other side jare, i don miss u small *wink

isha said...

Welcome back, temporarily.

Hope you like your new arrangement. God be with you ma'am.

So, this living arrangement. I really don't get why it's a situation. (OK, I just went through the comments. OK.) Hmmm. I see. It depends on how much interaction you'd be forced to have, and what you cna avoid...

Dee! said...


If you mind your space and that colleague minds her space... no problem. In all sha, be careful.

LG said...

lol at the way u sumed d whole thing up, babes i rather be on my own too jare, i cant shout!!
*thanx for stopping by

lol @diluted gist, u be proper aproko but since u be my 'pesin' i go yarn una later
Now as per my colleague i wont say i kno her at all , u sabi dos pple wey no dey talk but wen dem open dia mouth.... u get my drift??! :)

thanx hon, i belive its for good jare, reminds me of that 'kenny st brown song.... babaGod turned me around o :)
*watch dis space for FULL GISTS :)

LG said...

lol my bitter kola, hope u r happy now?:) still tryin to settle down , accomodation n all *sigh* but soon very soooooooooooon; how ur side?
*yep i aint staying wit dat chick in d same yard jare, u sabi dos kind pple wey no dey talk but wen dem open dia mouth......u get my drift??

thanx hon, howz ur fam? ishe nko???
remember say we neva 'wash am' o and how ur 'bobo??? *coughs* :)
*as per living in d same'compound, now its like dis i cant call dis chick my friend rather she was my colleague wen i was still in lag, now she 's supposed to be my 'assistant', n u sabi we women na, b4 dem say dem say start inshort i dont trust her; my pple say..prevention is better than cure!. i hope i ve bn able to convince n not confuse u :)

sweerie dis one pass minding space o, i say she is dis type dat dont talk as in she go just dey look n observe all ur moves, i hear dos type r dangerous o, b4 dem begin to gossip for office say i dey dry my pant for outside *mischievious grin* abeg i cant shout!! like i said, prevention is d key. Howz ur fam??? they ve resumed school shey?

Anonymous said...


is the junior colleague a male or female? #wicked grin#

anyway sha..e get as e be..just know your levels becox over familiarity breeds contempt...if it's not due to scarcity of accommodation, i would advice you to move out, so that 'see-finish' no go happen.

Anonymous said...

Ha! just read the it's 4 flats in a compound hum? an official quarters owned by the ministry abi?.... should stay but restrict how you interact with them..if you stay indoors & soak your garri jeje in privacy, dem no go know, unless you tell them.By the way, no relation dey live with you sha?...then you no get problem! but if any is living with you, then you berra relocate sharp! sharp! before your bedroom matter becomes topic of hot debate btw them courtesy of the pesin living with you.

LG said...

LOL dearie wat has d sex/gender of my assistant got to do with it??? lolllll lef me hand jor :)

NO! i m not living wit her in d same compound, already,'dem say'-'dem say' don start to circulate for office, n i sabi mysef say i sabi 'provoke' quick-quick, make i no go 'sama' her by mistake for 'yard :)

* how r u doing jare?????? i want gist o

doll said...

too long. welcome back. ah i dont know about leaving with a colleague

SHE said...

Se na election campaign dey carry you up and down like this? Hehehe!

Looks like you've decided about the colleague already. I would have said its okay, as long as you are able to maintain a professional distance, both at home and in the office...

LG said...

my sistah how pesin for do? man must wack o :) hope u r doing fine.

LOL campaign for who? PDP?????? i wish :)

Uzezi said...

didnt know you were away. thats cos im always away i guess. colleagues should live far away oh. but if u cant help it, u cant help it.

no chop all the money alone o!