Tuesday, April 5, 2011


*dodges flying brooms* LOL Abego!! but wait o, who came up wit dat idea sef????? Aloofaa n co, pls educate me, cos each time I see dat advert …. well…. urm…. it urm.... HEY! I cld hv sworn Rev chris okotie had sumn similar, so is it a case of copy-copy or ….(b4 my keyboard puts me in trouble)

how una dey?????? kilon shele??? *deep sigh* the elections are here already; i pray, i hope, i wish it..well......goes well (ami)

finally got an apartment after squatting in a hotel for nearly 2 months; my pipo my eyes saw nwii, but i thank God dat chapter is finally over except for the leaking sink n the doors.....

my asst is already showing herself;
omo see me see overtaking by force LOL i'm cool tho cos i now kno who i'm stuck dealing wit; *hiss* n some of u advised me to live wit her in d same yard.

my new station is ok, less gbamgbamdimdim (i miss 'gidi' mehn), praying for more sales, i gats to win award(s) dis yr o (ami :)

is it me or are our men afraid of *successful women cos dangote is now having cold feet(s). MEN!! wat do they really want sef? neways time will tell meanwhile *hums* nobody test me..test me..test me :)

one of the gud thing here is dat i get to eat one of my favorite soup dish everyday; *looks at tummy n shakes head* i cant remember d last time i took purge; LOL there sumn abt d word p-u-r-g-e dats cracks me up, i tink its d image dat comes to mind; can u remember dat rubber thing our moms use to harass our poor bumbum wit wen we were little, Here's wat i mean....

LOL i dont envy him at all; pele dearie its for ur own good trust me :)

hv a nice one :)


Afrobabe said...

lol...Hi LG...where were you posted to?

I remember that purge men...

LG said...

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah! n u r 1st too :)

dearie i'm sumwhere in d east-south abi na south-west i'm not gud wit geography jor, its a popular city, u ll luv their mehn *wink*
LOL c how u r 'corrupting me :)

2cute4u said...

Hilarious mama!
How you dey!
You say make you show face?
I hail you no be small!
Like I said before,
Dont show the asst your game just yet..
Give am senior levels..
She go believe finally!

Dee! said...

Oyoyo again!

I feel for that little child...but wait o. Why "purge" A child in such a mean and painful way??? What happened to taking proper medications to purge ones system? Na wa o!

BTW welcome (I hope you won't disappear again o!)

Stay blessed!

LG said...

*exhales* ok i ll try; how ur side?? u sef wen u purge last??? :)

LOL mama deydey! :)

poor boy shey, kai! dos days,*smh*
funny thing is we neva recorded any 'side effects apart from d embarrassment of the neighborhood hearing ur cry for help :)
i kinda support d old fashioned purge way jor, nothing like it :))

Anonymous said...

welcome back...glad u got a new apt, and are settling well...just get that door and sink fixed asap.

That purge thingy looks very painful...proper medication should do a better, less painful job.

LG said...

thnx hon, it was tiring, i thankGod its over now PHEW!!

LOL@urge thingy looks very painful; ofcourse its painful,wait dont tell me u neva xperienced it??? u missed o :)

Mena UkodoisReady said...

What is the rubber thing for?

Myne Whitman said...

What is that woman doing to the boy? I've never seen that before...

LG said...

MENA: its for purging

MYNE WHITMAN: she is 'purging' him

Chizy K said...

welcome back dear
i have never seen that suff before though. what is it for?


Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

OMG!!!! Is that how they purge people????i have no clue what the woman is doing to the pikin. lol

Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

And that I am Gudluck(Okotie) advert is soooooooooo annoying! I dont know who copied!

Lara said...

Kai, I pity the boy oh, this is such a mean way to purge a child.

A man who is intimidated by a woman's success is a no no for me.

I hope you are enjoying your new city. This your disappearing act is not acceptable oh.

LohiO said...

ewwwww purge????

That ad makes me laugh!

LG said...

HABA! dat 'stuff' is a local laxative,almost every home had it back way back:)

na wa o, it seems only Afrobabe knows the'purger :)
*i laff each i c dat advert jare, e no join :))

dearie ko eazy rara, tryin to settle down, finally got my internet werking , so no more disappearing act for now :)

LOHI: LOL how come u ve seen the ad

Anonymous said...

lolllll..u sure have a way of cracking me up esp @ the foto..yes oo! i remb well well!

so you asst dey show herself abi? ......hmmmm........i join advise you like that?.....hehehheheeee... anyway, i saw the goodluck advert for the first time yesterday..congrat in your new accomodation...so action no dey shele abi?...hahahahaaaa...ok ooo.

aloted said...

that is such a cruel thing to do to a child..never seen or heard of it before...

geez! why???

how u dey lady G

P.E.T. Projects said...

Babes, warrido???
Politicians are just necessary evils in this our nation. Very annoying set of human beings

Thank God all's falling into place, and u aint seen nothin yet, God is still on the first page, just wait and see what the entire book'll be like!


Yours truely,

SHE said...

Where you dey see all these photos sef?
That purging stuff works like magic! I know it!

LG said...

loli kno say u go sabi am, hope u r not using it on ur kids sha :)

u call it cruel, dearie its very effective o, forget the look
*howz princess??????

PET PROJECT:my 'gworo :) yep i'm still thanking God n ll continue to do so untillllllllllllllllllll
u get?!?!

lol i tot u ll be forming 'ajebutter' like sm pple i kno *coughs*
e don tey o; hope u r gud

kitkat said...

the "I am goodluck jonathan" ad is too funny. i didnt know whether to laugh or cry when i saw it lol

Enkay said...

LG! From where you take get that picture eh?! lol!
I just dey pity dat pikin.

Mehn, I sure have been away from blogville too long...

Anonymous said...

dis woman, wen u go ever change. lmao.

abeg, which way ur assistant dey show herself. explicate 2 ur sister

olaoluwatomi said...

Wetin be purging abeg? What is she putting up the childs rear end! Is it a home made concotion? drug? Please enlighten the 'aje butters o'!

simplegal said...

LG, O gini bu ifaa? I don't know anything about this purging thing!! Y'all are messing with my ajekpako status now....

I know I have been a very bad blogger, but I have missed you very plenty o!

Hope all is going great for you =)

ibiluv said...

the pikin go shit?

P.E.T. Projects said...

Babes, how far now? I no even see your break light hope all's well

tobenna said...

So thats what this tool was used for?
I remember seeing it at home when we were kids but never could figure out what it was used for. Thankfully I have no memories of that being plunged into my ass hole. *Gulp*

P.E.T. Projects said...

Sweety, when are you gonna show ur face up in here?
I sent you a mail recently did u see it?