Monday, April 21, 2008

BBA3 is here !!!

Yeah, it's that time again, beginning from sunday august 24, Africa and the rest of the world will stand still for the most celebrated (and disputed) tv reality show in Africa, BBA 3.
With over 900 000 SMS messages received, over 14 million page impressions registered on the show website and over 4 million video clips viewed online, the incredible demand for Big Brother Africa 2 has motivated M-Net to create a third season. As with previous editions of the series, housemates from 12 countries (Angola, Botswana, Ghana, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe) will live together until, after several rounds of public voting, ONLY one will walk away USD 100 000 richer, Hence if you are over the age of 21, a citizen of one of the 12 participating countries and have a valid passport, you can enter for BIG BROTHER 3. The 12 individuals finally chosen as BIG BROTHER AFRICA housemates will as usual have no contact with the outside world and will be watched 24/7 by audiences tuned in to DStv channel 198. All housemates must be tolerant of views and lifestyle choices other than their own and must have the social flexibility to live in close proximity with others for 91 days.
In seasons 2, Ofunneka Moloku, a 29 yrs old graduate of chemistry represented Nigeria. she joined 11 other housemates in the famous Big Brother house in Jozi, South Africa.
For a period of 3 months, Ofu rocked the house. She was never intimidated; she did her “do’s” her way, She loved the discussions, and she
loved to dance. Although she was quiet and withdrawn at first, she quickly established her position in the house and everyone took notice of her but after 90 days in he house, Ofunneka walked out of the house the first runner-up of one of the best Big Brother shows ever screened on international television. Hopefully this time around, with the right strategy, a nigerian might be the winner and the first nigerian to take home the USD 100 000.
So My Naija people, if you are fluent in English, creative, original, articulate and funloving, rush to any MultiChoice office and pick up your entry form or
download it here. Remember, the deadline for entries is on Wednesday April 30, 2008.


Anonymous said...

OMG, another show of shame!!!
everybody run fe cover

Anonymous said...

nope, i would'nt call it a show of shame, rather my question is , "wats the moral " behind the show

doll said...

I fervently watched BBA2…but with the whole Richiana thingy….i think I’l just skip BBA3 for sanity of my mind…good luck to them and all tho

Ms. emmotions said...

watever happened to this ofuneka gal, she just vanished into the air after the show, no gist or any major achiievement esp. going by the publicity she got?

Afrobabe said...

I think I saw one while in had a guy called Bayo as a nigerian rep...

was nice but gets boring though...

darkelcee said...

I think i prefer the big brother nigeria to thE BBA2

But we will keep our fingers crossed and se if this will rock! abi?

Kemmie said...

Thanks for stopping by. I see you recently started blogging. Rock on! And have fun with it. Hope to see you again soon

Anonymous said...

hope the nigerian rep wont "F"up the way ofunneka did with "fingergate" thingy

Sherri said...

@anon 12:17
how is fingergate ofunneka's fault?

hey ladyguide,
how's it going?

ladyguide said...

@Doll- my sista no b only u o, d thing tire me sef, but i always believed it wont last n it sure didnt cos richard has gone back to his wife.
*remember my cake o,lol!!

@Ms.emmotions- last i heard abt ofu,was dat she just concluded a movie awaiting release(nollywood), n she's also an ambassador of "Heart of Africa" project
*how body?

@Afrobabe- yeah Bayo represented naija in season's one, but he didnt make much impact, rather he was seen as a trouble maker
*tanxs for stopping by

@Darkelcee- u are sooo correct, we were spared the morning shower scenes and there was less nudity, i prefer BBN jare. anywayz lets wait n see how this one goes
*how work?

@Kemmie- tanx and welcome

@Anonymous- lets keep our fingers crossed,n pray there no fingergate this time, lol!!

@Sherri- help me ask dem o,busy body people lol!!
BTW... mo wa kpa, and everything dey kpa, lol!!!!

Standtall said...

Thanks for the info. I read it in your blog and applied...

aloted said...

oh i thot BBA3 was banned or was it Big brother Nigeria? ok am confused ...seems i am out of touch...or rather am not a big brother fan..oh apart from Big brother USA

anyway thanks for the birthday message :)