Thursday, June 4, 2009


Hi there, remember me??? Ofcourse u do :-) how una dey?? i'm still enjoying my leave but felt like publishing (some of) my drafts b4 someone hack into it; u tink its not possible??? okay o' lol; neways dis post was supposed to be published after my blog anniversary but chelsea's no 1 striker *Bayo disappearance from the team made me reschedule it; no be small thing o, even abramovich was involved in d search :-) *the yeye boy has returned home jare (he resurfaced d day man-u managed to beat arsenal :-) Thanks guys for your concern, d problem now is how 2 remove my number 4rm mummy's phone (the world cup is around d corner, i cant shout!!

500 amazing/ funny / weird things i ve learnt 4rm blogville

1) language is not a barrier

2) some stalk to be 1st, while odas bad-belle u for being 1stttttt :-)
3) age is nothing; one smallie go read ur post and leave comment like; babe u be mumu o, u no kno say bla bla blah :-)
4) age is nothing; we are never too old to learn new/old stuff;
5) cliques/bigzboys & gals networks also exist in 9jablogville;
6) humour is very effective but not everyone will lol/lmao/rotfol
7) a simple thought can be around the world in seconds
8) blogging under ur real name can sometimes have dire consequences
9) comment moderation is the bestest thing after guguru n epa;
10) the impact a blog can have in the world is more than most bloggers realize.
11) some bloggers take things 2 personal e.g nobemenuna
12) one blogger go get like 7 blogs, 3 of dem get branches = 13 blogs:-)
13) a problem shared is not always solved (True orFalse

Erm....i kno i said 500 things (na beans???) but blame it on ma keyboarddddd:-) now ur turn' wat have blogville tot u???


simeone said...

am i really first on lg's...?

isha said...

Is it me you're talking about in #12??


joicee said...

true true..I am co signing on number 3,5,8,10

Lg.. it has been a while. Hope you are now back from your leave lol

QMoney said...

I been wan faint!!!500things?????
LOL,ISha,yes na u be #12!!!!!!!lol
how about the bloggers way go get blogs and branches anonymously and it looks like the person has multiple personalities??
Abi oh,abi the person that will just wake up one day and say u be blogsville critic,maybe na one 12year old sef....only God knows!!
ehen,ELGEE,shey u go be my nmcee?*cough,cough*

simeone said...

i didnt read b4 claiming first o..
that numba 3 realli cracked me up sha.....
lol at numba 12...
what has blogville tot me..?..lemme go and think ..

Tigeress said...

lol!!! Yes o Age is nothing on blogsville- hence my comment on my blog that dear/dearie/sweetie is misused. One smallie will come to ur blog and say 'sweetie, hello dear?

Nice one LG. How noaw? Responded to u on my blog. Me's cool. How Naija?

downtheaisle said...

I was wondering at the 500 mark until u said it was keyboard

*** Thank God Bayo is back, only God knows how many days he will disappear during the world cup.

LG said...

OMOBABA......i tink so :-)

ISHA........lolll omoge i mention ur name?? :-)
abegi come bac n tell me wat blogville has tot u jare :-)

JOICEE......thanx dear'as usual u represent:-) as per my leave make we dey look being #12, babes i no like am o, i can authoritatively tell u dat isha has more than 1 blog not 10, kapishh??? :-)
*as per being ur emcee, contact my publicist:-)

OMOMBABA.....bros hope u r not using style 2 dodge d quesion o :-), hello dear, my luv'
Omoge abeg leave us jare, u sef how many blogs u get?? :-)
*i'm gud, 9ja's gud. thanks

DOWNTHEAISLE......iyawo no mind the yeye keyboard jare if u type S, na Yy go show :-)
as for *bayo, dis time around, he is on ur own

mizchif said...

Abeg,try delete dat number oh, if not u go get real headache by d time world cup start!

LWKM @ nobemenuna!!! I almost didn't understand it sef.

Time for dis ur leave to end don reash abi wetin u tink?

[***Fresh&Fab***] said...

oh girl, i been dey vex for u oh, habba, not so much as even a hi, u just dissapeared on us.

anyway, fantastic post as usual.

akaBaGucci said...

Blame it on the keyboard??? Or on the reappearance of Bayo?

Tairebabs said...

Lately there seems to be so many cliques and beef going on everywhere. People blogging about what other people said and complaining about the number of comments other bloggers are getting. It's like a lot of bloggers have run out of idea's on what to post (na their blogs sha). But on a more serious note, its getting on my nerves and will soon start screening where my eyes go. lol. There is a thing line between constructive criticism and insults. I like it when bloggers scream "first", if it makes them happy, it is ok to lol,lmao, rotflmao, else person go show say e happy!!!

Anonymous said...

welcome back!

lol @ "d problem now is how 2 remove my number 4rm mummy's phone (the world cup is around d corner, i cant shout!!" wah 4 Bayo oh, disappearing and reappearing...

lol @ no. 12

nos. 5 & 8, really?

Funms-the rebirth said...

lol @500 things..... ur so right about number 13...... and yes o, age is nothing here

LG said...

MIZCHIF.......nne to delete my number 4rm bayo mumsy phone go nid proper strategy o, which kind xcuse i go give her sef?? :-)
loll so u were able to decode nobemeuna oya chop knuckle :-)

FRESH N FAB......Oga no be like dat, na sumn do sumn come do sumn... shebi u grab?? :-)
Hope u r doing gud, wen r u going to ffeature me sef *bats lashes*

BAGUCCI......i don talk my own, any disaapearance no consign me at all'
*bros how farz?

TAIREBABS.....Swerri*coughs* long time no see!
loll @ screening ur eyes, no try am o

JUST DOYIN......tanks, but e be like say u dey dodge the question, i say wat has blogville tot u??? u ve got 72hrs pere :-)
*howz oga

FUNMS......yesso age is norrin norrin in blogville.
*its been a while, hope u r doing well

Kémi Penélopê said...

I love the fact that you keep it real. And we I love the fact that you keep it real. And we get to experience the cyber version of “Night of a 1000 laffs” on Blogville. For this, I have decided to bequeath on you LG, with the title, Queen Cyber Basketmouth of Lantoro.

**O.K, Enuf of grammar jare [Walk away, ROTFOLing]

Kémi Penélopê said...

JAMB ur turn' wat have blogville tot u???

ANSWER: What I have learnt from Blogville (courtesy, LG)? I have learnt that, One man’s mistype will be another man’s idea
…So as we dey read dis post dey laff with all our 32 or less (abeg no shame jare…Baba God still love you), I sure say, one person don dey put togeda list for 500 things wey dem don learn from Blogville.

SCORE: ???[Over to you, LG]

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

I could never have 12 blogs
I can barely keep up with just the one i've got
you definitely have to be unemployed to be able to cope with more than three blogs

Nice Anon said...

Blogsville is what it is. A virtual world where people share their ideas, problems and likes. ofcourse bigger babes go dey, fine ones too go dey, jenifa's go dey as well. We all just dey maintain sha.


Yay, an update!

What have I learned? That I miss guguru and epa and seeing it mentioned here is giving me a serious case of longa throat...

T-razor said...

the way u sef find out all this show say u b proper blogville ashewo/stalker.
waka waka!

Omo Oba said...

lol!!! this humor is effective.

isha said...

What blogville has taught me - I dunno o. I'm just been existing here, I should've learnt something by now ke...

Wait lemme think...

Wo, I no know jare.

LG said...

KEMI PENELOPE....lolll thank dear, but dis kind award abi na nickname wey go give me...e get as e dey do me :-)
*thanx for stooping by, i xpect more visits tho

MDM......dearie r u sure?? ie having 13 blog??? i m jst asking o :-)
*wen u return 4rm travel?

9ICEANON....yesso fine fine pple plenty for blogville, d thing be say dem (we) dey hide :-)
*njoy ur weekend

MUMMY TK.....yay!!! im back, where my welcome back shiken ??? :-)
*lolll@guguru n epa, e don teyyy jare
*How r ma boiz??

TRAZOR.....lolllll @blogville ashewo; dearie i accept d title 'but no 4get to nominate me 4 d award next yr o :-)

OMO-OBA........ glad u liked it :-)

ISHA....... yay!!! she's back.....but without an answer; isha we stil dey wait o
*bawo ise?

THIRTY + said...

LG has spoken

Anonymous said...


By the way ManU are World Club Champs, Premier League Champs and heh....beaten European Cup finalists.

And Arsenal are.....(r u still there????)

I had to get that out of the way 1st. Re your post, No 8 definitely applies to me. I have been asked if Jide Salu is my real name and the answer is an ABSOLUTE YES.

Have a great weekend LG and God bless you.

StandTall-The Activist said...

Wait, is your leave for 3 months or so? Is this a maternity leave ( I am attempting sense of humour here).
LOL at #12 and #13 is true!

LG said...

30+.....Gbam!! :-)
*dearie hope u r doing well, otojo'meta

JIDE SALU......lolll man-u ko, man-u ni
*see hoe barca disgrace una 4 arsenal :-)

STANDY......yepa! sweri see how u wan kobalize me???? :-)
njoy ur w'end

FFF said...

lmao. LG! love ur sense of humour. see as u don nearly enter more dan half od d people 4 blogville, but dem no go too vex 4 u d way u construct am. lwkm! anyway sha, everything u talk make sense

Shubby Doo said...

true talk about @ 500

Buttercup said...

Hahahahahaha! Na so o! I don miss you, mehn!

simplegal said...

LOL...500 things ke?! I was going to come and run my mouth about your absence, but I find myself guilty of the same offence.

What has Blogsville taught me? To never judge by appearances (okay well names)...I have found nuggets of wisdom in the most unexpected places.

Nwanyi oma welcome back :)

O'Dee said...

a problem shared is not always solved; True.

I see you are enjoying yourself.

LG said...

FFF.... lolll nwanem u no be small sumn o, make dem no vex delete my blog sef ;-)
*howz Oga

SHUBBY DOO....babes rily??? :-)
*hope u r gud

BUTTERCUP....... yesssooo na so we dey do am :p
*where my cake???

SIMPLEGAL......thanx hon'
btw u r free to run ya mouth here anytime :-)

*hope u r gud (ofcourse u r :-)

Lolia said...

Omidaiz! You make me laugh so much! Yes so we see am for Blogsville...I rather like it though :)