Thursday, January 8, 2009

Okada' london how much????

Awero: ojuelegba na how much??
Okada: na N500
Awero: say who die *hiss and moves away*
Okada: oya wait' how much u wan pay?
Awero: na N200 i get
Okada: okay enter' *gives her hellmet*
Awero: *snorts* dis ur helmet wey resemble back of pot, u dey wash am?
Okada: ahhh mama' na fashola o'
Awero: abegi' make i hear word jare' everithing na fashola' abi no be 4 una own good? if accident happen nko' no be dis helmet go save u??
Okada: mama' 4get dat one jare' no be today i begin drive 'machine
Awero: boya'lomo, jus carry me go where i tell u and i take God beg you' no speed o'
Okada: hahahahahahaha nothing do u mama' jus hold me tight'
Awero: ori'e
(The next morning)
Awero: *combs hair* omo' see as my hair dey cut o' wetin be dis??
*more hair comes off *egbami ' dat okadaman don kill me o' c all my hair for ground' yeeeeaa mami!! maammii!!

Vitus: my man' carry me go computer village
Okada: bros na N500
Vitus: come' if na play' stop am o' computer village e'baa; na N150 I enter am last week'
Okada: oga dat oone na last year' abi u neva hear say we don deyprovide helmet for passengers.
Vitus: wetin consign me wit dat one' na N160 i go pay' last.
Okada: oga i no go' na union price i give u
Vitus: *walks away* dis is rabbish!!
Okada: i nor go skool o'

Scholastica: *chewing gum* heyyy aboki' vee eye (v/island)
Aboki: pay N700
Scholastica: see ya mouth like 700; all dis mallam of yesterday; una don come open eye 4 lagos' na N300 i go pay.
Aboki: madam' i no be mo'llla o' oya put sumthing' u kno say hold-up plenty for road
Scholastica: ehen' na kuramo i dey go'
Aboki: ok enter; take ya helmet.
Scholastica: make dis ur jagajaga helmet no spoil my hair'
*after sum minutes*
Aboki: madam' we don dey reach kuramo
'Scholastica: (starts bleating) bea' bea' bea??
Aboki: *grinning* abi u nor wan come down?
Scholastica: bea'bea'bea * gestures with her hands pleadingly*
Aboki: dis ya 'breast go hear am today hahahahahahaha *zooms off*

Eyin temi' dos n many others are d kind of stories i ve been hearing since the FRSC mandated all motorcyle operators popularly called okada to use the crash helmet, tho i've not been able to verify any of the tori(s), it is not impossible (na 9ja we dey now) but dat is not our portion (Amen)
On my to work dis morning i saw one working class lady on okada holding her helmet above her head, as in she use her two hands hold am, n i began to wonder, wat if??????? how wld d helmet protect her?? abi dat na d latest style? cos u see guys doing same; even when the so-called helmets doesnt have straps.
Although i'm yet to use a helmet' (that is, i neva enter okada since dis year' (praise jah :p) i dont know how i going to wear the HELMET aka 'clement' on my head; (who sabi d kind ogor wey don wear am???) knowing how untidy sum of our okada men are. Dangote suggested buying me a crash hemlet but i REJECT am, abi na helmet him mates dey buy for der babes? him no kno where dem dey sell Rav 4 or X5 :)
Come to think of it, i wonder why there are no dispossable helmets' (as in u after u wear am finish u throway am) maybe its time sumone suggests it to the manufacturers (naughty eyes' wetin u feel??) b4 pesin go contract wetin no get name (since u CANNOT vouch 4 who had worn it)
Anoda interesting thing is the way our men in black are active' in arresting any defaulter, u go tink say na anoda thing dem dey find :) its all good sha' after all na part of their job' (shebi aloofaa??) Eko oni baje jare; Here's hoping IT lasts' cos sum of my 9ja pple sabi bend law to wetin suit dem.The FRSC has so far arrested 3,000 defaulters (na wa wa)

PS: Ehen as per dos dat kwalified to get my special hampers, nothing' nothing for una' cos none of you were able to decode the meaning of FOKASIBE; *shakes head* a whole blogville!!!! xcept for woomie who gets a ''HAM'' and uzezi who deserves a ''PER'' for been able to relate with it; SO diafor' ALL Hamper gifts have been suspended until further noticeeeeeee *grins*
until later


Afrobabe said...


Afrobabe said...

Dancingggggggggggggggg yesssssssssssssss cant believe it...I am first..

Doing the hammer dance...

LG said...

Afro: hehehehe orie' fokasibe :)

Afrobabe said...

see thief, bring the hamper said first nine and nd u didnt say who can decode words...mcheeewww..

I was actually embarrassed when a story about this helmet thing came up on yahoo news...kai, see as them talk am..

Africa's largest country has been thrown into chaos because of the implementation of the helmet law...

They come say some people dey use calabash...

I think the solution will be to buy your own helmet till u can afford a long thing...

I think it will be cool to walk around with an helmet sef...

Just...Toluwa said...

LMAO! @ ham and per...

i think ppl just look weird with helmets on especially when they are not the right one being worn...

Naija go beta!

LG said...

AFRO: *as per hamper, oyibo between the lines :)
*so u tink it wld be cool to around wit a helmet shey?? even to enta 'shoprite? abi na eko l'meridien?? :)

LG said...

TOLUWA: amen to ur praya teebaby'
9ja must beta' u want hamper??? :)

rayo said...

ki lode. 17mins, 7comments. Afro nd Jt wat is it. btw LG i assume i am no3

rayo said...

Lg, where did u get these stories from. hmmm, nd to think XSN was concerned wt head disappearing abi was it brains bein sucked out she said. anyhoos, me i no kno 4 them sha.
btw, u r a stingy person, so woomie go get ham nd zayzee go get per. o ti kolo

Afrobabe said...

Yes oh...depends on how u carry those suzuki advert babes

FFF said...

lmao @ afro's suggestions & lg's response.una no go kill me oh

LG said...

RAYO: lollll yeye gurl' abeg no go enta abokima okada o :)
BTW e be like say 'hamper dey hungry u :)

AFRO: boyalomo' abeg lef mi hand jare ' suzuki ko' kuramo ni :)

FFF: lolllll iyawo no mind us o'
*ke'maka digi?

QMoney said...

Afro is on fire dis morn,e be like say she jus dey 1st and me dey do follow follow.
dint undersntd dat last kuramo part joooo.wats "be be be"
na really to go buy helmet oh,funny enuf,people dey eear the thing oh.jus like seat belt,e go soon turn normal.
happy new year!!!

Writefreak said...

LG!!!!!! *points fingers* and shakes head...LG!!!!
How many times have i called you? You dey find my trouble o! After promising us hamper.. forget about your shiken then!

Lol @ the okada sister, iget one solution for you, stop taking okadas! I survived without them in my schedule was not a typical working person's own!
I no fit shout!
So wat does fokasibe mean? And i think it's fonkasibe!

doll said...

LOL@ u and dangote...pple are really scared 2 wear d helmet i guess

~Sirius~ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
~Sirius~ said...


The helmet thing is so hilarious. I thank God I can totally avoid it. I mean whose Ogor has been crowned with the highly infected object.

The craziest picture i've seen is a guy wearing a paint bucket as HELMET! I mean? Nigerians, the most creative people to walk the surface of this earth. As for those thieves dressed in black- the police is your friend. Mschewwww!

LG- mago mago which one is *Ham and *per, you have come oh!

Dee! said...

LG you too much! Na where you hear these stories from? Well I have heard so many other strange gists since the whole helmet thing began.

I think it is just fear! I think the best thing is for everyone to own a helmet. Lice fit enter person head O! Even "craw craw". lol

Wayo gal wey my hamper????

LG said...

QMONEY: lolll@follow' babes follow follow dey put pesin 4 trouble o :)
* so ui never hear of be' be be'?? make Afro interpret am 4 u :)
hapinuye dear'

WRITEFREAK: abegiii no dey shout my name too much' abi u nor kno say 'gbomogbomo' dey dey road? AND i DEMAND my shiken :)
BTW u failed it again' but make i give u 3rd chance...oya go ask oga

DOLL: yesso norrin do me n my dangote :)
*hope all is well now

SIRIUS:hehehehe omoge' there are ogors n there are ogors' my own na moderate size :)
@thieves dressed in black... i no dey haus o :)
BTW wat is mago'mago???? :)

DEE: dearie na true u talk o' me sef dey fear fear :)
* as per lice n craw-craw' wat abt 'bird flew?????:)
FYI: no wayo be dis blog o :)

fantasy queen said...

i'm actually looking forward to more tales from the whole helmet business.
all the owambe mamas
its going to be an interesting year for lagosians:)

aloted said...

nawa o...

u go use em showercap or scarf to cover ur head before wearing helment..abi how far

disposable wont work will even cause more "pan-ti" (trash) in lagos..them never finishing packing all the dirt na helment them wan carry

Sting said...

All those millions of people sharing one helmet..... that's a recipe for disaster. at least the government is taking steps to protect people.

One of my classmates and my best friend's very close friend was killed dec 24th 2003, after she flew off a bike and hit her head on the ground. I know she wouldn't have died if she had on a helmet. So it's a good thing.

Sha said...

LMAOOOOOOOOO na real wa.. i saw a picture of one kain helmet on fb. Hilarious

Uzezi said...

u get mouth o. see how u take retrieve the hampers.

this helmet thing is no joke o. so dem say if u must get on an okada and dont wanna wear a helmet, buy urs. but how chick go wear suit. dress finish carry helmet dey waka?

musco said...

I'm just bothered about the way we make unnecessary laws in Nigeria.I'm sure that by the time a family of 1 or 2 of those in our National Assembly 'disappears' after using the helmet,there will be an ammendment to the law.

what do u think?

LG said...

FANTASY QUEEN:lollll yeso all dos isale eko women with 'madam kofo head tie' go hear weee' :)
*bawo ishe? hope u r doing well

ALOTED: dearie' true true e be like say na shower cap' i go begin carry 4 my bag cos i no wan begin grow kof-kpof, wetin seyi' go talk :) :)
* as per 'dispposable helmets' make we dey watch

STING: babes i m wit u abt 'millions of pple sharing ONE helmet *sigh* pele abt ur 'friend'
we only pray dis one is 4 real'

LG said...

SHA: omo' dat fb helmet pishure na real wa, d bobo gats so much confidence in himsef :)
* hope u r doing well
BTW wat is fokasibe????

UZEZI: yessso my 'PER' winner, nothin do u at all :)
i pity all dos vee-eye babes wey dey intimidate us with diff lap top bags' if u see dem with helmet ' naa die'

MUSCO: its a good thing' most okada riders are reckless'

Writefreak said...

Old as you are, gbogbomo go still carry you? Na wa for you o! lol

Nothing for you, no SHIKEN, unless you give me my HAMPER which i definitely won!

Na you know fokasibe or fonkasibe! lol

mizchif said...

Onye ara LG!!! I don laff die.
First d HELLmet! Den all d dem say dem say story, poor scholastica!
But seriously, with this new law, e better make u just tinye ur own helmet n'ime akpa, if not ehn.....

miz-cynic said...

d one me i heard is man enter man says for ya protection don this says no thank you,okada man says i say don this says no thank by force?na so the okada man begin struggle with helmet trying to don it ontop of man's head na so man overpower the okada guy na in he come don the helmet for okada man's so okada man now disappear fiam!

Anonymous said...

Lol I don't think I could do the whole okada thing (did I even spell it right?) Think of all the people before you who wore those things... No disinfectant, what if the helmet doesn't fit? I mean there's no 1 size fits all is there? What about if you have a big hairstyle that day... There are so many things to consider! Yes I know I'm not serious - Lol

Take Care,
Happy New Year,

Therapy x

Anonymous said...

Aunty LG - Una buy ya own helmet o.

Kafo said...

i loved the first one

funny mercy she wore the helmet and now she is losing her hair

na wa oooooooooooo

Vera Ezimora said...


I no even know where 2 begin the laughter of this HELLMET wahala.

LG said...

WRITEFREAK: lolllll yesso gbomogbomo sabi 'material' na :)
*as per d hamper' oyibo get one wise saying dat'... no free thing even in freetown'GBAM!! xcept for my shiken ofcos :)

MIZCHIF: nne' abeg which kind hellmet' go enta my akpa'??? n u nor kno say dem no be 'paperweight ,, but no wahala i go tinks abourit :)
*skool kwanu??

MIZCYNIC: yeeepa' i neva hear dat version o *sigh* na only God go save pessin 4 dis 'hellmet palava'
*how u

LG said...

THERAPY: dearie' 'disinfectant' is a big grammar to most okada men o and if u insist dem go tel u say na fashola' suppose supply am :)
n talking of helmet size' ogor sizes nko??? :)
* njoy ur w'end

TEMITE: yessso b4 dangote buy my rav 4' i go buy my own helmet come tint am for front:)

KAFO: bros' she's even lucky dat she didnt get lice or ringworm :)

VERA: nne' no be smal thing o'
no worry wen i buy my own i go nack am pishure 4 here :)

FineBoy Agbero said...

Buy plenty nylon put for ya bag. Or any small nylon wey u no use, put for ya bag. Or plenty disposable shower caps, put for ya bag.

Then, wear ya own tin before u wear d calabash. SImple!

Too bad sha; if u dey roll with me instead of dat ur yeye agbero friend, u no go enter okada again, na my private jet!!!

StandTall-The Activist said...

You ehn, you won’t stop to amaze me. Disposable Helmets? How will it be strong enough to hold one’s head together incase of a bike fall.

Hold up dey for road (lmao). These people wont stop to amaze me with their excuses

Shubby Doo said...

no sent me mssg saying you get hamper gift for me...then nothing...nothing do you but i want my hamper jare

i kept seeing the helmets in lagos and i get what fashola is doing but a safety helmet (used in an industrial plant to protect you from small things falling on your head) is not the same as a motocycle helmet for when you fall off at 50-70mph...

happy new year dearie

AlooFar said...


I saw a lady that perched the helmet on her "gele".

Merry New Year, Egbon ;)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Lol yea I was talking about head sizes. Have a good weekend too! x

Omotee! said...

LG!, u don become gba ju e abi! u no come give us our hamper again, God dey o!
as per "HELLMET" issues, i suggest make everyone buy their own o! buy a special tote bag for it and go ur way, abi e no beta? as per se, lagos and bike na d same word for naija dictionary?

Original Mgbeke said...

Omo, that one na Lice in the making. Shuoooo, I go come dey rock helmet wey 1 million other pipu don rock finish. See as di helmet come cut homegial's hair.
Na wa o!!!

Abeg come and update us when you finally enter the okada. :-p


hahahahaha! these helmets are causing katakata! na wa oh!

Afrobabe said...

lmao @ Chris...Helmet on her gele????? hahahahhahahahha

LG said...

FINE BOY AGBERO: lolllll nylon ko' pata nla nii '
soo na ur private YYet' sikira baby dey enter :P

MUMMY GARFIELD: @dispossable helmet: ahh sweri' no try oyibo pple o' nothin dem no fit do
* ishe nko??

SHUBBY DOO: lollll babes so u sef wan gba 'hamper??? :P
@ halmets; no be lie u talk o cos sum helmet resemble pikin poo sef
*Happy new year luv' shiken don finish??

ALOOFAA: buhahahahahaha ita a lie' hope u snap am???':P
BTW: who be egon????? i be OMOGE o :P

LG said...

THERAPY: yesso head size' ogor or skul' same no nii :P

OMOTEE: lollll @ gba ju e, wetin u nid hamper for sef???? abi chrismas neva finish???
*TOTE BAG for HELMET ke????? which levels??????? :P

ORIGINAL MGBEKE: na only lice u dey talk' bird flew nko???? helmets wey diff kind of ogor don wear fit caus anything o :P
* update coming ur way soonest

MUMMY TK: dearie' enuf katakata o' u nid to see all dos isale eko women wit helmet' na die :P
* how r my cuties???

AFRO: lolllll it has jus started

Rita said...

I have seen many innovations this 2009 because of okada and helmet: hanky, shower cap, rain hood, waterproof, cap, wig, and am not kidding, I saw a man, in suit, wearing shower cap under his helmet...

And for me who loves okada...I am getting a shawl...

Anonymous said...

Lol you'll have to excuse me small I've been raised Western all my life lol and I can't read (omg I don't even know what it's called!) well...

Lol - with time x

Debbie said...

Funny Lol! Iaugh and laugh.

Happy New Year

LG said...

RITA: hehehehehehehe' shower cap ke????? him no get hanky??? abi na him 'jerry curl ' him dey protect?? :P

THERAPY: no problem ' dear u are on the right blog, oya go buy slate (hope u undeestand dat one sha :P)

DEBBIE: enuf laughter :P
happy new year dear'

joicee said...


lg, you've come again...very funny post. These helmets law is causing commotion o. Recently read that some okada drivers are using wa

joicee said...


lg, you've come again...very funny post. These helmets law is causing commotion o. Recently read that some okada drivers are using wa

Jarrai said...

lol!!! this helmet thing is too funny..the bucket helmet is the best!! not only will it protect your head (not) you can use it to collect water too...ingenious!

Omohemi said...

nice stories.

when u want wear the helmet na, just put handkerchief for head, then where the helmet.
I like the disposable helmet idea, it must be very light though and can be used like twice.

how come nobody could translate fokasibe, darn, are there only ajebutas on blogsville?

Anonymous said...

Lol! I will be back for more lessons! xx

Writefreak said...

You ain't getting no shiken no more!!!! Capish!

Writefreak said...

You ain't getting no shiken no more!!!! Capish!Period!!

Writefreak said...

I decided to post another comment since when i click on my name here, it takes me to the second profile blogger has created for me, rubbish...

My darling, pls see if this takes you to my blog when you click on it and lemme know...

thanks for allowing me...hehehe

[***Fresh&Fab***] said...

LG, I dey vex for u oh, u no even come me how I dey. Happy new year

LG said...

JIOCEE:lollllll @ calabash' its not impossible tho :P
*dearie' its been a while' happy new year

JARRAI: hehehehe omoge u no try at all' fetch water ke???? no let FRSC hear u o :P
*howz wrk?

OMOHEMI: yaayyyyyyyyyyyy my august visitor' e don teyyyy :P
so u r for d dispossable hemet' oya 'chop knuckle :)
@fokasibe: egbon no mind dem jare' dem dey form' buttaa :P

LG said...

THERAPHY: no wahala dear' lectures starts by...... :P

WRITEFREAK: no shiken 'no message :P

FRESH N FAB: ahhhhhh mogbe!!! no be like dat o, abeg wait 4 me
i dey come xplain

princekay123 said...

Kai, this helmet thing is causing trouble o! I saw two okada riders with paint-bucket helmet and soldier's war helmet yesterday in VI. I laughed my head off.

For me, what you need to do is to buy the helmet if you cannot stop riding okada. Afterall we carry umbrellas around. Some people even carry 2 laptops around everyday without complaining of the weight. So, why can't we carry a very light-weight head protector.

Some portable helmets will comfortably sit in ladies' accessory bags. They only need to reduce other irrelevant things they carry around like phone charger, make-up kits and mirror, etc.

Well, I purchased my own Crash Helmet yesterday and I have it inside one polythene bag. At least that will prevent spread of epidemic and HIV through shared helmets. Abi LG?

princesa said...

He he he he he he he!!!!

All the comments here are hilarious!

So na wetin dey happen for Naija be dis now?
LG, from where u take hear all these gists. I don change ur name to Madam AIT,lol!

Nne out of the stories, na dat last one fear me pass o.
Dat kain thing fit happen o!

Jesu mere umu gi ebere!

Hapi nu year babes!

Ps: I have seen plenty peeps using nylon bags to cover their head before wearing the helmet. I still think the best solution is to buy a small, lightweight helmet and carry around in this fine, tush bag:)
Na who go know say na helmet u carry?

ablackjamesbond said...

me i not fit wear those helmets o. not safe at all...before person go wear helmet for lagos, appear for kutuwenji the next minute o. i no dey

Lolia said...

lol you make me laugh so much...

Happy New Year dear!

Jaguda said...

too is number one o. the number of maimed people in LUTH due to okada injuries are plenty. i recommended a luxury helmet on my blog

NigerianDramaQueen said...

I just read about this helmet thing for the first time yesterday on another blog. It's one thing if the okada drivers have to wear it...but as for passengers, the thought of messing up one's hair or getting lice is not very appealing. I guess it was a good thought in principle, but the reality of its application may leave much to be desired. If only they could find disposable helmets like you suggested!!!

SHE said...

Like you said, LG, lets see how long it lasts.
I don't think the idea of carrying a helmet around is appealing at all. After all, we don't all take bikes everyday, do we?
Who knows, armed robbers may even see another opportunity in robbing people of helmets, just like phones. LOL

Smaragd said...

LG! na wa for u and these stories o, no be our portion in Jesus' name!

me, i cannot buy a personal helmet, cuz it'll only make a clumsy addition to the bag and laptop bag we carry to work.

then imagine this:

fine boy: hi Sma
Sma: "preening" hi
fb: that bag looks big, what's in it?
Sma: "stutters", my "helmet"!
fb: oh!


ibiluv said...


i don wear am with pride looked brand spanking new.....i wore a shower cap and lined the helmet with paper.......

Writefreak said...

My darling how you dey? Just say make i check up on you o...
norin do you!

Olamild said...

You know i have been hearing stories like this for some timeand you never know o... anything fit happen 4 9ja o.

Can't people bring their own helmets from home?

omoh said...

The whole helmet thing has made me avoid okada like mad.Just the other day,i saw a passenger on okada with helmet,and he had massive bumps on the back on the back of his head,sorta like boils.Fear grip me.God,2009,i must get ny ride oh!

bumight said...

lmao! what about collapsible helmets?

Sherri said...

Happy New Year babe!
wishing u a blessed 2009.
blessing go boku for ya house.


madam, how you dey?

~Sirius~ said...

Madam........waka come your spot.

Olufunke said...

Intersting ......
Where you get all these stories from?
Very funny
I have had to wear the 'helment' 'element' abi na 'clement'
I was just preying...who knows who has worn it before?
wel...I am also praying someon else would wear it after me and contact grace and goodness from me :-).

Yewande Atanda said...

when are u updating madam 'Life is Good'?

THe AFriCan pOet said...

Be the first to know about THE POETRY AFRICA REALITY SHOW
Egoh Salem(Administrator)

exschoolnerd said...

I DON LAFF TIRE...I DON WEAR D 'ELIMET' OH..EVEN HAF PICTURE SEF..DAT THAT STOOPID CHARIZARD TOOK...I WANT TO STOP USING okadas...though its hard and i only started using em last 2yrs..m trying to figure out how i was able to manage without them...

y'Jasmine said...

KAI!!!NNA MEEEEEEN...I GA E GBU KWA NDI MMADU O! Meanwhile, i think in this whole fracass bout helmet we ladies r protected somehow. Our weave-on wey we dey wear half of our life time go serve as 'osuka'. But bia ka'm gwa gi; i heard a gist of a guy that wore the helmet and wen he pulled it he turned imbecile...then i heard your destiny or brain gets exchanged if u wear d one dem don jazz..anoda one disappeared after he wore it!. I've been so freaked out by it- i've cancelled or taken longer routes(bus/cab) to my distinations....LMAOROTF...'HAM' and 'PER'....!

Aijay said...

This post is so funny. The comments funnier.
Nne, biko get urself a helmet if u have to use an okada... put it in a tush bag like Princesa suggested.

mike said...

That helmet is causing trouble o!! One chick said, "how i go use helimet scatter my 9500 naira hair". I am also guilty of raising the helmet above my head so that i no go get LA-PA-LA-PA! But how will Dangote think of buying helmet for you? In fact...... take care. Nice 1

Buttercup said...

chai nawa o..naijaaaaaaaaaaa!

lmao @ 'clement'!!!

how u doing baybay??

StandTall-The Activist said...

You have being everywhere but my blog. I wanted to have you interviewed, you didnt reply my emails. Do I take all these personally?

LG said...

PRINCEKAY:lolllll@hiv' i hope not'
*egbon hapinuye

PRISCO: nne maka why?????? AIT too small o' wat abot CMM????:)
@tush bag; na eko we dey' make all dos apongbon boiz no begin tink say na anoda thing i carry o :)

007:lollll@..kutuwenji' egbon its not impossicant BUT no be our portion o (amen)

LOILA: happy new year dear' hope u r doing well

JAGUDA: yessoooo safety first
*how runz:)

NDQ: abi o' my sista' dispossable helmet go save pesin 4rm lapalapa n odas :)

SHE: lollllllllllll dearie dat one hungry amurobber be dat, ROB helmet ke???? :)

SMARAGD: boyalomo' how u sef take dey sure say FINEBOY no carry helmet for him briefcase???? :) :)

IBILUV: buhahahahaha i trus u jare' ib no dey slack(s) at all :)

WRITEFREAK: nothing fit do me naa' (na me do sumthing:)

OLAMILD: dearie' na d same thing we dey talk'
*how ya side

BUMIGHT: yeeeepa' helmet sef don suffer o :)

SHERRI: AMENoooooooooooooooo
thanx hon' hope u r doing well

MUMMY TK: mo wa pa ' ese

SIRIUS: susu were wa'yonu, ana ma bia :)

OLUFUNKE Amenooooooooooooo
'oya borrow me ya helmet :)

YEWANDE: yessooooo life's tush :)

XSN:lollllllll abeg i wan c dat pishure' hope u wear shawa-cap b4 u wear d clemet :)
*glad u beta now

Nne berra go zuta ur helmet 'cos i no go borrow u my own o :)
BTW e don teyyyyyyyyyy' how u ?

AIJAY: @tush bag' no be me n una wit apongbon boiz
*hope u r doing well

MIKE: lollllll@dangote' bros welcome jare' no mind dango :)
*hapy w'end

BUTTERCUP: dearie' i full ground brekete' how ya side??? i get GALA o :) :)

MUMMY SCOFIELD: interview me ke????
elo'le'ma so'????????
u kno say i be bis'girl :)

Kabi-Osi Edumare said...

lmao...nice one abeg no dey enter aboki okada o...cos their own life get part 2 o.

but wait o...dis one na correct business o..i fit contact helmet pple for yankee.get am for wholesale ..come ship am go naija....Money don come be dat.mine go get all d accessories>>>straps and all d good stuff

Thanks for stopping at my blog..Gracias!!!

Severus Snape said...

This helmet thing na wa o!


haba! until you reach 100 comments before you update eh?

FineBoy Agbero said...

Iyale mi, so u no go update abi? Which food u dey cook for me wey dey make u busy? Oya, update!

~Sirius~ said...

Nne? Hope all is well?.....Come out of your hiding place.

simplegal said...

I know I'm VERY late in commenting, but better late than never shey?

LOL! This helmet thing is too funny!

and btw, I was told that Fokasibe means, and I quote "To use head scatter ground" Is it right? (I know no hamper for me).

Ezi nwanne when will u update? We are missing you o!

Buttercup said...

lg baybay, u've been tagged!

prettyinpink said...

all this okada people dont use proper helmet, some use bucket or come up with different wwwaaaaa ohhh, they increase price bcuz of yeye helmet....

Honeywell said...

omg those stories are scary... but i'm not suprised.. is it not naija? they will turn the thing into jazz....

isha said...

hey baybay! happy new yr o. how now? I have only done the okada thing once, and in Jesus name, I would never have a reason to do it anymore. lol.

Spicytee said...

I'm just so afraid of the Helmet thingy, a few times dat I've used it, I always use sth on my head first, my sister suggested that I shud go buy my own helmet..LOL.As Okada is my only transport to work, If I take a bike to work, I can wake up at 6am and leave home for 7am and still get to the office for 7.15. But If I have to take a bus, that means I have to wake up for 5am.And me like my sleep too much.But u know what..I'm not going to buy helmet..I'm gonna get me a car, by the grace of GOD.

Olamild said...

Madam update now

AlooFar said...

... until I delete your blog!

Femi B said...

ha in fact when i saw the helmet craze in Lagos it was too funny. all the buckets and paint buckets as helmet. Well its for their protection. I say anyone who is a regular okada rider should just go buy their own and not worry about lice, kuruno..or jazz

Lady A said...

The story was comical! I enjoyed it...well, all I can say is that there is nothing like protection....better safe then sorry!

Buttercup said...

ni bo le wa o????

wellsbaba said...

ham n per...mcheeeeew dis girl u wil not gaan bornagain lol i hav uploaded o

Afronuts said...


You dis girl did you upload JAZZ with ya template abi how people manage rush comment like this?

I've heard stories like that too oh.
Man, those helmets are causing commotion all over Lagos. I took an okada once to avoid driving thru hold-up and I had to hold a spare hankie for covering my head b4 wearing that helmet.

As for 'bea bea bea'...I am cofered by da Blood of

JideSalu's Diary said...


Happyyyyyy Valentinooo o.

Oh girl na wa o, this many comments - make you pass just a fraction come my side now.

Well done, your style is different, I like it even though I will suggest you get quick on the mark to set up the 1st ever pidgin english dictionary. Abi one dey?

me i need am o.

Take care dear.

Rita said...

How you dey?

tobenna said...

WHo talk say you no crase no know you.
You dey kolo.
Meanwhile, I stay in Suru too...
How are you keeping

Anonymous said...

What's a gele?