Monday, January 5, 2009


That 2009 will be a year of :
*Manisfestation of God's supernatural blessings in her family
*Greater achievements & experiences in her career.
*Restoration and fruitfulness in her body, soul and spirit
*And above all' Unlimited Grace
as you type in ur Amen' May it also be well with u and your family

Yessoooo0 2008 is gone and can Never come back Not even as a Remix, We give Glory to God for everything Esp' the fact that you can Still view dis Blog '
who says this is not a Miracle??????
We hope 2009 ll be a year of testimonies even for our country 9ja; Heres praying for better governance and an end to boju-boju politricks.

Hope u all had a lov'ly christmas, Lagos was as usual lagos and everywhere u go na fokasibe u go hear' ori'e fokasibe, danfo fokasibe, Arsenal fokasibe Abeg wat is fokasibe???? (FBA/XSN ova to una) talking of agberos' i nor kno wetin to buy for my 'Agbero' as xmas gift o' the bobo don try for urs truly no be small, anytime wey he see me for cms na free ride to kilimanjaro be dat, another thing i gbadu abt him is dat he is neat and not rough unlike his oda colleagues as in' he goes abt his duties quietly and diligently, i have not seen him fight with any driver or conductor neither have i caught him smoking dat thing tho his lips tells a different story entirely But above all he calls me mamma' (who dey jealous??
So make una suggest wetin i go buy for my 'Agbero' who coincidentally bears a name that starts wit 'A and ends with O'
P.S: I no want suggestions like 'boxers' or singlet' b4 d bobo go begin tink say i get hidden agenda o :)

In the spirit of celebrating 2009ja, the first 9 commenters gets special hampers from LG'

Happy New Yeah'


OluwaDee said...

Happy new year deariee.
I want my hamper o.

LusciousRon said...

Happy new year? Waiting for my hamper!

Is his name Adio? or Akano? or Alao?
I try abi? Maybe you should give him a hamper with different selections of tea it will keep him warm in this Harmattan plus keep him busy instead of smoking that 'thing'.

Dee! said...

Happy New Year LG!

Amen to all your prayers!

May the good Lord continue to meet you at your points of needs in Jesus Name. Amen.

Just DHL my hamper o!

aloted said...

Ope o i am in the top 9 so send that hamper fast fast

amen to ur prayer...i no see prayer for oko...abi that one has been settled? if so glory be to God..if not i go join am to the prayer...

Ms.O said...

Happy new year LG!!! Amen to your prayers too!

NoLimit said...

Your word is bond o!
Happy new year to you...please send me your mail addy for my addy!
I must to collect my own hamper o!

Writefreak said...

Ope o! O ya LG send me my hamper now now!

Amen to your prayers....

What of buying him food items? Or some groceries? That shouldn't give any wrong impression..

Have a happy year my darling, hope you're ok

'Yar Mama said...

Happy New Year.

'Yar Mama said...

Happy New Year.

StandTall-The Activist said...

Am no 10 and I must get hampers o. Happy nu yr dearie. U no go reply my email?

simeone said...

amen and happy new year....thank you LG for givin me my hamper before christmas ..i am really appreciate you can see that this competition here is not working for me.....
as for ur friend that calls you mamma..but a shirt and print " i love mamma" on it.. he'll love it...

ShonaVixen said...

Happy New Year!!!

rayo said...

si nd shona; kilode? u people no dey here when i reach oh. lg; wat is ur own wt fba? corner-corner love no dey bring good thing oh.
happy new year love.
p.s i no need dey 1st 9 to get hamper now ;)

Jarrai said...

Happy new year hun...amen to all ur prayers xx


yay! we can finally leave a comment!

happy new year oh! may God bless you and yours and provide you with good health, happiness, success and satisfaction!

THIRTY + said...

Happy New Year

Do you mean FBA as in blogger agbero abi dis one na another coded word like fokasibe.

LG said...

OLUWADEE: yayyyyyyy!!! my 1st commenter in 2009ja :)
happy newyear to u hon' howz Oga?

LUSCIOUSRON: thanx dear
lolll@Adio? or Akano? or Alao? babes u 4 kukuma call am 'alao-akala na :)
as per the xmas gift' u nor sure say 'A' go read anoda meaning to am?? i cant shout o :)

DEE: Amen n Amen n Amen :)
dis is our year of 'unspeakable joy'
*howz d fam dresser'hope e don marry ;)

LG said...

ALOTED: 'ermm iyawo dis ur
'ooo kay ooo' wetin e mean???
jus pray for all the good good things 4 me jare' we nor dey forbid am 4 my place :)
*happy new year

MS.O: awww thanx dear' hope u njoyed the xmas'
'it is well

NO LIMIT: lolll@...Your word is bond o! But Ddt sounds like a threat o, hope i am safe???? :)
norrin do u jare' hamperS u shall get:) Happy new-year

LG said...

WRITEFREAK:food items or groceries ke????? dearie u neva hear dat song wey stylplus dem sing....i mean 'iya basira' abi which kind food u mean?? :)
*happy new year to u n urs, dis is ur year o

YAR MAMA: Happy new year hon'
hope u rested?? howz d fam?

MUMMY GARFIELD: Happy new year dear' but wait o' i tink say na u OWE me HAMPER :)
*howz oga n my cuties??

Anonymous said...

AMEN to your prayer o! Happy new year darling, may this year bring you joy and happiness. You should buy him a nice hamper. I should still collect hamper u know say me and you be buddies na? What is fokasibe????

LG said...

OMO-BABA: lollll soo 'dat hamper' reach u?? i nor kno o' newayz thank u 4 thanking me *winks*
*as per the "i love mamma" tee shirt' if u promise to sponsor the printing, i promise to wear it, DEAL OR NO DEAL :)

SHANA VIXEN: n happy new year to u too dear' Brace ursef for many good things to come :)

RAYO: lolll omoge' now i no say u nor read d post at all, Abi wetin consign 'fba' wit my own 'agbero wey dey 4 cms' abegooo allow me put my leg 4 ground cos i nor wear ...:)
*how are ur siblings??

JARRAI: thanx dear' i wish u d same
*howz wrk n dat project comin on??
it is well

MUMMY TK: Amen oooooooo' thanx hon' n how is my tk bobo??? enuf 'shiken' for am dis season :)

30+: KAI!! *bits finger* 'rayo shebi u see wetin u don cause??
BTW dearie, my own 'agbero is special, he works at cms motor park n i dont tink he is a blogger at least not yet:)
*happy new year to u too'

Kafo said...

i guess this means i don't get a hamper

so sad
very sad

happy new year ooooooooooo

Original Mgbeke said...

Appy nu yia babe! Chei I missed out on the top 9, but I say a big AMIN to your prayers. Wishing you your best year yet... :-D
Arrrrm carry Hamper to your agbero nau. Hehehehehe...

Afrobabe said...

Happy New year....

you said the first 9 and then the 22nd get a hamper abi...thank you, thank you...

heyyyyyy you get agbero bobo???

Buy him guguru and ekpa...

or go and ask fineagberoboy

Afrobabe said...

or buy him some weed...

Remi, United Kingdom said...

okay I'm too late for hamper - shissh! but happy new year all the same... wetin be fokasibe abeg????

Remi, United Kingdom said...

and .... Amen to the prayers oh

Sting said...

Happy new yr, LG!

What did u get for ur Agbero?

mizchif said...

AMIN oh!!!

Happy new yr sista LG!

LG said...

TEMITE:aww thanx dear'i wish u d very best BUT dis one wey u sef suggest 'hamper e be like say i go consider am o THE only gbege be say i neva c agbero wey carry 'hamper b4 o :)

KAFO: haba!! not in dis year o' u are not allowed to be sad esp on Dis blog, so wipe ya tias away cos u just got a hamper' :)
*happy newyear

ORIGINAL MGBEKE: yesso nwanem nwanyi' dis is our year' 2009ja for life :)
*as per 'A' gift no problem so far na u go deliver am 4 me :)

LG said...

AFROBABE: lollllll no problem hon' even sef i bin don look 4 ur name among the 1st 9commenters, BUT how u go suggest 'kpoli' as gift to 'A'
abi u want make him dey tink say we dey d same klub??? Even sef' how i go present am to am? :)

REMI: happy newyear sweet' our year of unspeakable joy'
*so u too want 'hamper??? u shall get two :)
BTW i m stil waiting 4 someone to decode d meaning to me o' maybe i ll ask my 'agbero :)

STING: happy newyear dear' hope u n lennie had fun'
* i ve not yet decided wat to get him o' everyone's suggesting 'hamper' but wetin him go do with all dos bake beans,cornflakes n custard wey dem dey put inside :)

MIZCHIF: happy new year to u hon'
ke'ki'si gba' krimas???

Uzezi said...

happy new year. what does fokasibe mean really? the one i just cant understand is 'u get mouth' new slang. u do something for someone, 'men, u get mouth'. u explain somethhing, 'u get mouth' u dress well, it's 'u get mouth'

so bad that i was in church and my pastor was really giving the word and i almost screamed 'u get mouth'

give ur agbero a bible and a daily devotional.

~Sirius~ said...

ah ha- 1st 9 Kai! I'm 33! :-(

To greater Achievements, unlimited Grace, Good health, Divine favor, Restoration.
I believe it is indeed going to be a great year.

Happy new year darling.....

Afrobabe said...

you smile and say.....I am sure you know what this is....

Omotee! said...

LG mi owon, happy 09! amen to all ur prayers o, i go send my prayer points to u lera.
i assume u don buy agbero im gift, wetin u come buy?

Woomie O! said...

LG my darling!!!! Happy new year!!!
Still, noborri has said the meaning of the darn slang 'fokasibe'! All these bloggers sef, dem no sabi anything...even Rayo, i'm disappointed in her. I almost konked my cousin when he told me, 'mehn ori e fokasibe mehn'!!! warrahell!!!

LG said...

UZEZI: Happy new year dear'
hope u had a nice one'
as per 'agbero gift' i ll tinkS abourit :)

SIRIUS: aww thanx for ur prayers dear' n i tink u deserve a hamper too :)

AFROBABE: buhahaha yeye gal no be me n u :)

LG said...

OMOTEE: yessso happy new year' dis is our year of unspeakable joy'
* i neva buy gift for A o' but maybe dis weekend sha

WOOMIE O: omoge everthing fokasibe o happy new year :)

darkelcee said...

happy new year,

buy him a good shirt abi?

Olamild said...

Happy Ne wYear.
May good things come ur way

**bites finger **

Wetin LG go buy 4 her agbero o?
ehmmmmmmmmmmm t shirt? face cap?

LG said...

DARKELCEE: happy new yer dear'
hope u had a swell one'
*as per A' a teeshirt sounds nice but the question is will he be able to maintain it :)

OLAMILD: Amen oooooo
thanx dear' i wish u d same'

* i nor kno weda A go fit maintain teeshirt/face cap o' even sef e fit go sell am :)

princekay123 said...

Happy New Year baby!

Anonymous said...

Hey Happy New Years to you too sweets...good seeing your post that I can understand.

Thanks for stopping through!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Afronuts said...

Amen to you and a very Happy Nu Year to you too.

what to buy for agbero bobo?
Give him a fresh stash of igbo naah

lol...okay to be serious, get him a pair of funky sunshades

doll said...

Buy a gd belt for ur agbero..LOL…Happy new yr…may d yr bring forth gd

FineBoy Agbero said...

1. Amen

2. How dare u even look at anoda agbero when one dey die for u, ehn? Indeed, ori foka sibe!
And i wont tell u d meanin, u berra go and ask ur agbero...

3. Gift ko, gift ni! In fact lemme catch dat yeye boy! For dis lagos? Where be im park sef? Oya, talk! Dat boy don kpai for dis Lagos! Such effontery!

LG said...

PRINCE KAY: awww happy newyear egbon'
*howz d family

OYIN: yesssoooo thank God u understand' so pls tel me d meaning of 'fokasibe??????

AFRONUTS: funky sunshades ke????? so he go fit pursue all dos danfos well well shebi??? i ll tinks abourit :P

DOLL: dearie' BELT ke???? is dat no too suggestive even wen i sabi say A no get nyansh abi na waist 4 belt :P

FBA: lolllll u sef ori'e fokasibe :P
if A catch u, na blogville no go fit settle am o :P

Anonymous said...

I dont remember deleting my comment but in my late night Internet jams with the fatigue that takes over I wouldn't be surprised... vacation boredom...

So I will leave my Amen and well wishes perhaps for the second time... I forgot what I said the first time... Lol x

LG said...

THERAPHY: lollll norrin do u dearie'

Buttercup said...

amen to ur prayers o..

u shud get him a carton of shepe..

JideSalu's Diary said...


First time here and I could not stop laughing.

I say AMEN to all prayers that come forth from you and are said for you in Jesus name.

Come check me out...I be JJC for this una business o.