Monday, March 9, 2009


*Do not adjust ur browser

Hehehehehehehehehe see as dem dey run come' even lenie, molly and garfield; KAI!!!! afrobabe c'mon stop pushing qmoney and simplegal' they were on the line before you, abi na everyday u go dey carry 1sttttttt??? :-) mizcynic, ibiluv eku id malud*

*clears throat* Yesooooooo i want to use this opportunity to thank everyone that nominated me as the Bloggers Choice and the Most Likable Blogger in the **NAIJA BLOGGERS AWARDS;
I must confess, when i first read about the awards i was like 'dem don carry come' tho i frequently checked the site for updates and comments' i never nominated anybody not even myself (no lie) neither did i ask anyone to nominate me, so u can imagine my shock/surprise when i checked on saturday and saw my blogname among the nominees, in my head (itsalie!!!) i had to refresh to confirm it was really 'Ladyguide i was seeing and not 'Ladipo. Thank you for believing in me, i feel soooo humbled, honoured, h%!!#&&&%!!# infact i dey fel like obasanjo o o) ese'gan

I also want to commend the organisers' sting, toluwa, geisha, funms and co for a job well done ( i know say e no easy) although i xpected to see the names of some notable naija bloggers like and ....... BUT, who am i to grumble' AFTERALL i didnt nominate anybody (thank God for category B)

Once again, i say a big THANK YOU for the nomination; for those that didnt nominate me......(u still dey read??) Abegggggggggggggi go vote for LADYGUIDE inshort any place u see LA. . . .*(sorry LInda) just click on dat small round button near it. *God bless u as u vote.
Norrin do una'
PS: fba abeg come help me begin share the zobo*