Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Madness……i reject it

Ladies n gentlemen, bois n gals, mamas n papas, bloggers n non-bloggers, Una good morning o’ how una dey?? I hope no sme-sme ; yessssooooo as far as baba loke remains baba loke (no rival), norrin do all of us :) Amii o

The other day i saw a mad woman been chased by some officials of the Lagos state traffic management authority (lastma), mehn you need to see how the woman was zooming in n out of traffic; it’s miracle she wasn’t knocked down by a car *sigh* but madness no be beta thing o' or how can one live for years without knowing who or where he/she is.
The dictionary defines it as a relatively permanent disorder of the mind;

harsh but true, i know of a mad man (not spaco) that calls everybody ‘aunty’ he even calls introduces himself as “aunty”; as soon as he sees you, he walks up to you n says, "aunty, aunty wan chop o, i say aunty wan chop o", but when you give am money, na for chewing gum that money go end up (i kid not) no matter how much u give him and u dare not beg him o if u no want c madness in action:) He has been/still is like dat.

There's another one close to law school, he is always clad in a sweater and box (no -er to complete am) whenever there a lil traffic he goes to dos driving flashy cars to beg for money, him even get fine voice sef, u go just hear, 'Give me money' nothing like 'please o' ( wetin consign mad man wit abeg) i use to pity him cos he wasn't aggressive untill i caught him red handed smoking dat thing, mehn my luv for him flew out of the danfo bus one time' *loud hiss* nansense see pessin wey i been get plans for' shiorr
The women nko na another matter, apart 4rm the fact that they are molested n sum times impregnated (for rituals and other sadistic purposes), they also are exposed to all sorts dehumanization from the society, who believe they have been cursed for partaking in one evil or another; but i wonder how these women cope during dat time of the month, or dem no dey see dat thing????

Ndi nkem, i don think dis madness matter soteyyyyyyyyyyy' before i begin kolo make i ask una......

1. What causes madness ???
2. Is it all mad men dat smokes?? (all d ones wey i kno dey smoke)
3. Can it be cure as in totally
4. Is it hereditary (sum claim it is)
5. Is it possible for non-smoker to start smoking as soon as he becomes mad
6. Is being mad d same thing as one partially losing his/her memory
7. Who is responsible for taking care of dem (the govt/their families)
8. How true is the statement dat, all humans are entitled to 5mins madness daily


Dee! said...

Madness is indeed a permant disorder of the mind. I believe most times that the one who is mad contributed to his/her madness! O yes! Some causes are smoking weeds and that affects the brain most times.

No one was created mad!

LG said...

Dearie, are u sure.....??
at times one cant xplain how these things happen

Dee! said...

. . . I do not think a partial loss of memory can be described as madness.

It is the responsibility of the family to care for them by. Yeah. Most people would not want to be associated with a mad person . . . but at least take them to the psychiatric hospital.

Jarrai said...

I am second...victory dance, gambian style :)

Dee! said...

Meanwhile why haven't you claimed your award? Abi you no want am! Visit my blog for details.

Jarrai said...

Our mind is our most wonderful tool and when it fails us then what made us unique becomes tainted..our identity is not clear cut any more, madness becomes us

There are a lot of reasons that can cause this unfortunate behaviour... stress, shock, substance abuse etc..i heard in some cases being "jazzed" by those baba's..whatever causes it, care must be provided for not only by the family but the state too.

LG said...

@partial loss of memory: i tot as much tho' sum caes r complicated like dat of sunny spaco, he is married with kids yet he behaves like a mad person (sum times)
@ award: thanx hon, i already did,
i ll be back to pick it up as soon as i remove the old paintings on my wall *wide grin*

@JARRAI: (grins) babes u neva dance finish???

Free-flowing Florida said...

i've always wondered abt madness, esp wen my aunty (4rm my grandmom's side of d family) married dis guy 4rm my clan. it turned dat dis man my aunt married has a 'mad' sister dat had been under lock & key 4 years. somehow though, my aunt got dem 2 release dis woman & she'd go wit dem 2 everywhere my aunt went wit her new husband. there was even talk of my aunt taking dis sister n law of hers 2 US wen she'd join her husband, but it ddnt happen. apparently, being left behind made dis woman who was almost regaining her sanity relapse. 2day, she's back under lock & key. 2 d best of my knowledge, she's not violent & never have been. but her family don't talk abt her, so we don't know 4 sure wot d problem is.

i can't say wot drives pple mad, but i suppose it'd varied. smoking may have something 2 do wit it. jazz is another thing (while i personally don't believe n jazz, i can't completely rule it out). others meet a situation so grave, dat it just sets dem off.

who is best 2 take care of mad pple? their family of course!

simplegal said...
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Sting said...

There are different types of mental illness. The worst type is schizophrenia cos it's difficult to treat and they don't know what causes it. Most of the patients at the mental hospital i work, either have schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

Yes, mental illness is hereditary. I know schizophrenia and bipolar are for sure. As per smoking, we were told it's "good" for schizophrenic cos it helps them to calm down. A lot of the patients smoke like 96% of them. Well, a lot of pple in america smoke anyway, so i don't know how much the society has played a role in that.

Most mental illness cannot be cured, but they can be controlled by medication. Like i said it depends on what is causing the problem. Depression is a mental illness and there are different severity of that. Some pple have major depressive disorder and that is totally different from someone who is just depressed. That too can be controlled by medication.

A lot of the are aware of what's going on. Like a couple of patients on the unit that are perpetually having conversations with pple we can't see. As soon as u call their name or talk to them, they understand u and can reply. It just depends on the extent of their illness.

Their families are responsible for taking care of them plus the government. Cos a lot of people cannot afford medication, and they need this medication to stay sane. That's where the government comes in.

With regards to what Dee said, some pple are genetically predisposed to mental illness. It is something that is hereditary, for sure. Our forefather knew what they were doing when back in the day b4 u get married they investigate the family of the other person to make sure there's no madness or theivery in their family.

simplegal said...

Somethin great has happened oh...I cracked top ten! *moonwalking*

I'm back oh LG; I've not updated yet, but I had to come and view my source of neverending entertainment!

Ehm, I'll be back with my answers for your questions, coz I have to prepare for school, but I can definately say this now: I agree with number 8; I need my five minutes daily to deal with the kolo I deal with everyday!

aloted said...

men i don't have answers to your first 7 questions..u might need to ask a Mad doctor..i mean doctor of the mad..psychiatrist or wat are they called..

but yes o..everyone is entitled to 5 mins (more sef) of madness a day! what you see as madness might not be madness to it also depends on level of madness again..

ok now i think i am talking outta here!!!

joicee said...

Madness is general term for psychological disorders
It came range from severe depression to schizophrenia and psychosis...Some forms of schizophrenia could definitely be inherited other could be triggered from drug use.....It is quite sad that the govt in Naija does not take mental health issues seriously

Love your blog BTW

30+ said...

Psychological - Trauma from abuse,

Medical - Injury to head, drugs OD

Spiritual - Jazz, curse, hex, jinx, spell, witchcraft e,t,c

Those are the things that I think causes madness.

LG said...

JARRAI: ohhh she's finally thru (lol)
swerri i luv the fact dat u referred to it as an "unfortunate behaviour"
God bless u,
*as per d jazz part: has science proved its "possibility"

FFF: awww poor her
but WHY do they always have to be locked up n most times chained like wild animals??? is there no oda way *sigh*
n yess i m wit u dear, i m not feeling d jazzy part too

STING: thanx dear for shedding more light on it 'tho sum of 'prescriptions' are strange, i still cant imagine how 'smoking' can help'
pls educate me o

SIMPLE GAL: (grins) nwanne welcome back jare, norrin do u. abeg take it easy on ur sef n dat madness o lolll
just remember to study well, mwahhhh

ALOTED: yessssso anoda mad pessin in the house
no be me n una' lolllllllllllllllll

JOICEE: yep so sad, rather sum pple take advantage of dem
*sigh* God help us.Amen
Thanx, hope u ll be back

30+: dearie, i ve heard abt dem, but wat abt reading? can too much reading of books cause madness????
i use to hear dat in sec school, neva believed it tho

emmyz said...

May God help us, no one pray for this.

rayo said...

i am so pissed! i saw the post, zero comments nd then my effing connection cannot connect to remote computer, sum 30 mins later nd i'll b no16. lg i dey vex wit u nd as per all these ur madness questions, me i think mostly in naija, dey'r doin d person from home. dont mind me sha

rayo said...

can u imagine i'm not even 16, i'm 17. i'ma go burn down sum company oh.

LG said...

EMMYZ: Amen ,
hope u r doing well

RAYO: lollllll sowwy honey, dat ya internet need small koboko :)
as per..doin d person from home.
the bottom line be say na we dey do oursef

LG said...

babes abegoooooooooooo
fine boi agbero, where u dey????
sum bori...... anybori......
catch RAYO!!!:)

rayo said...

u beta commot go my blog now now. cant u c half d comments here are from u. wetin

NaijaBabe said...

asides from the whole belief in the ritual thingies. I think it may be stuff like depression, using the wrong drugs and many other medical things I guess. These things are hard to explain.

Jaycee said...

Somehow you always seem to touch on health issues.

I know smoking pot can actually cause people to go mad...I used to see a lot of them on the main street near my University, and if you give them money they definitely would use it to get that thing to smoke. It was a sad case.

But not all cases are like that...

About mad women, you, I'm beginning to wonder what happens when they are on their period. I've heard some people say that even though these people are "mad," they are still wise...a mad person can take good care of their kids and feed I know that a mad woman will know how to fend for herself when that time of the month comes. Silly, but possible!

I get a little sad when I see them lurking around street corners, because I know that they are not fully conscious of their surroundings.

Jaycee said...

Yes, in response to ur question for 30+, I have witnessed my neighbor (boys quarters) get mad from reading all sorts of strange books...

Then one day he started throwing glass at us (the kids in the front house)...hmmm...he was into reading some strange things o...(if I remember clearly my uncles carried him to the psychiatrists).

archiwiz said...

LOL...Popsy used to say that smoking weed causes madness...How true? I have no idea, but I know that guys I saw smoking it had a larger propensity to display mad behaviors than others...

As per partial loss of memory, or even Alzheimer's disease...its possible that some of the people on the street parading as mad people are actually just sick in one way or the other and their family couldn't deal with it(cos they didn't understand the illness) and left them on the street.

Rita said...

I was thinking today about one very smart hot girl in secondary school who got mad after she went to her village for Christmas...funny you put a post on this...

Ok, to answer your questions, just my thoughts:
1. There are different types of madness so there are different causes...some can be accident, some can be effect of substances (drugs, marijuana) too hard for the brain, some too much book (i think)...there are plenty causes...
2. No
3. Depends on the type, some can be cured totally...and besides when God heals, He gives complete healing...
4. Having light head is hereditary ie head that can be affected by hard substances...then there are some madness that appear to be hereditary (or so it is said)
5. Not sure
6. is madness, the other is amnesia
7. Depends on the type, if the person can be controlled then the person can stay at home...if the person cannot be controlled, there should be a place for the person is undergoing treatment then the person should be in a psychiatric hospital
8. Not true

Iwalewa McDaniels said...

Some pple are born with it. I don't think it can be caused by "jazz" or whatever.I also think it is the family's responsibility and if they fail to take care of them, the govt shld not just leave them to just walk around the streets.

I once saw a mad woman and I referred to her as a "woman" and the person I was with asked: "u call that a woman?" I was just disgusted by his attitude.

LG said...

RAYO: hABA!!!! am i not allowed to xhibit my own 5 mins of .... (lollll)

9JABABE: yessso u have a point there hon, using the sum type of drugs can lead to madness, i heard abt a guy dat got mad after using 'alabukun', alabukun dat is normally taken wen one is having headache *sigh* but sum pple claim the guy's brain was too soft, imagine!
*how body? e don tey o

JAYCEE: I kno abt dat one but wat i dont kno is the effect of the 'igbo' on their system
*as per dem being wise: i no sabi dat one o or can sum one be mad n wise at the same time *scratches head*
* as reading causing madness:
o gal, abeg which kind book dem read? o dikwa very suspicious o :)

ARCHIWIZ: dearie, u r so correct, at times in buses u see lots of pple mumbling to dem sefs n behaving like children, its so sad

RITA: :)
Yessoooo...when God heals, He gives complete healing...
thanx for ur analysis but as per the 5mins madness thingy.......
u neva convince me o *grins*
*hope u r doing well

IWALEWA: ahhhh sum pple r born with it ke? abeg how come???? does that makes it hereditary??? as in mother to child or ....
BTW: why dont u believe in jazz

doll said...


Kin'shar said...

I dont think madness can be cured, how are you?

Iwalewa McDaniels said...

U know during long labor sometimes the baby doesn't get oxygen in it brain and that can cause permanent damage and result in the child being born with some form of mental retardation. I also think there are some forms of mental illness that are hereditary.

some can be controlled with medication and some can actually be cured.

Standtall said...

Thanks for calling me dearie. I am better now but sustained some injury from the fall.

A lot of mad pple in lagos could have being cured if they get adequate care from family and govt. We have this culture of not wanting to be associated with mad persons in Nigeria. But tghis could be a disease and some are herditary and I think govt will helpa lot in having a mental institute funded to help the victims

There was a woman I once read about. She set up an NGo to help the mental derailed xos she witnessed one in her family. And with a little care the person got beta. So cos of that she believes that a lot of mental cases can be cured

And the 5 mins madness for everyone is kinda sure

Sting is talking from a professional angle. I love that

LG said...

DOLL: Babes i take ur response to be ur own 5 mins of kolomental :)

KINSHAR: Swerri, i m gud o thanx' *so saddd... i dont want to believe dat *sigh*

IWALEWA: kaii!! dos case of babies being born without enuf oxygen's freaking me out '
na wa o
God help us

MUMMY SCOFIELD: awww pele swerri' hope its not too serious sha'
wat have u used on it??? Oga nko??
R u at home???
BTW: as per the 5 mins madness;
do tell when/how do u xperience urs (winks)

Allied said...

LG, all those question, I no fit answer however the last one “How true is the statement dat, all humans are entitled to 5mins madness daily”

What really is madness in a society? Isn’t it when you don’t conform to rules of the culture?

Assuming, I wear Iro and buba (Ankara) complete with gele to my work ( I work in a software company) then I start humming and dancing lorile. In a Nigerian setting – it is normal. But here in the states, I will be called Mad. Even the Nigerians here will call me MAD.

I bet if those mad people in Nigeria are in the states and they just beg for money in traffic – they will be called homeless and not mad.

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

Mad Crazy Cuckoo
Dont know about medical, spiritual or psychological reasons
But if you want to see madness at its very best
watch a married woman fighting it out with her husbands' ashewo....

Femi B said...

Madness is so
I remember the mad people in my area..on old lady that used to cook all the time and one man dressed in a suit always feeling like a professor writing rubbish on peoples walls. I always wonder if they have family members or they are abandoned

badderchic said...

plenty questions madam, we all seem to be asking the same.

the funny thing is that the phenomenon is unexplainable sometimes.

why the hell are they still on the streets?

bumight said...

some mental illnesses can be cured, others can be controlled by drugs. It is just sad how the mentally ill are taken care of in Nigeria.

Sting did a very good job explaining. The smoking thing might be as a result of the nicotine in cigarettes, idk.

Isha said...

I took an Abnormal Psychology class, and still don't understand it. Sure they say there's a science to it all, but... God knows. Let's continue to pray...

Mz. Dee said...

Mehn dis thing no be small issue...!!

I jst heard sum1 i kinda know is mad...

na wow 4 dis life sha.


Well, how can I put this delicately. Madness doesn't really mean anything, you know? We just aren't at a point where we have invested time in educating the public about mental disabilities. Most of the people we consider mad are not cursed by the gods, they just have certain imbalances, some of which can be managed with medication.

I hope that someday soon, we will get to a point were we don't criminalize and punish Nigerians for being born different. Hopefully there will come a time when we can realize that Johnny is not mad, he's just schizophrenic or bipolar.

Anyway, thanks for bringing up the issue. You know we Naija folk no dey like yarn dis kain tory.


LG said...

ALLIED: buhahahahahahaha babes abeg lef me hand dis early mor-mor o' neway u r free to wear iro/buba on a MONDAY to the office, just dont 4get to wear a CANVASS too :
norrin do u my seetaaaah *grins*

MISSDEFINITELYMAYBE: Habba babes' dat one na different type of madness o. Now...maybe my next post shld be on the diff levels of madness, wat do u think??? (bats lashes)
*hope u r doing well

FEMI B:*sigh* my sistah, no be only u o' i always wonder if their families are even aware that they r 'not well' na wa o

BADDERCHIC: God bless u dear, most times, even science cant xplain how these things happen, eg i stil cant imagine sum1 going mad after reading a book' Do you??

BUMIGHT: well said hon, but as per the Nicotine thingy.... doesn't it cause more harm than good??? i tot Nicotine is poisonous'

ISHA: Abnormal psychology ke? now dats sum thing:) babes how u cope?
n yep i m wit u, ONLY GOD KNOWS...

MZ.DEE: Babes dis one nawawa'
IT is not sumthing i wish for my 'enemy' sef' kai!!!
*how ur side???

MUMMY BOMBOY: Thanx dearie, i pray so too o' its really disheartening seeing sum families being ostracized cos a member is sick'
*During Tinubu's administration' they were taken off the streets, but no body knows where they were taken to or wat eventually happened to dem'
BTW how r my cuties *winks*

poeticallytinted said...

Haba! what can one possibly say after all that genius-like-encyclopaedic-sumtin from Sting lol.
To lose one's mind is a terrible thing. I have no idea why it happens but i guess the length of people's fuses vary, it takes less emotional, psychological and physiological stress to unhinge some people than others. They say everyone has a bit of madness in him/her. You just need the right dose of stress to force it out.
Cheery thought, innit?

ibiluv said...

i reject it toooo

no be all mad people dey smoke

i know a guy that everytyme he sees a group of women he moves close to them to show his kini.......

he must have raped someone's daughter cos if na group of men he go just pass!!!!!!!!!

i also know someone who lost it cos he failed his finals!!!!

some madness is self inflicted

Afrobabe said...

Lmao…you be Emily? Why you get plans for the mad man wey dey smoke ganja?
All the reasons you proffered are a cause of madness ….I have a cousin who isn’t exactly mad but wire dey touch for him head…he has a masters from Harvard uni and gets good jobs in naija…he doesn’t resign…he just walks away…they say n aim step mother cause am…
I remember as a kid in my dads car we saw a naked mad woman and were laughing cos she bent down and we saw red….i went home that day, got a mirror to check if mine was red as well!!!

wellsbaba said...

omo I'm so far from first,ow did it happen??? madness...hmm..hmm...wat a can b caused by loads of stuff includin weed n coke...unbearable circumstance can also cause it....some are curable some aren't

Rita said...

@LG: I'm doing fine, unsuccessful at trying to keep my eyes off your blog, thanks for asking.

As per the 5min madness, me am not sure...can't convince you... but imagine if you are gisting one sweet gist with a friend and all of a sudden she gets "5min madness"...hey! not acceptable...

miz-cynic said...

dey grow make u sef no go run mad o...abi how we for talk am.

LG said...

POETICALLYTINTED:O gal abeg which ones be 'fuse'? u mean electic wire? if na im, i no sure say i get am o' (grins)

IB: babes u don come o' how can sum1 goes mad bcos he failed his exams? *scratches head* only babaloke fit xplain dat one o'
*how ya side

AFROBABE: lollllll yeye dal, no be u be emily??? :)
*ehen as una dey laff dat woman, wat was pp doing? *wide grin*

WELLSBABA: far from first, Haba egbon' at least u no carry 'kpo' (grins) n yep sum unbearable circumstances can make sum1 lose it'
*hope u r doing well, howz mumsy?

RITA: (GRINS) dearie, i'm stil not convinced o'
*wat abt u, have u acted strange 2day?

MIZ-CYNIC: lollllllllll abeg' abeg o' gal, take time o' so na ur praya be dat??? no let me show u my own 5mins o *bats lashes*

Smaragd said...

i agree with Sting, she works with them anyway, so she should know what she's talking about.

it's pathetic how these people are handled in naija, u should visit Ife, mad people are everywhere!

it's something i hope to address in God's grace.

Sherri said...

mental illness is a disease, just
like any other disease. it is not the same as mental retardation,
it is not the same as memory loss(amnesia) it cannot be caused by jazzing(i don't belive in jazzing)it cannot be caused by reading or smoking weed or doing drugs.(people seek those for relief)
like someone already said, it can be triggered by a myriad of things/events.

it is however, very sad how the sufferers are dehumanised,neglected,exploited, abused, stigmatized in naija,
and how the general populace remain ignorant and become desensitized while being endangered and traumatized by exposure to them.

how are u luv?

FineBoy Agbero said...

I totally agree with ur comments o. Where did i see dis slogan sef? "I am not a bum; I'm just homeless."

Most ppl are not really mad, they're just destitute. Mad people? Why dem dey run for motor for road? Why most of dem, even with their rags, dey cover their privates? Why do dey beg for money and not eat sand? MEENNNN, if u see berra mad person, u go know now...

Me, i am from abeokuta o; and i don enter Aro b4. Na there d real mad ppl dey!

LG, wetin Rayo do u? Just give d order and she is a goner! Waiting...

FineBoy Agbero said...

You do not believe in jazzing???!!!!

Kai! No let white man fool u o! Dis one no be hearsay o: for my too korokoro "educated" eyes, two dudes dey fight. One comot ring for pocket hit d other with am. See as dis guy dey chop sand! and dat na for secondary school inter-house sport o...

See: even d Westerners believe in metaphysics; in things we cannot say.

Even religious ppl believe in jazz. IMplicityly though: cos if u believe dat some force (God, angels etc) can produce good effects (miracles, divine healin etc), then u should believe in d opposite balancing force(evil).

Gba, jazz can cause madness!

geisha said...

everybody has said everything i have to say.
jazz oh, sickness oh, depression oh, homelessness oh, hunger oh, like you said, I REJECT IT!!

LG said...

SMARAGD: u can say dat again dearie, i ve even witnessed sum pple throwing stones at a mad woman who they claimed 'ate her children' *sigh* d mata pass me o'

SHERRI: i m gud o, thanx swerri
so u say u dont believe in jazz....

FINE-BOI AGBERO: yessso the area fada himsef *grins*
4give 'Rayo' jare, wetin she sabi:) but bros dat gist abt inter house sport jazz dey do me one kind o, haba!!! wat r we turning des kids to??
BTW i like how u ended it....
"if u believe dat some force (God, angels etc) can produce good effects (miracles, divine healin etc), then u should believe in d opposite balancing force(evil)"
i nor sabi say u know 'book' o,
lollllllllllll *takes off*

GEISHA: Amen o'its not our portion
*hope u r doing well

Parakeet said...

Mehn LG I tire for your questions o. Anyway the only answer I know is that sumtimes madness cannot be cured but it can be managed. Both the govt and families are responsible to take care of mentally ill people. I dont think there's any correlation between smoking and mental illness and finally someone who temporarily looses their memory cannot be said to be mentally ill.

Afrobabe said...

Popsie looked straight and increased the speed of the car oh...he obviously didn't want anyone asking daddy where the woman's bum bum was red...

Afronuts said...

Boy...thinking of the answer to ur questions is enuff to make me run mad!

U and ur crazy observations sef...i hope u neva try smoke dat ting oh!

OluwaDee said...

U know mad pple o.

I believe madness and memory loss are two different things, though a mad man can also have a case of memory loss.

LG said...

PARAKEET:Thanx dear, but dat doesnt xplain why 'most' mad men smoke esp the 'oda one'

AFRO: lollllllllllllll pp soji jare b4una put am tight corner:)
BTW: Babes now dat u r 'older' can u plz xplain to blogville wat dat 'red thing' u was
*giggles in anticipation*

AFRONUTS: lollll Egbon no try me o'
i get degree for that 'department' o :)
*howz madam?*

OLUWADEE: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
iyawo is here *wide grin*
thanx hon' now i kno beta but there r sum pple that suffer 4rm amnesia yet behave like mad pple
*Welcome hon' howz Oga, momsie nko?

Buttercup said...

i really do feel bad for mad people..

i dont think being mad is the same as one partially losin his/her memory..that shud be amnesia, shey?? i think being mad i when u do things u wudnt normally do which r beyond ur control..

i also reject it IJN!

FineBoy Agbero said...

whaaaaat!!! Oya, just take off and dont u dare land!!!

naijalines said...

It is true all human beings are entitled to 5 minutes madness daily. It keeps us all sane in a mad world!

naijalines said...

LG you sef with all dis ya off the wall posts.

LG said...

BUTTERCUP: dearie i esp liked..
"when u do things u wudnt normally do which r beyond ur control"
*how ur side

FINE-BOI-AGBERO: lollllll land for where??? for ur info' na ARIK tear-rubber i dey o'
Norrin do mii *wide grin*

9JALINES: thanx babes'i trus u'
so.....tell me u don 'mad' 2day? :)

James Tubman said...

to kind of complicate the issue a bit

madness is a relative term

cultures can be mad too

some cultures might think that ist insane to drink from the milk of another species (like a cow)

some may think its crazy to smoke and consume something that will kill you but we do it everyday

i dont know

maybe i just need a drink lol

Afrobabe said...

Seeing as everybody for blogville don grow...women open ur thing and study red part, guys, open unna babe thing and study red part...matter solved!!!

NikkiSab said...

sho!!!! i drop comment here last week and now cant find it....upset

Dammy said...

What if we are the mad ones and they (mad people) are the sane ones?



LG said...

JAMES TUBMAN: yeesoo i agree wit u...cultures can be mad too :)
*hope u r doing very well??

AFROBABE: buhahahahahahaahahahaha for ur info' i just check my own n e no 'red' how come??? ur own nko?????? afro u no go kill me loll

NIKISAB: sowwwy iyawo' maybe na blogger 'shop' am' no vex jare'
BTW howz Oga, e don teyyyyy o'
mmmwwaaaaahhhhh' norrin do una

DAMMY: lolllllll but...
*scratches head* Fine Bros E be like say u get point o'
*hope u r doing well

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

abeg my sista how i go take no, theres not much mad people where i am..but its really u dey sef?

Afrobabe said...

ha, Have I just displayed a medical condition??? abi na u get the condition sef, afterall every woman for porn get red kini....go and check oh....

AJIKE said...

Hey alrite?
knock knock
guess who?
well your next door neighbour
just checking on you sweets
hope u r well
ild leave you to crack your
you always stop by at least by my what is not a blog anymore to say hi
i really appreciate you babes...muah
its Aj....xlol

AJIKE said...

ok so i was so stupid, that i posted it on with my id..i totally
how u tho?
Bless you swweets!

Chari said...

hmmmn....nkan n bee!

LG said...

FRESH N FAB: dearie, its really sad indeed
*i m gud o, thanx

AFRO: lollll yeye gal ' no be u ask me question???? :):)
norrin do me o'

AJIKE MI: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay *does brake dance* :):):)
welcome dearie' u kno say u nor fit 'dodge' 4rm Lg thanx to 'blogger' *grins* norrin do u sha
*howz mumsy, popsy, ur broda nko?
hope everyone is doing well o' my regards to dem

CHARIS: *sigh* na so we see am o'
*how ya side? hope u ve repaired ur lappy

Temite said...

This is simply schizophrenia, it can be cured with medication depending on the severity of the case. It is permanent but can be ameliorated for as long as possible as long as the said individual takes the medication correctly and in a timely manner. I beleive it is the responsibility of the state to take care of its citizen especially when they or their family cannot do such. We really need mental health institutions in Africa. I should do a research on this for my global health class. Oh my gosh - thanks LG.

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

why does blogger tell me you have updated only to rush here and there is nothing?