Saturday, August 23, 2008


Our first 'Silver' medal since the Beijin olympic began, sum bori shout Halle............... (wide grin)
C’mon guys, cheer up!!!!!! The samson siasia led 'dream team' deserves commendation and nothing else (who dey murmur for there????)
'Chari i hope, you no bet wit anybody o', lolllll Aloofaa wat abt u??

I spent the first 45mins sleeping, Oops!! :) more like consulting and the oracle revealed to me (yes me) dat we ll be going home with a Silver made 4rm gold plates (sic) so make una take am easy o, the boyz played their heart out. Remember ' it was still these ‘ojoro-loving’, ‘jersey-pulling’ 'time-wasting' argentines dat trashed almigh’ry brazil 3 naughts!! (grins)
Yesso today shld be a good day for ALL Nigerians esp for dos in the world of sports cos we went, we saw and we …………. :)

London 2012 is another opportunity for us to prove oursef, so preparation shld begin NOW!! (i hope NNF is reading)
But even as i listen to the boys shouting, ‘they robbed us again!!' outside my window, I cldnt help but ask myself 2 questions:
* Wat happens to the team now esp Samson siasia????
* Wld mikel have made any difference in the team???? *sighs* E go better jare,

On a lighter note; Did u guys hear about the four Horses that failed the dope test in the show jumping competition, *grins* they were suspended after testing positive to the banned substance capsaicin but nawa for this oyinbo people o, thank God our own scoin-scoin neva reach dat level, lollll

Later guys, I've got a date with ‘Merci’ after all' the book of knowledge commands us to celebrate wit those celebrating *winks*

Have a fun-filled w’end,
Norrin do us!!!


fantasy queen said...

hurray to the dream team, showed my support the best way i could, by remaining in bed, dreaming for em' lol
for the first time ever i wasn't interested in the olympics, not even when my own dear dream boys played. how unpatriotic. at least we came out with something.

mizchif said...

Na wa o, lg, e be like say u no just sleep after the match.
Me sef, i didn't even try to look tv @ all. For some reason, i've just not been interested in this 'olumpic'. Anywho, silver na sometin sha.

Hmmm, fantasy queen, i like this ur own method of supporting from dreamland.

OluwaDee said...

I slept off in the middle of the match. Woke up to find out we lost. @ least we got a silver medal.

Yesterday we got 2 medals.
1 bronze in womens long jump
1 bronze in 4 by 100m womens relay.

Woomie O! said...

i'm really proud of our boiz!!!
we put up a good good fight.
Keep repn Naija!!!

Anonymous said...

it's so good to see that tho some are mourning the loss of the elusive gold, others are celebrating getting the silver.
congrats to us!!

Standtall said...

Siasia has tired really. And it will be foolish for NFA and the rest to think Mikel would have performed magic. This team tried no be small. I saw u in the crowd at Beijin I called ur no but u did not roam it like I did mine

I made the top 10. O pe ooooooooooooooooooooo

TY Tha Mos Magnificent said...

men we did aight we cam we saw and almost conquered. they played their hearts out and that is what mattered most

naijalines said...

Hey, 'the glass is half-full' perspective is best for moving 4wd.

How u dey?

Reverence said...

we lost? eh ya! silver is not bad na!

Sting said...

I couldn't stay awake for the damn thing jooh. Although my brother did his best to keep me awake by constantly yelling "odemwingie is giving them the ball" or some kind of nonsense like that. My sister told me they played really well, so i'm proud of my naija team.

Mz. Dee said...

i no even enta TOP 1O.. na wow o!!! dis is why boyfie is all pissed off this mornin and takin it out on me.. HISSSSSSSSSSS

LG said...

FANTASY QUEEN: remaining in bed, dreaming for em',haba!!! dat was very unpatriotic *grins*
n yep at least we came out wit d silver.
*hope u r better now.

MIZCHIF: o gal, afraid catch sleep sef, lolll but we try sha!! 2012 is anoda year, make sure u r there o *winks*

OLUWADEE: yesso!!! trust we women to open the doors of medals for dem *smirks* but babes, u see how dos girls dey happy 4 bronze like say say ...*grins*
norrin do us!!

WOOMIE: b4 nko, 9ja rocks!!!! did u notice how the argentine's coach
was screaming at the referee to end d match , cos he kno say any wrong attempt 9ja fit equa... *winks*

GEISHA: congrats to us my sistah!!
2012 is anoda year, watch out!!!

STANDTALL: me no roam??? u wey i cal to congratulate n u dey use sleep mouth dey answer me, lollll
sure say u watch d match sef???
i go ask garfied o *grins*

TY Tha Mos Magnificent: yeah, dats d spirit. the boiz really played their heart out.

9JALINES: dearie, i dey o, sleep just dey confuse me here, lol
u nko u nor watch d match???

REVERENCE: siver, gold , wats d difference sef??? *bats lashes*

STING: i feel u my sistah, i m proudly 9ja too.
howz wrk?

MZ.DEE:buahahahahahaha sowy babes,
dont blame him sha *grins*

Naija Idol said...

*hiss*. so they didnt even win. lol. c whose talking... i didnt even watch it.Not really interested in the whole olympic saga. Hope my boyfie (osase) played ooo.

naijalines said...

Sista, I no sabi footie o. The only footie I sabi na bedroom footie. LOL.

LG said...

9JAIDOL: *loud hiss* nor be only boyfie na sandfie shior!!! if osaz na ur bf, why u no encourage am by staying awake ehn????
yeye bf snatcher, lolllllll

9JALINES: Egbele!!! na dis kind tory i dey 'gbadu'. if u sabi 'dat' kind soccer, proove many goals u don score? which club u dey represent?
local or foreign league?
berra answer o *winks*

Anonymous said...

Na wao, you guys have no idea how painful dis is, its not painful cos we lost o, its painful cos i thought the match was going to be played at 11am Gambian time, only for me to wake up around 6am and see that stupid boy Messi kissing a gold medal. I first think say na animation, until i see mallam Sani Keita do face like Fulani man wey dem tief him cow.

But 9ja men na wao, we don wowo for sports now o.Thanks to our chicks jare and yes that Judoka.

naijalines said...

Your answer:

1. How many goals? - er can't comment...a lady does not tell her age.
2. Which club? The STRONG club of course:)
3. Local or foreign league? Never tried the foreign league b4 (Does Sierra Leone count as foreign?)

LG said...

SPREZATURA:hehehehe sowy o, naim be say u miss d whole thing, but hopefully dem go dey show replay 4 a long time cos 9ja try o n yep thanx to blessing n co 4 d 2 bronze, dem try too.
BTW over-wowo dey worry us , inor go lie, i jst hope say by 2012(isha allah) we go come back with 'flenty' gold medals :)

9JALINES: yeeso mrs.strong!! i trust u to represent , oya chop knuckle, norrin do u jare
play on!!!! :)

Uzezi said...

im proud to be Nigerian.

LG said...

UZEZI: yeeeesssoooo!!
anoda proud 9gerian siatah in the house.... :)

njoy ur w'end dear

isha said...

I guess Silver is better than nothing. One of my friends was so POed, she went - "silver is not a metal, it doesn't qualify in the situation".

Afrobabe said...

lmao @ our own scion scion..yes oh oyibo dey craze..

our first silver, imagine,..when uk dey cout thirty something odd gold...abeg we need to stop sending our teams anywhere till they can assure us they r not going to sleep with the locals but to win medals....


Afrobabe said...

I didnt watch the match...I figured the results would remain the same when I woke up...

guess what...

They did!!!!!

Standtall said...

No be the Nigeria call I dey talk o. Na the one wey I wan do 4 Beijin. I no get thru na. I wan tell u wen u call sef but I don tire. Sleep dey worry me then. (how is ma pidgin?)

Sienne said...

i was sad before.

atleast we don get smtin.

but this olympics tuff small oh!

see how them Chinese jst carry evrytin!

LG said...

ISHA Babes, i thank God 4 d silver o, if not 9ja 4 be d only country wey go and olympic nor win any thing, lolllll

AFRO hehehehe b4 nko, or tell me how pesin go give HORSE drug, just to run fast???? if dat one nor be scoin scion na werrin????
but o gal stop bad mouthing our boiz jare, abi u sabi play soccer??
just watch out 4 dem in 2012.

STANDTALL Na lie!! u dey talk, abi u no remember say i cal u dat early mor mor, u just dey say IMAGINE..... IMAGINE... IMAGINE... *grins* OR u don 4get?????????
BTW as for ur peegin......... score yasef, lollllllll

SIENNE Yesso at least we lef china with 1 SILVER and 3 BRONZ!!
at all, at all naim bad pass jare

Standtall said...

I knew u were d one that called me. I was just trying to say that we shd have spoken on the field in Beijin had it being ur fone was going thru....

Na u go score ma pidgin o cos if I score myslef, I will get 100 over 100

doll said...

yay !!! we won LOL
LMAO@ Afrobabe

Omo calabar. said...

our boys gave their best. pretty impressive team, At least we won silver.

NikkiSab said...

Big up to d DREAMTEAM!!! how r u LG hope u ok.

LG said...

STANDTALL: lolllllllll no wahala prof- mrs, u can score ursef anything u like :)

DOLL: thank you jare, no mind dat yeye afro-nut :)

OMO-CALABAR: Yesso, the boiz played their heart out, even the argentines felt it :)
we ll surely get there....

NIKISAB: thanx hun, mo'wapa
o'lu kwanu???

Dee! said...

Now I know you are a real 'futbol' gal. Anyway help us tell the people in charge of sports for 9ja say make them start to train for the next one o!

FineBoy Agbero said...

me? i don know say we no fit win... abi no be Argentina?

Anyway, me i bet o. Promised to buy d boys 3 bottles of Moet if Naija won.

Now na dem go buy me 3 bottles! Wonderful!!!!
Up Argentina!!!!

LG said...

DEE: dearie, anu'gom dem go hear :)
norrin do us come 2012 *grins*

FINE BOI AGBERO: nansense n jagbajantis!!! how we take sure say no be u make us no win sef???? *hiss*
oko sikira, if no be say i ..... u, i for don ........
*wide grin*

simeoneomobaba said...

my dear lg..thanks so much..i really appreciate..i'm trying to be fine..i know i'll be o.k sha...i thot i put my comment on this post oo..but knowing how i've been lately i'm not surprised i didnt leave my how did your date with merci come..? howz work.? hope u are cool..?

LG said...

OMO-BABA: aww pele, i hope say no be
our 'victory' against argentina dey cause am o, :)
take kia of ursef

eyitope said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AJIKE said...

Lg my u?
wow its been a while
been on a holiday and not back to jand yet o
dint even have time to come on
just seized the opportunity to visit blogsville
my holiday would be over soon and then
ild come and read all your posts
i see people are still loving u
than for checkn on me...


Sabira said...

LMAO@Horses failing dope test. Are you freal? I hope not. That is gangsta!

LG said...

AJIKE: yaaay!! my sweeri's back!!! LG's gud o but u just fashi blogville like dat shebi??,
newayz ur apology is been processed, so come back for d result, :)
*miss u plenty, howz mumsi???

SABIRA: Babes berra belive it o, lollll
the 'ojukokoro's were 4rm brazil, norway,ireland and spain.
*how ya side???

Tairebabs said...

I just love it when you say 'norrin do us'. Mehn the boys tried joh. I wasn't even expecting them to make past the first round especially as we never train for anything. They tried o.

Horses: oyinbo people don kolo finish.

LG said...

TAIREBABS: yaaay the sku-dent is back!! norrin do u!! :)

yesso the boiz really did us proud jare,
i 'm sure NFF are already working on sumn for dem.
*hope u r doing ok,
*howz wrk/sch?

Standtall said...

Okay I don score mi-sef 20000 over 100. No shaky!!!

Standtall said...

Okay I don score mi-sef 20000 over 100. No shaky!!!

Tairebabs said...

yes o! norrin do me. lol. Am fine sha. Just trying to settle down. Will update soon by his grace.

Anonymous said...

please enjoy your date....

not much of a nigerian sport fan, but I love your writings. Take care!

LG said...

STANDTALL: buahahahahahaha no wahala infact i don promote to class captain of peegin,
no shaking :) :)

TAIREBABS: no probs babes,
take kia of yasef sho'gbo??? :)

KINSHAR: thanx hon *grins*
hope u r doing ok,

Standtall said...


AlooFar said...

Those boys did their best. We're all proud of 'em ;)

Free-flowing Florida said...

wetin una win?? eh, wetin una win??? i still dey vex since hearing d news. ah ah. na which kain bad luck just dey follow samson. dem cause am say na second place e go dey take everytime? i dey vex

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...


Aphrodite said...

Haa Florida...dem try na...
SiaSia na the man jare.
I too gbadun dat guy and the boys too.
Silver na something, hopefully next time Gold go be our own.

LG said...

STANDTALL: no laff too much o' cos
u must defend dat position o
BTW: hope no be d position make u change ur profile pics *wide grin*

ALOOFAAR: yeah bro, they did us proud
how r u doing?

FFF: o gal, who open door 4 u???? i say u allow u enta here??? *hiss*
if nor bcos of 1 pesin ehn, i for....
i say i for.... *wide grin*
just watch out 4 my boiz 2012

F&F: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :)
how u???

APHRODITE: Nnwane nor mind her, na MM save her today if not i 4 show beijin *loud hiss*
*o'lu kwanu???

princesa said...

Yes o!
i watch the match and even if we didnt win, we tried. The Argentines capitalized on our mistake.

Darling, check my blog for update on the SBR. YOu gat to be ther o!

Norrin do you jare!

TinTin said...

**blank face**

Parakeet said...

Someone suggested Michael Phelps may have been on banned substances...such is the distrust of sporting success these days if more and more people keep getting caught of doping.

But how comes Nigeria went the Olympics and could only manage a silver in soccer? What happened to a bronze at least in the other sporting activities. Crying shame!

FineBoy Agbero said...


abeg fill in d gap jo!

ibiluv said...

omoge mo wa o........

glad we sha carry medal!!!!!!!!

LG said...

PRISCO: babe, na only we tried u go talk??? shebi u say u soak rosary 4 water???? *grins*
*as per SBR: awww my padi's getting married dat same day *sigh* n she stays in ikotun, prisco how we go do am

PARAKEET:o gal,take it easy o,
watch out 4 my boiz in 2012,
i assure u, it ll be more than 1 silver, wanna bet?? *bats lashes*

FINE-BOI-AGBERO: lollll no be me n you, so u wan dem to pursue comot 4rm house?? *grins*

IBLUV: tank God o, i been don dey fear weda....weda.... lolllll
*yesso silver's beta dan nothin

FineBoy Agbero said...

*in d greatest rage ever*

Just read on Rayo's blog, in one of her previous posts, dat u declared war on me! Ehn?!!!

This is an official declaration of war o: LG, I'm going to find u!!! LG, i'm going to.... oh, no!

LG said...

FINE-BOI-AGBERO: *Lg raking*
4 where??? u nor fit do nathing!!!!
i talk am again, u nor fit do nathing!!!! or u neva buy my Cd, i get black, white and red belt for karate o; inshort go ask my neighbour, him neva recover sef, lollllllllllll

*bats lashes*
agbero no pimples, take am easy o, remember say i be ur .......

Oracle said...

The team did their best.
I wasn't happy about it though but itz better than being Like Brazil.

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