Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dis morning......

....Woke up by 2.30am, 30 mins later it was still 2.30 am, 5hrs lata........... yeepa, battery ti' ku :)
....Prayed for
oluwadee, nikisab, f f f, toria(my padi) n every oda person getting married dis year; as for u (singles) this year no go pass una .......... I say dis year no go pass una *Amii*
....Spent less than ## mins in the bathroom (norrin do me)
....Noticed my tummy's becoming too flat (sneezes), sum bori Help!!!!

....PHCN flashed us light after several weeks of black out; Up Nepa!!!!

....Burnt my thigh while ironing, see pix here *giggles uncontrollably*
....Over heard my neighbour (next building) kpokpoing her husband; (chai!!)
....Paid N300 to Ajah instead of N200; *hiss* i been wan claim staff but i nor see fine boi agbero *grins*
....Spent 2hrs on the 3rd mainland bridge, it was awful; wished I had boarded Lg canoe services
....Listened to ‘E go betta’ by Tony tetuila on wazobia; brought tears to my eyes
....Sat besides a woman breast feeding her child (see as she just xpose her kini) con'dor wan’ look die :)
....Saw an agadi e’kwenka/old mama youngi wearing ‘show me ya breast/nyash’ rabbish!!
if dem get chance, i sure say dem go wear skinny jeans *hiss*
....Wondered how many people know their purpose on earth
....Noticed a gala hawker praying by d road side; (u don pray 2day?)
....Imagined wat Lagos wld look like without poverty, child abuse and minute silence for the victims of the oceanic bank robbery at orile
....Saw a group of men being arrested by KAI, their offence??? Trekking on the 3rd mainland bridge; (but why we no dey hear word????)
....Watched a naval officer kick the butt of a danfo driver; dos drivers ...
....Wondered how fashola is going to rehabilitate Lagos area boiz.
....Saw a pool of blood on the road side, close to my office n wondered if it belonged to an okada man or an okada man (they r very reckless)
....Saw Mtn’s latest tv ad, luurve it esp when 'dayo' (my celeb son) whistled
....Saw Mariam anazodo after a lonnnnnnng time; she looked gud
....Read, Senator Uche chukwumerije has petitioned the world taekwando federation over the poor officiating in the tournament in the just concluded beijin olympics where uche(
his son) won a bronze medal for 9geria. He alleges racism (ok na!!)
....Read, the federal road safety corps have mandated ALL okada riders n their passengers to wear helmet/headgear beginning 4rm 2009 (abegii, i go buy my own helmet; i no wan contract kpof-kpof) lolllll
....Read, Obama escaped an assasination attempt; (na waoooooooo!!)
....Read Ndi onyuike okereke (obama gate) might not lose her job afterall;
....Wondered how a man can invest 500 million in a church; (kini big deal??)
....Decided to let go n let God; It is well!!!
....Called seyi to book an appointment for Saturday :)
....Thought of the perfect pressie to give prisco and mizchif on their baffday(s) apart 4rm my prayers *winks*
....Wondered wat happened to Naijachickito, Duchess, Onome, Naija fine gurl, simple gal,
In my own words, l'amour, minky, nogo, Sherri,Ynot, ibo-dude, boldfaze, doja, darkelcee, TLK and odas???
....Imagined how many bloggers I had
unknowingly walked passed in tejuosho, opps!!! i meant shoprite, :)
....know the Ist blogger to comment on dis post; it’s the one n only.........
....Have a blessed day xoxoxoxo

PS: a big shout out to my peeps (Dee, prisco, f f f, nikisab, aphrodite, chi-grace, mizchif, ynot, ibo -dude, chioma-mom, dbalone, aijay, tobenna n odas)
Ibo kwenu!! Happy Biafra-day Celebration!! Nautin me'ga :)


simeoneomobaba said...

number firsssst..

LG said...

yessssssssso the one n only

simeoneomobaba said...

thank-you ,thank-you...thank-you..waves and smiles (paparazzi clicking away, body gaurds fencing them).. lolllllllll..

LG said...

norrin do u jor'

simeoneomobaba said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
simeoneomobaba said...

there was a time i used to just stare at mariam on tv. sometime in the time for nta these days/..

LG said...

aah u too??? i tink say na only my ..... make charlie catch una *grins*
BTW hope u r doing well

simeoneomobaba said...

i'm doing great,thank you so much

Jinta said...

got confused. wanted to leave comment but feed subscription kept coming up. comment's flown outta my head

LG said...

OMO-BABA: no frob'lem
just take kia of yasef 4 L....
*wide grin*

JINTA: Cha!!! blogger y na???
egbon kip tryin

Jarrai said...

Technically i am 5th....will come back and have my boss is here :)

LG said...

JARRAI: loll @ za bozz
swerri, u came third
oya come collect ur bronze o

doll said...

all 2day?

Dee! said...

What an interesing day it is for you. Dis is LAGOS!

LG said...

DOLL: u dont kno half of it *winks*

DEE: yesssssso
Lagos Lagos anything can happen
*wide grin*

doll said...

ok. i believe u. LOL

Standtall said...

what is kpokpoing?

I usually wonder how many bloggers have journeyed with from my house to the office on a daily basis.

Naija Idol said...

ah ah. wetin be the american flag when dey rotate for top of ur page.??

Chai!All thee just today???.from the old mama youngie to PHCN. i lurrved d post.

Jaycee said...


I love your imaginative mind sha. I always wonder if I'm walking past bloggers every day's hilarious.

Wow @ the gala hawker who you saw's amazing, in the comfort of our houses, some of us won't even pray. May God redeem us!

I get tingling sensations when I see mothers breastfeeding their babies while exposing their "kini." The other day I saw a Spanish woman at the bus stop doing the very same thing...and her "kinis" were humongous! Na wa Maybe the babies were really really hungry, short of starvation!

poeticallytinted said...

@oluwadee... tingling sensation??? lol

Eko o ni baje oh! seriously, LG, you the keen senses of a writer. Who knows i might have walked past all that and not seen the opportunity for one precious blog post (wink)
meanwhile i sent you a mail, I want some branded tshirts. any deal?

Bunmmy said...

busy mind

LG said...

DOLL: loll babes, i actually started dis post in the bus, on
3rd mainland bridge with my 4one...
i even c one mad man wey dey she-it.... chei!! fishes dey suffer o *grins*

STANDTALL: class captain, apart from u n oga, d other bloggers dat leave ur house are mol/sco/gar,
shebi!! i get am??? *winks*
BTW: kpokpoing mean kpokpoing na!! a whole peeggin monitor no sabi, lolll (she was beating her husband)
no laff too much o*grins*
*how u??

9JAIDOL: aah!! dat american flag belongs to one of my guest :) :)
so u sef dey see dos oldmama-youngie(s) lollllll

LG said...

JAYCEE: babes which ones be humongous??? chai!! who borrow my dic?? e small or e.... lollllllll
jc dont get me started o

POETICALLY TINTED: yesso all kinds of 'orisirisi' plenti 4 lagos o.
BTW sowy dear, i dont do tee-shirt
why dont u try suga-belly @

BUNMMY: U can say dat again dearie, no thanx to 3rd mainland palava *grins*
*haba!! e don tey, hope u r doing well

Onome said...

BAAAAAAAAAABBBBBBBBBBBBBBEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS................I know I know I have no excuse e ma binu jare..Onome is alive and well and u had a very interesting going to do something similar.....u've inspired me(lol)...P.S I should warn you I never update yet o(lol)

Ms.O said...

LOL your just a clown!!! I miss NAIJA!!! my day so far was get up, shower get in the car, drive to work....damn!!! I ENVY U!!!

LG said...

ONOME: whoooopee!! she's back!! she's back! but without an update! lollllllllll
no frob'lem hon, i jst wanted to make sure u ve not abandoned 'us'
*wide grin*

MS.O: lolll swerri, u sure say u envy me??
oya come, lets exchange.... *bats lashes*

Afrobabe said...


I am so pissed...came here this morning...ur blog no gree update for my list oh...

fantasy queen said...

the praying gala hawker touched me, how many of us take time out to pray?

i also wonder about bloggers when in public. sometime ago onydchic walked past me at tfc v/i. dint want to invade on her time so i let her be(thanks to her previous profile pic) to think she'd never guess who i was...

Afrobabe said...

I no even know where to start to comment from...

Bank robbery? hope no one was hurt...kind of doubt that...

Ndi is not loosing her job? i was hoping she would get at least 3 years inside...or will she be doing the job from inside??

how u dey take reply all this comments and at the same time u dey take first everywhere wey i go???

isha said...

LOL. Tejuoso, norring do you jare. Lol. All of that happened in ONE morning? lol.
How you dey?

LG said...

AFROBABE: o gal i no sure say i dey ur blog-list o, go check am again,
n i actually wanted u to win the Gold opps! i meant to be furssstttt
@robbery - 4 pple lost their lives n several got wounded in d gun battle
@ndi: make we dey look .... but dos pple wey contribute dat money need serious 'flogging' o *grins*

FANTASY QUEEN: yeah seeing him concentrate with d carton of gala at his feet, brought tears to my eyes..
@seeing onydchic: really?? me sef, i'm very sure i ve seen Standtall in oshodi market b4 (pls dont tell her o) lollllll
*Thank God for ur health

ISHA: yesssso swerri they all happened in ONE morning n wat a morning it was, i ve even not replaced my alarm battery sef (wide grin)
*mo wa pa, e'se

30+ said...

LG, Just you alone all this thoughts in one day. Your brain must be like 805 Freeway in

Tejuoso, shoprte, same difference *winks*

poeticallytinted said...

thanks lg, sorry about the mix-up. dunno what i was thinking

Femi B said...

Lol...what an eventful day..where was the burn pic na...i was clicking on "here" and nothing happened.

LG said...

30+: Babes me too no undastand my sef o, u need to see how oda passengers dey look me like say i don kolo... *grins*
lollll @ Teju and Shoppy

PEOTICALLYTINTED: Dearie no wahala.
hope u've checked sugabelly, she has nice sturvvs

FEMI B: hehehehehehehehehehehe dats the idea,
continue clicking hon,
u just might be lucky *grins*

Tairebabs said...

Haba, una no dey rest? After seeing the number of comments on this post, I had to check my calendar for todays date AUGUST 28, 2008. Na wa for una o.

LG, this post was fabolous. Read it in a library o. People were looking at me like I had gone nuts 'cos I kept laughing.

No dull moment in Lagos jare!

Before I forget, which robbery in orile now? It seems robbing banks is now the in-thing? How many people died and did they catch or kill any of the robbers?

Anonymous said...

hahahaha, so you are probably still showing 2:30am, with no batteries. huh?

and I actually tried to see the burn....shucks!

mizchif said...

Babes, i sure say if i dey naija, we for dey jam regularly for tejuosho. One time e be like say i nearly become staff for d place.

Ehen, hope u thot of a nice gift for me o.

Meanawhile, i no see my name for peeps, Y?

rayo said...

only you! na wa 4 dis lagos oh. on campus, i c nutn, except peeking lg some agbero dey disturb me 4 my blog oh... oya ova 2 u

Uzezi said...

what does the one and only mean?
i smiled at the gala hawker praying.

Buttercup said...

all in one day..only u???

speakin of gala hawkers, i miss gala die! *talks very sweetly* lg sweerie, how about dhling me a carton??

so that ndi woman is keepin her job..hmmm ok!

how u dey??

ablackjamesbond said...

lol @ 30+'s comment... u have quite an imaginative mind.

naijalines said...

LG, u don kolo finish. U are the only gal weird enough to complain of a flat stomach. Mchhhewww.

"...Over heard my neighbour (next building) kpokpoing her husband; (chai!!)
....Paid N300 to Ajah instead of N200; *hiss*..."

How you no go lose N100 when your mind still dey your neighbour wey kpokpo her husband!

LG said...

TAIREBABS: aaah my sistah, lag dey fear me o, imagine a day afta d incident at orile, anoda gang went 4 operation at apapa by thanx to 9ja police, they did not succeeed, the police even killed 4 of the robbers*sigh of relief* na only God dey save pessin 4 dis lagos o
*how u? how skul?

KINSHAR: says who???? i replaced d battery as soon as i got home, i cant shout (grins)
*so u too wanted to sneak a peek at Lg's thigh, serves u rite naughty gal, lollllllllll
*hope u doing well.

MIZCHIF: lolllll@tejuosho staff,
u n who??? 4 ur information, i dont shop in tejuosho o, i nor even kno where yaba dey. (winks)
*as 4 ur pressie, nothing beats PRAYERS my sistah, nothing...
*okpabio!!!! swerri , i nor kno say u be biafra o, mizchif kwenu!!!
lollllllllll norrin do u

RAYO:lollllllll o gal, dat one na anoda bad thing o, cos u go see diff colours, sizes, shape chai!!!!
i nor envy u at all (grins)
*so u wan borrow me go fight ehn? how mush u go pay???? lollll
BTW wat r u doing here, ur exams don finish??????

LG said...

UZEZI: ahhhh zeee so u dey find my mouth?? neways the one n only means..
d one n in, d one n only...
(hope dat answers ur question)
*as per gala seller: at first i was scared cos he was on the express, n u kno rough okada drivers are (make dem no jam am) but' i stil wonder wat he was praying about....
more traffic or more sales, *grins*
*have a lovely w'end

BURRERCUP: hey swerri, hope u r doing fabulously well *winks*
as per the carton of gala, i ll c wat i cant do....maybe during december rush sha!! but its not a promise o, b4 u begin jump up n down, lolllll

007: over imaginative dey worry am,
thanx to 3rd mainland, lollll
*howz d fam???

9JALINES: hehehehe but dearie, wen i said flat stomach...i actually meant the oppo (grins)
*as per blame me o, u need to hear how her husband dey shout 4rm bed,

princesa said...

You dis girl, u no go kill me for this obodo blogville.
Always love coming here dearie.
Robbery at Orile? I no hear o!

Flat tummy, every body belle dey flat for morning jare. If ur own no flat then wahala dey o,lol!!!

That birthday gift, no rack brain too much, all want is a 40gb ipod nano. E no too much na. I for ask for 2009 camry sef, na pity i pity you...

Babes u gats come SBR o!!!! Just go the church wedding okay?

Standtall said...

Lol. I believe I woould have journeyed with lots of bloggers really.

what is kpokpoing? I ask again

Anonymous said...


I swear ur day is tewww funny mehn! ahnahn!

LG, LG...nuin do u ooo....

LG said...

PRISCO: lolll@ flat tummy, u nor well, nothing do my tummy jare, i jst nid to reduce the portion of the 'akpu' wey i dey chop *wide grin*
@baffday gift: no wahala,the one problem be say we no get 2009 camry 4 stock now, as soon as the bill of lading come...i go hala u.
*oya smile* lollll

STANDTALL: lolll ok no froblem,
as 4 d only class monitor in blogville, na u suppose to interprete am pass 4 us, so im throwing the question back @ u:
Wat is kpo-kpo-ing???? (wide grin)

CHARI: *wide grin* B4 nko,
dem no get mouth!!
norrin do me jor!!

how ya side???

Standtall said...

lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Wich kain assignment be that?

Buttercup said...

im fine ooo...

haha ok, i'll keep my fingers crossed n fast n pray..that shud do it..

Esmeralda said...

u this LG, na only yesterday u put up this post and sharp-sharp 51 comments? na wa

ur mind dey travel mehn... all these thoughts in one morning? and u are still carrying ur head to sister Seyi "onisekuse"(loose girl)? lol. one day, she'll use semen as conditioner for u, then u'll know!

FineBoy Agbero said...

1. I just dey land here bcos ur blog no gree update 4 Afrobabe's blog. (Na her blog i dey use know abt updates, as mine no gree do.)

2. U wake up, pray 4 other bloggers, u come 4get me, ur sweetheart, ehn?

3. na when u wan enter bus u come remember me, abi? staff ko, staff ni!

4. (i neva finish o!) who be dis Toria sef?

5. U and Rayo wan set me up abi?

6. I sure say i don see u 4 Tejuosho b4!!! I swear!

Writefreak said...

You this madam! You're complaining that your tummy is too fat? Norin do you jare!
All that happened in one day? But that's the truth o, wonder how many things happen around us everyday that we haven't paid attention to!

LG said...

STANDTALL: wen u laf finish, u have 24hrs to interpret kpo-kpo-ing or ...... lolllllll

BURRERCUP: lolll see ya red/pink koi-koi shoe, but remember, no be byforce o, i repeat no be by force o, oya u sef repeat am *grins*

ESMERALDA: U dis gal!! e don tey wey i dey suspect say u like 'seyi' well well *grins*
no worry , i go tell say u greet am, she fit make ya hair 4 free sef
how abt it *bats lashes* lollllll

FINE-BOI-AGBERO: Nansense!!! so go siddon 4 Afro business center dey joli-joli, while i dey here dey wait 4 u since, *hiss* no make me vex o'
*toria is a friend,
*haba!! 4get u in my praya??? dats impossicant
*rayo ke? who be 'Ra..., i no kno any '...yo??? he/she say she/he kno Lg???? abeggo (lollllll)
*who u see 4 teju???? take ya time o, 4 ur information ...i only shop in..... at ..... *scratches head* 4 where sef??? *grins*
*berra come bac o

WRITEFREAK: yesso all in ONE mor, norrin do me jare, :) :)
*hope u r doing well, howz d fam?

Anonymous said...

i didn't get to read this in the morning but i'm laughing all d same,

Debbie said...

It's amazing what one becomes, when one becomes a mum. Funny things happen.

James Tubman said...

god save obama

and the queen too


yeah, where is TLK? I just went looking for his blog and couldn't find him. Bloggers just dey disappear like say efcc dey find dem. na wa of

Buttercup said...

lmao @ 'red/pink koi-koi shoe' hahahaha!

ok ok, no be by force...but nawa o..

LG said...

CRIMSOM: Whoopeee!!! the 'foodist' finally makes an appearances... lolll
welcome hon, hope u r doing well.

DEBBIE: lollll
(but o gal, who just became a mum??)

JAMES TUBMAN: and 9ja Amen,
how r we doing???

MUMMY-BOMBOY: lollllll babes, dis one pass efcc o, i m even thinking of putting an ad.....
in the n/papers sef *grins*
* howz d fam??

BURRERCUP: o gal, nawa 4 gini????
no make me change my mind ....

NigerianDramaQueen said...

That was one heck of a morning you had.
This was very creative. Lo@ the gala seller praying.
But about wondering how many people really know their purpose...that is a true story right there. Very deep.

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

ig ig, u never seem to amuse me ont his ure blog

ait wait first, a woman koboking her husband...fok up

what an adventurous day, me i slept all day

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

errytime i come here im always in the last sixty why?????

LG said...

NDQ: its nothin but the truth hon, only a few know their real purpose on earth

FRESH n FAB: lollllll @top sixty, sowwwwwy hon :)

Standtall said...

ma husby had told me what kpo-kpoing meant o. Kai, I no sabi pidgin at all

AlooFar said...

Only you?!!!

Free-flowing Florida said...

my dear,

e b like say me & u just d think d same tots eh. kai, believe many 4 dat ur list don cross my mind recently. thanks 4 d wishes oh.

biafra day u say? i no hear o!

Olamild said...


LG said...

STANDTALL: (grins) but babes, r u sure 'oga' gave u d rite interpretation, cos there is kpokpoing n there is kpokpoing, :)
*how r my kittens (coughs)

ALOOFAA: lolllll werrin u mean???
my head was very hawt!!! then o :)

FFF: @biafra, o gal no let Ohaneze hear u o, haba!!!! i even obeyed their stay at home order(4where?):)
*howz wrk??

OLAMILD: babes, u don laff finish???? :)
welcome back, hope u r doing gr8

NikkiSab said...

I luv u dear!!!!! Thank u sooooo much for ur blessing. U r so lovely. God bless u too precious.

lets chat now on yahoo or gmail

Ms. emmotions said...

livly post,
couldnt help smilin at ur slangs....biafra kwenu jare !!!!!

Standtall said...

He said it means "beating" and I thot it meant "f...king" but he laughed at me for my error. So what say u?

aloted said...

nawa..o at leat i am in the top 70s!

i no see the pic of where u burnt your self u take do am???

men i hope by the time u got to the office ur brain never explode with all the thinking u don

I have updated o

Anonymous said...

well I only wanted to see it know if it was serious or not....well all is good with me!

DB said...

first of all, thanks for checking up on me.
second of all, sorry for being MIA. Ve got deez exams...
third of all, Loved ya post. Like LOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL. as usual I mite add.
Fourth of- (u get d idea), my son Emmanuel is doing fine but getting stubborner n stubborner by the minute.
Fifth, I hope Fashola gets the praise he deserves when he leaves office cos now wit all the go-slows n still present area boys, he gets more curses dan praise. Praise, when it comes, is grudging. Yeah we know d guy is doing right by Lagos but must it be all at once?
Sixth, if Ndi didn't lose her jobs then ... in truth, this particular one pass me. How many times must we lament our inept leaders.
Seventh, Take big care of yaself, keep praying, see ya soon,

Afrobabe said...

see me stalking now, no update oh..if I blink I'll be no 50...

Anonymous said...

you've been tagged...see my blog for more details!


(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...



Sabira said...

500 Million in a church ke? Say wetin happen? Na naija church be this one?

Afrobabe said...

still stalking.....

Allied said...

Random Gba ni post yi,.. but serious, what a morning you had. i hope they did not add jara ati afikun to the obama assination attempt! they are still not sure.

Anonymous said...

where are you....YOU WERE TAGGED TTWWIICCEE!!!!

Oracle said...

All those things happened to only you. You must be a movie.

Nice blog

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

o baby, which 1 na

Parakeet said...

I didnt know ur did comedy in ur spare time LG? Hahahaha! You no wan catch kpof kpof.

As per chukwumerije abeg make the man go siddon. Racism ko, Tribalism ni. Him too get money. That na him problem.

Lady A said...

LOL! Well put. I felt like an idiot when I tried to click "here" to see your burnt leg....haha, ok, u got me.

Omo calabar. said...

First eighty something. Shoo wetin concern me, i gats follow shout first o. So u dey buy ur own helmet ehh? u no wan kpoffkpoff. Norring do u sha.

Anonymous said...

dammit....I am like 88 comments too late

Hey LG were you been?

Sienne said...


Afronuts said...

You've been awarded the 'Honest Blogger' prize. Check my Monday, September 8, 2008 entry for details!

Afronuts said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Afronuts said...

Nnaah meenh! All dis ya recollections serious oh. U get eye like eagle

simeoneomobaba said...

hi u doin.? u go village//?
hope all is well.

Omotee! said...

u successfully kept me away from work. nice blog!

rebecca said...

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