Friday, May 2, 2008


Back in the dayz.......which group did you belong to????
Group A
1,Watch tales by moonlight, Aluwe, Jaguar
2, Play soccer naked in the rain
3, Play mama, papa and pikin
4, Collecting crown corks
5, Play Table soccer with crown corks
6, Play Okoso using pen(biro) corks
7, Play Station with brooms
8, Play Ten-ten, Boju-boju
9, Keep canary, pigeon as pet
10, Police and thief
11, Making kites from nylon
12, Mo’ bu iyo
13, Left /right game
14, Carry gorimapa to school
15, Wear rubber slippers to school

Group B
1, Watch Sesame streets, Muppet babies, Robin hood, fragile rock
2, Indoors when it’s raining
3, Afternoon siesta is a MUST
4, Collect Buttons, Marbles, Sea shells
5, Monopoly, ludo 6, Wear leather sandals(BATA) to school
7, Have Barbie dolls, teddy bears, puppies as pets
8, Go to the beaches, parks/ clubs on weekends
9, Read Ladybird story books/ Comic books
10, Action figures, Lego11, Snake and ladder,Ludo
12, Ride bicycles, go skating
13, Go for swimming lessons
14, Game boy/Atari
15, Trim/Change your hairstyle every week

**For ALL the pakos in the house (lol), can u still remember the lyrics to these games:
.My mother told me (clap clap) ......
.Who stole the meat from the cooking pot ......
.New money, e don come ......



Anonymous said...

lol@...Boju-boju and Carry gorimapa to school
LG, i no go lie, i be proper pako o

AJIKE said...

yeeee...Ajepako all the way mehn
Hillarious post
Love it hun!!!

AJIKE said...

My mother told me *clap clap clap*
That she would buy me *clap clap*
Another dolly *clap clap*
If i was good~ good
A little something.....
Something come out and play with me
*can't remember the rest*

Memories mehn!

ibiluv said...

I lay claim to i am an ajebutter.....but i remember a bit of pakoism in me...*wink*......

My mother told me that she would buy me another dolly...

cos i'm a good girl....oh little player come out and play with me i need a jolly friend, for ever more a,b,c,d 1,2,3,4..

correct correct ...or sumthing like that...

who stole the meat from the cooking pot?
number one stole the meat from the cooking pot
who me?yes you
it couldn't be. then who?
number two stole the meat from the cooking pot
who me?yes you.
it couldn't be.then who
number three...........

new money e don come i buy garri for ten kobo
which kain garri be this one?
amina.....clap clap clap
amina toro a lazy girl............cant remember the rest

Afrobabe said...

kai, almost made first...hmmm

Afrobabe said...

Hmmm..An equal mix for me...

The ajebutter in me would sing

"mini mini mine mo...which colour should I choose?"

My razz ass would then sing

"Timbo timbo bas calabar titi alaba kpom; alaba laba kai kai titi bus bus; edependence..."

Afrobabe said...

*My mother told me (clap clap) ......that she would buy me, a rubber dolly...something, something...

*Who stole the meat from the cooking pot ......Afro stole the (you sure say na meat? Tot it was cookie from the cookie jar)cookie from the cookie jar, who me, yes u wasn't something something....

Today's ranting said...

Wow! brings back old memories. Wish I could turn back the hands of time to those days when all I could think about was paly, play and play.

Lol @ afrobabe- Timbo timbo bas calabar. My aunt taught me this.
I so much love this post.It has put a smile on my face.Oh now I'm reminiscing about the good old days

Bunmmy said...

chei serious ajepakks for me o!!lmao. but smal ajebutta enta me sha remember watching sesame street at 4pm after school and forced siesta etc. it was a mix

Anonymous said...

Think you left the group that had a mixture of both worlds.

ablackjamesbond said...

What do u call someone who eats pako and bura?

Confused shey? It was kinda an equal mix for me too...did everything on ur lists... just that

1. The bicycles were rented
2. The comics borrowed or tapped
3. Sea shells...well the few times i followed by ajebo family friends to the beach
4. i made my own superted from old clothes and foam
5. Ofcourse...i trimmed my hair every week...thanks to blade and comb
6. Indoors when its raining-only when Iya Segun was at home...when she's not, we played 'rain ball'.

7. Watched Sesame street...that was the only way to learn english...unlike most ajebo homes, vernacular was allowed in my house
8. Afternoon siesta...who sai? Well the few times i was ill
9. Ludo and Monopoly...Ludo, yes...monopoly...only made sense to me when i went to london
10. Lego...well...sort of...just that the pieces where never complete...we always got the fairly or very used ones.
11. We went to the park at the weekends alright but only during christmas or Easter weekends
....ok...i don try

darkelcee said...


ok i am pure ajepako with lil of

My mummy will kill you if you play in the rain so no rain drama abi dancing.

Did a little of daddy and mummy play with my neighbours.

Mummy darkelce thinks playing with barbie dolls are frivlities. so nothing for us but snake and ladder / ludo

did ten ten with my school mates.

Went for the serial; ANOTHER LIFE cos i never liked tales by moonlight.

Wore Bata to school

but we were bi-lingual in our house. lolll

waoohh this post is funny

Nice weekend dear

Charizard said...

Hmmn...I was too buttered...too too buttered I can't help wondering how I became so razz...I remember pako peeps used to reminisce abau those stuvz n laff...

Mojisola said...

My folks tried all they could to make us ajebutter and even after five years in america, it took just a year to catch up on the pako stuff. That was where the fun was. . .

New money, e don come,
I buy gari for ten kobo
I give Mary(?) to cook am.
Mary cook am e no good
I beat Mary she no cry
I kill Mary she no die
Na which kind Mary be this one?. . .bla bla

shalewa said...

I was a mix of both.i played in the rain when my then witch-of an-aunt went to the market.i played fake cook,sand was rice,efo,beans,yam all together.and i felt good that i was cooking for my play family-lol!.always the mum
watched tales by moonlight evey sunday by tente,became a pro in sec.skul.sea shells?we didn't have those in the north.sesame street and big bird,mr froggy,lady pig or was it piggy?
bata?i remember cortinas.although wore rubbers when we spoilt the leather.can't 4get my teddy.i still miss it.never got another.ah!snake and ladder.cut out game page from biscuits pack or cornflakes and those stuff.

@my mother told me(clap clap)
that she wud buy me (clap clap)
another dolly(clap clap)
if i was good good good
a little girl girl girl
come back and play with me (clap clap)
come with ur dolly friends (clap clap)
another hay day,(clap clap)
another happy day
a,b,c,d,1,2,3,4 correct.
oh god memories.thanks ladyguide.u put smiles to my face

Standtall said...

LG, I am in A group true true proper Ajepako (lol). Played Boju boju, , watched Arelu (couldn’t miss it!!!), nylon kites, slippers to school, played in the rain naked singing “ojo ma ro…” used sand to build houses, spoke Yoruba instead of English in school etc etc.
Only when I visited my siblings in the cities or my ajebota friends did I get to be ajebo for that moment or just watched thier ajeboism life style.

Well done LG, na who you go tag? And which grp do you belong?

But my man be proper ajebota but the ajepako in me don influence his life (lol)

I love your template. How do I get one like yours? Any helpful tips???

Jaycee said...

I am a mixture of both...but MORE of AJEPAKO (I can identify with everything there, except playing naked in the rain)...LOLLLLL

Which kind "collect marbles?" No be oyinbo dey do that one?

I know My mother told me and "Who stole the meat from the cooking pot

olamild said...

Strictly ajepako o

i love the new template

Omosewa said...

Lmao, im mostly ajeburra, thankfully.

Funny post

aloted said...

is there no in between?? lol

anyway i belong to group B o! but know the lyrics to
*My mother told me (clap clap) ......
*Who stole the meat from the cooking pot ......

Don't know the last one though.

Anyway thanks for stopping by my blog

LG said...

20 gbosas for all the AJEPAKO's
(me i be certified pako o, but if u c me , u nor go know lol)

and for the BUTTERS, u guys dont know wat u missed, lol

anonymous gal said...

funny enuf i belong to both groups. wat does that make me?

Smaragd said...

beeyootifool post LG!

i'm a mix!
and i know all the pako songs as well as the butter tv shows and sturvs lol.

lemme not start wiv my own lyrics.

pls remove this verification somtin ah!

chi-grace said...


naijalines said...

Looking at your list I'll definitely say I'm 70% ajebutta and 30% ajepako. In boarding school I had the nickname 'butter', cos I couldn't light a stove or use a coal iron. I fought so hard to be as ajepako so I'd be like everyone else. I think I'm quite comfortable in both camps now. Though I do find the attitude of some so-called ajebuttas quite annoying. Interesting post.

uNWrItten* said...

lol im a mixture of both..i was a devoted fraggle rock/ladybird/enidblyton reader..but i still played ten ten and ludo and all that other stuff..i miss my childhood mehn..chei!