Monday, May 5, 2008


The rules:
1. Link the person(S) who tagged you to this post:
ejura and standtall 2. Mention the rules in your blog
3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged

Here goes:
1. I 'm scared of dogs, cats, chickens in short gbogbo' e, you wont understand my kind of fear until you see the CD, i dont think i ll allow dem to pass through the gate of Heaven o (lai lai) , so all animal lovers BEWARE!!!!

2. I keep *Agberos* as friends, i have like 2 each at my routes (house, work, church, market), you never know when they ll come in handy, lol (funny enough , i hardly settle dem, na dem dey *settle me sef)

3. I also sleep in the buff tho' i always make sure the windows aint open and the door is firmly latched, you never know with THOSE insects.

4. I never bathe with cold water, at times i would wait till noon before i taking my bath, at the school hostel i still remember placing my bucket of water at strategic places where the sun can heat it before bathing i.e if there's no hot water.

5. I dont fart (more like;i cant remember the last time i farted, even dangote have been praying to be there to witness the kodak moment when i go........poooooooom!!!!* loll

6. My "kini" contracts when i'm ......... go figure :-)

I hereby tag; mamabomboy,jarrai,shally,oluwadee,doja and kemmie

PS: egbami o, i jst saw Jayz' s new video (rock a fella) abeg na who give am fela's water no get enemy instrumental??


shalewa said...

am 1st.wherez my price?
so u tagged me.wetin i wan write now.i no say i get quirks,plenti 4 that mara but i no dey remember dem.
ur wat?tell us now!

Onome said...

chaaaaaiiiiiiii!!!!!! i be wan tag u ooooo..well...anyhow ur kini contracts wen wat is happening?? am so curious(lol)

anonymous gal said...

3rd not bad. yes i hate cats passionately.
babe u hv not farted...

Smaragd said...

lol @ agberos. i have bikemen "olokadas"

why does ur "kini" contract and when?lol

u dont fart?!!! *eyes popping outta their sockets*, come and live in my house, u'll learn how to fast enough. that said, not farting is not healthy o!

Aphrodite said...

My God, you are too funny girl.
I love ur blog.
Will be back and thanks for checking up on me.
Meanwhile LG gat to give u work o for dat name,lol

Free-flowing Florida said...

u don't fart!!!!!!!!! daz stranger dan strange!

my sister is seriously allergic 2 animals. she once dropped a baby cos our dog decided 2 cuddle her.

interesting change of template. & wen i saw d 'lg' on my blog, i wondered wen LG (as in d electronics giant) started blogging

Olamild said...


You are something else!

In My Own Words said...

Love the template! U r stranger than fiction as per no farts!

More interested in your 'kini' contracting. When? Please explain in no less than 50

Charizard said...

1.fraidy cat twin sister! twin sister again!
4.jeezus dis is so spooky! ma twin sis agaaaaiin!!!
5.ehhhn? cancel twinhood abeg..emi maa n so bi kuuru
6.contract bawo?

na femi give am the instrumentals...

Ms. emmotions said...

frds with agberos ?
u are a solid gal ooo

Ms. emmotions said...

but u should try fartin in public esp wit ur boo present gal? its a new form of therapy gal...for the soul?

Doja said...

My "kini" contracts when i'm ...........
Whats that?

I am taking your tag bait shortly!

Standtall said...

LG, LG nice one.

If I have my way, I wont do cold water but I do when I don’t have a choice or when the weather scream “use cold water!” I have a ex that he’s a no- cold water guy till date.

The farting business, ask my husband I don kill am with my farting spirit, I will just tint my bum bum to his side and he knows what is coming. He would rather not do it back at me, remember I said e be ajebo (lol).

Agberos, I find it hard to hve anything to do wiyh them. Well done.

I am a cat lover for life and I know they will make it to heaven (lol)

Standtall said...

Your kini contrast when ......... I go fill in the gap o (lo)

Kemmie said...

Lol! Thanks for the tag. At the school I was teaching at, 11 to 13 year-olds were getting pregnant, love. I mean, we are talking Port Harcourt here. I had to step in..... 11-yr olds these days...know more than some 21 year-olds. if we don't tell em, someone else will. and it may not be in the way we like. Lots of love xx

La Reine said...

This tag is just going all around.

My Mom abhors cats and dogs too, not sure about other animals sha...

QMoney said...

Some of us dint figure *it* out oh,we are still waiting for u to complete it.LOL
My boo and his broda were once arguin about gals and fartin and they complained terribly abOut me dat me am always forMing,"i dont fart"
see me see yawah,cos i was been polite,my boo still "Regrets" he said dat tin till 2mor,i now make sure i wait for us to be ALONE,in d car,in d room,anywhere,makes sure d thing doesnt make noise at all,but the smell ehn........................go figure!!!he has been beggin me to go bak to my "non-farting" days.
my cousin actually can go for 2months without doin #2,we all tink she's a freak but d docs are tired of her!!she's ben there severally

naijalines said...

We share #3 & 6 in common. Quite bold of you to mention #6. Contracting shows the muscles are intact - good for friction, so enjoy.

About Jay-z's tune, I'm glad U've cleared that up for me cos I was thinking the same thing, that it might be a fela hook. Now I'm sure.

In support of the other poster who complained, please remove word V. thingy.

omohemi Benson said...

do u have gastritis?
abi y don't u fart?

what is all this coding something, if u r not going to tell us, what happens to kini, when you what, pls break it down jo!

anyho, thanks for stopping by.

Afrobabe said...

ur kini contacts when wettin?????

agberos keh...hmmm they will have their uses though...

kai, my number far oh...whats wrong with me today sef???

princesa said...

lg am here o!
You don harass me tire.

As per ur question, i like to think of myself as butterrazz babe,lol!

But from this ur meme, i no know where u fall into with this ur associations with agberos and area boys,lol!

Nice blog, love ur sense of humour.

1stpet2v9 said...

NOOO!!! U don't fart!!

dis may be a medical condition... check at it out...

do u at least belch? lol

nice one.. keep em coming...

i dey... u nko?

AJIKE said...


Pure jokes mehn

You don't fart?..ok o, mo ti gbo!!!


NigerianDramaQueen said...

I just read your other post, and I thought I was the only one who remembered tales by moonlight!!Lmao

NigerianDramaQueen said...

lol@ ur 'kini'

LG said...

Nigeriandramaqueen, Standtall
- OK, make i tell una wetin dey contract, its my..(see their socket wan pop-out)lol yeye pple

@Naijalines- WAT R U TALKING ABOUT, ala'koba, lol

@Anonymous-gal,Free flowing florida, Ms emmotions,Omorere, Ajike, Standtall- How i for do na but i belch a lot o, lol

@Charizard- twinny *winks*, hope say jayz settle am 4 d beats!!,

@Princess- latecomer,na u sabi, lol

@Kemmie, Olamild, Aphrodite, La'rein - Tanx for dropping by

Sha said...

very funny blog, wotchu mean u dnt fart? u mean u dnt fart in public or u dnt fart @ all? i find dat hard to believe


And the day you will fart..........GOOOODDDDDDDD, i dont want to be there