Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Life has taught me...............

When i was still a veryyyy small girl (cant remember how old i was then sha), i use to browse thru different copies of Vanguard newspaper to get to my favourite section, which was "what life has taught me", and in my head, thinking that when i grow up i would send my own contributions, Ndi nkem na so i begin ask any big person wey i know say 'what has life tot u??? some of dem go just look me laff waka go but some go answer me, and i go write am down, if d one wey i nor fit spell' i go tell them to write am by dem self :-)
omo u need to see my jotter, It was my special scrap book.
newayz i dont think that section still exists (abi?) but over the years, life has taught me so much.... from my home, neighbours, school, friends, novels, work, nollywood even from blogger, Here are some of them :

# Life has taught me not to rely on anyone except God
# Life has taught me that everything happens 4 a reason

# Life has taught me that prisoners sometimes become kings eg Obj

# Life has tot me that some people will walk over the top of you to get ahead

# Life has taught me never to do anything that can warrant a mother's curse

# Life have taught me that I have not failed, I've just found another way that won't work
# Life has tot me that your mindset influence your action and your action determines your life.

What about you???????


Onome said...

life has thot me dat d pple i expect a lot from let me down a lot while dose I tend to neglect most times happen to be d real deal.....dis life sef!! i've also learnt that a lot of people will watch u make mistakes and laugh at you behind your back but will never be gracious enough to nicely point it out and those that do...well, are mistaken for the bad ones....but above all, life has thot me dat ders absolutely nothing like a family that loves and cares for you....

Onome said...


Jinta said...

life has taught me to beware of friends, especially those that suddenly become close to you

In My Own Words said...

life has taught me to always count my blessings and live one day at a time

hope u r good.

ibiluv said...

Life has taught me never to expect too much from people........

AJIKE said...
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Jaycee said...

Your #1 life lesson is also my number one.

It's funny how we fall in love with our "other halves" but yet they cannot complete us. Borrowing & revising the line from the Maguire movie, "God completes me."

"Life has taught me never to put a 100% trust in the abilities of any man." When disappointments come, I am already predisposed to the idea that we all have flaws...and big ones too.

Some of life's lessons are tough though. Wow, u must have been a very dedicated lil woman...making a profound scrap book like that! Lol.

Uzezi said...

life has tot me too much to go into right now. and all urs plus these comments r very true o

Jaycee said...

Funny enuff, all comments are pointing to the same notion...(just read the other comments)

fantasy queen said...

life has taught me never to rush out of the bathroom to answer a call, the phone stops ringing

lifes taught me that the ps in a letter always holds the most important Ps i love you, or're in trouble with mom when u come home

lifes taught me that nothing beats going on your knees in prayer to calm a troubled heart,

lifes taught me that(well when i was a teen) guys only hug you just to see if you're wearing a bra.

oh and my absolute fave...
lifes taught me that embarasing comerials like 'always sanitary pads' always comes on when you're in a living room filled with guys. not lilke it matters, but sometimes, somethings just cant help but

i know i should have gone into the deep ish, but i'm tired of thinking deep, so imma leave you with the gooffy lessons.

wellsbaba said...

life has tot me only Jesus can safe n I have learnt that.......well I want to help u rephrase ur question....its one thing to be taught its anoda to have accepted n LEARNT it!
what have you learnt from life?i see ur new,thanx4stoppin on my blog urs really nice!

AJIKE said...

OMG What happened here..i sweaqr i commented on this post..oh no!

ok u see that deleted stuff, it was me..why is it deleted...oooo!

Anyway can't remember what i said now!

err, i agree with u on the never to rely on anyone except God..Totally True

Life has taught me that i can't please everyone but to do the best i can!

Life has taught me that its ok to make mistakes..not allowed twice though

hmm, i really need to think about this though!...

nice post!

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Wow I can relate to almost everything you wrote. Except the failure one. Im still bad at taking failure well. What has lif taught me?:
1. If it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger.
2. People will only treat you the way you let them treat you.
3. Confidence is everything.
4. Maximise every today- tommorow might never come
5. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems...

Sha said...

Life has taught me a whole lotta ish.. and most importantly that not evryone that smiles with u is happy with u

Standtall said...

Dear LG, thanks for checking on me. Work has being crazy. Thanks for the links for the free templates. I am working on it.

My hubby and cats (lol) say hi.

I will be back to comment properly on this extraordinary topic. Gimme your email address pls. Thanks

Eve said...

life has thought me to be me and do what i have to do now and that people will always say what they want, and if u want to progress, damn their foolish words

Mz. Dee said...

*Lyf has thot me that tru friendz are the ones who walk in when others walk out.
*Lyf has thot me that disappointments when faced down, can become one's strengths.
*Lyf has thot me No matter who u be.. no matter where u de..U can Always find ppl to relate with(special thx to blogville)

LG.. i love this post.
I wish more ppl lyk u existed.. ppl who count the tiniest blessings in life as something..xx mwah

Charizard said...

can I come back? I am feeling a lil depressed and under the barrage of life's blows to remember what it's tot me...I promise I'll be back to tell y'all what it has tot me...

Kemmie said...

Life has taught me that learning how to let go will go a long way.

Life has established that if you can control your mind, you can rule the world.

Life is such a brief phase. Make your stamp in it. God expects us to.

And finally, Life has taught me that serious trouble comes just before you win the prize. The devil knows what he is doing!

Honeywell said...

Life has thought me to expect the unexpected, and expect nothing from man, but everything from God.

You are saying pastor? HA! let me tell you, a man in austria was found to have imprisoned his daughter in his basement for 24 years AND HAD 7 KIDS WITH HER.

ejura said...

Babes, I never shari you oh! Are you not my lady guide again?
Na one kain work I get for my desk oh. Wud be back to read yr post hopefully b4 I close. Takia!

Afrobabe said...

Life has taught me to be strong for myself cos that's all I can do.

It has taught me that a man showing me his thing does not mean we are getting married or even in a relationship.

it has taught me that if you are patient enough, even your father who called you foolish will come to you for advice..

It has taught me alot.

Allied said...

Life has thot me my worry will not change the situation

Life has thot me that i can actually live without what i thot i could not do without

Life has thot only God can give me happiness. No one else

Life has thot me i can NEVER help God with his plans in my life

aloted said...

life has thot me so many things...maybe i shld do a post on this ;)

thanks for checking up on me much better now..i carry my brain around with me these days :)

Charizard said...

Life has tot me to tell the truth always

Life has tot me to never take Opportunities for granted

LG said...

Thanks guys,like wellsbaba said, am sure we all have LEARNT and ACCEPTED a lot from LIFE

Thanks again for sharing *muuuahhh* lol

Jarrai said...

Life has taught me that nothing is impossible.

Life has taught me to believe that God is always holding my hand all the time.

Life has taught me that dreams can become reality with plentyhardwork.

Life has taught me that good friends are far and few.

Life has thought me to be just me.

pink gloves said...

thank you. i think u just inspired my next post.
Life has taught me that u are only as good as u believe u are. It is all in the head.

rethots said... sure teaches, you just should be sensitive to the lessons.

...that eventually, 'tis not who got there first that matters but, that we all get there.