Thursday, November 13, 2008



*No spying/giraffing

*No omokrikri /microchip

*No using of calculators/blackberry(s)

*Switch off all phones

*Xtra marks for ogbonge answers


1. There is a difference btw sterility and impotency IBI, MIZCYNIC

2. U can eat ur cake n have it RITA/REMI UTD/PARAKEET

3. Lagos is the centre of excellence SMARAGD/ONOME/BADDER
4. The Dictionary sometimes makes mistakes FFF/TEMITE/ALLIED
5. Democracy is not the best form of govt in 9ja STANDTALL, DOJA
6. If u can ride a bicycle....u can ride an okada AFRONUTS, KAFO
7. Kamala was a popular footballer in the 80's FINE BOY AGBERO
8. Arsenal football club is the besttest PRISCO/TINUADE/YEWANDE
9. Take ur height n divide by eight; dats how tall your head is NDQ,DEE
10. Dreams predicts future happenings 9JALINES, OLUWADEE
11. American celebrities are over-rated FRESH N FAB, SIRUS
12. Children grow faster during spring MUMMY TK/LADY A/KEMIE
14. Victims of yahoo-yahoo are as guilty as the perpetrators FEMI B, FQ
15. Its possible to cry under water MISSDEFMAYBE, SIMPLE GAL
16. All babies are born without kneecaps BUMIGHT, KINSHAR
17. You can kill ursef by holding
ur breathe for 10mins TAIREB,TWIX
18. A cockroach has 9 lives BUTTERCUP/WRITEFREAK/9JAIDOL
19. Women play Golf MS. O, TOLUWA,JAMES'TUBMAN
20.Womens heart beat faster than mens ABABOY/ALOTE/SHUBY


21. 'Igo maltex' is often used to refer to a ....UZEZI, MIZCHIF
22.Pete edochie acted d part of... in d film thingsfallapart OMO'T/OMO'B
23. Who sang the 9ja song wit lyrics 'money4hand,bac4ground' NIKKI
24. What happened to d 'old woman' in d poem old Roger is dead ISHA
25. Complete the saying,' 'wetin consign malu wit ..... 30+, ALOOFAA
26. What is the d 2nd to d last verse of the 9gerian national anthem OLAMILD/SABIRA/EKNOR
27.What is the name of the 9geria jaga-jaga crooner FLUFFY,POETI
28.Which character in d cartoon 'voltron' used d blue lion SHA,RAYO
29. Kunta' kinte was a character played by the protagonist in the film ...UCHEVELI,ORIGINAL MGBEKE
30. IF ur blackberry falls into d loo, wat will u do? XSN/CHARI/VERA


yourbestfriendxoxo said...

omg i tried answering the questions . my dum dum ass failed lol

lvs the blog

~Sirius~ said...

we can post comments now! woo-hoo!

My Answer
Hell yeah!!!! American Celebrities are soooooo more than Over Rated!!!

I mean Kini Big Deal????

LG said...

YBFXOXO: awww pele dear' beta luck next time :p

SIRUS: lolllll u tryyyy but how i sure say u no do xpose???? :p

FFF said...

lol. my question easy well well. so, dis na ma answer: dictionary no dey make mistake. na some yeye printers wey no go school well well dey do am. lol

make i pouch f&f's question. yes oh. i mean, na wetin still keep Speidi (d hills) on d covers of mags abeg. & woz all dat nonsense abt Brad Pitt being d sexiest wetin on earth (George Clooney fine, so i no get quarrel wit am sha)

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

im here, ive arrived at #...5

lol let me go and read

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

at question 26, the way I remember it

"To serve with heart and might
One nation bound in freedom, peace and unity."

Abi *sracthes head*

now my own question, i dont think so actually, I think celebs are still special, in a sense, i mean they are people you see on tv, people still get star strucked, dont they? I dont think they are over rated, at least not yet.

tankojjetty said...

this is a really cool question/fact/fiction tag thing that u did...
hmmm,my own name not there so i get to answer

LG said...

FFF: lolllllll so na printer dey make mistakes shey' u dey very sure?
neways make i hear wetin ur colleagues go talk :p

FRESH N FAB: abayaaa!!! so u dey guess 9ja anthem' na wa o lollll
BTW u nor answer ur question well o' me i think(SUM)THEY R OVER RATED or are u now saying CELEBRITIES DONT HAVE XPIRING DATES????? :p

TANKOJETTY: lollll bros no be soo 'i still dey update/edit, u gats to get question naa or u wan follow me be invigilator???? :-)

aloted said...

ah the fact that my question is a bonus one means it is a trick question...i am tempted to say False we have the same heart beat then again???

i am going to find out now! hehehe

LG said...

OLOD..... where u dey goooooooo??? :p
i dey see u o' oya' oya 'TANKOJETTY' grab dat womannnnnnnnn :p

aloted said...

hehehe..ok ok..i no dey go again..oya come and tell me the answer...i still stick to false sha and i havent checked anywhere for the answer

Sting said...

1. True. You can be sterile without being impotent. Impotency means u can't get it up (abi) while being sterile means you can't father kids or have kids.
2. False. if u eat ur cake, then it's gone. Unless u r a magician. David blaine, anyone?
3.False. I hate lagos, and i don't see any excellent thing about it. Bite me!
4.False. Not too long ago, we didn't have a democracy. Anyone remember Abacha? How did u like it then?
5.False: I doubt it's the same driving experience. I believe u can drive an okada without knowing how to drive a bike.
6.??????? Who be Kamala? Sounds like Amala. now that i can relate to.
7.False: MAN U for life.
8.Please it's too early in the morning for Math
10.False: UFO's exist. They are not called unidentified flying objects for nothing. Wetin u thing say witches and wizards sey do for night? (see the kain question wey i go put my name)
14. So true. They are all greedy.
15. True. In fact that best place to cry is under water. Not that i know from experience or anything like that.
16.False: i highly doubt that. Maybe it's true sha!
17.False: You can never kill urself by holding ur breath. You body won't allow it. Physiology pple!
18.True: I bet those naija cockroaches do.
19:Women play anything these day. But i think u should have said White women play golf.

I don tire. I need to go get ready for work. Which kind early morning exam be this?

QMoney said...

Sting,na u biko

Dee! said...

Na wa O! These ya exam questions be as e get!

Make I go do expo . . .

LG said...

ALOTED:lollll no wahala...mii i nor kno d answer sef 'wait for ur colleagues :p

STING: dR.sTiNg in action *wide grin*

QMONEY: ah ah iyawoooo wen r come back?? welcome back o
shebi u go helep me invigilate dis 'students'?? :-) :-)

Just...Toluwa said...

@ my question 19....yes women play golf.

glad to be able to finally leave comments.

naijalines said...

What are you on girl?
I hope you are not one of those 50 blogs I bn dey talk about? LOL!

Can dreams come true?
Obama said yes we can:D

naijalines said...

Actually Obama said yes we DID. Yay!

naijalines said...

Oh and lets not forget Martin Luther King predicted it first.

Yes, yes, yes!

LG said...

DEE: lolll anoda OLOD.... :-)
hope say no be 'one dresser' u won go ask d answer???:-)

JUST TOLUWA: omoge' R U SURE??? 4 where?? n how marrage???

9JALINES: lollllll abego' na i blog i get o n na only one LG dey NO COUNTERFEIT !!!!!
i cant fit shout:p
BTW: 9jabama u didnt get d answer' i actually meant' d kind of dreams u dream at night... yesso wen u close ur wen u r asleep 'ehen dat one,

Dee! said...

Ask Onedresser ke! Dat means na better fail I wan fail! lol!

miz-cynic said...! now...aunty me! question was ...there is difference between sterility and impotency.....true!....oya i clap for pa pa pa pa pa pa pa

miz-cynic said...

on second tots maybe i should giraffe ibi's answer o....she get experiwence well well for such kin

LG said...

DEE: buhahahahahahaha shebi u say u wan dey find xpose...i don direct u naa :p

MIZCYNIC: ABAYAAAAAA na so dem dey answer question??? no dissapoint ur 'fans' o :p

Sabira said...

I won't even attempt, I go fail the test no be small.

naijalines said...

Derams are dreams jo. Any kind. Anyhoo, when I close my eyes all i see is Monsieur Strong showing me why he is king. LOL!!!
Seriously I should blog about it sef. One of these days when the biatches are long dead and buried. Hehehehehe.

LG said...

SABIRA: kai' which kind disgrace me dis....SABIRA!! berra come bac NOW!!!

9JALINES: lolllll which kind dream be dat?? abeg i nor dey house o :p

Anonymous said...


isha said...

Sorry am late o.
Didn't Old Roger wake up and give her a slap, or something ridiculous like that, when she came to pick the apples?

simeone said...

headmistress lg..this is funny and nice..i dont think my name dey i'll just look

LG said...

RETHOTS: answer to which question? :p

ISHA: Babes e be like say na 'konk' or 'abara' me sef nor too sure :p

OMO'B: whosaiii' how u no go get question....check out nos.22 sharply

archiwiz said...

Tisha... I no see my name for d assyment. My dahdi say yuhu ah discuriminunitating me.... :)

Long time LG... How bodi?

Doja said...

"5. Democracy is not the best form of govt in 9ja STANDTALL, DOJA"

Why do I always get the difficult questions?
Why cant I answer questions about the human reproductive system...I am a specialist in that!

Doja said...

I am not a happy bunny, what kind of question is this, who knows what is the best form of government for Nigeria, when we have tried all and non has worked properly?

LG said...

ARCHIWIZ: aaah omoge' no be like so' i bin reserve u for 'special invigilator' i.e u gats to carry 'bulala' shebi u like d jab???:p

DOJA: na lie o infact dat question was one of d simplest of the simplest of the .... :p
but seriously' i want ur opinion *still waiting*

30+ said...

Q25. 'Wetin consign malu with Rat droppings' - Korrect, 30+ and Aloofa gets 120%

Bonus Answers
Q1. True
Q4. True
Q5. True
Q7. False
Q8. In your dreams - lol
Q14. True

Q30.If your blackberry falls in the loo what do you do? Ans you dive in straight after it.

Anonymous said...

I would answer these questions but I dont know where to start. I only know one or two for sure.

Femi B said...

14. Very Very True, plus victim oh plus yahoo yahoo boy, all are guilty except the people who help hunt and prosecute the scammers eg Femi B who remains

Answered my question with jara sef? How did i do?

HOw body???

Lisa said...

would have loved to answer but I have no ? and this is an exam that requires enuff

InCogNaija said...

i don fex patapata mehn!!! as i no get question to answer, i go demand my own personalized question now now!!!
or better yet, do like one of my undergraduate classes where my professor asked us in an exam to draw up ur own questions and answer them but make sure they r worth 25 points each...if not, you fail. lmao!
so here goes:
Ife and Modakeke war was started by two men from both places who were arguing over a piece of meat at a popular mama-put spot...TRUE!!!

Anonymous said...

Do I answer the one that has my name of it? If yes, the answer is False the dictionaty never makes mistakes.

Shubby Doo said...

i am not even going to attempt anybodies question but my own...after getting 2 certs from uni i now refuse to reveal myself as an olodo...

women's heart beat faster than men becasue on average we are smaller

the rest i no fit!

Shubby Doo said...

thank God that you gave me a science question…

Anonymous said...

number 24.... if am allowed to answer*wink*... she went hipperty-hop after the dude knocked her

Allied said...

Don't you know that i am an Efiko?

Dictionaries do make mistakes, and one of the famous errors is ‘dord’.

DORD (supposedly meaning density) is a non-existent word entered into the second edition of Webster's New International Dictionary by mistake. On July 31, 1931, a 3 X 5 white slip on which was typed (not handwritten) in two lines: ‘D or d, cont./density. It was folded but somehow got lost and rerouted to the lexicon department or chambers as it was called in those days.

Once the cited slip became separated, the word dord began to take shape.The editorial staff in that department thought it was some king of abbreviation – therefore entering it into the year’s dictionary.

Dord lived for five years until 1939, the alert editor spotted the problem and it was corrected.

fantasy queen said...

how come its yahoo yahoo question you gave me?
dont you efcc peeps are everywhere? before they arrest me :)

anyway its so true that the victims are as guilty as the pepertrators.

exschoolnerd said...

i think sey u no ask me any question, i won come dabaru this ur blog!!!

last question:

e depend sha..if na my toilet and e fall inside piss...i go wrap like 5 waterproof for hand carry am comot or scoop am with sumthing...if na shit...i no know ooo...e go hard me!!!

if na public toilet...ah!!!

Naija Idol said...

A cockroach has 9 lives


i hate those creatures... seriously.... who dash them 9 lives. squash them nd them don die for ever.

simplegal said...

Yay I can comment! I thought you didn't love us anymore LG....

Anyhoo, onto my question:

15. It is possible to cry underwater; the tears just won't be apparent to you coz they'll be mixed in with the water. I even went one step farther, and I can tell you that you can also sweat underwater (heh, bet you thot it was better info I had for you ehn?).

16. False...babies are born with kneecaps, they just aren't ossified yet (na wetin my teasha teach me be dis).

24. The woman went hippity hop.

and finally, the one I can answer with absolute conviction:

8. Yes oh!!!! Gunners for life!!!!

mizchif said...

Let it not be like i didnt come to class, teesha LG, but d question too many, i shall have to copy them out and answer in my spare time abeg, i get 2 test next week.

But i can just say of course LAGOS is d centre of many things u see in Lagos u can never see anywhere else in the world abeg.

LG said...

30+: lollllll @..'Wetin consign malu with Rat droppings'
Tharry abeg which kind rat??? Okapi or lolllll
*as per ur score…make I hear Aloofaa version :p

IWALEWA: ahh my pp, e don tey o’
Shey o wa pa’

FEMI B: lolllll correct babe, norrin do u jare

LISA: awww dearie abeg no vex 4 me o, just prepare hard next time

LG said...

INCOG9JA: Haba!!!! how can i 4get u' ur question na nos.13...yesss the'UFO' thingy, oya go answer am, tho Sting don give her own version :p

TEMITE: omoge R U SURE???? cos i kno say my papa name nor dey dictionary o n d man dey worth mentioning :P

SHUBBY: lollll@....women's heart beat faster than men becasue on average we are smaller'
Babes abeg' which kind logic be dat'come prove am o, bcos me i no say i tall/big pass FBA :p

TALES N TALLIES: lollll iwhy be say na only dat one...u choose to answer, n how can u be sure? or were u dia???? :p

LG said...

ALLIED: 2GBASKI!!! mere looking at ur 'answer' e get as e dey do me :p
but wait o' dis one wey u dey quote n unquote dd/mm/yr' how i sure say u nor 'giraffe' 4rm pessin ? :p

FQ:lollll @'yahoo-yahoo' Dearie abeg nor vex'na tumboo tumboo style i apply o :p

XSN: lollll but wat if na poohpooh e fall inside and na ur pooh pooh werrin u go do????

9JAIDOL: o gal' i disagree o' all dos cockroch wey dey our backyard get more dan 9lives o, no mata d kind of flit wey u use' dem no dey die, u fit xplain am???

LG said...

SIMPLEGAL: impossicant!!! haba dats like say i shldnt eat ewa agoyin n dodo :p
but nnwanem ur answers/theories needs confirmation o

MIZCHIF: lolll why do i have d feelin u r dodging ur own question (nos. 21)???
n i agree' place like it

OluwaDee said...

My own dreams have never predicted d future. but sometimes they have helped me remember where I kept stuff.

Not my question.

If my blackberry falls in d toilet, I will pick it, wipe it with anti bacteria wipes. And leave the battery to dry on the heater.

Yewande Atanda said...

pardon me for coming late to the exam hall...

my answers are:

1. dont know
2. yes
3. of course, yes
4. yes and no
5. only in America
6. are u sure?
7. Kamala was a wrestler
8. Yes o!
9. are u sure?
10. yes
11. yes
12. dont know
13. dont know
14. they are all 'oles' (thieves)
15. dont know
16. how do u expect me to know
17. scientifically true
18. so i heared
19. yes
20.during lovemaking only

don't think i can attempt the bonus questions.

its good to task one's IQ regularly jare.

LG said...

OLUWADEE: loll i have dos kind of dreams sumtimes 'eg last i dream u were going to comment 2day....n u just did :p
*howz Oga?

YEWANDE: hehehehehehehehehe only during lovemaking ke??? chic abeg 4 where u see dat kind question?????
abegoooooo :p

NikkiSab said...

emmm...... i know dat song o. i de!!!

NikkiSab said...

i am back...shina Peters and Mike Okiri both had d words in dia song. heheheh!! How r u dear?

LG said...

afta u don go o xpo shey???? oya make i catch u'
1, wat is d name of the song
2, wat is d name of the album
3, who directed it
4, who marked it
Now make i see who u go' go ask :p:p
*i dey wait o*

Olamild said...

One nation bound in freedom

AlooFar said...

... blow job.

LG said...

OLAMILD: awww swerri' oya chop knuckle' hope u r feelin beta now'
*lov'ly w'end

ALOOFAA: hehehehehehe blow kini???
no be 4 here o'
*to sef* chai!! who send me msg? :p

Buki said...


Standtall said...

False o. It's the application of democracy that is wrong in Naija

Standtall said...

Abi u no gree?

LG said...

BUKI: Thanx dear' n welcome to my blog'i xpect more visits tho :p
*njoy ur w'end

MUMMYGARFIELD: yessso swerri' i agree wit u jare' take for instance, the case of .... *coughs* ehen u sabi naa :p
*take kia of ursef o

ShonaVixen said...

phew...i didnt have a question on this test...luky is it??

simeone said...

No .22 the answer is true, yes, true, correct..the guy has been acting for a long time o....
i like shubby doo's question...and that blackberry one...mhen...i'll go after it o...then maybe i'll soak my hands inside dettol + izal for the next 4 days....abi,...?

Ms.O said...

Yes women play golf jo!!!..hmmm..lemme think of one..Infact i am going to a golf course prove this point!!..I miss u sweetie!!

Ms.O said...

number 23, Oladele

LG said...

SHONA VIXEN: says who? just watch out vol.3 :-)

SIMEON: Bros i nor undastand u o' r u trying to dodge d question or...??
go read am again' i dey wait

MS.O:lolllll abego'na harmless question i ask o'
*gudluck sha' just make sure say ur'sokoto' no get hole b4 u bendown
(wide grin) norrin do u

Buttercup said...

my question has to be the easiest!

na cats get 9 lives na, no be cockroach!

so am i entitled to a scholarship at harvard uni???

*bats eyelids*

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

how can i cheat
If you didnt include the answers somewhere on the post?
dont trust myself to pass without cheating

Afronuts said...

If u can ride a bicycle....u can ride an okada

Thats a lie oh! they r not the same thing.

I tried it and nearly broke my neck. Riding okada is like cycling & driving at the same time.

man...i know this so well, i shud score 150/100

James Tubman said...

#1 its a big big difference lol

impotence means soggy lol

sterility means no baby but still could be firm

that didnt sound right

simeone said...

* head mistress lg misplaced my script o...i'm telling the whole world now..she said i should re-write/ re -answer ..
Q. 22 -true

InCogNaija said...

do UFOs really exist? i say yup!!!
how else could 'flava flav' have gotten to this planet? freaking midget ass, wall clock wearing, viking hat wearing alien!!!
lmao! sorry, i just had to take my own crack at flav! im good now. *panting and walking away*

FineBoy Agbero said...

Kamala for where? Dat big fat Ugandan wey dey fight wrestling? Kai! I remember d day wey Kabuki beat am! Even Super-fly Salunca and Mascara beat am!!!

Kamala for football? Dem no born am well!!! False with a capital floral F!!!

FineBoy Agbero said...

Tisha! Sorry say i come class late o! Na so we dey always do.

Hmm... Questions i like but wey no concern me:

21: A short person!!! Are Uzezi and Mischif short? Hehehehe!!


23: Sir SHina Peters!!!

29: Roots!!!

17: Lailai! U cant kill urself by holdin ur breath! For where? Suicide is about feelin fatal pain but not bein able to stop it. With holdin ur breath, it's quite easy to take a puff when d pain becomes too much!!!

Jinta said...

chei! i could not even answer half of them

badderchic said...

I got all the answers right, where is my present?

AlooFar said...

Shey I no get d answer?

lol @ the question you asked yourself. Next question pls?!

Sherri said...

how u dey lady?

Aphrodite said...

So no question for me LG?

Well i go take am to mean say u feel say my head too hot for the questions.

Na 30/30 i for get sef,lol...

Vera Ezimora said...

Ha! Me I luff my blackberry oooo! I no fit to leave am for loo. Shebi it's my poop or my pee that will be inside the loo?? I will close my eyes, squeeze my nose and pull it out. Then I'll wrap it up in a paper towel and wipe off every ewwwy thing on it. I shall then proceed to perfume it

NikkiSab said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NikkiSab said...

Me !!!!????
For dat i will answer all ur qstns,......infact i go ans some n not all...u don vex me,, me!!

Infact i no answer again.(hisssssssssssssssssssssss) expo!!!

Nobody shd beg me o...i wont listen......

I know know ooo...buhahahahahah!!! Free me o! lol

Yewande Atanda said...

Lets have Vol.3, i bet i'll answer all your questions.

Olamild said...

thank u sooooooo much 4 checking on me
GOd bless.

Original Mgbeke said...

29. True. :D

*Hides expo in her bra*

Ms. emmotions said...

i didnt even try to know the answer to the questions, just dubbed the

howdy ?

Anonymous said...

Heyyyyyyyy, I was so happy to see that I was on the list...

Yeah LG loves me...ok ok

My answer is False. babies are small but they still have knee caps!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Uzezi said...

i know all the answers except mine

Writefreak said...

Thanks for putting me on the

Am i supposed to answer if a cockroach has 9 lives? Yes i think so, those things refuse to die men! You have to be persistent to finish killing

How've you been?


"Children grow faster during spring?"

Really? I don't know. What's the answer LG?

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

LG abeg leave me, I haven't recited the anthem in a good 9 years, so I'm rusty...u do and update sef, I promised myself I won't come and disturb u to update but I need
my LG fix!!!!

doll said...

no question 4 me so therefore no answer...But i read

Onome said... scheis am I a d*&^%$$!!
hahahahaha how u doing babes?

shalewa said...

lg,i no gree ojoro be dis. aha,why now becuz i just comot,u no kon give me my question?i dey vex another exam 4 all of us and add my own question.u hear me ko.

Emeka Amakeze said...

What do you want me to do? No calculator, no mgbo, no omokirikiri, haba!

princekay123 said...

No question for me, so let me ask you question since you're the teacher.

Which 5-letter word starts and ends with 'S' letter, but remains the same if u turn it upside down?

Oya, LG answer me!

ibiluv said...

truly i travelled..........

how i go be 103?

difference dey

impotence ..hin no fit do

sterility...hin fit do but e no go fit give woman belle.......*wink*

tobenna said...

None for me, so I'll ask mine.
Where is Sunny Spaco now?

Afrobabe said...

whats this page that pops up when I open ur comments? hope say no be virus oh!!!

Adedayo Adeniyi Nigeria said...

i love your blog and keep the good write-up's up.

~Sirius~ said...

And she has done it again.......why can't I leave a comment LG??? huh?

I love your Calender...

'Tis the last lap......2008 over and out.

Anonymous said...

LG - I am here to leave a comment on the last post. Yeepa, where did the year go ehn!

TinTin said...

lmaoooooooooooooooooo!!! the questions are hilarious!!!

Buki said...

It seems like yesterday that I was going home from the church with my family on new year's day and it's already december again! God be praised!

...You have been tagged, please visit my palace for more details.

Mz. Dee said...

she didnt include me..:((

lg i'm divorcin u

Writefreak said...

I no fit comment on your new post o so i want to say it here, thank God, the 12th month is also speeding by, He has been faithful!

How you dey my sistah

NaijaBabe said...

the mizchief one is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo true.

Yewande Atanda said...

as usual, can't comment on ur new post.

THANK YOU BABA, Xmas is coming!

Doja said...